April 10, 2018

From Five to Nine [Chapter 73 - The Intern 2]

Chie asks Junko, “But, whether or not I’ll lend you a hand is another matter. After all, there is no ‘give and take’ relationship between us so if I choose to help you, what about you, young lady, what can you do for me?”

Ondai asks if his grandmother is going inside. “Whatever it is, don’t talk in this place. I also have to quickly go in and study. Let us go inside together. Grandmother, I’ll go brew some tea.”

Chie scolds her grandson for doing things as he pleases again. “Ondai, were you called by your parents to look after me again? I have already told them that there’s no need to do that.” Ondai says that he is simply passing by and compared to his house or the library, he can concentration more if he studying here.

“As a high school examinee [for college] I totally don’t have time to take care of you, grandmother. I really don’t have time and my English is really awful. For real. My TEPA [English skill proficiency test] grade is so-so... Ah, how can I say it— That and practical English skill is something that is more or less evaluated.”
Chie replies, “So, I told you to go to cram school, right? You’re well quite careless [/stubborn].” Junko says, “...about that, if it is okay, I’ll teach you. I’m a teacher at ELA, a school that teaches English. I had also given lessons to high school students...

...At some degree, my assessment is also quite good. Can you let me see your grandson’s current grade and level? *Chie looks at her while Ondai looks surprised* If it is English, I ought to be able to help you a lot. What do you think, Koumura-san?”

Narration: “Considering my current [available] time for work, this proposal is really pushing it. It would take a long time for us to have a prior engagement if I didn’t add him in a ‘special course’ with another student--”

At ELA, Masako asks Yuki if he is really going to stop school [/go on leave]. Yuki says he heard that if he didn’t go there  himself, the formalities [/procedure] cannot be accomplished... “Anyway, I also don’t go to class lately so I thought to of directly filing a leave...type of...”

Masako says that it is because Junko is also always working at the head office and that’s the reason why the opportunity of meeting each other had lessen... “Because of Junko-sensei, it led to the decrease of students.” Yuki says no, that isn’t the reason at all...
He felt disappointed with himself because after doing that kind of thing [<- kissing Nene,] their relationship became vague... Yuki says that basically, he came to school simply for Junko so from the moment Junko chose the monk, he ought to give up, right? “So...”

Renji tells Yuki to then quickly change ‘her’ target. “Lose your virginity with imouto [younger sister], celebrate being a man, go on to an NTR [<- main protagonist's loved one(s) are taken or seduced away from the lead scenario] game trip.

Clenching his fist, Yuki asks if he can beat him up but then, he’s afraid of breaking his nails again so can he scratch him instead. Masako exclaims, imouto...oh dear, he is coming out of the closet!! Yuki tells her that he isn’t yuri [< into GL; Masako thought that he is a girl?].

Thinking that it will infuriate her if Junko marries first, Masako says, but...what to do...it isn’t 100% sure that Junko can be with Takane. Yuki is surprised by that.
While Renji looks dubious at her, Masako says, “It seems that the bridal training is very hard that it is a bit hard to endure. “And she is also extremely tired with work at the head office and current [lesson] courses. *Yuki looks worried* Momoe-sensei and I are always worried about her whether or not she’ll collapse [from overwork]-” 

Makoto arrives and asks Masako what’s going on. “It seems that you are having a lively conversation with the student, but there are still other class going on so please, keep it brief...” Masako apologizes and says no, about the leave...rather, they are talking about the course—

Yuki recognizes Makoto as the boss with Junko before... Masako smiles and tells Makoto that this student is in Junko’s class. Makoto says ah, he had seen him before. “Since Sakuraba-sensei is my direct subordinate, let me help you pass your message to her. *This irks Yuki.* Do not hesitate to mention any request and I’ll pass it on because we have a trip tomorrow so I’ll make her answer you as soon as possible.”

Yuki gloomily wonders why this guy is treating Junko as if she is his own woman. “And, didn’t Junko-sensei chose that monk so how come this guy still shows this desire to possess?! Yuki have already planned to give up. Tho...thoroughly give up... no longer give the Sakuraba sisters any trouble and no longer have any relationship with them again. ...Yuki knows that this guy has not yet given up. He still wants to get back Junko from the monk’s side.”
Smiling Yuki says there’s no need. “Yuki, I can directly call Junko on the phone so there’s no need to trouble you-- AFTER ALL, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. *glances at Masako* Mouri, treat what I said earlier as something that I didn’t say. Undo the formalities.” Masako says okay.

Yuki glares at Makoto who wonders if this kid is looking for a fight. Makoto smiles and says then, he’s very happy that Yuki can continue studying. He tells him that he’ll go ahead. Yuki tells him you’re welcome. Yuki overhears Makoto asking Masako about what they were talking about earlier regarding Junko’s health.

Renji chuckles and says that Yuki obviously enthusiastically came here since he wants to give up. “Aside from the monk, there is also that director rival, Yuki-chan♪”

Yuki says that it is because he felt that Makoto is really awful. “I like Junko-sensei... And I also feel that imouto is very cute. *flustered* That kind of person should disappear in front of the sisters. ...but.” Back at Chie’s living room, she and her grandson check out Junko’s credentials in the internet.

Chie exclaims that Junko is actually the head instructor and that’s really amazing. “Ondai? She said that she’ll teach you, how about it.” While Junko is beaming with pride, Ondai asks if it is really okay. “You’ll teach me even if I don’t go to school?” Junko says that if it is private, there’s no problem but she wants to match with her scheduled plans.
She asks if he can go for a one week 90 minute class until the TEAP exam. “Furthermore, there is already a student...if you can go to class together with that high schooler then it will be a great help to me...” Ondai says that it is totally okay. “...about that! Sakuraba-sensei, could it be that you have a younger sister...do you have a younger sister called Nene...?”

Junko says yes, so is Nene his [Koumura-san’s grandson] friend? Ondai says, “Yes! A friend...or how should he says it...*whispers* an acquaintance...friend... *blushes* Ah, I’m not Koumura. Because my father got married into my mother’s...I’m called Kunitachi Ondai. Please definitely!! Definitely teach me. I beg of you.”

Junko’s smile froze. She nervously thinks that it feels that this kid’s feeling...is Nene’s boyfriend...!? “But, didn’t that child like Yuki? Ah, if I invite Yuki to go to class together with him... That’s not quite good, right...?” Chie asks Junko if they have reached upon a deal. Junko says yes.

Chie says then, she must also give her a hand. “I’ll replace Hibari in giving you flower arrangement and tea ceremony lessons, how about it?” Junko recalls the time when she suggested to Amane that she’ll have flower arrangement class but he told her that won’t do because their school [/style of flower arrangement] is different from outside.

Feeling happy that Chie can possibly be her comrade, Junko says that she appreciates her good intention but it seems that studying elsewhere isn’t acknowledged.
Chie laughs and says, dang it, Junko-san, could it be that Takane didn’t tell you? “Together with your Hitotsubashi* temple’s Hibari, [*guesswork name; for those who know the correct name, please tell me in the comment below] I’m the alternate who’ll teach you flower arrangement every other week...

...Okay. Regarding my grandson’s lesson, you talk with him about the details later on. I am an impetuous person. Since this is already decided, let’s go over and greet Hibari.” Junko looks surprised and nervous.

At the temple, Tokiko welcomes Junko back. Upon seeing Chie, she also greets her and bows to her. Chie greets Tokiko and asks if Hibari is around. Junko is puzzled for Tokiko is unexpected so respectful.

Upon noticing bowing Narita at the side, Junko quickly asks isn’t Chie just teaching flower arrangement. Narita asks if they are familiar with each other. Junko nervously says no, it is just because of something, by chance...in the end, what’s the story behind that person.

Narita tells Junko that Chie is the president of their Tokyo region sect’s parishioner wives association. “In our Hitotsubashi temple, except for the abbot-sama, she is the only one who can call out to madam-sama’s name.” Junko looks at glum Hibari who and meets up with smiling Chie.
Comment: Junko got into a deal. Thankfully, it is just teaching Ondai English rather than hooking him up with Nene. Since he might be in the same class as Yuki, that might force Yuki to realize whether or not he has feelings for Nene.

Yuki is already on the verge of giving up on Junko and severing ties with the sisters. Apparently, a new cheeky rival irks him enough to change his mind. Masako being Masako doesn’t want Junko to ‘win’ by getting married first revealed the true situation of Junko’s situation with Takane to Takane’s rivals.

Anyway, I’m not too sure if it will help Junko win Hibari by getting outside help. This might make Hibari resent Junko more. PS. This is a new Chinese scanlation group that seems committed to update the series. Scans by 5→9

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