February 25, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 114 - Outcome ③]

Footsteps are heading towards the basement. Kasane shouts, “Hey! Stop!!” Then, she was roughly pushed down on the room’s floor. With her hands tied behind her back, Kasane calls out to Kingo.

Then, she notices that someone else is in the room. Tied up Nogiku is sitting on the bed. Kasane calls out, “Nogiku!? Why...” Kingo says that Nogiku walked right into the trap.

“She would even say at the side about ‘It’s my mother’s wish’-type of talk. This is definitely...a predestined fate. It is because of this that you two sisters are form [/born] like this!”
He holds up the lipstick and continues to say, “It is led by this lipstick. Okay, I actually intended to wait for you to change your mind but since you said that you’re going to abandon acting.”

He puts the lipstick on the table. “Then, I’m forced to carry out tough means to make you understand. *holds a knife in front of tense Kasane* Right now, you are going to undergo the ‘permanent switch’ and totally be reincarnated into ‘Saki’.”

Kasane scowls and asks what he plans to do with that knife he’s holding. Kingo says that it looks like she really doesn’t know the method for the ‘permanent switch’.

“Forget it, there’s no need to be afraid. I’ll tell you if you don’t know. The method for the permanent switch is hidden in Akeiwa’s kagura. Or, I should say, in order to pass on [to others about] this method, the kagura has been created.”
Kagane says that since it is like that, how come before he is always... Kingo tells her that it is because it is missing a very important part. “You can say that the kagura that I and Izana-san knew isn’t complete. *holds up Nagi’s notebook* That part was told to me by this thing (notebook).”

Kasane asks this is? Nogiku just quietly looks at them. Flipping the notebook, Kingo says that it is written down here in this scholar’s handwritten notes about his research on ‘Hi Beni’ [/sun red; can also be read as Japanese cinnabar].
Holding the book to Kasane’s face, Kingo tells her that from the original kagura script, some of these clues are omitted. Kasane reads the notes, “On the fourth act, the witch would lay the arrow on the plate and do the sanctification [/dedication] ceremony of TSUKI BENI [moon red] everyday...

...On the eighth act, lick the dedicated miko’s TSUKI BENI wound with one’s lips. The above-mentioned records only exist in the original copy. It isn’t in the handwritten copy.”

Kasane mutters, ‘Tsuki Beni’? Kingo says that’s right, it is only at this part where ‘Tsuki Beni’ is mentioned about. “And the current handed down kagura doesn’t have it.”
“Maybe, ‘Tsuki Beni’ isn’t a mineral, rather it refers to the human blood. Put these clues on to the kagura script, and integrate it into the context then one would be able to deduce it. On the fourth act, the witch ‘Tsuki Beni’ (blood)’s arrow is inserted into ‘Hi Beni’ [cinnabar] that is on a plate...

...On the eighth act, use ‘Hi Beni’ smeared lips to moisten [/lick] the miko wound’s ‘Tsuki Beni’ (blood). Afterwards, use those lips to kiss the other. Then, the witch easily snatched away the miko’s beauty (appearance)--”

Kasane asks if he is saying, one only has to mix the ‘Hi Beni’ with the ‘Tsuki Ben’ (blood) of both parties who’ll exchange faces and use that to accomplish the permanent switch?
Kingo says that it is possible. “Let me say this in passing, according to the handwritten notes in this notebook, the ‘Hi Beni’ [/Japanese cinnabar] dust appears to have human blood. This should be the proof that people from before had really put in human blood and used it...

...*walks towards tense Nogiku* It’s not quite alarming...the method is very simple. Even if I don’t know why Izana would say ‘dangerous’ but one only has to give it a try then everything would become clear [/we’ll know the truth].”

He grabs Nogiku’s arm. Kasane shouts for him to wait. “How did the owner of that notebook, know about this things!?” Kingo tells her that he’ll tell her once everything is over. “Right now, isn’t it enough for you to know the method for the permanent switch?”
He holds out Nogiku’s hand and cuts her palm with a knife. Kasane calls out to Nogiku and asks what’s up with her!? “How can the you before the change say this ‘it’s mother’s wish’-type of words...”

Nogiku tells her that she can see her mother in front of her eyes... “I can hear her voice. It is like what mother told me before... ‘accept... fate’...” After a pause, Kasane says, “YOU CAN ALSO SEE IT...”

Nogiku looks tense and surprised. Kasane continues, “Previously, for so many times, I also see her appear in front of my eyes. Mother who had already passed away urged me to use the lipstick... But, is that really my mother?” Kingo and Nogiku look at Kasane.
While putting the blood on the knife onto the plate, Kingo says, “Even if I don’t know if what you two saw is an illusion or a departed spirit, but that is definitely your two’s predestined guides and this is the predestined permanent switch...

...*looks at Kasane* And besides, you and I will soon have no way out. *grabs Kasane’s shoulder* Hold your hand out!” Kasane shouts she won’t!! Kingo shouts, “Why are you rejecting this much!? In order to live beneath the spotlight. *sees Kasane’s determined expression* You must abandon it!!

...*grabs Kasane’s neck and cuts her lower lip up to her cheek* Abandon your ugly appearance!! *Nogiku is shocked to see that* Anyway, it is a thing (face) that you don’t need. No matter how many scars are added on it, no one will look at it.”
With tears, Kasane grinds her teeth and says, “You...you, also treated my mother like this... You...BASICALLY DIDN’T WATCH [/OBSERVE] MY MOTHER CLOSELY!!”

After a pause, Kingo asks what she is saying. “Compared to you, I paid more attention to her. I always watch her closely. Compared to anyone close, from the start, I always watch her closely...”

While her wound kept on bleeding, Kasane shouts, “Then, how come you didn’t notice it!? The one who saved me and lost her life in the river...is not Izana!!” Kingo and Nogiku’s eyes widen in surprise. Kingo tensely asks, “...what...what are you saying? If this is trick me to escape from here...”
Kasane says, “It isn’t. *looks down* I had remembered... In the muddy waters, the last words that person said--” Flashback: While they cling on the tree trunk, Izana said, “Kasane-chan, properly grab this branch, grab it a bit steadily. Don’t be afraid. It’s alright.”

Young Kasane looked puzzled. Narration: “I have found out that time.” Kasane asked, “Auntie [/obasan]...who are you?” The woman looked surprised. Then, her expression softened.

She said, “Kasane-chan, you definitely have to live on... *a tear fell from her eye* afterwards, you properly watch Izana-san closely.” Kasane looked shocked as the woman let go of the trunk. End flashback. Kasane says, “The one who saved my life is...Fuchi Sugeyo!!” Kingo and Nogiku look stunned.
Comment: Isn’t that an amazing twist? ^^ As payback, Kasane slapped Kingo with a truth that he doesn’t know. If this is all true, that means the one whom Kingo killed in the previous chapter was none other than his beloved Izana. Would he go crazy about that? Perhaps, commit suicide?

For Nogiku, the impact isn’t that bad. It actually opens up the possibility of forgiving everything and moving on. There is an opportunity for the sisters to be in good terms if they both survive this. That is because the mother whom she was with during those times was actually Izana.

Izana acted as Sugeyo. She probably deliberately told Nogiku of the ‘evil Izana’ with hopes that she won’t be forgiven for it, and be hated for it. Like what she said after Kingo stabbed her.

So, the question is, did their permanent switch failed or what happened was deliberate like they had a plan? Sort of soul switch? Maybe there is no switch at all? We might know more if Nogiku recalled what she saw and heard the day when she witnessed the ‘switch’ between the mothers.

I thought that there was a switch because of the hair color. ‘Izana’ did look refreshed and happy before she went to get young Kasane. Was it because it was the first time after so many years Sugeyo got out? Also, did Atae know? Was this the reason why later on Sugeyo is on the bed? If so, he tricked Kingo big time aside from lying about Nogiku’s existence.

I think it is understandable for Sugeyo to go and save Kasane since she has always been nice. Still, was there some sort of agreement with Izana that Sugeyo go and hide Kasane as Izana pretended to be Sugeyo? Things must have been ruined since Sugeyo died. In a way, Nogiku is like Izana’s ‘child’ since she was the one who nursed her.

I’m curious though what gave Sugeyo away for young Kasane to realize that she wasn’t Izana. She looked happy then. Was it because Kasane ‘saw’ beyond looks and knew that she isn’t who she pretends to be?

As for the permanent switch, something is suspicious about it. Why are the ghosts manipulating them to push it through? Perhaps, that’s the reason the kagura deliberately removed some parts from the original story? Did Kasane feel something is wrong so she refused to go through with it?

The method that Izana mentioned seemed more dangerous than what Kingo mentioned. Did Izana already know about this information from the notebook? It was at Atae’s place before. Was it a coincidence that it was there? Is it possible that Izana didn’t know it was there?

By the way, this is the latest chapter. I caught up with the Japanese release ^^v I used the series break to quickly catch up to this exciting revelation. The next chapter will be out in Japan next week. Scans by 网易汉化.

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  1. Wow, what a twist!

    Thank you a lot!

  2. Man... Kasane probably knows that Kingo killed her mom :(

    1. Ya. Probably a reason why Kingo's 'sad tale of what happens to ugly people' failed to convince Kasane.

  3. I wonder why Sugeyo let go of the branch, I mean she could not have died. For me, it seems like Sugeyo chose to die (and Izana too) :(

    1. Possible. I assumed that she felt that the branch isn't strong enough to support both of them.

      I hope it isn't so. I would want them to at least 'not want to die' to at least save/be with the girls. I would think that Izana won't die from the disease because she kept on thinking of Nogiku.

    2. After checking chapter 83, yes, the branch was breaking. It couldn't support both of them so Sugeyo sacrificed herself.

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    1. Wait for the English scanlation. There is also no update on it from the Chinese scanlators.

  5. Thank you for your translation!
    I still want Kasane to have a good ending though. (Even if it's hard given the type of the manga)

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Ya. We'll just have to wait and see.

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    Have a great day, Kat,,

    1. Yup, Eri ^^

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  7. Gyahahahahahahahahaha....
    That means their mother didn't do the permanent switch at all and did their best to help the poor childrens.
    I hope at the end, nogiku and kasane can live together as sister in harmony.

    1. Highly possible, Fubuki. Sometimes, I wonder why didn't they team up and get rid of Atae instead.

  8. Thank you for the translation!
    I never suspected that the switch never happened but that it was the mothers who switched theirs roles, but this makes sense on some things that I always found strange (tips that this twist was planned for a while):
    1)In chapter 28 Izana is taller than Sugeyo but in Chapter 80 Izana is shorter then Sugeyo but since "Izana" has long hairs in chapter 28 than I suspect that they have been switching each other for a while
    2)I think that the giveaway for Kasane was Sugeyo's hair becoming lighter maybe because of the water in fact in chapter 83 Sugeyo's hair are lighter while she is taken away by the stream (I didn't mind the hair being lighter because this was a flashback and in some pictures Kasane's hairs were lighter too but maybe this last one is the red herring)
    There are more likely other tips but this are the ones that I remember right now
    It's such a pity that Kasane isn't more popular
    (I have a cold right now and I can't think very well so I apologize if i made some grammatical mistakes)

    1. Thanks for reading, Sua ^-^

      I see. I didn't notice the height before. ^^; Wasn't it because someone is wearing high heels and the other one is limp from always being chained? ^^;;

      I wondered if what gave her away was how she talked to Kasane.

      True. But I recall that it is always nominated in some manga awards.

      Get well soon ^^

  9. Maybe the permanent swap failed and only switched their hair or hair color. I'd like to think that Sukeyo was planning to take Kasane somewhere safe before coming back for Nogiku and Izana.

    I wonder what made Izana so ill though since it was Sukeyo who was chained to the cellar?

    1. Possible, Anonymous.

      It has been four years since Sugeyo died and it was shown that Izana/'Sugeyo' was on the bed talking with Nogiku. Maybe, she got sick/had an infection. <- possible cause of having maggots feasting on her body.

      It might also be possible that using the lipstick has some sort of curse. Something like an exchange for using the lipstick = one will get sick and die. Or, if you suddenly quit using it, there is a side effect.

      It is also possible that Izana has Sugeyo's body.

  10. This is such an amazing twist. So can we assume that the way Kasane has been (unfocused, seemingly to feel okay to abandon her life and let Nogiku holds her life) is her trying to redeem her sin towards Nogiku's mother? The way I see it, Kasane no longer cares about acting or taking other's face anymore so perhaps she really just wants to disappear.

    Perhaps the face swap really can't be permanent, and that is probably why "Sukeyo" just couldn't act anymore. Without the daughters' knowledge, maybe Sukeyo was "acting" as Izana with her original face, and Izana acted as Sukeyo and they raised each other's daughter. Perhaps Izana also felt a regret to see that the first person to give her kindness, Sukeyo, was being held inhumanely, and Izana herself perhaps wanted Sukeyo to go "free" while she carried on her sins.

    I can't wait for the next chapter! Great job summarizing the story so far!

    1. Yup ^^

      In a way, yes, I think so.

      True. I had a theory if Kingo's play was the reason for the change of heart. It broke Kasane's will to act after seeing 'what she had turned into'. I was wondering if it was the same for Izana when she read Kingo's play.

      Yup, hopefully the mangaka gets well soon.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  11. Now that reminds me that in the flashback that is here and in the chapter 83, during the scene where "Izana" and Kasane were about to be swept in the river, "Izana" called Kasane as "Kasane-chan" while in the previous chapter 81 she definitely called her "Kasane", and it's really uncommon to call your own daughter with suffix like -chan or -kun. I think it was already hinted since long ago! And perhaps because of that different way of calling her, little Kasane noticed that "Izana" was not Izana, which made "Izana" surprised that she could tell.

    And in the previous chapter, "Sugeyo" kept muttering that Nogiku must resents her and that she should never forgive her... Which actually made no sense until this revelation hits. And that's why Kasane was so shocked and cried listening to Habuta's story.

    With so much has been answered, I wonder if we'll reach the ending soon. I hope for a good ending, even though the story so far has been layers of tragedy. Daruma Matsuura is a sadist.

    1. Yup.

      Pretty soon as a lot of things are going to be revealed/explained in the coming chapters.


  12. I've always thought that the flashbacks of Nogiku's mother in the bed where she said "you have my face so live a good life" (something like that) is Izana. Always, even from the first time I saw that scene. Her ugliness and how Nogiku didn't look like her and the way she insisted on beauty being a great thing just seemed like something a really ugly girl would say. A beautiful girl would have just taken that face for granted and said something like "grow up strong" or similar. Just my gut feel.

    1. I see, Olivia ^^

      Well, your gut feel is right ^^