March 26, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 115 - Outcome ④]

Visibly shaken, Kingo stutters, “Wa..What did you say? You’re lying in order to confuse me. In any case, you did weave a quite decent lie!!” Kasane shouts, “I’m not lying!! During the time I’ve gone missing, I had already gone to confirm it one by one...traces [/clues] of mother...”

Nogiku asks, “What do you mean? It’s my mother who saved you? What are you talking about!?” Kasane looks at her and says, “Nogiku, after your mother saved me, she was swept away by the river waters...and passed away.
Then, those three years after [Sugeyo died], the one who lived together with you is my mother...‘Izana’.” This surprises Nogiku.

Holding his head, Kingo shouts, “You’re talking nonsense!! You’re the only one who knew her last words during that time when she was swept away by the waters. So, you can simply make it up as you want!!”

After a pause, Kasane looks at her and says that is right. “Except for my memory, there is no other thing that can prove it. Unless, one will go visit SOMEONE WHO KNOWS IZANA...” 
Nogiku shouts, “Im...impossible!! Because...because mama will always tell me--- ‘It is all because of Izana that I became like this’... ‘Do not forgive IZANA...hate her’!!”

This made Kingo recall the time when dying Sugeyo muttered, ‘Do not...forgive me...hate...ME.’ The women are surprised when Kingo suddenly dropped the knife.

Covering his face, Kingo mutters, “How can it be possible...don’t use your clumsy acting to sully the truth about her!!” After a pause, Kasane says, “...the truth is-- the one who died at the riverbank is Fuchi Sugeyo. *crying* And the one you killed is...” Kingo shouts, “Shut up!!”
As he walks towards Kasane, Kingo says, “That person...entrusted to me her final wish... *Nogiku looks tense at him* I’m the only one who knew her heart... I’m the only one who knew the real, *grabs Kasane’s hair and pulls up her head*...

...If you dare to babble nonsense again, I’m going to ruthlessly cut up your face. *lifts up his knife* I’m going to do it right now... You only have to carry out her unfulfilled wish, achieve the forever switch...” He stops when he recalls that night when he held a knife dripping with blood.
Breathing hard, he was in tears when he looked at the bloodied bandaged corpse. End flashback. Kingo notices that his hand is trembling. He suddenly puts down the knife on the floor and covers his mouth. He felt nauseous. Kasane calls out him.

Tears from Kingo’s eye start to fall. He is sweating profusely. Wobbly, he turns around and leaves. After Kingo left the basement, Nogiku is startled when Kasane stood up.

Holding the knife with her bound hands, Kasane tells Nogiku to hold out her wrist. Looking sad, Kasane says, “After I untie you...let us share each other’s recollection.”
Outside, Kingo goes to his car. He coughs and vomits. Covering his mouth, he wonders what he is doing. He sits inside the car.

He tells himself, “It’s impossible. That kind of thing... *recalls killing ‘Sugeyo’* is absolutely impossible.”

He recalls Kasane saying about visiting someone who knew Izana. He thinks, “Someone who knew Izana... It isn’t knowing ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’...rather a person knowing ‘Izana’...”
Later on, Kingo goes to a rundown theater. Kingo thinks that the only one whom he can think of, is someone related to that theater at that time. “Most especially the theater’s boss wife, Sakai [guesswork from 境] Takemi...” Going at the back, he knocks at the door.

Takemi opens the door and asks, “What do you want with our theater. ...ah? It is apparently an old acquaintance.” In the living room, Takemi serves Kingo some tea.

She says, “...yes, ‘Kasane’ has indeed come over here. Around last autumn. *drinks tea* Even if she told me that her surname is Sugeyo, I guessed that she ought to be Izana’s daughter.”
After a pause, Kingo asks what they talked about afterwards. Takemi looks at her and says about that... “...about that...Izana once told me...not to tell anyone about this thing...especially ‘do not tell Kingo’. But...anyway, it is already in the past from a long time ago. 17 years ago, that is...a few days before Sugeyo passed away.”

Flashback: Izana is standing in front of the rundown theater. From the corner, Takemi saw her and said, “You...aren’t you Izana!!” Izana replied, “It has been such a long time... About that... I have a request.” End flashback.

Takemi says, “She said, ‘Can you lend me the theater now for a little while?” Puzzled Kingo asks, lend to do what?
After a pause, Takemi says that she didn’t ask the reason. “She looked very serious. ...but, thinking of it right now, that child always had that kind of expression. However...the theater has been worn down by years of disrepair, and it is already utterly dilapidated...

...*Izana walked down the theater* It is already rotten all over. *Izana touched the stage floor and looked at the scattered chairs and ruined curtains* The stage seemed like ruins. *Takemi is sitting outside while reading a book* AT THE HALL, I HEARD it. It is coming out from the door where the audience goes in.”

Kingo asks what she heard. Takemi says, a ‘voice’. With hands together, Takemi continues, “I’m very shocked... She is reading out a ‘script’! It is AN ALL OUT ACTING [with one’s utmost effort] that can sufficiently shake a person’s inner being [/heart]!” Kingo looks surprised.
Comment: It seems that what Kasane said is true. Kingo is still in denial but what Nogiku told them about what her mother always told her made him connect it to what ‘Sugeyo’ said after he stabbed her. Thanks to the recollection of that fateful night, Kingo couldn’t hurt Kasane anymore and he retreated.

So, the sister will have some ‘bonding time’ as they talk about the mothers they know. And perhaps, put together clues on what exactly happened between the mothers. I wonder though what Izana doesn’t Kingo to know. Somehow for Izana to go back to that theater, perhaps, she is thinking of the things she did falling for that Atae.

I wonder if Izana wanted to act as herself so she borrowed that theater for a while. Perhaps, for one last time? Before whatever she plotted together with Sugeyo? For that latter part, perhaps, Nogiku can shed some light on to it if she can remember what happened in that basement aside from the kiss. Scans by 网易汉化

Quote of the day:
Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


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