March 4, 2018

Free Talk: Namaikizakari [Chapter 77]

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Well, Shou did leave for the party. And, left the two totally shocked by it. Even if Shizuka cannot believe that Shou would do that kind of thing to his own girlfriend, it’s good that he stopped himself from taking advantage of it.

Hehe, he’s pretty much knocking himself on the wall like Yuki for even thinking of taking advantage of it. Haha, as I mentioned to others before. This guy won’t do anything to Yuki nor is he someone Shou should be overly weary about. Lol, he already thinks of himself as a scum for just having that thought.

Yuki is acting okay with it and just letting Shou do want he wants. After all, she thinks that they’re college students and Shou also has his own interpersonal relationships. It’s the usual, ‘I’m mature and I won’t hinder you if you want to go/do something.’ In the end, they both just stare at their ‘no message’ cellphones the whole night. ^^;


The next day, Yuki is still acting cool as if there’s nothing to worry about. Usami-san has to tell her that college isn’t the same as high school since the girls here would prey on Shou. Because of that, Yuki looks suspicious of Shou.

Ah, I wonder if it is good to tell her that or not good to tell her that. ^^; Because either way, it is not good for Shou. She’ll be either ‘ignore’ him or be ‘suspicious’ of him. ^^;; Since Shou is asking directions to the commerce club <- where Usami-san learned about college girls preying on guys, Yuki casually asked what happened to the club.

Shou said that he and Abe left halfway then mentioned a lot of people are asking for his contact number. It does seem that he is trying to get a reaction from her since he even asked if she’ll be angry if he told them. Since Yuki don’t want to act like she doesn’t trust him, Yuki says that she doesn’t mind it. Hehe, sorry, Shou. You need to do more to get her to tell you her true feelings. =P 

Since Yuki seems a bit at a loss or jealous that Shou already have friends, so she quickly left him. Well, that can make one feel ‘outside the group’ since she doesn’t know them. As usual, Shou knows something’s up with Yuki. And as usual, Yuki is thinking that this is all natural. He has his own life in college, she cannot be naïve and think that they’ll always be together like what Shou told her earlier. 
And just when Abe and Shou are going to eat, they see ‘stalking’ Shizuka. Abe wanted to tease him that he was hiding from a teacher. Haha, to his anger and shock, girls are looking for Shizuka to eat out with him. Well, the two guys talk seem to be some sort of mutual understanding that Shou and Yuki are too close so Shizuka shouldn’t go too near Yuki.

Shou also knows that he’ll be unhappy that Shizuka and Yuki will have a member-manager relationship since Yuki cannot alienate Shizuka. Apparently, he was just acting childish earlier since he also knew that Shizuka chose the school for the school and not Yuki. Lol, still, Shou is jealous. He’ll allow that kind of interaction between the two but smiling is forbidden. Hehe, of course, being clueless like Yuki, Shizuka doesn’t know why. Even if Abe hinted that it is a weapon. =P 


And, Yuki has stumbled upon lost in thought Suwa at the storage area. Yuki was concerned that she asked if he’s alright since he looks in pain and uncomfortable. Suwa tells her that he is thinking of the girl he parted with before. Hm...I immediately wondered if that person is like Yuki. Perhaps, Yuki and Shou’s relationship was what he had before?

Suwa start to ask about Shou coming to school. Hm, Yuki does seem to really treat him as someone to talk to since she mentioned about Usami-san’s suggestion to keep Shou on a leash. Suwa’s advice is more on letting go of apprehensions and stay at Shou’s side since they are ‘each other’s sunshine’. So, is that a lesson from his past experience? Perhaps, Shou somehow reminded Suwa of himself before. 


Anyway, thanks to that, Yuki took the initiative to wait for Shou and invite him to her house. And, he came out with friends and even he asked her if he can go out with them. ^^; She is about to say no but she’s weak against friends begging her to lend Shou to them. So, yup, it’s okay, go with them. She turns to leave with hopes of trying that again next time.

And, it is Shou’s turn to take the initiative to go with her by pretending to have a stomachache. ^^; Haha, he asked her a really direct question, do you care about me as long as I have a stomachache or foot ache. Yes, because that’s how Yuki is programmed to be. =P


Finally, Shou confronted her why she agreed for him to go to the party. What if he went to some other girl’s house? What if he went out on a date with someone else? Will she say ‘okay’? And why is she always acting mature and why act like a strange when she’s his girlfriend? Why she acted that she doesn’t know when she knows everything about him?

So, Yuki realized that Shou was deliberately making her worried and he’ll do this childish thing at this age. Shou claims he doesn’t know and maybe he returned to being a first year high schooler. She says that rather, it is going back to baby stage and he isn’t a bit cute. So, they made up and have lovey-dovey.

How nice of Shou to re-assure her that a lot of things will happen afterwards and there will be many people he’ll meet but she’s the only one he likes ^^ He knocks his head on hers when she tells him that it is okay for him to go to parties and exchange contact numbers if it’s necessary. Then, she tells him to properly tell her the WORDS HE SAID JUST NOW when they’re alone. =P Hehe, Shou glomps her and cannot wait for them to go home.


Well, Yuki thinks that Shou obviously knew that with merely those words, it is enough for her. Actually, it’s more or less mutual. In a way, they are making progress as they trust each other more since it is inevitable that they’ll meet other people. They just have to keep the lovey-dovey so that no one can get in between them.

It is more of a balance of not keeping anyone on a leash and not letting the other do whatever one wants to the point of acting like one doesn’t care. Haha, actually, they do need to improve their ‘reading what the other really thinks rather than basing things on what they say and do’ skills.

Well, the last scene of glum Suwa looking at Yuki again makes me think she reminds him of his ex. Perhaps, after that break up, he tried to cope with his loss by being a playboy. Is that a set-up for Usami-san to heal his heart type of scenario?


  1. Thank you so much for the summary + the freetalk in between ^^ i kinda prefer you leave some cmt about a situation like this because it exactly what I thought!
    Again, thanks so much for your hard works Kat 😊

    1. Thanks for reading, Vi ^-^

      Hehe, is that so ^^


  2. Yo, when I read it. First I thought it's so annoyed but after I read the last it's make me wanted the end of the story!!! Lol thank you so much for your hard work Kat! I love you heheh

    1. Why are ur comments always annoying, if you don't like it stop it, we don't want it to end.

    2. Is that so, Monytep. Because of Suwa? Or for the happy ending?

      Thanks for reading ^-^


    3. Just for happy ending! And if you don't like my commen I don't really care becuz I write what I thought that's all. Thank you Kat for your hard work!

    4. I see, Monytep ^^

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  3. thank you so much Kat!!!

  4. Thank you so much! I thought it won't be a summary, I'm so happy!

    about the english Scans, I told ya .. :c

    Well, hakamada always don't know anything & just speak "how can he do that to his gf!" Well, shou didn't even put u in his mind, he was just solving an issue with his gf *_*
    + Like I told ya about that "take advantage-thing" the Mangaka proved it here by making him mention it, bcuz it's really seems like that, he's literally every time taking advantage of the situations *_*
    & Ya, it's bad just bcuz he thought of it. Like what even happened to take advantage of?! Argh ..
    What annoyed me that he said it like he's the who don't want to, like he can take advantage &_&
    + If he really likes he would know that doing those things may make problems for her and hurt her (if the bf isn't shou)

    Hehe, so shou was annoyed bcuz yuki didn't seem Jalouse/care (or didn't show it) and just left him with girls (I thought of it tho, hehe) so he played his last card and went to the party thinking she would stop him, haha. & Then he didn't gave up and waited her msgs/call, hehe
    Like, ya, imagine if yuki was surrounded by guys and shou just left her and go, she would feel weird & annoyed. Well, I recall she did something similar in chapter 54.

    Ah, did u see how yuki was waiting his call, she's so cute and beautiful!!

    And here, I like how the Mangaka left hakamada in high school (she didn't repeat the same antics)
    I felt the college's (or a new) atmosphere.

    shou naturally/unawarelly didn't think of him, but instead he thought of a more like Couple's worrying, I love that.

    shou did good by that, bcuz yuki should has more confidence of herself, even if they know what they're thinking, that's sometimes not enough in dealing with others.

    Tbh I got surprised when yuki franked to suwa like that even though she knows the person he is. And letting her guard down, she's really so careless with guys.

    Idk if it's ok to say that, but that kiss was so hot and beautiful!!! hehe

    Ya, she's acting like a stranger, hehe, shou's words are like always beautiful, meaningful and pointedly.

    But what did he mean by " Why r u acting like u don't know, when u know everything about me" ? (By the way I really like that sentence, hehe

    I really loved when yuki told him to said the words he just said when we're alone, sooo much feels, hehe
    And the fact that she decided and invited him to her house is soo beautiful, hehe

    So with that and what shou told her (I'll meet more ppl in the future) dose the Mangaka hits of his ex? Omg! Hehe

    I will continue the stuff I want to say tommorow, it's 3am and so sleepy!!
    I said that even though I wrote a looong comment again, I have problem in writing a short comment here

    Thank you again, if I knew that I would wait for ur summary and don't spoiled my self and saw the chapter yesterday, I thought of it and then said I shouldn't rise my hope, when I saw it I got Soo happy, (& it's so fast) you are so kind .. thank you!!!

  5. Thanks for reading, mary scent ^-^


    Haha, ya. Though, at least now he's aware. Before, I'll give him some leeway since he isn't sure of his feelings and stuff.

    Hm...thinking of it, even if he takes advantage and he knew that he has no hope in getting in between the two, won't that be to make himself look good rather than actually attempting to stealing her?

    True. Haha, for me though, not exactly my type of scenario since it is like they're 'playing games' of some sort.

    Thankfully, she didn't.

    I actually think they don't exactly know what the other is thinking or at least, the intention. ^^; One has to analyze the possible reason why the other is saying/acting that way. Usually, it ends up being resolved when they talk about it + assurance of love. ^^

    Maybe Suwa gives off an older brotherly feeling. =P Usami-san is more like an older sister even if they're of the same age.

    Yup. Yuki isn't exactly confident on her new role as gf. It is also against her 'nature' to be selfish/self-centered.

    It was a paraphrase. What he said was, "Obviously, whether it is the thing that I'm sensitive about or even my embarrassed expression, you know everything. How come you'll pretend that you didn't know...?"

    Yup ^^ Lovers' quality time is important.


    Haha...I understand. My attempts at short summaries always fail.


  6. ^^

    Make himself look good so he can has a chance like that? U meant that?

    Mm.. ya, but not a bad/serious games but a lovely/Pampered games, hehe


    Mm.. I don't exactly feel the same, I think they do know what the other is thinking, like here, shou is aware that yuki is feeling Jalouse but don't show it, so he tried to makes her show it, not makes her Jalouse (mm..not exactly make her show the Jalouse, but makes her play her role as his GF) and his words at the end prove it. hehe, how is it?
    Yep ^^

    Mm..I see.
    But you know I got frustrated a little, when yuki noticed sawa's frustration + treat him kindly (also other guys) I mean, she's not like that with shou..
    She can read what the others thinks, but ..oh pls tell me I'm wrong!
    And that thing, I don't think sawa will just treat it like nothing.

    Ya. About that I like how the Mangaka make their personalities develops realistically, like how yuki got somehow glumy here bcuz of shou's friends. And when she wanted if they were alone in hakone, even if she knew that's somehow selfishness, she couldn't help it, shou always was feeling that way bcuz he was really falling for her, so when she's falling for him more & more she found herself acting like him (like anyone in love tho)

    Ohhh, I see ^^

    Hehe, yep.

    Haha, that's a relief.

    About the Mangaka didn't make shou move, i recall when Yuki's dad told her about moving he mentioned that she should study in a more proper atmosphere, if about that, shou house is ok from that side (maybe, hehe)
    + I recall yuki told shou (ch 54) that the club (in high school) don't take a 30mn to get there when he was in her house (so it's ok in that side too, and so yuki didn't move bcuz of the distance)
    But it's still somehow an necessary adult-move to move when they get in college, right? Hehe

    Kat, maybe that not important to you and to some others, but for me it's so important,'s the fashion, I mean shou is so stylish (even yuki and the other characters) I love his outfits so much, most Mangas don't pay attention or just draw an old outfits, but Namaikizakari's sense of fashion is great, well it's the trends now days, I really love that.


    1. No. I'm thinking of 'look good' in terms of not wanting to show a bad side to your crush-type of thing.


      Perhaps, I got that impression because when Yuki said that he deliberately made her worried. He asked were you worried. I assumed that he didn't know but then, he might be trying to get a reaction from her as you mentioned. Some sort of teasing, I guess.

      Haha. Could it be the 'notice everything else but not the one closest to you'-type of thing? ^^; Perhaps, because emotions aren't involved with other people? Yuki is also acting to 'look good' like she's mature, she won't interfere with what the boyfriend does even if it should make her jealous/act more jealous.

      In a way, it depends on the type of boyfriend. Some want more of that. Some doesn't want since it feels like 'they're on a leash'. I guess balance is the key. Yuki's decision to deal with that is quite good/ideal.

      'And that thing, I don't think sawa will just treat it like nothing.' <- in what way? For me, Suwa does seem to tease her or treat her like a lil sis. Not really crossing over to romance.


      Hm...was it mentioned that he didn't move? Yup, definitely not the distance. But I did get the impression that most Japanese live alone when they're in college.

      True ^^ Now that you mentioned it. It seems that Shizuka is dressed differently in college compared to the other laid-back casual outfits + backpack. =P

  7. I see, ya, that's what it should be ^^

    I see. Yes ^^

    Yep, maybe.
    But I didn't mean just "Jalouse" but, like when shou feels down/depressed by something, but I think she would notice that/him when he gets like (like in ch 59..) ^^

    Haha, maybe.
    Yep. but, not totally good, cuz if it's on how yuki treat it, they won't spend anytime together.

    Haha, lil sis! So you didn't see chapter 78 & 79 yet, oh my ..I'm hurting :c

    Well, he didn't move. And ya, yuki mention that before in chapter 72 (she said "he don't has to move ..")
    Yep. Ya, maybe sometime later ^^

    Happy cuz you agree with me, hehe.
    Ah, even their practice outfits are beautiful and fashionable, hehe. shou's outfits in that chapter were so beautiful!!

    The other? U mean shou?
    Now you mentioned that, u know I didn't like hakamada's uniform in HS, I always dislike japanese private high School's uniforms (academy), its formal & not beautiful. In other hand I really love normal japanese high school's uniforms (for guys N girls) shou was looking so good in uniform, really miss that, I like him in uniform the most.
    But, hakamada wear a beautiful outfits too when they goes casual (ch 52, 67..)
    But you know i don't like men with hand bags, those are for girls, i like them with backpack, I find it more manly, hehe.

    Ahh,by the way did you see that Namaikizakari's live action? hehe


    1. Perhaps, it is more on Yuki will notice if the reaction is different from the usual.

      Haha, so I'm mistaken? ^^; Up to this chapter, Suwa seems to be hitting on her yet kind of restraint. Yet, he always give advice regarding their relationship. And ya, I haven't seen those yet. Still waiting for the Chinese scanlation ^^;

      I see.


      Others. Shou, Abe and guy friend. It is t-shirt/sweater type + backpack.

      Hehe, is that so.

      I know. But those who have hand bags are supposedly stylish, right? I think I usually seen celebrities/stylish men who use that.

      No. There is a live action? Movie or tv drama?

    2. True, or bcuz of his expression, or the event (lose..) ^^

      Yep, How it would have been beautiful and realistic if the Mangaka made him just see her as a lil sis, but..

      I see, ya it's based on their personalities.
      but Abe, no, his look/outfits are not good.

      Ya, but celebrities use them for fame/work necessaries. and
      usually the normal men (even celebrities) who use them have a girly/not cool/unmanly personality ..
      I prefer the t-shirt or jacket ..etc + jeans + no bag at all, hehe (just in necessary = backpack) ^^

      Yep, a movie. They released it on 20th,Feb


    3. By the way Kat, do you know why outakumole not available for everyone?


    4. Oh...okay. So that means, in college, Suwa is going to take over the role of being the 'other guy' from Shizuka?

      Lol. Is that so.

      I agree. I was like o_O;; before when it was first introduced. And basically, the same reaction as yours.

      Aside from backpack, I think a sling bag is okay. So, I'm a bit surprised that the mangaka made Shizuka use that kind of bag. It doesn't seem to fit his personality. I can 'see'/envision Suwa using it, actually. =P

      Is that so. Strange, how come it wasn't advertised in the manga through the magazine?

      I don't know the official reason. The rumors were that the publishers will sue the site or something because of uploading raws. At that time, some sites that provide raws had shut down. So perhaps, to keep the site up and in order not to get into trouble, the site went 'private'.

    5. Yep, think so. But not exactly bcuz he's kind of confessed (oh, spoiler, can't say more، hehe)
      But don't get me wrong he don't like here, it's like، the past-love-failed-so-i-take-my-frustration-out-on-you type Rival kun 😑

      (But I can't trust hakamada he may pop up from nowhere like always &_&)

      = I have a lot to say in ch 78 and 79, especially about that annoying sawa (x_x) and i need ur opinion, especially in something ><

      Ya, hehe.
      Yep, tbh I'm so open about new fashion but only that trend I couldn't accept it.

      Or how shou was swinging his school bag, hehe.
      Hakamada is using backpack, right? Yep, happy cuz she made him use that, hehe. he may looks not cool but this a sensitive thing, hehe
      Oh, no no, don't let him deceive you, he's not cool no nothing, for me he's more feminine so I'm not surprised 😒
      See hakamada cooler than him +_+

      They did, its actually released along with volume 12 (and ch 78) so they posted pics/details on the book 12 and gave a poster of the actor who played shou.
      But ya, I was surprised bcuz they didn't inform us ahead in the previous chapters.

      But some are complaining that the actor who played shou didn't give shou's personality.. well, they're right though, hehe.

      By the way, volume 12 did a hint (selling, ranking..) all 1st .. hehe.

      Oh, I see. It's must be that. Thanks!


    6. I see.

      Lol. Living up to his 'stalker' fame.

      We'll talk about it when we get there ^^

      Hehe, is that so. I had somehow gotten used to it. I have seen Jap and Kor male celebrities using those. It isn't something any male can pull off. I think of it like when pink shirts on men had been kind of popular/okay thing to wear.

      'don't let him deceive you, he's not cool no nothing' <- are you referring to Suwa? It depends. In real life, I would think most women would think Suwa is cooler. Lol, that 'bad boy' aura who can charm you. Dangerous-sexy type. Shizuka is tamer and perhaps, 'nice girls' would prefer him more. Or perhaps, strong women who can easily 'control' him.

      Lol, that's my impression of Shizuka. Quite timid. Whenever he's daring, he'll quickly regret it later on. Not the type who'll consciously do bad things unless due to impulses, etc. Can be very loyal and dedicated on something/someone. So, that crush won't easily go away.

      I see. But you mentioned it was already out in Feb. Shouldn't they advertise first to get fans excited before releasing the drama? ^^; Very strange.

      I'm not surprised about that. In most shoujo, they usually just get the popular guy/idol who isn't exactly a good actor. Sometimes, it's for the 'looks' I guess.

    7. Haha, yep! I was surprised when I saw everybody calling him "stalker" .. but then i thought it's true, lol.

      Yep, true.

      Yep, sawa. Yep, but for me he's not. "nice girl"? For me I definitely won't like or want someone like hakamada in my life.
      When he blush, talk.. that way it's really annoy me tbh. He is a guy after all. When there's a male like that especially if he's the lead I would definitely drop the Manga "blush, hesitant, need other to clear his feeling for him, other to push him to confess/touch the girl by flirting with her.." is the most boring unrealistic annoying concept for me. being Like that would put more pressure on the girl.

      = shou being that daring is a difficult thing u know, lefting everytime his pride and being that persistence demanding a lot of courage, especially with shou//his personality. he turn it to look an easy thing for him but it's actually isn't.
      U see how he act by overhead attitude with other girls/ppl ..I doubt he acted/would act like that with any girl other than yuki.

      Yep, true. It was and still strange to me too.

      Oh, is that so, i see.


    8. Hehe, ya...there are times when it is deliberate, at times, it was a coincidence like always meeting at the festival. =P If Yuki is single, we'll call it 'fate' ^^;

      Haha, not your type, huh. I think that behavior comes with being in love for the first time and was at first, clueless regarding such things. After all, this is a guy who will avoid girls especially fangirls like a plaque. ^^; And still does except for Yuki.

      True. Hm...was it mentioned before who confessed first? Was it his ex? Well, if it's someone you want, you have to 'fight for it'. I wonder if it is also the first time Shou worked hard to get something he want since most of the time, it is like a go with the flow thing.

    9. True. haha, yep.

      Yep, but bcuz of the "personality" more.

      It wasn't, but I feel it wasn't shou, haha. I don't even get how he was with someone like her,it don't fit his personality to like/be with a girl like her.
      True. maybe, but he did fight and back despite how many times he got defeated in basketball.


    10. Hehe, I see.

      Something like, girl confessed, he says why not then girl got bored and he's okay when she left.

      Hehe, yes but I'm talking about before he met Yuki. It was the first time he worked hard on something = whether for a girl or basketball. ^^

    11. haha, possible.
      But still don't think shou may date a girl just bcuz she confessed, I think like she had an admiration in his heart (like arisa) but not love. idk, hehe

      hehe, I see, Yep.

    12. Is that so. I tend to think that Shou's first love is Yuki. So, unlike the ex-, he never put any effort and the girl somehow felt that she wasn't 'loved'.

    13. hehe, I'm thinking the same too. Yep.

  8. Am i the only one who can't see the photos in this new scan? both my laptop and phone can't view the pictures in this, i can't read the english scan without the pictures, it brings more feeling for the story though T_T :'<

    1. Sorry, Rechelle, there are no pictures in this chapter since it is a 'free talk'. Making pictures take time and I was thinking the English scanlation will be out soon.

      For the pictures, you can view them here:

    2. Ohh, that's why. Thank you for the response. 😄

  9. Thank you for your summaries, as usual!!! I couldn't wait any longer so I read the raw scans even though I can't understand any of it huhuhu and this summary helped me a lot in getting the picture quite right. I'm dying to know what really happened in detail in chapters 78 to 80 and in the next chapters. 😥😥😥 The events are just getting sooo interesting I can't stop thinking about them and about the next things that will happen. I love this manga a lot aaahhh.

  10. Where do you read the raw scans?

    1. Unknown, in Chinese scans, here: