February 1, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 106 - Director]

With flashlights on the floor, veiled Saki and Iku hold up their long sleeves to cover their faces. Saki says, “I’m known as Ake [; dawn].” Iku says, “I’m known as Yoi [guesswork from ; night]” Pointing to Yoi, Ake says, “Yoi, Yoi, thou art truly stupid. *tense* Unexpectedly, refusing my radiance.”

Yoi points at Ake and says, “Ake, Ake, thou art truly hateful...thou do not know a thing of my suffering...” They were interrupted by a clap by Kingo. He reprimands the two, how come they haven’t gotten into the role yet.
He shouts that from the start, they already made a lot of mistakes. “Are you two belittling this play!?” Narration: “From the very start, it cannot be said that this play is going smoothly.” Kingo calls out to Iku and says that he is very honored that she accepted this role.

“After all, you made ‘Star Drop’ smoothly complete its overseas run and now, you are one of the gifted actresses whom everyone is paying attention to. But, *hits script on his hand* That acting just now...it is still far, far from being able to express out the frightening side of the ‘ugly witch’! Properly research this role again!!”  

Removing the veil from her face, Iku says okay... Narration: “Director Habuta Kingo. This person agreed to make me play the witch ‘Yoi’. And I’m afraid that it is also in order to keep a close watch over me who knew about the lipstick’s secret.”
Kingo says, and also Saki! “You’re not yourself. From the start, your voice isn’t persuasive enough and your movements are a bit slow amd they do not match with the flow. *goes to Saki* Let me ask you, why did you return to the stage...no, how come you are still living? What’s the value of your existence?”

Saki looks down and says, about that...there’s no need for him to say it since she also knows... Kingo suddenly grabs her chin up to face him. He says, that’s right. Iku and others are surprised over how Kingo is treating Saki.

Looking down at Saki, Kingo says, “Your existence’s value...first, it’s ‘good looks’. *Saki looks surprised and tense* Second, it is still having a rare ‘talent’! If you are unable to use and bring these two out in display, then you won’t be up to the task in doing this role.”
Saki grabs his hand off her face. Nervously looking at frustrated Saki, Iku wonders, “Saki-san...no, Kasane-chan, why did you choose this man’s play as your last performance?” Saki notices Iku looking at her and this made her furious.

Saki takes a deep breath and says that they go ahead and practice the next scene. “I’ll go and calm myself down for a while.” Saki turns to leave. Kingo asks where she is going. Saki says backstage. When Saki passes by Iku, she tells her not to use that pitiful look towards her.

“Besides...even if I’m the one who asked you to act together with me, it might be unsuitable for me to say this...but with that kind of acting, you would still pay attention and worry about someone else?” Iku didn’t answer back. Kingo and others just watch Saki leave.
At a storage room, Saki is staring at some moths flying near the florescent lamp. The door opens. Iku says that she finally found her. “You obviously said you’ll go to the backstage, but I cannot find you there.”

Displeased Saki says that she just told her a while ago, rather than worrying about someone else, it is better for her to worry about herself. Iku says, yes.

Sitting beside her, Iku tells Saki not to underestimate her. “I came here for myself. *pulls out her necklace and holds up the lipstick* Tomorrow, for one day, I HOPE THAT I CAN BORROW KASANE-CHAN’S FACE.” After looking surprised, Kasane looks serious in thought.
In the practice room, Kingo talks to himself. He says that obviously, it wasn’t easy to take the first step but it feels like ‘the dawn’s sunshine has not yet arrived’. He thinks that Iku is not bad at all. “She has not truly experienced the ugly woman’s resentment so it is very hard to grasp that kind of state of mind...

...I’m afraid that her acting is ruined [/rotten] but as long as she can assist in bringing out the contrast to Saki’s beauty [/perfection] then, it is already a contribution.” Kingo stands up and thinks that the problem is Saki.

“After finding her at Akeiwa, she has always been very strange. And it seems to have an influence on her acting. There are times when she is obviously using Saki’s face yet I can see Kasane there. Don’t even talk about getting into the role, she cannot even properly act as ‘Saki’.”
Kingo walks out the theater to the parking lot. He continues to think, “Even if she said that it is because this is the ‘last stage play’, in the end... No...wait, it is basically because ‘ugliness’ hurt her and she experienced so many hardships that she can only live in the imaginary world...

...*scenes of Kasane being bullied, maltreated by her aunt and suspicious of Nina* Why would she suddenly say this kind of ‘giving up on <exchanging faces> (kiss), and acting’ words?”

While he is thinking, he looks at the side and suddenly looks surprised upon seeing Iku. Iku says that it’s quite late [when he decides to go home]. Kingo says, ah, it’s very late at night and she’ll come out all alone so what’s up.
Nogiku says just in case, she’ll tell him clearly first that he better not thinking of catching her. “I don’t have the lipstick with me right now. And, I already left an instruction that if I still don’t return in the morning, destroy and throw away the lipstick.”

Kingo says since it is like that, he doesn’t have anything in mind on wanting to find her [/she is useless to him] so how come she came out here. Nogiku says that she wants to verify something.

“What is Kasane thinking of doing? I always feel...she is plotting SOMETHING.” After a pause, Kingo says that it looks like they are both pondering on THE SAME THING.”
Comment: Practice isn’t doing well. Kingo is acting quite strict and harsh especially on Kasane. I guess he is unconsciously getting nervous since Kasane couldn’t even maintain her Saki role. I’m not too sure if it is effective to put so much pressure on Kasane.

Kasane is frustrated but doesn’t want any pity from Iku. What did her mother tell her before she died? It doesn’t seem to be about the ‘permanent switch’ since Kasane is looking quite lost and depressed. Anyway, it seems that Iku wanted to experience being ugly so that she can work on her role.

That is something Kingo doesn’t know since he is belittling Iku and thinks that it is okay for her to just be Saki’s support. It seems that he and Nogiku are guessing the same thing. I guess for their own goals, they’ll team up to know what Kasane is planning or the reason why she is acting strange. Scans by RAD汉化组

Quote of the day:
Expectation is the mother of all frustration. ~ Antonio Banderas


  1. Thank you for your the summary ! I really wonder whether Iku is not as good as Kingo thinks,I mean she did really well before and I think she could be as good as Kasane someday :>

    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      I think Iku is good but currently, she couldn't grasp the role since she never experienced what is it like to be ugly. So she wasn't able to convince Kingo and others that she meant it when she said 'thou do not know a thing of my suffering'.

  2. Thank you for the translation!
    Looks like Iku and Kasane are gonna switch the faces, good good, that seems interesting.