February 5, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 108 - Visible Shadow]

Kingo asks Nogiku why she has ‘Kaidou Nagi’s notebook. She tells him that she found it at her father’s library. “Only based on what’s written on top, I knew that it is related to the ‘lipstick’... Because of specialized terms, it is quite difficult for me to understand them. It is also impossible to know whose is it...”

Kingo quickly tells her to let him see it. Nogiku instantly holds the notebook away from him. This made Kingo bite his lip. He begs her to at least let him browse through it. “Right now, you are in control of the ‘lipstick’ and at the same time, there is also a professor here. I won’t forcefully steal it away from you.” Nogiku looks tense and suspicious.
Kingo continues to try to persuade her. “Besides, you also don’t understand it, right? But if it is me who is familiar with Kaidou Nagi, then it is possible that I might find out something... Such as a clue regarding the forever switch or perhaps learn about Kasane’s plan.”

After thinking for a while, Nogiku relents and says that he can only look at it here. “If you find out something, you must tell me all of it!” Kingo says, fine. She hands him the notebook. Kingo looks at the cover. Nogiku asks what is it.
Kingo says that it’s nothing. “I only feel that it’s quite nostalgic.” Kingo quickly browses over the notebook. He stops at a part. It is written: After getting hold of the analysis, the result is, within the cinnabar powder: approximately 60% unknown, approximately 40% blood.

Different correction [/account = probably the kagura play]. (@ In the fourth scene, the arrow is put on a dish. @ In the eighth scene, a wound.) I found the handwritten copy on top of the tree. No change. *Nogiku looks puzzled over Kingo’s intense look on the notebook* Kissing someone, then that is like...”

Kingo flips over the notebook again before going back to the last page. He says, “It turns out to be like that...starting from this page, the rest of the pages are all blank...I’ll give it back to you.” He puts the notebook on the table. Nogiku asks him if he found out anything.
After a pause, he says that basically what’s written doesn’t have much to do with the forever switch. “But...there is a part that really caught my attention. That is the lipstick’s ‘composition’.” Nogiku asks, composition?

Looking at her, Kingo says that it is written in the notebook that the earliest time when the lipstick was found, it wasn’t in lipstick form. “Rather, it is a dye...and it is in powder form...

...The powder is composed of 60% of unknown mineral which is what Kaidou Nagi has been searching for. *pointing to the notebook* And the other 40% is...” Nogiku reads it, ‘blood’!? Kingo says, that’s right and it isn’t just one person’s.
On the notes dated 6/12. After the analysis, the powedered cinnabar is 60% unknown mineral and 40% blood. Nagi wrote, human blood? Animal blood? -> On 6/22, the analysis result confirmed that it is human blood.

“And, it is possible that it isn’t just from one person. Currently, the source is unknown. Once again, I’ll commission someone to investigate it once more.”

In the car, Nogiku looks tense over this discovery. Kingo says in the end, they only knew of the lipstick’s composition but he couldn’t imagine that Kaidou Nagi’s notebook is unexpectedly in Kaidou Atae’s hands. “Their relationship as brothers isn’t really good.” Nogiku looks surprised. She asks, brothers? Kingo says, yes.
“Kaidou Nagi is Kaidou Atae’s younger brother. Even if they look quite the same, but their temperaments are totally opposites. The two are incompatible like water and fire. But...I heard that they were in bad terms due to a dispute in the Kaidou family clan...

...Afterwards, Kaidou Nagi mysteriously disappeared. But Kaidou Atae doesn’t care a bit about it. Not only that, he even sold off all of Kaidou Nagi’s property. But of all the many things [he sold], he unexpectedly leave behind this notebook... Tsk, that mad man...”

Nogiku looks at him and says that it seems that he and her father don’t consider Kaidou Nagi as missing but rather it is like it is definite that he is already ‘dead’.
After a pause, looking somewhat amused Kingo asks that she, who killed her own father, want to inquire about it? [/you have no right to ask that question when you killed your own father] Nogiku asks, by the way, what is Izana and his relationship with Kaidou Nagi!?

The car suddenly stopped. Angry Kingo grabs Nogiku’s neck. He tells her that he has no obligation to tell her that. “I had already told you a lot of things...

...You should feel grateful that I’m letting you off without touching a single hair strand. *let go off her neck* If you didn’t have the lipstick, I would have kidnapped you and bring you to that basement.” Nogiku looked tense.
Later, in her room, while browsing through the notebook, Nogiku thinks that in the end, what Kingo said cannot be trusted... “Was it really just ‘composition’ that he learned from the notebook-- It is quite possible that he knew something else but he didn’t tell me.”

She reads some of the notes in the notebook. “Analyzed mercury-type of mineral. [<- cinnabar has mercury in it] Is it natural? Is it man-made? Not yet clear where and when it was reproduced. Similar example, people passing it on to others. It’s the same during the Middle Ages. Cinnabar [vermilion] <- refers to powder.”

Nogiku holds her head and thinks that if she has more stored up knowledge, would she be able to learn something from this record... She looks at the lipstick on the table. She opens the lipstick. She recalls it was written. “Kagura’s.. The witch will apply it on her lips. Possibly know. It’s impossible.”
Nogiku puts lipstick on her lips. She touches her lips and thinks, a mineral...as well as a cinnabar that is made of human blood... She quickly wipes the lipstick from her lips.

She thinks, “This is completely ridiculous!! Even if I don’t know if it’s a legend or even a curse, but if this kind of thing wasn’t passed on...” Her eyes widen in surprise when someone calls out, “Nogiku.” She looks up to see hands reaching out to her.

Nogiku mutters, “...ma...mama!?” Ugly Sugeyo is standing in front of Nogiku. Shocked and tense Nogiku says, “Ho...how can it be? Impossible! Because you’re already dead...”

Sugeyo hugs Nogiku and says, “Let it go! Put aside your resentment towards someone, live on in accordance to your own will [/live the life that belongs only to you]...” Nogiku shouts, “...how can I possibly!! *Sugeyo is gone* ...just...just now, what is that?”
At the practice room, Yoi [Iku] had grabbed Ake [Saki] and hit her hard. Kingo is thinking that it turns out to be like that...it’s ‘blood’. “For the ‘permanent switch’, it needs ‘blood’.” Yoi then kisses Ake. Kingo tells Iku that it’s good and her acting is better than the last time. While Saki looks tense at her, Iku thanks Kingo for his praise.

Narration: “Actually, aside from the ‘composition’ that is written in the notebook, there is also something very important. I’m afraid that sooner or later Nogiku will discover it-- So, I must strike first to gain the upper hand.”

Kingo tells Iku that it is still not enough. “Yes...You have to be more persistent. Make that witch’s everything forever yours.” Iku darkly looks at Kingo while Kasane looks tense.
Comment: Thanks to the notebook, Kingo got the edge. Well, Nogiku really has no choice at that time since she really couldn’t figure out what’s written on the notebook. Kingo gave her the clue that the lipstick was a cinnabar and it was in powder form before.

So, for the permanent switch, they’ll need blood for it to happen. It turns out that the kagura is more on a clue rather than part of the method. The different version of the kagura might be the clue that Kingo had found out. That is because he might be in a ‘dead end’ with the original version regarding the permanent switch.

It turns out that those Kaidou are brothers. Kingo mentioned that they look alike. It makes me wonder if that is part of the reason why Izana was attached to him. I also wonder if that notebook is really just part of what Nagi left or is it possible that it was Izana’s.

Did Atae know that Nagi had a connection with Izana? Nogiku isn’t stupid for she knew that Nagi is most likely dead. She had stepped on Kingo’s ‘land mine’ when she mentioned Izana. He immediately snapped and clammed up from telling her more.

She is also right that he is hiding something from her. Now, her mother’s ‘ghost’ appeared. It was the same with Kasane. It makes me wonder why they saw it. Was it because their mothers were previous users of the lipstick? Or, it can happen to anyone who uses the lipstick for a long time? Scans by 网易汉化

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  1. Thank you for the translation!
    So they were brothers, seriously in this manga everybody are blood-related.
    I don't think we will ever know the true composition of the powder.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sua ^-^


      Indeed...it would most likely be a mystery until the end.