March 9, 2018

Free Talk: Namaikizakari [Chapter 78]

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After that refreshing spring day, things became a bit depressing...because of a lively 18 year old. It is already 11:10am. Pushing Shou off her, naked Yuki tells him that she told him that she has class at 2pm. That turned on Shou that he bites her finger and says that he really likes it when she calls him stupid. Hm...masochist?

She ends up angrily scolding if he’s an idiot for forgetting to bring his towel on the first day of club activity. While dressing up, Shou tells her that he brought his PE shirt and stuff. She tells him that is nothing to show off about. A week of Shou’s college life had passed and today is the first practice for the basketball club.

Yuki finds a towel she can lend him. Tense that she is making him worry, she says that even if she feels that he should know but during club activity-- He kisses her and says yes, do not quarrel with Shizuka. He tells her that she said that a 100 times already and he isn’t that childish. He smiles and says that he’s already a college student.


At the club room, Shou and Shizuka are already quarrelling over a locker. This irks Yuki since they are already at it even before the practice. Yuki scolds the two to use the ones there and quickly change since the guys behind them are waiting. This made Shizuka apologize since he made her angry.

Suwa and friend arrive. Fluffy hair friend asks if the newbies are quarreling. Suwa says that it is alright, it’s just rivalry jealousy over a girl. Shizuka shouts that it isn’t and quit joking. Fluffy hair says then they’re [him and Shou] friends. Shizuka continues to say that they aren’t...

Suwa looking at Shou and says that from today on, they’re teammates so can he call him ‘Naruse’. Irked Shou says eh. This made Shizuka tell Shou to answer properly. Shou says that he did with ‘eh’. Looking at the two, the others think that their club will become quite noisy. This made Yuki very uneasy.


Suwa plays excellent ball and get praises. Yuki thinks that a week ago Suwa looks glum but after that time, he seems normal at work and at the club, so perhaps, at that time, something’s up. After all, he is a fickle person. Usami-san is watching from the side. She thinks that even if she knew this is a dangerous love but that damned bishounen [pretty guy].

Abe exclaims that college club activity level is really on a different level. Usami-san asks if he isn’t going to join. Abe says that a newbie like him is no good. Soon, the new members are called to go in the gym. The team capatain, Tsuki [guesswork from ] tells everyone that there are 12 new members so that makes a total of 43 members in the club.

As their goal this year, they’ll strive hard to upgrade to 2nd division. Tsuki introduces the headstrong devil, Natsumi and the working devil, Yuki. Soon, everyone start to introduce themselves. Yuki thinks that starting today, the club is welcoming a new line-up and Shou looks very sincere which is good. So, she’ll also do her best.

The coach[?] wants to see everyone’s strength so the first year students will have a competition. The others suggest that they play jakepon to divide into two groups. Shizuka whispers to Shou to have ‘rock’ and he’ll have ‘paper’. Shou asks why he would listen to him.

The coach then apologizes and says that for today, the five people who got in through a recommendation will play a game while the other new students will do basic training. Natsumi calls out to Shizuka that he also got a recommendation so Shizuka joins the others. Shou looks somewhat surprised by this.

Abe cannot believe that Shizuka got a recommendation so he quickly got an elite treatment. Usami-san notices Suwa looking at her direction. Suwa waves. Usami-san thinks that it’s her so she waves back. She becomes aware that there is another woman waving back beside her. The two glared at each other. Then, the woman quickly left. Making Usami-san wonder, who’s that girl? Ex?

After club activity, Natsumi tells Yuki to leave the basket out at the start of tomorrow’s practice. Yuki says okay. She is relieved that the first day ended peacefully. Shou gives her towel back. Yuki angry tells him that even if it is pretend, can’t he say ‘after washing it, I’ll return it to you’.

Shou says that he is totally useless and he is going home first. This somewhat puzzles Yuki that she wonders if he is also tired. As usual, she knew something is up but assumes that it is this and that so doesn’t mind him. Perhaps, Shou was bothered or felt a bit uneasy that he is a ‘nobody’ there while Shizuka is a ‘somebody’.

While cooking, she thinks that high school’s environment is hugely different from college. So, those two guys won’t have the energy to quarrel right now. Ding- Dong- Dingdong dingdong dingdong. Yuki thinks that doorbell pattern is Usami-san’s so what’s up in the middle of the night.

And, Usami-san is moping on the sofa wishing she has super powers. Yuki asks her what’s up and she told her so many times already, she hasn’t seen the color of Suwa’s underwear. knowing the color makes one know more of one’s personality? Is there some other reason for it ^^;

Usami-san asks if she’s the one or that other woman whom Suwa was gazing at. She explained to Yuki what happened earlier and how embarrassing it is if it isn’t her whom he is looking and waving at. After calming down to drink, Usami-san says that it is a very beautiful woman and in the end, Suwa is a fickle person.

Recalling Suwa making out with another woman at the storage area, Yuki thinks that it is indeed like that. To Yuki’s dismay, Usami-san is begging Yuki to help her discreetly ask Suwa as to who was he waving to. It is another simple heavy responsibility to which Yuki cannot say no.


Shizuka is surprised to see Yuki standing out the gym door that he asked what she is doing. Yuki says that there is something she has to ask Suwa. Usami-san is lurking at the corner. Shizuka says that guy probably went to class after morning practice.

Clinging on to Yuki, Usami-san reminds Yuki to ask Suwa casually. Deadpan Yuki says that she has to find him first. Then, they notice a woman looking in the gym. Usami-san whispers to Yuki that it is the girl yesterday. Yuki calls out to the woman and says that morning practice is over, is she looking for someone.

The woman looks at Yuki. Yuki immediately remembers her. It was the woman who slapped Suwa at the park. Yuki mentions that she’s the one who...Suwa last hanami. Usami-san exclaims that it is that slapping woman. The woman asks how they knew.


Yuki feels uneasy for she just divulged that out. Usami-san said that they heard from Suwa that he seduced a woman who has a boyfriend and in the end, he got slapped for it. Slapper asks if Suwa said that. Usami-san says yes. Slapper blushes a bit and says that’s a lie.

Slapper confessed that she was the one who hid from him that she has a boyfriend. She’s the one who’s two-timing and she was the one who seduced him. In the end, Slapper apologized to Suwa but she’ll break up with her boyfriend, she [likes Suwa]-- But Suwa interrupted her by saying, no, better go back to her boyfriend.

And, that is why Slapper slapped him and called him a bastard. Slapper says that it is because he looked like he doesn’t care dumping her. It was a shock to her so she hit him... Usami-san shouts that’s quite mean. Slapper admits that it is so. So, she thought that in the end, she’ll properly apologize to him.

Slapper tells them that it was such a big lie and she doesn’t have any face to see him. Teary-eyed, Slapper says that she’ll trouble them in telling Suwa that she’s very sorry. Later on, Usami-san is confused since she can no longer clearly define what the truth is and what is fake.

Usami confesses to Yuki that she grew more and more unable to understand Suwa. She has already gotten too involved [/attached] to the degree that she isn’t willing to go and think things through. Ah, that is love, I guess. Suwa is indeed complicated. Is he a good guy or not?

What Slapper told them seems to hint at two sides of being good and not. He looked like he doesn’t care. Was it just acting for his pride? Was it to invoke a slap to punish himself since he fell for her? Or, he knew that she really love the other guy even if she was on the verge of confessing so this is his way of letting her go?


At the convenient store, Suwa has just arrived for work. He greeted Yuki a good morning and ask a casual question like was if there are a lot of customers today. Since she’s a nice girl and cannot refuse a favor to ‘pass the message’, Yuki mentions about the girl at the hanami. “It seems that she got engaged.”

After looking surprised, Suwa says is that so, when did Yuki know? Yuki says today after morning practice, Slapper said it herself... Suwa laughs it off that it is really a correct choice to dump a guy like him. Yuki says no, she didn’t say that.

To her surprise, Suwa leans close to her and says that she also saw it, right, what he was doing at the storage room. Yuki looks surprised then recalls it. She realized that she was found out. Suwa says that her face is so red. Yuki stands up and shouts if he is simply acting as a ‘bad guy’!?

Yuki says that the real reason why he was slapped was because he was protecting Slapper. And for him to do that lovey-dovey with others, it is because he doesn’t want to be rejected and get hurt by the other..but... Yuki thinks that if there is someone who wants to go near him, he will draw a line.

Yuki says like that, he’ll be all alone, pretending to be the bad person, keeping a distance from others. “That isn’t kind-hearted at all.” Suwa recalls a short-haired girl heading towards the door. Then, Yuki snaps out of it. She couldn’t believe that she was criticizing him like that.

She apologizes and says that she shouldn’t say that. Suwa says that’s right. It isn’t kind-hearted at all. It isn’t because he doesn’t want to get hurt that he keeps a distance from others. It is to protect himself. He leans very close to Yuki and says that she’s the only one who notice that bit. And, it seems that he kissed her since Yuki looks surprised. It starts raining. Shou looks glum in his bedroom.

So, Yuki turns out to be quite good in observing and forming correct theories on why a certain person acts like this and that as long as she isn’t directly involved. ^^; Lol, that isn’t exactly good if the other party is a guy. Or rather, a flirty, fickle guy who can randomly kiss anyone without any deep meaning to it. ^^;; And, they’re all alone. Maybe Yuki will be careful next time.

Perhaps, Suwa is some sort of masochist that he wants to hurt a girl and they in turn physically hurt him with slaps. Haha, I’m not sure if Yuki will slap him there but maybe he expects to be beaten up in some way by Shou. ^^; Though, I’m not sure that this manga will resort to that kind of thing to resolve things.

There is obviously a girl who got away whom he cannot get over with. Maybe it is some sort of making girls hate him to avoid him. Yet, he needs to feel loved? More like he cannot commit or rather, he doesn’t want anyone to think of him in a positive light. It’s like ‘Don’t fall in love with me; I don’t want to get hurt’. Maybe that is why he kissed Yuki to make her hate him. So she’ll avoid him from then on.

Nevertheless, in some other manga, Suwa is the ‘bad playboy’ who needs to be ‘healed/loved’ and he is like that because of something traumatic that had happened to him. Will Usami-san be that girl? Or, Usami-san/others will help him with that girl and she ends up with Abe? =P Hm...since we will be dwelling on ex-lovers, will Shou’s ex appear, too? 

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  1. Waa super fast! Thank you so much! (n_n)

    well, you almost said everything I wanted to say/think of

    Me too, I was super surprised when yuki thought of it so easily at that extent! I was like "is that yuki!!?!" Who's always dense when it comes to shou. just now she didn't exactly notice/consider shou's frustration ..I mean, it's so natural to think/feel that shou may feel down by that thing, right! it's not an easy thing though.

    = Especially with shou, he don't like others to see his weak side especially yuki. When yuki gets reluctant in that too, shou know how to deal with her, I hope she'll do the same.

    Actually shou is more tsundere than her, may be some don't figure that bcuz we used for him to be so open with yuki, but he actually like that only with her. Yuki was the one who spoke/express herself more than him shou never talked about himself, all his long talks was for yuki/to explain a misunderstanding to her.

    = He's actually more reluctant in demanding/accepting help. I recall in chapter 11 she came to him 3times but he didn't say anything until she found him accidentally practicing alone.

    Also ..She noticed when that sawa was glum, then she also noticed when he back to normal. why she's caring about him!! Why she's getting all worked up about him!! I don't like that, especially that he don't deserve that.

    She knows how he's, or even so it's a guy ..but ..she somehow the one who lead them to do those stuffs to her.. and she still not aware that she wrong/carless in dealing with other guys ..that's no good ..

    = I don't have any problems with her in slowly shows affection in their relationship, or shou take the invitation in everything, kisses .. just be some cautious with other guys yuki .. :((

    And what assumed me that sawa is thinking that he's that "hero" but he's nowhere like that!
    So who was the one who lifted usami's hope many times!??
    (Ch 67_72_73 "just told only u to make me Valentine's Choco) ah! My God &_&
    Pls ..I don't want her with him, he don't deserve her.

    U know when i saw shou's pic in the bad getting gloomy All by himself while yuki was with/all worked up about sawa at that time..I just felt so frustrating..

    What really irk me that sawa deliberately irritating shou..and act like the pure kind guy in front of yuki ..argh

    Just Who think he is to got that close to her face!!!??! and she'll not do anything!
    Kat what I really hate is when he do stuffs like that to yuki and then said "haha, I was just joking .." did he thought by any chance that he looks cute or smart??!! Ahh.. God 😑
    And then yuki will be oki with that.. !! So if he kissed her and say it was a joke she won't do anything!!
    Anyway wasn't that "too much close" enough already!!?! It was a nose on nose .. (x_x)

    And ya, I want shou to punch him in his face.. but as u said the Mangaka .. that was always bother me.. bcuz I really wanted so many times if shou punched hakamada.

    Kat I'm thinking that shou now is thinking/will.. that he don't deserve yuki, he's not much for her .. like he's losing confidence in himself..

    Anyway, u see it's seems like hakamada is treating shou like his mom, I bet they were like that when they were children.. haha..I liked when haka told shou to answer probably, then shou said I did by "eh" haha ..

    And I'm happy for shou& yuki bcuz they're progressing/pre class ..hehe ❤

    And I thought of that before, but, shou and yuki are totally a crazy couple, haha was 11am.. like in chapter 71 when they woke up at 1am (still don't get it though/why) .. haha.

    Well I'm really sorry and ashamed of my long comment that time ><

    1. You're welcome, mary ^-^

      True. I do wonder if it is because Yuki thinks too highly of Shou that she feels that she doesn't have to do pay too much attention to it. She did mentioned before that she felt that Shou can do well even without her. Maybe she forgot about what Shou told her then. Most of the time, she is riled up with 'you have to behave'.


      Yup. Since it is like that, Yuki needs to heighten up her sensitivity and yet don't make it seem like she's helping him. Something like a smooth way of not doing the obvious? Maybe read up on stuff and give him tips. Somehow, I wonder if part of why Shou is glum is he had to depend on Yuki to bring his towel = irresponsible = useless.

      True. She is misreading Shou glum = tired whereas for Suwa it isn't. But then, you did mention that Shou isn't likely to show his weakness. It was just after a practice rather than like sitting by the storage room staring somewhere <- obviously glum.

      Yup especially alone with the other guy. Hm...thinking of it, that is hard to do due to her work and club duties. I mean, should she always think that when alone, this guy/member will 'attack' her = every guy are perverts? Suwa has been showing hints. For Shizuka, well, you know, I don't think he'll dare do that except for hugs and touches.

      'Hero'? In what way? I think he has some sort of self-hatred. 'You are better off with some other guy than me'. Some sort of self-pitying yet not exactly a 'good guy'. Lol, basically, a complicated guy who'll break girls' hearts. Perhaps, like Slapper. He's no good but somehow, he isn't that bad.

      Hehe...can't say. Suwa isn't exactly showing that 'pure kind guy' thing. I would think that he even deliberately made her see him making out at the storage area.

      Lol, is that a spoiler? So there was no kiss? I'm not surprised. I recall he mentioned to her before that he'll hit on girls with boyfriends then laugh it off as a joke. <- So, I said that there were hints that he isn't exactly 'nice'. I did wonder if he'll pull that off here. So I wrote 'it seems that he kissed her' ^^;

      As to what his intention was. We can only guess. Flirting yet suddenly breaking then pass it off as a joke. I do wonder if it is symptoms of the trauma = want to be close/woo but immediately stop short from going through it.

      Lol. Violence is not the answer =P The most they'll do is pinch each others' cheeks or pin the other one down. Actually, it will be bad for Shou if he does that. The headlines will be: Star player beat up rival player and send him to the hospital. He might be suspended or banned from playing basketball.

      Hm...but will Shou? Maybe temporarily but I would think that he'll work harder to prove that he does deserve her. After everything, would he give up now?

      They are most likely like that though this time, with more rivalry than 'friends'.

      Lol...perhaps, happy time is getting longer as Yuki gets more used to it?

      Hehe, it's okay.

    2. True, there's that too. yep.

      = em, sorry, but i didn't understand that "Most of the time, she is riled up with 'you have to behave'.

      Haha, yep, that actually beautiful. well, I think she can do that, she did that before though ^^

      = Oh, idk but I don't think so, he did mention that he bring everything else, so that was just accidentally. I guess When he said "useless" he was actually referring to his situation in the club.

      You're right, there's that too.

      true. well, ofc that's not it, mm, they actually should stop doing stuffs like that to her everytime she shows some concern towards them. Argh!

      The "sacrifice hero". Yep

      Yep he is &_&

      hehe, yep, it was not a kiss (I'm sorry 🙏 & idk if u want to know or not!)
      Yehh, so u didn't exactly expect it? would u be ok if it was? I wouldn't though, hehe. I was afraid it was, that close already enough to me, everytime I see that pic I get irritated, think everyone too. But yuki is totally oki with it, lol.

      Yep, possible. but u can't put that guess in Yuki's situation bcuz she has a bf, so his "it was a joke" it's bcuz he can't do more, or if so he'll just get rejected. and won't be able to do them again.

      Lol, yep. Ya, I thought of that too, so.. +_+
      Lol, it would be an interesting "headlines"

      Yep (he did think that way once before tho)
      So with that + something else in ch 79, I think he's feeling that way (?)
      true. but he might face some hardships, but as u mentioned "temporary"


      Lol, most likely. that's beautiful though, haha.


    3. I mean, Yuki tends to be concerned about Shou is when 'he has to behave' with the don't do this, do that, etc. Bring your towel, don't dirty your suit, etc...more like a mother though I thought, maybe that's his type. =P I often heard that some guys will whine, 'don't act like my mother'.

      Maybe, it is both ^^ If I'm in that situation, I would think that. Say, Shizuka got in. Why. Maybe he's responsible and prepared, etc. I cannot even remember to bring a stupid towel. The difference between us. Something like that.

      Haha, it would be hard especially if you like the girl who is showing concern to you. There's a term for that 'swept by emotion', 'impulse', and stuff.

      I see.

      Hehe, I usually don't want to know spoilers. But this one is okay since I kind of expected it. It's okay.

      Haha, maybe I read too many stolen kisses scenes that it don't seem a big deal anymore. ^^; Well, that can be viewed as good. Yuki was okay with it = it was totally nothing to her/ don't care/ it's immediately off her mind like when Shou accidentally touched her chest. ^^;

      Hehe, that's just a guess why he is doing that. Of course, any guy shouldn't do that even as a joke. I don't quite understand this 'if so he'll just get rejected. and won't be able to do them again.' Do you mean Yuki has to reject/mention it so that he would stop doing that kind of jokes?

      Yup. This is just a setback of realizing that 'reality/college' isn't exactly like high school where everyone thinks highly of you. He has to show them what he can do.


    4. I see, true. haha, and bcuz shou is not the kind to say such things, plus I can't imagine him saying such "sentences" to yuki, hehe.
      and since he's so much in love with her everything comes from her is ok/lovely, hehe.

      I understand, but what I want to say is shou isn't bothered just bcuz of haka, but bcuz of his situation in the club itself, I mean if they both didn't get chossed shou would still feel frustrating, he's not just caring/restrict his vision
      On haka like he was ( u'll figure that more after u read ch 79) <- & here i like how the Mangaka let him/it develops from high school to college.

      I understand, but still they shouldn't.

      Me too I really hate spoilers, but I accidentally see that pic, so I couldn't wait to know what happened.

      I see. well, ofc it was nothing to yuki, but i'm not talking about it in that way but in how it should be a no-no thing to her.

      Yep. I mean if he will say 'i mean it' yuki will reject him/be cautious/he can't do them again/exposing himself. (I just can't explain it,hehe)


      Ah, that 'short-haired girl' sawa recalled isn't 'slapper' right? so it still don't finish about him! Well, I don't care, he can just solve his problems far from yuki.


    5. Yup ^^

      Because he was treated like a 'nobody' in the club? Useless like how Abe was = just go at the side and do basic training?

      I see. That's good then...especially since they're in college now.


      Oh, I see.

      Ah. Yes. Maybe someone has to tell her about it or something/ make her aware because as far as she's concerned, it was nothing/no big deal. ^^;

      Basically, draw a line and he shouldn't cross that line.

      Most likely yes, it isn't slapper. Haha, if it's real life, maybe but in a story, it will involve Yuki and the others. =P

      I'm actually trying to connect as to who she might be based on the people we already know. A reader here jokingly guess that it is Shou's sis. Mine is Shou's ex. Lol, though it seems unlikely since short haired girl looks older.

    6. Yep. hehe, not to that extent, he'll practice, but Yes.


      hehe, it seem like that.

      Yep, for those reasons we know.

      Ya, it's oki if she's involved but without him doing those stuff.

      Hehe. shou's sis!?! That would be interesting (but I don't think so + don't want to, hehe)
      Oh, I thought the same about Shou's ex (in fact she's younger)

      You know I'm seeing ppl saying "shou's ex should appear or any other girl, shou should leave yuki.." WTH! & Why would he!?!?!! They get upset when shou and yuki fight but what they're calling for isn't the same?!! Argh, she loves him! I got surprised when I saw some comments bashing yuki bcuz I didn't think of her like that (like she's not a good gf..) oki, she's mistaking in somethings, but if you have a problems with her wrote it in a proper comment, I just got a comment she explained to me why she don't like her (I didn't even ask her) I was like ..waa how could she wrote that! How could she thought of her like that! What she wrote I see them in a different good way ..ah
      Even guys are bashing her, lol
      well, their comments about her/that actually hurt a little ..and being the me that I'm I can't not respond, but I won't do that anymore, that's better, right?
      Yuki is my only fav heroin.


    7. Haha. Well, for a story, it might be necessary to make readers 'excited'. ^^; Of course, it can make some not want to read the story for a while. ^^;; that so. I think Shou might try to deter the relationship if it is his sis. He probably doesn't want him to be his bro-in-law. Oh, you think so, too.

      I think they view it as a way of 'punishing' Yuki for not appreciating Shou. Then, she'll run after him so that she deserves him. Something like that. Though, for me, I don't think that way because as you mentioned, Yuki does love him. She just doesn't exactly make her world revolve around him since she has a life. And, can be clueless with other guys' intentions.

      Hehe...actually, the ex is an ex because of a reason, right? =P Well, there are indeed people who don't like Yuki because of how she treats Shou. Ya. Sometimes, it helps not to read comments for a while especially chapters that has this kind of scenarios. There are times when the comments are intense. The first time was when Shizuka hugged Yuki at the firework festival and Shou said something like he isn't interested in her.


    8. Yepp. Aw, will they!? .. well, possible, hehe.

      hehe, he'll definitely deter it.

      I see, but she dose
      appreciates him in her own way.
      Ya, actually shou also has a life and he lives it. but he can simply match 'study, romance, basketball' but yuki can just focus on one thing. So all what follow bcuz of that reason + her personality make them think that way, but it's definitely not bcuz she don't love him enough or don't appreciate him or don't put efforts ..etc

      Well, she annoy me just when she got confessions, hugs.. and don't react like how it should be the cluelessness would gone .. but it's also the Mangaka doing for can move on the serie.

      Haha, ya. not just on how 'she treat shou' but like " she's not good-looking, not smart, not spacial, Don't have hobbies, don't have goal (in HS she joined the club bcuz she's had a crush on an upperclassman, and also in college bcuz she was asked) .. like is those even criticisms!! no one is perfect + she's so pretty at least for me. I actually respect her and i thought everybody do .. I also read some bashing Shou before for no reason u said better now read any ..^^

      And it's natural if the guy put more efforts bcuz that's what it should be.
      So Yuki should run after him like those girls mcs while he treats her like a trash for some pathetic reasons, so that she loves him! Argh .. so those guys do love them but yuki !! I'm sure bcuz they're doing the same in real life ..the most thing I hate in my life is this ..
      + Yuki did take the invitation many times when Shou accidentally don't ..
      Ya, it's ok to fight to keep/bring ur lover, when you really know him + he deserves + u really love him + he's the one ..

      And despite all I like how yuki act based on her real personality, she must be strong to do that, right? And honest and not hypocrite, and she isn't even aware she should be really pure for that ..

      OMG! I wrote a lot again!! &_&


    9. There will be.

      Indeed. Isn't it like complaining over someone's girlfriend when the boyfriend himself has no complaints and likes her as she is? Haha, of course, that will depend. I mean, if the girlfriend is obviously 'bad'. Here, I guess it is more on not quite 'ideal'?

      but it's also the Mangaka doing for can move on the serie. <- what do you mean? Because it is like that, the mangaka can show progress later on?

      Oh. I guess those can be her weak points. Ah, not having a hobby is an issue? ^^; Actually, she can be an ideal housewife/mother ^^ Can cook, keep the house in order, do first aid, research, and basically do great and be dedicated in any job she is in. ^^

      True though these days, 'you got to take the initiative before others snatch him away' ^^. I dislike those kind of series though there are some stories that became better later on as the story progressed. ^^;

      Sorry, invitation to what? Party?

      Yup, s/he has to be worth fighting for.

      Haha, true. Probably to busy with work and studies, she won't bother with tv drama or manga about romance ^^; Hm...she doesn't interact much with other people either to know or gain knowledge about it until recently from Usami-san and earlier, for a brief time with Kido's gf.


    10. Hehe, I see.

      ItIt exactly like that. I really thought and said that many times to myself!! like shou didn't ever complaining, He's totally oki with her, so it's ok. Bcuz he knows her.
      But Yuki isn't, she deserves how much shou loves her.

      no, I mean if Yuki realised haka's feeling when he hugged her in ch 31, his role would ended (even tho he's showing as shou's rival in Bb too) and it's like that with sawa..etc.

      Thanks God bcuz you think the same as me!! I kept thinking "don't have a hobby is an issue!?" Then I thought maybe bcuz she wasn't in a club like it's usually shown (tennis..) but then thought she was the manager of the Bb's team, isn't that enough! Isn't that a hobby somehow (managing, leadership..) is talent. just ..*_*
      That's all so rightt, I really just thought of them yesterday night (just keep the house in order & cook, hehe) and thought those they forgot about them! The house's stuff she's doing isn't easy. Yep, like the convenience store. Hehe, I was happy reading your words 😇

      That's the most thing I dislike in real life so as well here.. etc. I just can't do that even if I really like him, hehe. I thought such sentences/thoughts someone would be ashamed of them but it's seems not. I won't fight to get or keep someone, the moment when you feel you should do that that simply means that's not love.

      No, I mean yuki took the initiative some times, like in ch 23 ( when shou didn't say anything about her going to mizusu so then she tried to call him ) and ch 33 (when she confessed) and ch 72, and ch 75 .. so the moment when she feels he may go she would act, it's not like what they're making it looks, like she doesn't care or don't put efforts.

      Thought I said that, but I won't do that, haha. Bcuz the person who love you won't go + you won't find yourself in need to fight. just in cases/misunderstanding like here in chapter 33 ^^

      Lol, true. Yepp.


    11. Yup. Though as I said, that also depends. For example, my relatives are always complaining about my aunt's husband who is pretty much a bum since she is the one who works for both of them. But they are happily married like always calling how she's doing, go eat together and watch movie. She isn't complaining about it even if it does seem 'unfair'. And ya, he had an affair before, too. ^^;;

      Oh, I see. True. Actually, it would be interesting to show Shizuka moving on. It is really rare for shoujo to show a love rival having a lover later on.

      Yup. It is actually a talent. I think she'll be pretty much in demand later on in whatever work she pursues.

      Ah, are you talking about someone who already has a lover = do not pursue/fight for him or girls shouldn't be the ones 'courting' guys? For me, I cannot do either of that. ^^;;

      True. It's a bit of 'delayed reaction' on such things that involves people. I think she's slowly learning.

      Ah, I get it. So you mean like if the guy is meant for you, he's meant for you = he will always stay because he loves you = won't look at/be tempted by someone else.

    12. Aw, haha, well, I would complain to her too.
      So who are complaining they're somehow view Shou & yuki's relationship like that! Haha, I can understand now, like I view some Mangas with the girl run after the guy concept as a no-no, as well such stories in real life, also like the one you mentioned.
      So it's Like shou is 'blind-in-love; hehe, idk about them, but I don't think their relationship is like that.
      And it can't be compared bcuz it's naturally for men to be the one who do the pursuing for women.

      <- I already believe in that though, and it happened to read that, look :
      "Men are born to pursue women. It's not natural for man to sit back and let the woman do all the work.." hehe.

      Ya, it would be nice, I hope so.

      True. ^^

      Aw, the 1st ofc is a no. ya, like the 2nd, and such cases.

      Yep, true.

      Yep. ^^

    13. Haha

      Ya, something like that.

      Indeed but I guess there are exceptions. Like for someone like Shizuka, I would think a girl who chased after him can get him. =P Something like what Shou did to Yuki...persistently chasing.

      I see ^^

    14. hehe, but I will not like that, the two of them/the relationship. If it gonna be that blushing-flustered haka with her/in the relationship better if the whole thing don't happen, I just can't stand that, hehe. But I wanna him to be happy with a girl. hehe.

      P.s/ the chapter is so boring bcuz it didn't show/focus on shou (/Shou × Yuki) a lot like always, hehe. Let alone that almost-kiss in the end, it really annoy me *_*


    15. Haha, no, no, I mean Shizuka will be like Yuki then there will be a girl who is like Shou chasing after Shizuka = will be successfully in getting Shizuka. Of course, that will be a totally different story. Of course, if Shou is a girl, his actions might not be well 'accepted'? Like the girl is 'easy to get'.

      Haha, I see.

    16. I understand, but shizuka is not like Yuki in anything! + Yuki is clueless at love but he's not. + He's ok with telling his feelings + He's not actually shy with girls but afraid of them (treated them wrongly.. <- so he got something like a trauma) ..em even though the whole thing about him is an over thing and not realistic.

      Well, for me the problem won't be just in the girl, but in the guy as well. I told you I don't like this concept, hehe.

      What I want to say if the girl get close to him a little, he could overcome his fear .. not must be "chasing" ^^ bcuz he's not that "reluctant" as yuki ^^

      Haha, we're just talking about 'a not exist girl' ..and that make me really want that, hehe.

      Wouldn't that be better than that cliche appearance of him "stalking- touching" Yuki ..agh. it would have been so interesting/realistic if the Mangaka didn't make him has a crush on Yuki.
      Well, love can't be from some "10mn meetings from time to time" though ^^

    17. I think otherwise. =P I think he was clueless until his captain have to 'guide' him for him to realize what is that feeling/distraction towards Yuki is all about. Of course, the current Shizuka isn't that clueless anymore. Let's just say compared to the other guys in the series, he is the one who has the least knowledge about romance.

      I think the two have a lot of similarities. Yuki is all about 'work'; Shizuka is all about basketball. Yuki has issues with her siblings. I think Shizuka also has something of that sort. Both are clueless about love before = don't care for that. They are both not quite good in dealing with people.

      I don't think it is 'treating them wrongly'. It seems more like a phobia. It was a popular type of character before. A lead who has a phobia towards the opposite gender until THE ONE arrives = whom s/he can interact with.

      Haha, I see.

      True...'reluctant' for her and 'fear' for him. Of course, Shizuka is not a direct copy of Yuki as male. ^^ But they have a lot of similarities that I feel that he is like a male Yuki. =P

      Ah, but this is shoujo. Perhaps, for the story, so that Shizuka is also relevant in their lives rather than just a basketball rival for Shou. There is jealousy which drives Shou to do better in basketball. Love rivals are usually used for romantic progress, too. Of course, for a reader, the rivals' antics can be irritating to infuriating ^^

      Perhaps, I'm not that bothered because at the back of my mind, I know that nothing will break this two apart. If it is a love triangle, I would probably feel that way if the one I'm rooting for won't be the one =P

      Indeed. And, with this couple, it is loving each other and making the relationship work. Something like even upon seeing the other's 'imperfections', one still wants to be with the other/accept each other as they are. I'm thinking that if it isn't like that, they would have broken up already. <- like how some fans feel about the relationship.

    18. Hehe, Idk..em, I just didn't thought/had the feeling that the two are similar..I think he somehow gives a "weak aura"
      but Yuki no, she always has that firm look just like Shou ..both have a strong personality.. A more real deep similarities, can really consider as parts of someone personality unlike those (they're just like a common surface similarities OR caused by exterior reason)
      idk, maybe it is, hehe.

      You don't know how much I dislike that kind of male leads or that concept. I have my reasons, hehe.

      Yep. But you know after chapter 79, there was comments saying "maybe they will break up, and Shou has to break up with her.."'s annoy me, but, no, like you mentioned, i already trust them that they won't ^^ but the comments still bother me, hehe
      Or maybe that's my first time reading/facing them the current time of the situation, hehe.

      True!! They're indeed like that. They don't even mention them, consult or insist at each other. That's pretty great.

      Chapter 80 will release tommorow I'm so nervous ><.
      Oh, still need ur opinion on something in ch 79, like I already told you,'s actually relate to Shou, hehe.. I don't know about those things a lot and no one is helping me .. >.>
      Hope the Chinese Scans hurry.


    19. Hehe, I see.


      True. It can be annoying to hear that kind of comments when one thinks differently.


      Well, nothing yet.

  2. Thank you again for this, Kat! We really do appreciate it!

    Anyhow, can I just say that one of the things I hate in shoujo mangas is the part where the other minor male character kisses the female mc? I mean, why do that? lmaooo why add more drama? I dont know what authors think about when they come up with that scenes but it's really annoying. I know some real life as*holes (like the REALLY Suwa type. They have their THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY or someone they really loved in the past so they decided to blah blah blah and so on...) but they dont kiss girls like Yuki's type (y'know the innocent, kind ones.) they feel like they're tainting their "white and pure" aura if they do. They think before they act if they meet a girl like that. So idk why authors always do this things *le cry*. I really like Suwa because I find his playboy ways funny LMAO but that "kinda like a kiss" scene has me feeling so much disappointment. So shoujo cliche!

    BUT, I'm curious to WHO broke my Suwa's heart! It would be shocking if it's Shou's onee-san lmaooo Just kidding! I'm just imagining things.

    And, the gloomy Shou thing. He's so cute! He's moping coz Shizuka got recommendation from Osaki Uni itself! But I hope the school will see how talented he is. Shizuka at Shou can be great partners in basketball. Srsly! I'm excited to see basketball matches and then Shou wont be a part of the frontliners first (eh i forgot what term it was) so he'll get more frustrated then Yuki-senpai to the rescue and he's like "senpai ~ comfort me" LMAO

    To end my rant, I'm really looking forward to matches where we'll get to see Shizuka and Shou in action as a team in court this time! That would be so LIT.

    Thank you for these again, Kat!

    Take care always :*

    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      Yup. And it makes a good cliffhanger, don't you think? That's interesting. So, they'll only 'play' with the 'non-innocent' ones?

      Lol. I'm imagining it to be Shou's ex =P

      Haha...I'm thinking that's the goal for them to work together. I think it is a good eye opener for Actually, it can also be a rude awakening for someone who was thought to be the 'best player' in their high school.


      =) Thank you ^^

  3. Yuki really is a terrible mc. Is like she doesn't understand how human relationships works. 79 chapters and she still hasn't gotten any better. This girl pays attention to all other guys feelings but her own boyfriend.

    If Yuki was a boy she would be just like any dumb harem mc.:P

    It also really irks me how she never told Usami about Suwa hooking up with that girl. But she doesn't know how friendships works so...

    1. Well, a little better, Anonymous but still far from what a girlfriend should be doing. Thinking about it, perhaps, that's the point of the series/why the story is still running. The end goal would probably be Yuki to be naturally act like a gf.

      Out of curiosity, like who? Maybe I know the series. =P

      Now that you mentioned it, she didn't. Still, I get the impression that Yuki knew that Usami-san knew that Suwa is a playboy and all that. So, there's no need to tell her about it. ^^;

  4. Woah woah, maybe it's time to take a break reading it. Reading Ch 78-79 are frustrating. I'll wait and see for this arc conclude.
    Usually I don't like too much drama if it is about ex-gf (like it hinted previous chapters), but it just keep happening again and again with male rival.
    That made me wonder, When will female rival make an appearance? Is it reverse harem? LOL

    As always, thanks for the summary Kat,,
    It is such refreshed format.. Like it,,
    Btw, can you make some distinguished mark when you type your opinion about particular part/scene, like * or [ ] or < > ? Sometimes I got confused who said what, from manga or you.. hehe

    Have a nice day,,

    1. Hehe, I see, Eri. Lol, it seems so. It would be if Usami-san isn't around.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

      Oh. Sorry about that. I'll put it in [] next time.

      Have a nice day, too ^^

  5. Hey kat, greetings
    I have seen a lot of comments about chap79 but I can't find it anywhere. You know where it is?
    Thx in advance

    1. Hiyo ^-^

      I think it is in otakumole. Japanese raws. Registration is required...though I think it isn't open for new members anymore.

  6. When the chapter 79 comeee😭😭 i waiting it after so much time but he didin't come 😢!!

    1. Sorry, Clara. I also don't know. The Chinese scanlation isn't out yet.

  7. i understand yuki gives attention to other boys which should be less but that does not mean she less care"s about naruse. i mean she thinks about him every time its just that she does not express it well which she should as being his gf but i am not saying that yuki should only care about him and not others as she has other things to do plus she is a manager,she takes care of everyone. tho i am realy happy to see that she is taking a little baby step in her relationship with shou . for one fact i know that slow and steady she will be expressing her feelings more and more and at the end i know that she will be a great gf but for now i think she needs her own time in order to understand what it takes to be a gf so i really don't blame her because it's her 1st relationship with a guy

    1. Like it or not "she's less care about Shou" and that's so clear.
      A little tho, yep, she is really care and think a lot about him. And she really loves him a lot as much as he does.

      But Caring about sawa "private life" has nothing to do with "manager's work" ; like hakamada's suit it was nothing to do with "manager's work" or basketball wasn't even a "jersey" ..he didn't even join the basketball team yet, HE could have hugged her and really something annoying happened, that Should be no, especially that her reaction is "terrible" when they do anything to her.

      thats just would make problems for her, it happened before and she is doing the same thing with sawa now. She keep always repeat the same mistakes..ofc not deliberately.. but that's really make ppl mad at her seeing that. I love her so much..every one love her,
      but that's the truth.

      And unfortunately She's surrounded by childish guys who if she just show some concern towards them or tell them "good job" .. they'll twist it and like her...argh.

      We were saying she wasn't aware of hakamada's feeling, he confessed but she still act carelessly with him, no, more carelessly.
      She never listened to Shou or believe him in anything when he says, for example "that guy is jerk" .. you know why? Bcuz she's so full of herself.

      She feels Jealous more than him, just when she would see him with some girls she would explode on him, but he never once say "you're exaggerating, possessive" .. but he'll ressurce her, bcuz that's just natural.

      She's acting like that bcuz she unawarelly sure that Shou will not leave her no matter what.

      But u guys want to play it like Shou is telling her to just care about him ... but that's never happened.. she talk to guys more than him, has guys friends..have their numbers..she is working, managing what she wants, he never force anything on her.
      = I recall, when he didn't say anything about her part-time job bcuz he didn't want to meddle in her decisions/life..she got uneasy..and then say "I feel happy bcuz he's carrying or else I'll be worry that he's care less about me" see! If he act like her?
      She acting/saying that.. but if Shou did the same as her and prefer (for example) basketball over her she'll get mad. Like in chapters 56_57 she explode on him when she felt that he's doing well in bb without her. Yuki will not bear if shou act like her. Nor you do.
      = I love Namaikizakari bcuz Shou is not like those annoying leads who would involved with girls so much bcuz of reasons like "helping the girl..etc" and just hurt their gf.

    2. And, so if Shou date before he should know everything in the relationship!?? I don't get it!! His relationship wasn't even that serious to you all make him an "expert" just bcuz he try to show that. You ppl should really stop looking so high on him, like he knows everything, He can't get hurt, he can't mistake, he can't get lost in life.. he's also afraid and doesn't has that much confidence you all think he has.. he just act cool and tend to hide his worries ..etc.

      I don't have problems with her in slowly being a proper gf..I get flustered when she acts like that with guys when it has nothing to do with her work as manager.. hakamada wasn't even in the same club. And now sawa's private life. It's ok if it's the other guys like Abe, amamiya.. club members..and Shou don't act that strict with them.
      It's ok if she treats them like friends even if it's not basketball related, But if they passes that line and disrespectful her..(hugging her even though they know she has a bf) she should react properly but unfortunately she never once did that.. and I think she'll always react like that.. and that's really hurt me.. bcuz that im saying that.

      So, if it's her 1st relationship she doesn't know that hugs from other guys and that move here is wrong?? Even if she's dense that's too much tbh.
      You'll see her reaction after that move here's really frustrating you know.

      So then shou Also don't have to care only about her. I'm curious what will you say if he care about another girl/s. I know ur reaction guys tho.
      It's always about her, guys about her.. while Shou has nothing on his own, of ppl will get flustered.. that's not fair. Especially that her dealing with them is "terrible"
      I still remember what she did when that stalker hugged her in chapter 60, she didn't told him anything and just kept sitting, talking and treating him like nothing happened, Is that even logical? At least told him "why did u do that, and don't do that again" ..or bcuz she wasn't aware that he likes's normal if he do stuff like that!!
      That's so tiring tbh.

      Well, I'm sorry if my comment seems a bit offensive to you. Actually I'm not blaming he or anything either, I don't have any problem with her..her and Shou make a great couple.. I just love them way too much.. so those things annoy me a little.

    3. Aside from cannot express it well, Unknown, I think she is hampered by 'appearances'/doing the proper thing and she had a habit of keeping her personal feelings suppressed.

      Indeed, she is making slow progress as she can still be quite oblivious over other guys' intention or how/where she should draw a line regarding what's okay and what's not as a someone's girlfriend.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hello Kat! How have you been!
    Hehe, I back, it's bcuz Chapter 77 released in English and it's really a great chapter!! Well, I read your summary but it was small, so when I read every word, oh wow ❤

    Well, I hope the Chinese Scans will post Chapter 79 & 80 soon, bcuz I would like to discuss them with you before Chapter 81 will out.

    = Chapter 81 didn't released in April, 5th bcuz the Mangaka is taking a break for a month, so 81 will out in April, 20th.

    I saw 79 raw and I got some translation but not so well. About Chapter 80 I just saw some pics from japanese blogs. I Might understood the general idea from the two.
    = Thought I don't have acc in otakumole but who have, they would post it in Namaikizakari's group in fb. Your don't want to see it raw Kat?
    Well, I really hate spoilers but bcuz I accidentally saw that pic I wanted to know what will happen..and then i wanted to know what will happen in chapter 80..argh .. I never did that before :+

    Well, well.. I really wanted the Mangaka to solve the arc that happened in chapter 79 in chapter 80 but she's being so evil..god! I really got through a hard days, aww, hehe.

    Ah, I still don't talk about ch 77! Well, i really really loved every Shou's word to her AND her words too..oh! And why he's telling her "I love you" a lot! Haha, I really didn't expect that, aw.. /<
    And he called her "Yuki" without honorifics.. awww ><

    Well, finally, Shou is in the department of commerce?? Woow, I really like commerce, even though I'm not studying it, hehe.
    Well, and the same as usami-san.. woow!
    But he can? I mean I thought they must study "sport science" like Yuki if he's going to join the basketball club, ..oh, maybe I'm being weird, right? (Also bcuz I thought osaki is a college of sport only.)
    If possible, so he can has his license/diploma in commerce + be a basketball player.. that's really cool!


    1. Doing okay, mary ^^

      Actually, from the Chinese forum, 79 is out but for some reason, not out in public. ^^; I don't know the reason for it though.

      No thanks. I prefer to understand it once I saw it rather than guessing what could have been said. ^^

      Hehe, cliffhanger?

      I think Osaki is more on an 'all round' university but have a strong basketball team. In our country, it is like that. Since he is studying commerce, I get the impression that he'll open a business later on after college.

      Well, there are those who have a business as well as a basketball player. Hehe, based on how things are here. They can be businessmen by investing on things or opening businesses...perhaps, partnership with other people like restaurants or basketball learning centers.

    2. ^^

      Ohh, really!! I see. O.o
      So, did you see it? Or can't you?


      Hehe, ya, but a cliffhanger in a bad way.

      Oh, I see. My college has just 2 specialities. Well, it is relates to the main University, since that one has a lot of specialities they built a new one to reduce the pressure.

      Oh, I better see him as a basketball player, hehe. But, no, if he didn't do well in basket, that will help. I don't think that will happen tho, hehe. Also I don't think basketball players can play for a late age, though that for all sports.

      Oh! Cool, but I think that will be hard for him, bcuz basketball demand a lot of time in Playing and practice, as well as the businesses.

      Well, like that he can give Yuki a good life, hehe.

      Even though she'll work too, but he's the man, because that I'm saying that. ^^

      Speaking of that, I'm wondering what will Yuki work? She can't continue to be the manager of the clubs, she should find a more proper job.


    3. Unfortunately, I can't. I saw it listed in their updates. I usually check it to know when to expect the series that they work on to be out on public sites. But for some reason, it isn't out. =(

      After checking it again, it seems that they purposely try to limit/delay the release on public sites. From what I understand, to help the sales of the series or someone released it early than they wanted to. ^^;

      Oh, I see.

      Reduce the pressure? Because of too many students? In my school, they build a 'sister school' for rich kids who cannot get in the main school. ^^;

      Yup. So, the basketball players here usually go to business. Some will try politics. The others will go to teaching as coach or basketball teacher for kids.

      Business would be for later on when he retires. Like, after earning a lot of money as an athlete, invest it in business solo or with partners who'll manage the business. I think he can also earn money by sponsoring some products.


      Haha, true.

      I think it is very easy for Yuki to get any job she wants. She is also good at her work in the convenient store. Somehow, if it is the corporate world, I can imagine her co-worker taking advantage of her in terms of making her do all the work for overtime. And, she cannot refuse. ^^; Lol, actually, I can even imagine this unresolved issues here to happen in a corporate world/work setting ^^;;


    4. Oh, I see. That's frustrating :c

      Ahh, I see. And we're here dying :(

      Yep, bcuz of too many students. It's good for me like that,hehe. Oh, I see.

      If he'll go for politics it would be nice, hehe. Ya, that's possible.


      Yep. Hehe, ya. Like me, I can't say "no" haha.
      Yaa, I think the corporate should deal with that, like put more observe/control so everyone will do their job, or put punishments like ' reduce their salaries'

    5. I see ^^

      Oh. True, it can be hard to say 'no'. And, there are people who'll abuse one's kindness. ^^; Like in their last Christmas, what if a co-worker ask Yuki to help her finish a project for the deadline. Will she give up on a Christmas date? Haha, of course, I'm not sure if such occasions are THAT important later on after getting married and stuff. I mean, they can celebrate it later on?

      Well, it depends on what position she is in, and what kind of corporation.

    6. Exactly ^^
      Speaking of last Christmas, what bothered me is the bluntly way she told him "I have work until 9" claiming he might has his own plans just so she won't feel guilty, hehe. At least told him more calmly/kindly ..if my bf told me it like that I'll not talk to him for a week, but if it's the girl it's cute, hehe; and it's Yuki, hehe.
      Hehe, yep, she'll, but because she's cute Shou will forgive her, hehe.
      Well, ya. But it's also lovely/important for married couple to spend that day together.. since it's a special day and all. especially in life and work' pressure.

      Well, in that subject, I really want to see them spending the next Christmas together, I mean I hope the Mangaka will show us that.. you know Christmas atmosphere is lovely and all.. especially with shou and Yuki, hehe .. like getting out at night then back to yuki's house to talk and watch TV ...hehe, I'm getting

      Really, I got the feeling that
      that Mangaka don't take the same typical stuff other shoujo always take, or at least she'll not deal with them the same way most authors do. And that one reason she didn't make them spend the last Xmas together ^^ the 2nd one is that she didn't want to make them do it until they're a college students ^^

    7. Look, yesterday I read that politic article, I don't know if it's exactly about that. If it is, I think it's the reason for the Chinese Scans recently delay, especially as you mentioned, see :

      " The Japanese government has instituted urgent measures to address sites that violate intellectual property rights in the midst of the damage caused by such sites to the local comic strip, manga, animation and other sectors. People can read and watch these articles for free by accessing these sites. This is a violation of intellectual property rights. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed that the government should take steps to address these sites urgently at a joint meeting between the IPR Committee and other government bodies on Friday "

      = But they can't do that, I mean even if we buy the magazine we can't understand japanese. they should take the international fans in their mind.

    8. Yup. In her case, it is a bit hard to say because we all know how Yuki is and change is a slow progress for her so it is kind of expected, right? Of course, it is also natural for one's bf to be disappointed over it.

      Lol. Is that it? I would prefer it that he knows her well so he understands rather than because she is cute. Anyway, most of the time, she does make it up later on...usually, in ways Shou didn't expect. =P

      True. Ideally. ^^ As they say, have to keep the romance burning even through marriage. will most likely be more than just watch TV *wink wink*


      Apparently, not. This had happened before. They lay low then start again. I'm not sure if it has something to do with it. For now, it is just that group. Other groups don't seem to be affected. All the recent releases of this group aren't out in public. They just got chapter 80 out ^^;

    9. Yep ^^

      Haha, of course it's supposed and I prefer it that he knows her. And because he knows her he didn't get angry and he's always like that with her because he knows her ^^; well, of course that how LOVE should be ^^
      (Just say it like the other half of the case And for fun ^^)
      Hehe, true. And then he would lose it over her. Lol


      Haha, most likely ><

      Oh, I see, that's a relief somehow. Hope they fix the prob. Ohh! really! ..I really really want they will Post them in those last 5days.. please God 🙏

    10. Yup. In a way, slightly disappointed, then act childish but in the end, Yuki makes it up to him. ^^ Of course, it's good that she also does things more than he expected. I mean, it would be kind of 'unfair' if he always has to be the one 'understanding' as to why they don't have more lovey-dovey/don't celebrate special occasions together.

      Ya. I thought they will release 79 after they're done with 80. Apparently, not. ^^;; Oh well, there is still the English scanlations...

    11. Yaa. Hehe, yep.

      Yep, very frustrating. Yep, they said they still have to proofread and typeset the next chapter/s.


    12. I see.

      Oh well, we can only wait for their release.

  10. Yes, but they said that for the next chapter (78) I don't know if they're gonna release 79 and 80 too. And they said 'proofread and typeset' will take a while.

    I don't believe Chinese have the chapters and they're not posting them for some reasons..why this is happening! especially at a time like that :(

    1. I see.

      Indeed. The last time they did that with their other series is because of copyright issues before like what you mentioned in the article.

    2. :(

      You know I have noticed that there's many guys read Namaikizakari, hehe.

      Also, I recall they didn't spend their 1st Xmas as couple together too, hehe. Fortunately he came to her house so they spent new year Eve together ^^ or else Yuki told him "I have to study; lol.
      emm.. It's like Yuki always make a fuss from everything, like here when she was about to take her exams..she make it a big deal and would always mention 'i have to study' hehe, and refuse them to meet..etc. she's that kind of ppl who they should put a loot of efforts to gain. (a little like me, hehe) While Shou is the opposite, during his exams period..he didn't even make it an issue, he stayed forward in their relationship..he didn't even go to a cram School, but in the end he got too much better grades/result than her.. he's that kind of ppl, who Lear easly, focus easily.. emm I really appreciate that from that Manga because it gives "characters with actual character" ^^

      And it's like that from them in everything, so what fans are demanding "Yuki should be more affective" .. here where they're mistaking. They're comparing Shou and Yuki, and that's wrong.. both have their own way of showing concern/care/affection..and we'll know why.

      I get the feeling that they're waiting for a chapter/s like that, But that will never happen. The Mangaka will never make that as an issue..I mean she's, but make Yuki change through the Manga/chapters.. not to focus on it like they're imagining.

      Also Shou will never come and say "I got enough, you have to contribute more.." is that even something someone who's serious and truely in love would say! I mean, if he'll say something like that I'll get mad. What's up with them! I hope you'll understand me here.

      Also Shou is not that childish/ immature to say/act that way. I see it like what every lover should do to his gf.. they're viewing it like a strange/unacceptable thing but it's actually a lovely/normal thing. Yep, maybe I'm seeing it from my point of view as girl and I'm belittling his efforts..etc, (& bcuz im a little dense too, hehe) well, maybe it's a difficult/appreciated thing, But still what a person who truely loves would do, at least I see it like that, hehe.

      Shou is doing more, but it's not bothering him, I mean it's not that difficult to him. yuki being that reluctant don't bother/obstacle him. Shou never got annoyed over that and make it an issue like us, hehe.

      Shou have never and will never got angry or fight yuki over that or bcuz of jealousy. If he would get angry then it's just on/because of himself. I mean.. like chapter 50 he didn't got angry bcuz he was jealous like or doubt her but bcuz he felt he's not reliable. and in ch 78-79-80 it's the same. ^^

      Well, I have told you they criticize Yuki on the comments, well,it's not exactly bashing .. they're right..we all know the case (naive, dense) they're just frustrating! .. they love her..^^

      Yep, I know I'm keeping you and I over talk. But I just want to share that point. Sorry and really thank you bcuz you always answer me.

    3. Hehe, is that so.

      Yup. It actually helps that Shou can excel in things with little effort. I would think Yuki knows herself enough that she really has to study in order to pass.

      Yup. I actually think they are kind of opposites of each other. And, the story is how two opposites would try to make their relationship work aside from loving each other.

      It depends. Sometimes, he does seem to be just teasing/probing how Yuki would react. Perhaps, being kind of 'informal' how he addresses people and stuff make him appear like that. Basically, he does kind of stand out in the very 'polite' society in Japan. Haha, it also depends on how seriously one reads this series. I would think those who take it very seriously instead of a comedy-romance would easily take offense on something that isn't a big deal for the couple/its characters.

      Hehe, I would think that the character isn't one's 'type'/expected to act? Hence, it is like that.

      No problem ^^

    4. Yep ^^; hehe, ya.

      Yep ^^

      Ya, I actually really like it how he does stuff >< different/more naturally/more realistic ...→ more exciting/sweety/funny, hehe.
      Well, I didn't get that from him,his personality, in life/their ^^
      Well, I meant what they're saying about how Shou is so patient with Yuki→ unacceptable. ^^


      You're so kind ^^

    5. Oh. I think being patient is very important in a relationship. It isn't like there is no improvement on Yuki's side. I think that there is so, Shou is being patient. = falls all over for her. ^^


    6. Yep, exactly. ^^
      Trueee. ^^
      Yepp, that what I said/think.^^

  11. Thank you Kat for the work.

    OMG... another drama! Another rival, why can't they have a break on this kind of situation.

  12. I have been occupied by work! Thank you Kat.

    I really love this series. The only character I really have a problem with is Yuki. While I adore her to absolute bits, there are definitely moments where I want to shake her. I just wish she'd take more initiative when it comes to her relationship with Naruse. It feels so one-sided sometimes, and honestly, I'm totally in awe of Naruse for having the patience--and confidence--to put up with it. I'm really looking forward to her maturing and becoming more comfortable with herself and her relationship.

  13. excuse me she's taken ��
    I so wished Naruse to be in front of the store and then come busting in and break his face.

    Thank you Kat!

    1. Indeed.

      Alas, in real life, if he did that, he'll be the one 'punished' for physical injury.

      You're welcome ^^

  14.盛气凌人&mo_device=1&pn=0& here chap 79-80. Eagerly waiting for your translation. Just looked at the pics and angry at Yuki for being so dumb

    1. Thanks for the info, Anonymous ^-^

      I went there earlier and there were no scans ^^;;

  15. hello Kat,
    You just need to click on the bottom.
    chap 79:
    chap 80:
    I'm dying here ;-)

    Thanks again for your hard work. I wish I could understand chinese...

    1. Thanks for the info ^-^

      Thanks for reading ^^

  16. Am the only one who finds Shizuka annoying as hell? I could understand going after her while they weren't dating, but he's fully aware of their relationship and knows it wrong to do and yet he still keeps doing it. I really want to see Shou either knock him out or dominate him so hard in basketball. Also, alot of those times that Shou's team came close to beating Shizukas, if Shou had a more experiences team then they would have won everytime.

    1. Oh! I agree with your whole comment 100/100

    2. Hehe, for me, not really, limmited. =P