February 3, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 107 - Unseen Things]

With Kasane’s face, Iku quickly runs to an alley from the main street. Then, she trips. Lying on the ground, Iku is breathing hard while looking quite tense. She snaps out of it when Kasane with Iku’s face calls out to her, Iku-senpai.

Kasane asks if she is alright since she came back a lot early [for their appointed time]. “FROM WHAT are you running away from?” Iku says, “...look...‘look’ [/line of sight]...” Narration: “Using your face, I walked in the city streets. From the start, I still didn’t feel it but...”

Iku looked at the glass’ reflection when she noticed a woman pointing to Iku while saying something to her shocked companion. Puzzled Iku quickly turned towards the women. The women are startled since Iku is looking at them.
The woman told her friend that just now, that person is looking at them. Her companion said that it’s quite scary. Then, there is a kid pointing at Iku while shouting to his mother. With a disdained look, the mother urged her child to quickly walk away.

A guy said, what is that!? His companion grabbed him and told him, hey, don’t stare or she’ll look. The guy asked why. His companion told him not to get involved with her. Iku became aware that everyone looks uneasy when they looked at her.” End flashback.

Iku tells Kasane that everyone’s look is...and not only that, I also gradually start to doubt myself. Whether or not, there’s something wrong with my whole body. Not only the face, but also my hairstyle... action... posture...

...including my body (everything) itself... I doubted everything about myself! I don’t even know how I look like right now. I’ve lost all of my self-confidence.”
Looking down on her, Kasane tells her that’s enough. She bends down to Iku and says that it is her honor if this can be Iku’s inspirational source for material in portraying the role. “So, don’t say anything more!! Give my face back.” Kasane kisses speechless Iku.

Putting her facial mask on, Kasane says that she’ll be going ahead. “Right now, you should understand already. Walking beside a beautiful woman will only make me feel more embarrassed [/make me feel more miserable].” Iku watches Kasane leave.

She recalls young Kasane walking away, Kasane as Saki crying and Kasane giving the lipstick to Nogiku. Iku seems to realize something. She mutters, “It isn’t so...Kasane-chan, ACTUALLY, whether it is me or even you, NOT SEEING ANYTHING---”
Somewhere else, Kingo goes down the car and opens the door. He says, “Please come down, ‘Saki’-san.” In a dress, Nogiku goes down the car. She says that even if he is joking, she doesn’t want to hear someone calling her by that name. “Even if I’m dressed up like Saki, I cannot act like her.”

Kingo says that in the place where they are going today, it is fine for her to just smile to handle it. “This is a lot more natural than bringing a missing woman (Kasane) or perhaps, a women who shouldn’t exist (Nogiku).” Nogiku tells him not to talk about that.

Standing in front of Nakisawa [guesswork from 那企澤] University, Nogiku asks if they can find a clue in this kind of place regarding what Kasane is plotting. Kingo says that before he answers that, they should first clarify to each other regarding their guess. “What do you think Kasane is plotting?”
Nogiku replies, ‘Permanent switch’. While walking in the university, Kingo says that he also thinks that Kasane already knows of the method for the ‘permanent switch’. Nogiku says that it’s only a guess? “How come you don’t know about it?”

Glaring at her, Kingo says that after Nogiku ran away, Kasane went missing for some time. “Even if in the end, I managed to think of a way to find her, but afterwards, I cannot guess what she is thinking.” Nogiku asks if he is saying that during the time when Kasane is missing, it is POSSIBLE that she found out about the ‘method’. Kingo says, probably.

Kingo thinks that even if it might be troublesome if Nogiku finds out about the ‘method’ but it is still better to know her actions rather than for her to secretly investigate behind him. Nogiku says if it is like that, then it is better not to just lean on a ‘guess’ but rather, it should be confirmed as ‘the truth of the matter’.
“It is actually quite suspicious for that woman to unexpectedly and easily give to someone that lipstick which she had been guarding. That...monster who didn’t hesitate to steal away Nina’s wish to live [/pushing her to a dead end], and would continue to stand on stage...”

Then, she recalls Iku telling her before but she hopes that Nogiku can understand that isn’t all of Kasane... Kingo is puzzled since Nogiku suddenly stopped talking. He says that in short, it would be good to just know what Kasane is thinking so come with him.

Walking upstairs, Kingo says that even if their goal is different, but they both want to know the method for the permanent switch. “About that, I’m afraid that there is a man who was able to find out the method before.” Nogiku asks, man, and they are going to see him?
Kingo says no, he has gone MISSING for a long time already. “The data that man left behind should be here.” They arrive at room 204 – Archeology research room. Somewhat suspicious, Nogiku asks how come that person knew of the ‘lipstick’s existence?

After a pause, serious Kingo says that when that person is researching about cinnabar’s dye, he discovered that ‘lipstick’. “He was once an archeologist here. *knocks on the door* His name is ‘Kaidou Nagi’.” This surprised Nogiku. She looks at Nogiku and says, ‘Kaidou’?

The door opens and an older man welcomes Kingo inside. After Nogiku took her seat, Kingo congratulates Professor Ashihara [guesswork from 葦原] for his honorable retirement. Holding some books, Ashihara thanks him.
He apologizes that lately, he has been tidying up things and everything are piled up so they don’t have much place to walk on. Kingo tells him that it is fine. Ashihara puts a thick book on the table. He says that he found it.

“It is this. Because I’m leaving the research room so I was able to sort things out. In the end, I was able to find this book. This is the book that you have asked for many years ago. *Kingo opens the book with Nogiku leaning to see it.* Kaidou’s study thesis.”

While going back to sort things, Prof. Ashiahra says, “Even if I cannot let you bring it out but you can take your time to look at it over that side.” Kingo thanks him. Nogiku says that the professor said ‘Kaidou’ is... Kingo tells her that he’ll explain later so first shut up right now. This irks Nogiku.
She listens to Prof. Ashihara saying that Kaidou has already been...missing for so many years already. “Even though he has a gentle temperament but towards research, he’s very passionate and single-minded in research...”

Reading the book, Kingo mentally curses because even if indeed it has a record about that ‘cinnabar’ but this is all before he came to Akemi to do a study report... “This thing doesn’t have any use!!” He angrily closes the book. In front of the book, there is the title ‘Ancient Cinnabar Dye Study- Kaidou Nagi’.

Nogiku says, “That handwriting... *takes something from her bag* I recall finding this at father’s room...” She holds out a dirty tattered book. Kingo’s eyes widen in surprise. He exclaims, “That is...NAGI-SAN’S NOTEBOOK...!? How come you...”
Comment: In less than a day, Iku found out how Kasane lived almost throughout her life except when she has a ‘beautiful face’. Iku seems to be in shock about how she unconsciously felt and how quickly she lost her self-confidence.

Apparently, Iku is indeed exceptional to be able to accept Kasane even with that kind of face. Well, Kasane doesn’t like to recall that kind of feelings that she quickly wanted to get her face back. It seems that Iku has fulfilled what Kingo mentioned earlier...experience what is it like being ugly. I wonder what Iku had realized after that.

Nogiku and Kingo are obviously having a reluctant cooperation in finding out what’s Kasane is thinking. They both think that it is the ‘permanent switch’. Though, it seems what Iku told Nogiku had made her waver a bit on her impression towards Kasane.

About Nagi, I still think he was the one whom Kingo accidentally killed or something which caused him to become Izana’s ‘slave’. Nagi has been missing for a long time = 99% chance of being dead. So, how did that notebook end up in that house? Was it through Izana or Atae...since Atae share the same surname as Nagi. A relative perhaps?

On a side note, it is probably for the story but I find it amusing that Nogiku always carries ‘everything’ she has. Before, it was that shell ‘Nina’ gave her. Now, she is carrying that notebook around with her. ^^; I wonder if she’ll regret that she just suddenly pulled out that notebook for Kingo to see. Scans by RAD汉化组

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