February 21, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 112 - Outcome ①]

Kingo is smoking at the roof. He grinds his teeth as he recalls Yoshio telling him that Saki said that she’s withdrawing... “I feel that is there’s nothing can be done about it. You’ll know just by seeing her unstable performance... Go find someone else to replace ‘Saki’.”  End flashback.

Kingo mutters that if it is like that then there’s no meaning to it. “If it isn’t ‘Saki’ who’ll act... *bends down and grabs the railing tightly* ...darn it!” He is surprised when someone calls out, “...hey...”
He turns around and is surprised to see Nogiku. He calls out to her and asks what she wants from him. Looking nervous, Nogiku says, “MAMA, she...won’t stop...won’t stop saying... ‘don’t think of vengeance anymore’...” Sugeyo suddenly appears behind Nogiku.

This made Nogiku scream. She falls and sits on the floor. Puzzled Kingo thinks that she said her ‘mama’? Facing Nogiku, Sugeyo says, “Nogiku. *Nogiku calls out to her mother* Let it go... for you to be able to live freely later on... *grabs the lipstick from Nogiku* Leave everything to fate.”
Sugeyo hugs Nogiku. This causes Nogiku to drop the lipstick as she falls backwards. The lipstick rolls towards Kingo’s feet. He picks it up and looks at unconscious Nogiku. He looks tense then serious. He mutters, ‘fate’ huh...

Kasane goes out of the theater building. Iku chases after her and tells her to wait. She asks Kasane if she can walk with her for a while. After a pause, Kasane says okay. While Kasane is walking ahead, Iku calls out to her and asks what she plans to do after giving up on ‘Ake’.
Kasane says that it has...nothing to do with her. While Iku looks uneasy, Kasane says that honestly speaking, she feels that she shouldn’t keep on getting involved with Iku anymore. “Whether it is your body [/looks], heart or acting, it is all quite elegant...and it is too cruel for me...

–but, *looks at Iku* Thank you. *Iku looks surprised* For such a long period of time, you are the only one who willingly look straight at me (Kasane).... It is like that in the past as well as the present...definitely in the future, there will be only you.”
Still surprised Iku calls out Kasane’s name. Kasane’s cellphone beeps. She reads a message from Kingo. He told her that he want to discuss with her about things from today on. “Come to the house where you lived before you went missing.”

After reading it, Kasane looks up the night sky. As Iku also looks up, Kasane says that right now, she must first properly talk things out with Kingo. “As for what I’ll do...I’ll talk about it after we finished talking.”
Kasane arrives at the house. While walking inside, her face changes from ‘Saki’ to her own. She enters a room where Kingo is waiting for her. Kingo apologizes for calling her over because at this time, she’s already quite tired. “Sit down.”

After they both sit down, Kingo says that he is going to ask her one more time, she won’t act as ‘Ake’ anymore? Kasane says yes. Kingo asks her [as Saki] if she won’t...stand onstage again. After a pause, Kasane says yes. Kingo is quiet before asking, “What about the ‘permanent switch’?”
Kasane says that basically she doesn’t have a way... Kingo interrupts her by asking, “If I say I already found the way, will you still do this?” Kasane hesitates and looks tense. Kingo says, “SAKI, let me tell you an ugly person’s end. Puzzled, Kasane asks, “En..nd?”

Kingo says that he’ll tell her about how the real Fuchi Sugeyo with Izana’s appearance ultimately met her end. Flashback: After four years since Izana had passed away, Kingo was called out by Atae to his house. Kingo is shocked to see a dirty wrapped body of Sugeyo on the floor. There are even flies are flying around her.
Atae and Kingo are wearing surgical masks. Aghast Kingo thinks that this thing (Sugeyo)...even if she is wrapped with layers upon layers of blanket, she still emitted a foul [smell]... Kingo asked if she’s...dead. Atae said no, she’s still alive. Sugeyo coughs and trembles.

Atae said, “...I basically thought that she will become exhausted because of the disease but she just won’t drop dead. Very pitiful. *looks at Kingo* So, I called you over. I HOPE THAT YOU CAN GET RID OF THIS THING. This is your last job...in order to protect my wife’s reputation.” Kingo looked tense and nervous.
Comment: Nogiku went to see him and that incident became Kingo’s ray of hope. He now has the lipstick. Apparently, Nogiku cannot handle the constant nagging of her ghostly mother. Since she collapsed like that, I guess the ghost has exhausted her. She probably wasn’t able to have a good sleep since the ghost started appearing. Unless she just hit her head on the floor ^^;

Like a true friend, Iku is still worried about what will happen to Kasane afterwards. Even if Kasane cannot bear standing at Iku who is ‘beautiful inside and outside’, she acknowledges that Iku is the only one who’ll see her for what she is and has always cared for her.

Kasane wavered when she learned about the ‘permanent switch’. So that means that wasn’t what her mother told her before she died. Kingo finally told her what happened to Sugeyo. Atae is such a despicable man. He most likely didn’t even attempt to treat Sugeyo’s disease as he hoped that she’ll just die from it.

For Sugeyo to stink badly, I guess her body is somewhat decaying. Quite awful to be in such a state yet one cannot/won’t die yet. Both men even treat her as a ‘thing’. Atae was like asking Kingo to ‘throw out the trash’. Poor Sugeyo. Scans by 网易汉化

Quote of the day:
A true friend is someone who accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future. ~ Author Unknown


  1. This story never ceases to amaze me. I wonder if quiting the stage was Kasane'a original plan
    or Iku's performance affected her.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Yup ^^ Hm...I think it was the plan based on what she told everyone at the gym. But the plan sped up thanks to Iku's performance.

      You're welcome ^-^

  2. Can't wait for the permanent switch ! I hope kasane can get happy ending

  3. Thank you for the translation!
    1) Thank you Iku for existing in this manga!
    2) I assume that Sugeyo died when Kasane was ten and Nogiku was nine (considering statements in previous chapters)