February 22, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 113 - Outcome ②]

Flashback: Kingo angrily shouted at Atae as to why he asked him to come over. “Why can’t you dispose of this yourself!?” While breathing hard, Sugeyo trembled. Atae looked at him.

He said, “Like the dog who served that woman (Izana), you get rid of this thing (Sugeyo). Treat it as completing her last wish.  In order to preserve ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’s beautiful last moment [scene of Sugeyo on the stage], we must erase from this world the woman who possesses ‘Izana’s appearance. Shouldn’t it be so?” Kingo scowled.
Sugeyo started to call out, “...No...Nogiku...” Surprised Kingo asked, “‘Nogiku’? *image of Sugeyo sitting on the bed while talking with young Nogiku* That’s right, I recall that this woman seems to have given birth to a daughter for you. That child...”

After glaring at Sugeyo, Atae said, “DEAD. She died not long after she was born. She is just calling the name of her deceased daughter, babbling nonsense, don’t mind her.” End flashback.
Kingo says so before he really saw Nogiku, he always thought that she is already dead. “I never saw her. He unexpectedly hidden and secretly raise that child.” Kasane tensely asks, afterwards...Suge...‘Sugeyo’, what happened to her.

After a pause, Kingo solemnly says that he is also forced to do it. “Because that man (Atae) isn’t willing to dirty his own hands, and he also doesn’t have the guts to do it.” Flashback: Kingo drove his car to a mountain area. He stopped the car and opened the trunk. He carried Sugeyo on his back.
Narration: “The place I chose is Akeiwa. That is because I don’t want to increase the places that I hate.” Kingo walked past the Akeiwa marker. As the moon shines brightly in the night sky, he continued to walk through the woods.

Narration: “The moonlight is exceptionally bright. Even if there is no light, one can see the panoramic view of the place. *walking* On my back, I felt this body’s light body weight and –body warmth. It also has a heavy foul stench as well as...” As maggots from Sugeyo are falling down on Kingo’s coat, Sugeyo muttered, “...Nogiku...where are you? ...Nogiku...”
Narration: “This voice. *scene of Izana holding some plants* It’s the same nostalgic voice of that person when she still had her original appearance--” Sugeyo calls out to Nogiku again. This made Kingo shout for her to shut up. After a pause, Sugeyo kept on calling for Nogiku.

Kingo pulled himself together and thought, “Don’t think irrationally. THIS THING isn’t Izana-san! That’s right, this thing is no longer ‘Sugeyo’ and it isn’t ‘Izana’ either. But, if it is like that...right now, this thing that I’m carrying on my back—- is what? *takes off his mask and breathes out*...

...This thing is definitely *imagines beautiful Izana looking at him* for you to leave this world as beautiful. ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’. *breathing hard and kneels on the ground* So, you have already shed off this body...”
He dropped Sugeyo on the ground. It caused the blanket to fall off from her face. He thought that it is ‘Akeiwa’s Izana’ herself!! Kingo became teary-eyed. He trembled as he covered her face.

He looked up the bright moon and took out a knife. He said, “---Izana-san, even if all the people in the world won’t forgive me for the sin I have committed, as long as you forgive me, then, my heart is perfectly satisfied.
Narration: “So, please tell me that what I’m doing is ‘correct’. *stabbed Sugeyo who trembled and groaned* One day, we’ll meet each other in hell. *crying* Please smile at me.”

Then, he heard Sugeyo muttering. “...No...Nogiku, you definitely have...to live...on... Do not forgive...me... Hate me...” End flashback. Shocked Kasane looked pale. Kingo says that after Sugeyo said those words, she breathe her last. He notices Kasane is crying while still looking shocked.
After a pause, Kingo says, “...Do you understand? In order to become a beautiful person (Izana), the ugly person (Sugeyo) should die. Don’t you want to become that person? Saki!”

After a pause, Kasane says, “No, I’m not ‘Saki’, Habuta-san.” Kingo looked displeased. He asks if she plans to refuse... Still crying, Kasane nods her head. Kingo looks at determined Kasane.
She is startled when he suddenly stands up. Kingo says that he was really mistaken about her. “Right now, apart from being ugly, you are an idiot who don’t have anything at all!!”

Kasane watches him leave the room. Kasane bows down her head. Then, she looks out the moonlit window. Tears fall from her eye. She stands up and heads out. She is surprised that Kingo is standing outside the room.

He suddenly grabs Kasane from behind and pins her on the wall. He says, “Although you’re an idiot...but my play must have ‘Saki’ (you). How can I not enjoy for myself the outcome [/fruit] that I myself had nurtured [/groomed] up?”
Comment: I have always been wondering what made Atae put Sugeyo on bed when she was in the basement all that time. I’ve realized that since Izana is gone, he needed her to take care of Nogiku for him. And when Nogiku can more or less take care of herself or Sugeyo got sick/dying, Atae threw her away like trash.

Lucky for him that Kingo is still willing to do the dirty deed even if Atae called him a dog. It is all for Izana. And, he always thought that Nogiku is dead because of what Atae told him. It makes me think that Atae had forcefully separated the two again which caused Sugeyo to keep on calling for Nogiku even if she doesn’t seem to know what’s happening.

Kingo had to really brainwash himself to be able to kill someone who looks and sounds like his beloved Izana. It is indeed easier to think of someone as an ‘it’ while killing. As for Sugeyo’s last words, was it ‘don’t forgive and hate me’ for being stupid that everything became like this? It would break her heart if she knew what Atae did to Nogiku afterwards.

Kasane is really moved to tears. Somehow it caused her to decide that she isn’t interested in the ‘permanent switch’. And apparently, Kingo isn’t going to let it be. For a while there, I thought he is going to do something to her because of the word ‘enjoy’ but then, nah, he has a phobia for that. Scans by 网易汉化

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  1. Ugh, Kingo... what a delusional piece of trash, sees nothing but his goal

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Kingo mentions here and in chapter 57 that he wanted forgiveness from Izana. I was wondering if you knew what Kingo originally did to Izana that would require forgiveness from her?

    I think Kingo's obsession with beautiful Izana, fulfilling her last request and earning her forgiveness is driving him to take questionable actions. It seems he won't take 'no' for an answer regarding the permanent face swap.

    Thanks for the translation!

    1. My theory is he accidentally killed Nagi. Probably because he thought that Nagi is going to do something to Izana. I actually thought what he mentioned in this chapter referred to killing Sugeyo ^^; Since he mentioned it again, maybe it is about killing someone.

      I think he had somewhat gotten used to it that he isn't that bothered when he had to dispose of Nina's body.

      Indeed. It is his life's goal.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. Hi, considering your translation of Nagi's diary I think that Nagi followed Izana for whatever reason, he saw her changing face (I'm not sure if he saw her swapping face with someone or her face was just returnig back, I think it's more likely the latter since there is no one else in the flashback of what seems Nagi's murder), Kingo saw that he was following her and when her face changed and Nagi witnessed the event Kingo killed him immediately.

  3. Thank you for the translation!
    I know the author loves to make us suffer, but i hate it so much when someone kills so brutally when the victim is unable to protect herself, Kingo could have done it more cleanly without making himself and Sugeyo suffer too much; watching him stabbing repeatedly when it's not necessary bothers me a lot.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sua ^-^


      Hm...how is 'do it more cleanly' done in this case? He doesn't want to look at the face. The body is covered with blanket so he might had stabbed repeatedly to make sure he get the vital organs? Guns aren't easily accessible.