March 12, 2018

Blue Glass [Chapter 30]

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Pulling her shawl down, Saga nervously thinks that it was really enough. “Acting as a priestess can definitely keep my identity a secret from the soldiers! I only have to treat this like performing a play. It would be okay as long as I’m a bit careful.”

The soldier tells them that it is possible that things will be dangerous so remembers not to separate from each other. “Come with me.” Saga thinks okay, she has to first understand the surrounding village’s situation. She recalls Eyepatch telling her to keep in mind that this is a ‘stab in the back’ to her clan.

She thinks that probably, those words mean that it will bring about harm to uncle [Eyepatch?] or could it be one’s life... “Wrong, don’t think too deeply about it. No matter what happens, I definitely have to succeed this. I will definitely save Mino.”
In the warehouse, Mino looks at crying CV boy. Mino asks if he is saying that what he only knew Ouk’s name and he is serving someone. CV boy nods. Mino says that the village leader general whom he serves is also not his [Ouk] real master.

Mino thinks that ‘MuRyur’ [guesswork from 武率; Perhaps, that is the name that CV boy knew and Eyepatch knew him as ‘Ouk’] and ‘Juryu’ are definitely fake names. Mino says that aside from Juryu, manager is someone from Hong Mun. “At this time, I can understand their action. You said that right now, they are preparing for a funeral, right? The deceased is Jim Dagong’s son.”
Still sobbing, CV boy says yes. Mino looks at him and asks if he feels that he was wronged so he’s crying. CV boy says no, it isn’t. Mino asks then is it because he doesn’t know how he should live from now on. CV boy looks at him.

Mino says, “You definitely won’t feel uneasy when you live by listening and obeying someone. Even if it is tough to positively believe, yet it will definitely be okay later on. But, it won’t have a good result if it is because you’re running away that you chose to do that...

...Starting right now, you decide your own life. Probably...only this way, it will not be so absurd. And also, before that, first apologize to me. Because of you, I almost died so many times already.” CV boy apologizes to him.
Mino smiles and says okay, right now, they should think of a way to get out of here. Looking around, he says that the things here seem to be the funeral offerings from Nakrang palace. “If we continue to stay here, we’ll get involved in a troublesome matter.”

CV boy says that he also wanted to ask him something since he was very curious about it from the start... “Is the girl you’re together she your lover?” Mino looks surprised and he couldn’t answer. This puzzles CV boy.

In the village, the soldiers are plundering from the people. Some women beg them not to take their things away. A man was beaten up for refusing to part with his belongings. One of the soldiers shouts to give all of it to him because these things aren’t enough!
A woman tries to grab a sack. She shouts that they absolutely cannot take this! “These are the seeds that we will plant soon! If you take everything, what will we plant this year!” The soldier holds tightly on the sack and shouts that she’s noisy to death! “This is the prince’s order! Hey, get out of the way!”

He kicks down the woman. The woman’s husband calls out to her. Some kids are crying. At the alley, MuRyur and masked man watch the scene. Masked man says that the First prince’s bad temper is really huge [/infectious] and look at how vigorous the soldiers are [in obeying orders].

MuRyur agrees that it is very vicious. MuRyur bites his lips and turns away. Masked man tells him that even if it is very hard, how about bearing with it until the end. This made MuRyur stop walking. Masked man tells him not to always evade it.
MuRyur says that for him to say that he’s evading, it seems like he is also criticizing him. Masked man says that he didn’t mean it that way. MuRyur says that it is alright. “The son of a man known as MuSin [武神; literally meant ‘god of military arts’] is unexpectedly a coward who’ll be extremely appalled [/apprehensive] upon the sight of blood.

“I myself feel that is really shocking. *glances at masked man* So, I also can understand why I’m not look upon by my father [/my father isn’t interested in me]. No matter what, I’ll look for a way to fight aside from the flow of blood that can make him approve of my method. And afterwards, I’ll squarely go back home. *smiles at masked man* You, too. Before that, don’t think of going back.”
Masked man asks him to forgive him for saying some presumptuous words. MuRyur laughs and says forget it, if he is apologetic then give him... He looks surprised and says that is...! The villagers are shouting that it is the priestesses, they have come!

Preparing to unsheathe his sword, the soldier tells the people to move away. Standing behind the soldier, Saga looks surprised. MuRyur says out loud why she [/they] came to the village. The masked man says that obviously it’s very dangerous.

MuRyur says geez, that woman really doesn’t have anything to do. He orders masked man to quickly go and distract their attention. Masked man says okay and he quickly left.
The people are shouting to the tense priestesses to please help them. “Quickly help us stop the soldiers! If this keeps up, we’ll die! Save us!” Flustered Saga wonders what is going on since the people are quite perplexed. A soldier shouts for them to stop and get away. He kicks one of the villagers.

The villagers push back the soldier. The soldier shouts that he can no longer stop them. The people shouts that anyway, if they won’t let them live, then let’s all die together!! The people started to grab Saga and beg her to save them. The other women are scared.

Then, they hear a ruckus behind them. The villagers ask what is it, it seems like the lookout tower had collapsed. “Are the people there okay?” With a shawl-hood, MuRyur grabs Saga’s wrist and tells her that she cannot continue on staying here. “Quickly come with me.”
Puzzled Saga says he...he is... MuRyur tells her to be quick. While he pulls her away from the crowd, Saga asks if he’s Juryu and where is he staying at this time? MuRyur says compared to that, why is she here.

Saga replies about that, actually... After recalling something, she says, “Wait, I...still have something to do. I’m already fine so let go of me.” MuRyur asks what she is saying when just now, it is really dangerous. “First of all, leave this place, then...”

Saga pulls her hand away from his grip and shouts, “No! Mino... Mino could be in danger! If I leave right now...” She turns to leave. MuRyur grabs her again and says that it is the same if she goes back.
Saga shouts for him to let go. “I won’t run away! From here on, I have already resolved that I won’t continue on being afraid again nor will I continue to run away!” This surprises MuRyur that he lets her go. Saga prepares to leave again when MuRyur grabs off her shawl.

MuRyur says that he almost forgot about her being a princess. “You also tried your best in order to squarely exist in this world. *Saga looks somewhat puzzled* Then, I won’t take it [? Mino] away since I already know that we are comrades.”

Saga bites her teeth and starts to leave. MuRyur takes off his shawl and asks if she have thought that she might not be able to save Mino even if she does what the chief told her to do so she is thinking of other ways [to do it]. Saga stops and turns to look at MuRyur. She asks him how come he knew.
 While the villagers are helping the ones who were caught in the fallen lookout tower, MuRyur says that Saga looks like she has already a lot of determination so he won’t hinder her.

“But, there is something interesting that I want to tell you. What does Mino think of you? How come he always concealed it from you? He always hated you.” Saga looks surprised.

Back in the warehouse, with a distant look, Mino tells CV boy that it isn’t being lovers at all. CV boy wipes his tears and says ah...he is because it looks like Saga is always treasuring him so it is like...
After a pause, Mino says, “The moonlight is shining on you. Could it be that it is because you’re very special? *CV boy is puzzled* I’m simply a clown who needs to hide in the moonlight.”

The scene changes to Saga looking surprised. MuRyur says that it is possible that it is like that, right? “Acting as sheep who’ll stay with its savior benefactor, but he is also endlessly whipped and played around like a toy. But even if it is like that, he can also smile. You should know best the reason for that.”

Saga recalls her brother smiling and a man smiled as he whipped Mino. “In order for the princess to show a smile. If it isn’t like that, then you--” MuRyur smiles and takes off his shawl.

He puts it on Saga and says, “If you see him, please definitely try to ask him. ‘Do you wish to see me again?’ Then, afterwards, how will he answer you using that hidden ‘voice’?” MuRyur looked surprised upon seeing Saga scowling at him.
Gripping her skirt tightly, Saga says that Jamalta told her not to trust anyone. “I know these things also involve you. *grips skirt tighter* I won’t trust you.” She returns the shawl to surprised MuRyur. Then, she quickly left as she starts to cry.

As the remains of the lookout tower collapse and everyone are avoiding it, Saga rushes head on towards the village. Someone bumps her hard causing the scroll to come out from her robe. She bites her lips then puts the scroll back in.

As she starts to walk again, a child grabs her blouse and begs her to help them. “The soldiers beat up my father. My father is hurt. The food that we’ll eat has been taken away. I don’t like having a hungry stomach. Everyone will die. Please, I beg you, help me...”
Saga holds the child’s hand tight. She looks at the side and sees a knife on the ground. She wipes her tears and tells the crying child to wait a moment. Saga takes the knife and cuts off her hair.

Holding her cut hair to the child, Saga tells the child that this is absolutely enough to call a doctor over. After giving her cut hair to the child, Saga pats the child’s head and says that she’ll also try to stop the soldiers.

Saga stands up to leave. The child thanks her. Saga smiles and says how can that be? “I should be the one thanking you. Thanks to you, I thought of something I should do.
Comment: Saga is growing a bit here. She did learn her lesson not to easily believe what others say. She hasn’t figured it out yet that she’s in this predicament because of Juryu/MuRyur. And just like any other princesses who had gone out of their sheltered life, cutting of one’s long hair is the ‘rite of passage’ for a major breakthrough of one’s life.

Apparently, MuRyur is in Nakrang just to show his abilities to his father so that he’ll be ‘accepted’ in some sort of way. It isn’t because he was aggrieved in some way because of Nakrang’s royal family. I wonder if he is a Han. Nevertheless, the guy is quite good looking. =P He does look quite surprised about Saga not acting as he expected.

As for Mino, I wonder what he meant regarding his relationship to Saga who is obviously referred to as the moon. Still, Mino is quite intelligent as he is piecing things together based on what he know, what MuRyur told him and what CV boy revealed. Mino seems quite mature to be able to give that kind of advice to the boy. Or perhaps, it is also applicable to him. Scans by 水神汉化组

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  1. Thank you for your detailed summary. I think that Juryu/MuRyur guy is prince Hodong of the rival country.

  2. Thank you for summarising this series! I hope Saga becomes more worldly and kicks some deserves ass. I’m so curious to find out where this series goes as I was losing hope for saga at one point, Mino is a beautifully complex character that is so unpredictable to me. Thank you for continual the hard work.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Ya. I would want that but since the series is going for realism, it would be unbelievable for a secluded princess who only read books and learned dancing to 'kick ass' in just a few days or at most a month[?] since she left the palace.

      I agree with Mino.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  3. I'm so curious with her growth from here on. Mino confuse me a lot. I wonder what it is that he wants exactly. At one point I thought he loved her romantically but as I read on, it's more complicated. Also MuRyur is pretty handsome even though I don't like him that much. Thank you so much for giving us a summary of what's going on! Thanks again! <3 I can't wait to find out more.