March 3, 2018

Blue Glass [Chapter 29]

A caravan is marching through the mountains and into the forest. A soldier rushes towards the main carriage. He asks, “Prince, did you call for me?” Holding his head, Choe Dal [First prince] says that he is already tired due to the journey’s route being too steep.

After a pause, the soldier says that they only have to cross over this mountain and they’ll be able to reach Sosun [小孫] village. “So even if you are already tired, please...” Dal angrily shouts that what he meant was how come they chose this strenuous mountain road.

The soldier apologizes. He explains that it is the King’s order that they cannot be late for the funeral so... Dal shouts that he’s noisy to death! “Quickly get lost!” The soldier says yes. Dal thinks that he is also suffering because of the weather today that keeps on getting hotter! “If it weren’t the King’s order, who cares about that funeral. I don’t care about it earlier on.”
Then he hears some ruckus that he asked what’s going on. The soldier frantically shouts to Dal that there are bandits! “Quickly take refuge!” Dal is surprised. Soon, bandits are fighting with the soldiers. At some place, Jin Geumgong watches over his son’s dead body. Someone says that he heard that Geumgong didn’t leave his son’s side for two days.

Dagong turns around to see Eyepatch. Eyepatch says that everyone understands his pain but please step aside and give the position to his subordinates. “It is rare for families in Sosun to have an only son at the age of more than 40 years old. I’ll be the one who’ll take care of his burial.”

Holding Geumgong’s hand, his father says, “...because of my selfish desire. Because of my yearning and desire for the family clan to flourish, I made him take a position that is basically incompatible with him. This is my fault.”

Eyepatch says how it can be his fault. “For his master’s future path to move smoothly, he gave a sincere advice. But instead, it has enraged that master. *scene of Dal shouting at injured Geumgong* Afterwards, I heard that Jim Geumgong is really heartbroken.”
There is a scene of Geumgong crying to his father. “The First Prince’s concern isn’t for the country and its people. Even if I follow him, in the end, what’s the use of the power I obtained?” Eyepatch continues to say that there is no medicine that can cure a troubled heart.

Dagong thanks him because he’s the only one who would gladly help out in setting up the funeral. Eyepatch asks if the other people are making meaningful glances at the prince. “...furthermore, I also lost my family... Compared to anyone, I understand your feelings more...”

They were interrupted when a servant calls out, “Manager! Manager! There’s an incident! The prince has just arrived just now but... It was said that they’ve encountered bandits. Luckily, the prince isn’t hurt-- But the offerings for the burial that His Majesty had donated has been snatched away..! Please! Please quickly go out and look!” This surprises Eyepatch and Dagong.
Eyepatch quickly goes out as the servant follows him behind. Dagong looks at his son. Then, he also heads out. Everyone is surprised when Dal punched Eyepatch. As the others tried to pacify him, Dal angrily shouts what stupid things he is saying. “Send out the troops right now to capture those bandits! Those bandits had hurt the royal family!”

While he’s bleeding, kneeling Eyepatch tells him that it needs some time for them to capture the bandits that are scattered all over the deep mountains. “First, we simply need to finish setting up [/going about] the funeral, and then...”

Dal shouts, “What? Simply?! You! I’m the one in charge of this funeral! Do you mean that I should simply deal with it until the end and let others mock me? *Eyepatch tries to protest* Shut up! You are simply just dealing with the trivial matters of this small place and yet you unexpectedly dare to go against my order? Fine. Fine. I’ll personally go and resolve it. Unreasonable fellow, you will be punished after the funeral.”
He holds out his hand to order, “Listen up! Those bandits are quite savage and they definitely have someone, a traitor within, inside this village! Search out those people! And also, within this village, find some things for me to at least replace the stolen offerings. Ruthlessly plunder for me! Soldiers, move out! This is the prince’s order!”

Everyone is shocked and confused. One of the soldiers asks what they should do. Someone says what else can they do? “If you don’t want to be killed, then quickly move out!” Another one protests that if they just let the funeral be, the people’s protest would be...

Observing the situation, Ouk says it is like that, do not let the dead rest. Dagong is trembling as he watched Dal ordering everyone about. Dal shouts, “Quickly start now! Those who dillydally better be careful of your lives!” Dagong bends down and thinks, “First’ll even destroy my son’s last journey!!”
Standing on the roof, Ouk watches Dagong grieve from the window. Ouk removes his eyecover and mutters that compared to what he imagined, the First Prince is doing things quite well. Then, he jumps down from the roof. In her room, Saga looks out to the moon from the window.

Holding the bars, she wonders what’s going on. “It seems that there is a ruckus outside... What had happened? I cannot see. *starts to tremble and cry* I’m so worried that I feel that I’m going crazy. At least let me know that Mino is safe... It’s my fault. It is because I acted in that play that things ended up like this.”

She recalls Mino shouting for her to go to the place where she wanted to go and please don’t go to him. Flustered Saga grabs her hair and thinks that Mino talked. “Using a voice that I had never heard before, he can already talk...

...Is it because he is quite shocked and confused so he was able to talk? Is it because there are so many people and at that time, he is very eager and also very scared...!!” She recalls how others reacted to Mino. A woman said what is that and it looks so strange.
A man screamed and asked him not to come too near him! CV boy asked if Mino isn’t also cursed, a white curse! Jamalta pointed to Mino and told her to look at what kind of treated Mino had received. She recalls glum and angry Mino who told her to please don’t come to him. Teary-eyed Saga wonders if she had once again pushed him into danger.

“I was afraid that it was because of my mistake that you’ll die-- So, I ran away from the palace. *image of the Han trying to rape her* Unexpectedly, I also cannot protect you in this kind of place. *recalls Mino happily making a wreath* If it is like that, things had become more terrible... *flustered as she recalls crow’s feathers floating all over the place* Wrong! Don’t think of that kind of thing!

...There is definitely still a way. No matter what I have to do, I’ll definitely save Mino. And afterwards, together-- But, what should I do...? The current me cannot do anything. I don’t know anything--” She recalls Cheongye telling her that she basically couldn’t do anything. “You’re like a bird in a cage. You can only beautifully cry. That’s all.”
Saga bites her finger hard that it bled. She thinks that Cheongye is right. “But, I can do anything as long as I’m not locked up. As long as  I’m not locked up...!! *realizes something and looks at the side* Right now...I’m outside the palace, right?” Then, she looks up the moon.

At some warehouse, someone says that from his look, he cannot believe him again. “As expected, you’re very sharp.” Mino looks at smiling Juryu with a masked companion. Flashing a 2-sign, Juryu says that it doesn’t matter, he also doesn’t plan on continuing to hide it.

“But since I have rescued you from the chaos, let me say it clearly that you owe your life to me twice.” Masked man says that it is him [who saved Mino]... Mino asks if he isn’t from Hongmun. Juryu asks how come he thinks so. Mino says that he doesn’t know about Cheongye.
Juryu says that even if he knows, he can also pretend that he doesn’t know right. There was a scene of Mino asking Juryu that he heard that Cheongye is asking news regarding her sisters. Juryu had told him is that so, okay. [<- Mino is actually probing out Hongmun.] End flashback.

Juryu says that it is that time when a slave is probing him out. “I know that girl’s family clan is all dead and not even one is left.” Mino says no, that girl doesn’t have sisters. Juryu admits that he actually doesn’t know that. “Then, can you tell me, what else do you know about me?”

This surprises Mino. After a pause, Mino asks, “Why do you lie to a child? You obviously knew the reason why the village is catching fire as well as about that child’s mother suffering to death. Is it fun to use false hope to play with other people’s feelings?”
Masked man thinks that he got him. After looking surprised, Juryu says tsk, in the end... In that case, if it’s you then I can anticipate a bit.” This puzzles Mino. Juryu removes his head gear and it was revealed that he is Ouk.

Ouk says that Mino is worth training for him to make use of. This puzzles and surprises Mino. “If you want to criticize me for lying, then, what about you? It is the same with saving a child who wanted to die with his mother-- Also making the people leave their home that is catching fire...

...Isn’t it because you are deceiving people? Anyway, in this world, even if one knows one is lying or perhaps, one finds out the truth, it also won’t change anything. is like *points at Mino’s forehead* the fact that you’ll bring danger to your master, isn’t it?”
He admits, “Yes, I am indeed not someone from Hongmun. I’m just taking advantage of you people. I plan to fan their anger to loosen up Nakrang’s foundation. As for the reason-- If you willing become my subordinate, then I’ll tell you. *Masked man sighs while looking sideways*...

...As long as you have a wish, then no matter when, just use this bamboo flute. *Mino looks surprised over the necklace with a small flute that Ouk put around his neck* It is also possible that it will help your master.” Ouk turns to leave.

Mino thinks that just like that, he’ll leave, really! He scowls as he looks at the flute. Then, he sighs. He calls out, “It’s okay now. You can come out.” Behind some of the packages, CV boy is crying. He wipes his tears and thinks that it turns out that boss was always deceiving him.
The next day, dressed up as a holy woman, Saga goes to the gate where the soldiers are checking on the mourners. A soldier wonders if she is a female believer and she’s so beautiful. Saga recalls Eyepatch telling her that this is her only one and last chance.

Flashback: Handling her a scroll, he told her to deliver this to the First Prince’s residence. “It would be better if you hide your identity so I’ll send you out as a believer. Please keep in mind that this is proof of your innocence in this major political event...

...It is also possible that it will bring about death and disaster to your clan. *Saga took the scroll* And also, that place has the child whom you are always searching for.” End flashback.
Holding the scroll within her bosom, Saga thinks that ‘hiding your identity’ means that the people here don’t know who she is. The soldier tells the believers to come and follow him. Saga thinks that maybe, she can do this-!!

The soldier tells the women that right now, the village is in chaos so they are going to walk outside. “Even if it isn’t convenient, please...” Clasping her hands together, Saga says that it is okay. “We are believers coming out from the palace. Comforting people to make them know that god is always protecting them is something we should be doing. Please let us pass through the village.”
The soldiers look charmed and speechless. They talk between themselves on what to do. One soldier says that with these priestesses, the people should be able to calm down, right? The other soldier says yes and if they were to think about the funeral, this will be a bit better. With her heart beating fast and loud, Saga hopes that they’ll agree.

One of the soldiers glances at Saga. Saga tells herself to have a purposeful reaction and be calm like a priestess! The soldier says okay, he knows already. He urges the priestesses to come along with him to the village. Saga thinks that she succeeded. She tells herself that it will be alright since she only has to reach the prince’s residence.
Comment: Nakrang’s royalty are making too many enemies. Dal is such a spoiled brat. He is also impatient and has a bad temper. Apparently, Geumgong didn’t die from his wound. He died out of depression that the one he is serving doesn’t care about the people at all.

Because of the robbery, Dal showed his true colors again. That probably affirmed to Eyepatch that this family is no good and has to be destroyed. Dagong can easily be used to turn against the royal family since his son cannot even have a peaceful burial. I think the king knew of that possibility that he sent Dal to go to the funeral. Dal couldn’t see the reason behind it.

I wonder if Ouk was also mistreated by the royal family that he wants Nakrang destroyed. He seemed to believe that he and Mino are just the same and can use each other for their respective goals. In a way, I guess it is good that he isn’t from Hongmun or else, he would have agreed to kill Saga like what Cheongye plotted to do.

I’m not sure if it is a good way to convince Mino to join him. Nevertheless, it will be hard to convince Mino to go along with his plot after admitting that he was lying all the time. Actually, Mino could have gained CV boy’s trust when he proved that Ouk was lying to him all along. I wonder if Mino’ will use that flute later on.

Anyway, Saga is on the move again. The power of the mind actually helps as she realizes that she is no longer ‘imprisoned’ in the palace. She is still confused over Mino suddenly talking and realizing how people from outside the palace treat Mino. Nevertheless, she’ll do anything for Mino and to keep him safe. For now, it seems that Saga is going to use some acting skills to accomplish her mission. Scans by 水神汉化组

Word of the day:
Joy comes from putting another’s needs ahead of our own. ‘Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others (Phil. 2:3–4)’ ~ Our Daily Bread

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