January 23, 2018

Namaikizakari [Chapter 76]

At the clubroom, Himiko writes a letter to Yuki and Amamiya. She asks them how is life in college. Well, their club is still the same. She felt that she is still not that reliable like Yuki even if she is already in third year. Until now, she still always mutters, ‘it is good if Yuki is still around’.

Yuki already graduated and so did Shou and the others. She always felt that it seems that happy days are over. She is interrupted by Usami-kun who asks if she didn’t leave yet. Himiko tells him that she is making recruitment posters for the new members.

She starts to mutter about being uneasy and as an unreliable older grade student, can she really hold the team together. Usami-kun says that it has nothing to do with grade level since there is still him and the others. Himiko smiles and says yes, everyone do their best together.

Usami-kun is so mesmerized that he said,...this is bad. Sakuraba suddenly comes in and tells Usami-kun, who allowed him to be alone with Himiko. Himiko thinks but right now, this isn’t the ‘end’, right now, they will welcome a new start. She ends her letter with a PS for Amamiya to do his best in his club.
It is April and it is the day for the opening ceremony of the new students at Osaki University. A guy passes by. The girls are blushing and muttering about how tall and handsome he is... At the auditorium, Yuki is helping set up the chairs.

A guy apologizes to Yuki for calling her out before her club activity but she has been a great help. Yuki says that it is alright since the practice will start in the afternoon. The guy is really thankful that Yuki noticed that there aren’t enough chairs. Yuki casually says that it is because there are still so many chairs left in the storage.

Outside, Usami-san calls out to Yuki and says that she brought some greeting gifts for the club. She is going to use it as an alibi to see the new students. She also plans to greet Yuki’s boyfriend. Then, she exclaims, there he is.

Wearing a Western suit, Shou says that he found Yuki. Yuki blushes and thinks that right now, he is a college student. Usami-san congratulates him. Yuki used the wrong word to congratulate him for entering college. He corrects her and mentions that Abe is also coming.
Abe immediately pushes Shou’s back and screams that he’s an idiot since they agree to meet at the gate. Shou says that it’s scary there since there are many people staring at him. Abe screams that it is scarier that no one would look at him. Yuki congratulates Abe. Abe thanks her.

He suddenly blushes upon seeing this beautiful older girl looking at him. <- Usami-san. Usami-san thinks that this is boyfriend-kun’s friend, a midget. Abe asks if she is Yuki’s friend. Usami-san tells him her surname. He asks for her name but she refuses to tell him.

Yuki says that it is almost time for her to prepare for the practice so they go ahead to the opening ceremony so that they won’t be late. While walking, Yuki thinks that she feels more nervous now compared to her own college school opening ceremony. She wonders why and is it because Shou’s suit doesn’t quite suit [/fit] him.

She is startled when Shou suddenly holds her hand. He asks her if the suit is weird. She says yes, ah, actually, it isn’t weird. He says that she obviously said ‘yes’ without thinking. Yuki insists that she said that it isn’t weird.
He gives her a quick kiss. He tells her that is the first and he’s going to count how many kisses they’ll have in college. She nervously asks what is the meaning of that? He tells her that they started going steady in the middle of high school. She reminds him that college is a study place.

He says yes, and it is a place where they can eat lunch together. They can also go home together and participate in the same club. He can also watch her from the window as she busily goes around the place. He holds her hand and kisses it. He says that it makes him happy when he thinks that ‘I can see senpai when I go to school’.

She blushes then tells him to quickly go to the venue. He says that he doesn’t feel like going. She asks why he came then. Yuki thinks that it isn’t at all that she isn’t happy. When they separated, there wasn’t time to feel uneasy and once again, they are able to be in the same school at a distance where they can see each other. The start of a new life.
At the auditorium, Abe exclaims that there are so many people. Shou asks if they can sit anywhere but then, the seats are quickly being occupied. Some girls are shouting to Shou that there is a seat here. Abe shouts that they need two seats.

Abe says that this is bad since he’s so nervous that he has to go to the toilet. Shou says that there are two seats over there so he’ll go reserve it. Just when Shou sits on the seat, someone else sits beside him. Shou is apologizing since his friend is going to sit... He stops upon realizing that it is Shizuka who sat beside him.

After a pause, Shizuka is in aghast-shock while Shou looks annoyed. Shizuka screams in disbelief. He stands up and asks what he is doing. Shou says entering college, and what is he doing. Shizuka shouts, entering college so that means that, they...are going to be schoolmates for four years!?
At the gym, Yuki learns from Suwa that Shizuka is going to join Osaki’s basketball division. Yuki nervously wonders if Shou knew, no, but he didn’t say anything. She is startled when Shou calls out to him. Shou says that this is bad, the ceremony has just ended and it is better for her to hide first. Yuki asks what he is saying.

Shou says that guy unexpectedly chased after her up to college. Shizuka arrives and shouts to Shou that it isn’t like that and do not say that kind of strange stuff. Yuki mutters in surprise that he got into Osaki. Shizuka says that it is because she didn’t ask him so he felt that it is weird for him to specially tell her.

Shou says that it is very weird and everyone is totally not interested in his future aspiration. Shizuka darkly tells him that is his line and if he knew that he was there... Shou says so what if he knew, quickly quit school, stalker.

Suwa happily asks what’s this, their relationship is quite good. Shizuka screams that it isn’t!!! Yuki thinks that she is totally unaware. Even if there are times when Shizuka went to the convenient store, but she deliberately avoided mentioning about the exams... So, is this really okay for these two to be in the same college?
Outside Amamiya and others are busy recruiting new students for their club. He calls out to Shou and says that it feels that the suit doesn’t totally suit [\fit] him... He stops upon noticing Shizuka standing beside him. He screams in disbelief. Fangirls squeal in delight.

The fangirls start to cling on Shizuka and say that he’s so cute, his body built is good, come and join the tennis club over there. Blushing Shizuka looks stiff. Yuki is worried about him. Some girls go to Shou and say that the two guys are so tall.

They ask Amamiya who are these two kids. After snapping out of it, Amamiya pats Shizuka’s shoulder and says ya, forget about it, SHIZUKA. Shizuka is puzzled over the change of attitude. Amamiya also pats Shou’s shoulder and says the same goes for him. He tells the two to take advantage of this opportunity to let go of their high school grudges and resentment.

“Everyone, let’s just get along with each other. Let’s join the welcome new students’ party-!!” Amamiya grabs hold of Shou who says that he doesn’t want to go. A guy shouts that there is a nice guy here so get the girls together. Yuki thinks that this is bad since Shou is being taken away, what to do...
Then, some girls scream that there is a lipstick stain on Shizuka’s coat. They try to rub it off but Yuki tells them to stop since it will spread. She suggests that they use dishwashing liquid to quickly deal with it. She tells Shizuka to come with her since there is dishwashing liquid and water at the club room.

Blushing Shizuka says yes. Shou glances at Yuki who hurriedly goes to the club with Shizuka. While trying to clean Shizuka’s coat, Yuki thinks that she has no choice but to leave Shou but then, if it is Shou, he can definitely easily resolve it. She is more at ease in dealing with this lipstick stain.

She tells Shizuka that she has removed the stain a bit so afterwards, use water to thoroughly clean it then dry it in the sun. She turns to see nervous and blushing Shizuka saying okay, thanks. She suddenly recalls him telling her that he won’t give up on basketball as well as liking her.

She realizes that she shouldn’t just easily be alone together with Shizuka. His face is so red and basically, there is no way to resolve this. Shizuka asks if this is the basketball division’s club room. He thinks that he’ll even ask a question wherein one will know even without asking. She says yes, he also joined the basketball division. Shizuka says that he planned to.
Yuki becomes nervous over the possibility that Shou and Shizuka would be in the same basketball team. She cannot imagine it since she can only imagines them always at odds with each other. After glancing at her, Shizuka says that actually he is very perplexed whether or not he’ll go to Osaki.

He was invited by the coach there and he probably already decided to go when he watched their practice. “But I have also thought that it is possible that you might feel troubled because of that... but, *stands up* right now, I already won’t think again whether you are here or not. *takes his coat from her*...

...If I lose my concentration and be at a loss over whether you’re here or not, then I have no way of properly playing basketball. I don’t want to look quite awful in front of you.” Wide-eyed Yuki says, ya. Shizuka quickly covers his head with the coat and shouts, ‘yes’ is...! He wonders if she understands [what he is saying] or not.
She tells him that his coat isn’t washed with water yet. He shouts that it is alright! She grabs his coat and says no, it will be all wrinkled. He holds her wrist and says that it is better for her not to do this again. And, let him say it clearly, he still really likes her. This made Yuki aghast.

She thinks, is...is that so! Their distance between each other is a bit hard to grasp... The two are surprised when there is a noise behind them. From the door, Shou peeks into the roor. Thinking that he is okay, Yuki asks if he is alright, did his suit and shirt get dirty. Shou says it’s fine.

Relieved Yuki thinks that Shou had endured being persuaded but then, he doesn’t quite like going to welcome parties-whatever... She is surprised when Amamiya shouts for Shou to hurry because everyone is waiting. Shou says ya. Abe asks Amamiya how about him. Amamiya says that it doesn’t matter if he goes or not.

Abe shouts then ask him to go with them. Soon, the two are happily laughing. Turning to leave, Shou tells Yuki that Amamiya said that even if he doesn’t join the club, at least join the welcome party so he’s going. Clinging on to Shou, a couple of girls squeal that they caught him. Yuki and Shizuka are shocked. Yuki thinks, you’ll go? And, college life starts.
Comment: Well, as expected that it would be like Slam Dunk, the two guys are in the same school and would most likely be in the same club. I’m not sure though if they’re in the same course. ^^;; It must have totally slipped out of Yuki’s mind over the possibility that Shizuka might study there after all, he got an invitation before.

Things are ‘the usual’ until the club recruitment part. I think Shizuka is Yuki’s weak point since he is really like a younger brother whom Yuki cannot help but help him out in his little problems especially if she can easily resolve it. In a way, she did assume that Shou can handle himself.

Amamiya does have an ulterior motive for the two to get together so that they’ll join his welcome party to get new recruits. Or probably, for them to attract more girls so that he can get a girlfriend =P I did entertained thoughts that it would be interesting if Abe and Usami-san became a couple but we’ll see.

For now, Shizuka had declared that he would concentrate on basketball even if he still likes her. I’m not too sure if the two can totally avoid each other. Actually, since Shizuka won’t give up on basketball, what is the possibility of Yuki quitting being a manager instead? But for the story, they will stay in the same club for potential ‘jealous/rivalry conflicts’ and perhaps, comedy and misunderstandings.

For the last part, as usual, I’m not sure what Shou is thinking. Is he trying to make her jealous by being with the fangirls since she was with Shizuka? Will they all end up together in the welcome party? Anyway, college life has started. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. Wow my predictions came true . Haha I knew it since Shizuka confess to yuki i knew that it will become like this so it will become more interesting haha now in the same university and basketball team (Shizuka and Shou) with Yuki as the manager love it! Thanks for the translate can't wait for more ��

    1. Yup...Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

    2. Yes yes will also wait for Abe's love story now looks like love at first sight on Usami lol. Thanks again :-)

    3. Its really hard to get 2nd Lead Syndrome lol :-)

    4. Ya...it will be interesting if they did become a couple especially given Usami's bf preference.


    5. Yes yes it will be really shocking if she ended up being with Abe lol <3 sigh cant wait for more update:-)

    6. Plz plz plzzz update chpt 77 soon

    7. Sorry, no Chinese scanlation yet. The English scanlation has already updated so wait for their release.

  2. I hope to see Naruse and Shizuka will both work out on their club activities and maybe.. Eventually their friendship will be reconnected? I really hope that because Shizuka seems to be a nice guy.
    Thank you Kat for the summary! As always, awesome work :-)

    1. Possible, Vi.

      Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

  3. Thank you so so much!

    Haha, if u want to laugh at me over that it's ok, but the 1st thing I did is rolling up down the summary to see how much it got shorter, I was so afraid..but it's the same ..no it more detailed ..I know you're so kind to leave us ..thanks are not enough for you .. you're saving me this period honestly .. God may bless you ��

    Well, I see the move Yuki did was really uncalled for. She already knows everything now, she left her bf with girls to go help shizuka as her lil brother, but actually he's not her lil brother.
    She act carelessly to the point when shizuka him self told her to not act like that anymore, that's really what I didn't want to hear. She even touched his coat when he put it on his head and make the distance close between them! OMG, I really got surprised, honestly, what's up Yuki! You can't continue like that , seriously!
    What I dislike about shizuka that he always act unlike his words, expressions.. he just told her I won't bother you (not literally) but why did u grab her hand and told her i still like you then!
    U see how Shou glance at her, the Mangaka want to point that he never drop care over her under any circumstances unlike her.

    Kat, imagine if Shou take the invitation to take a girl t-shirt (who confessed to him before and still act suspicious Now) to clean it and go to a room alone, and hear her Everytime Saying 'i like you" and get blush over that and even touch her or let her touch him and then tell Yuki 'oh, I have no feelings for her.. don't over react ..' how Yuki will behave! How it'll be ur comments guys, will we understand him, will we make excuses for him! no. We unawares used to Shou spoiling her.
    I always knew that we wouldn't treat the things Yuki did the same way if it shou, just bcuz he's shou.

    About the welcome party, why Yuki didn't want Shou to go and feel relieved, didn't she went to one before, isn't it a step of maturity (based on her, and it's actually it is) but see, she got jalouse just like Naruse back then, but she treated him like over jalouse but it's actually normal.
    The truth is that she somehow thinks, gets jalouse and behaves like Shou .. but why we get a different feelings from them, bcuz the way how they treat the subjects is different, like, Yuki would fight him over some subjects, but Shou would make it easy for her, like when she get jalouse she would shouts at him.. but he wouldn't be angry like her and says you're over jalouse, he even would be happy,she make it a big deal while she make it easy,
    in a way of course that's bcuz of their personalities, but kat did you understand me here?

    Well, if it's Shou who behave like Yuki I would stopped it in the 1st chap, like some Mangas when the guy treat the girl coldly ,and her Chase after him, or him involved with a girl bcuz she needs help.. always hate that *_* so Yuki my only fav heroin ��

    1. About usami x himeno i don't ship them, I ship her with sakuraba, I really feel bad for him :(

      Oh, but why did they wear suits? I think it's official in Japan on the 1st day of University, i remember Yuki weard one too, bcuz in my country no, hehe.

      Yup, they'll do so many things together like high school days, so sweet, hehe. By the way was that a kiss? I was waiting ur summary to see what would you write about it, then I would know, hehe

      Oh, see what Yuki said " When we separated, there wasn’t time to feel uneasy " kat just like I told you that I didn't feel they separated cuz they kept close even so (shou went to her house, etc..) but it'll be more of course like you said, hehe

      Haha, about abe and usami,i can't believe, just like you guessed, maybe all what we discussed are going to happen,lol

      I don't think Yuki was having doubts bcuz she said I was totally unaware and she got surprised when suwa-san told her.
      But I really got surprised when you mentioned (Yuki quite as manger) yes, she didn't want/plan to be one in college, and she work 2 or 3 days (when she has time) but still ..!

      Kat, I don't want any drama anymore,I'm hurting enough, I hope hakamada will act like a man and focus on challenging Shou in basketball, I like them like that, I'll not expect a childish unrealistic drama, bcuz the drama really don't suit Namaikizakari.

      "I'm going to count how many kisses we'll have in college" , haha, a romantic guy who is deeply in love with her. "Seeing you around.." he's so specific, haha ..and actually perfect.

      Oh, kat did you see that tall gap between them when he kissed her hand, so sweet, haha, I always find that makes it/them look more charming, more spacial, more romantic, hehe , what about you?

      I'm sorry about my tall tall comment, I didn't notice when writing 🙏

    2. You're welcome, mary nnn ^-^

      Haha, no, it did get shorter...a bit. No problem ^^

      Yup. Hm...perhaps, it will be too rude to pull away? Okay, this is base on shoujo scenes, but usually, a guy grabs the girl's wrist to make her stop doing something. I think the 'still like you' is necessary to remind her to back off/be careful since he still likes her.

      Haha, most likely not but I think it also depends on the person's personality? Let's just say at the back of my mind, I don't take it seriously because honestly, Shizuka gives the impression of being harmless. If it is Suwa, I'll probably have the same reaction.

      Same with the reverse scenario, if it was a girl like Himiko. I might think that 'it's nothing'. If it's a girl like Arisa, better be careful. Still...for some reason, this doesn't exactly give me a 'college feel' since it is like a 'high school scenario'. ^^;

      Yup. Aside from that, I got the impression that Yuki assumed that Shou doesn't like going to parties/get together so she is surprised that he is going. The jealousy probably kicked in when the fangirls are squealing and clinging on to him.

      Possible. I guess it is about having the 'same treatment' towards the other in the 'same situation'. Yuki acts like this in a certain situation so why can't Shou. Why a different standard? But yes, different personalities and I think, 'level of awareness' perhaps, also priorities?

      Iirc, Yuki tends to realize things a bit late. Since Shou is patient and understands her...also 'love her the way she is', he tends not to insist on his point especially if she totally doesn't get it. The scene I remember is when he told her about the possibility that Shizuka likes her and she doesn't believe it until Shizuka himself confessed it.

      Is that so ^^ Though I wonder why it was hinted though...will Usami-kun still have a role in the series?

      I don't know but perhaps, it is to give a good first impression and of 'being an adult'. ^^

      Yes, it was a kiss. ^^

      Haha, ya. Actually, they were indeed very busy at that time. Yuki is working, in the club and studying. Shou is studying and playing basketball. Lol, perhaps, for her, I'm thinking it should be a bit more difficult for Shou especially since he was extremely wary of Suwa. And, he does like her more = misses her more.

      Ya, I'm surprised about it. We'll see if the mangaka pursues it.

      I'm thinking of real life, see...if your potential teammate has a crush on your girlfriend who is the manager and she cannot help but 'baby' him, won't it be a good idea for her to quit to 'preserve the peace'?

      And yes, I'm only saying that since she didn't become a manager because she wanted to...in this case, she was requested to. If she really wanted to become a manager, I won't suggest it. Most likely, this will make them learn to act professional and keep their feelings to themselves.

      Unfortunately, I think it will happen but don't worry, it won't go full blown since the mangaka will resolve it before it becomes too seriously dramatic. I'm recalling that it happened during the fireworks festival when Shou said that he didn't like her and she ended up in Shizuka's embrace. That was one time when there are a lot of 'bad vibes' on who's right or wrong. Then, the mangaka quickly resolved it after 1-2 chapters, I think.

      Yup. Actually, the impact is less for me since that 'counting kisses' was already mentioned in Tonomura-Ami side story wherein Ami was counting their kisses before the sex.

      Hm...for me, not really...I'm not into huge height gap ^^;;

      It's alright ^^ One would naturally write long about something one likes ^^

    3. Haha, really! I'm oki with it ^✓^

      Well, in his situation it wasn't for stopping her though, 'still like you' wasn't for back her off as well (ch 76)
      No, it's not rude from her to pull away, it's rude from him for doing that.

      Yup. I have never got the feeling that hakamada is harmless. Want him to kiss her to be harmful!
      Then, sawa & hakamada still guys, and himiko & arisa still girls, so it the same in a way.

      Oh yep somehow, but see what I thought, since the Mangaka start that in the 1st day of college, I think that she wants to solve the issue, don't bring it more, what do you think?

      Ya I know, but she felt relieved before the fan girls appeared (she didn't want him to go from the beginning)

      = The half reason why the Mangaka made Shou go to the party, was to show that Yuki's decision was wrong for left him and "ah, he can handle it himself" ..see yuki you missed it again.


      Yup kat, i was going to mention it^^ ..Shou don't really insists his points on her till she realized it, give her the whole time, that bcuz he's so mature + he really loves her. And bcuz of his personality. I really love that from him/from the Manga ^^

      Ah hmm, maybe ^^
      = About that, I find it nice when the Mangaka start the chapter with that (the high school basketball club) ,it's professional ^^

      Maybe, well that's nice

      Haha, I see.

      Haha, yup.

      Haha,yup. Well, I don't think she'll.

      Yup, but I don't think Yuki is the one who should scarifies, hakamada is the one who should stop his childishness. and stop taking advantage of Yuki's kindness and unawareness.

      = Well, the truth, I don't think bad things will happen, bcuz I have confidence in the three of them. And in that Manga's level.

      Yup, after one chapter (32) ^^
      Shou is always persistent, so ones he decided to be understandable bcuz he thought he might be bothering her, Yuki was the one who takes the invitation and confess to him, haha = that's proves that Yuki rely on him, she knows that Shou will do that, say that ..so it's oki. ^^

      = Also what I appreciate Shou for, is that he was aware that he wasn't bothering her, didn't reach his/her limit, the moment when he feels/felt that, he became serious, he's so perfect. that's why I told you it would be problematic and really not good if Shou character/personality was weak and hesitated.^^

      Oh, well, I don't think it's the same, but ya ^^

      While the lead Shou wasn't in the college club, the Mangaka obviously didn't show Yuki as manager a lot (managing a random characters) now with Shou in the club it'll be more, especially, to show his 2nd part of basketball life ^^

      Yuki didn't even think of the awkwardness of her and hakamada for being in the same club, but just of the possibility of shou & hakamada fighting ^^ = automatically/naturally don't see love out of shou. ^^

      Well, I get what that Manga all about, Yuki who always mistakes and Shou who always bear (don't make mistakes). ^^

      What I love about Yuki is, that honest feelings she has towards Shou, she just don't see any other one. obviously Shou too ^^

      Oh Yup, thank you ^^

    4. =)

      Lol, true. Obviously not. =P Didn't you notice her delayed reaction? It was only after she saw Shizuka's embarrassed reaction when she remembered that 'still like you'. ^^;

      Honestly, I cannot say for sure since this is a guy who likes her = doesn't want her to hate him for being rude. I try to imagine if I'm Shizuka, what is the right course of action...maybe, I'll just tell her so that she'll let go voluntarily. Of course, that is if I think 'what is the right thing to do'. If it's spontaneous...not sure.

      Lol, is that so. Well, for me, 'want' and actually kissing are two different things. Given his personality, I'm not too sure if he can pull it off.

      Yup, still guys and still girls. It got me thinking though...what is the solution then? Isn't it to quit the basketball team as manager to minimize any interaction with a member who is part of the team?

      Issue...about trust even if girls/boys around them have a crush on them? Controlling one's jealousy? How to deal with people one has to 'work/be with' especially if they have crush on you or hate them? Hehe, yup, most likely ^^

      I thought she was relieved that he managed to deal with those pestering him to go and his suit is fine.

      True but I cannot really say it was a 'decision'. It seems that she became 'manager Yuki'. Dirty, I'll get a mop. Speck of dirt, let me polish those balls. Lol, thinking about it, Yuki is being Yuki...concerned about the suits being clean and wrinkle-free. So, I would think it is more instinct than a decision. It was only when she was almost finished cleaning the suit, she thought, ah, I left Shou.

      So, yes, it wasn't the right 'decision' but given Yuki's personality, I find it understandable. What she is good at can be bad in other situations.


      Well, for me, it doesn't seem like 'taking advantage of Yuki's kindness'..for now. That is, he doesn't seem to have the 'mentality' to do that deliberately. For example, deliberately make himself dirty so that Yuki will 'take care' of him. Deliberately injure himself so she'll 'take care' of him. Stuff like that.

      True. I think in real life, that is how it should be especially if one thinks that person is 'the one'. <- don't let that person be 'the one who got away'.


      Yup. Romance is really not a priority/first thing in mind. Lol, possibility of fighting might be 'problem for her as manager'. =P

      Hm...I haven't thought of that but it made me realize that since it is 'Yuki who always mistakes and Shou who always bear (don't make mistakes).' Storywise, no wonder there are people who get irritated with Yuki and it makes one feel that she doesn't deserve Shou. But once Yuki 'corrects herself and returns the affection' = everything is okay.


    5. Sorry, I meant in ch 67, hehe.
      Yup, but she still got close to him even after she realized *_*

      That's it, he could/had to tell her to let go instead of grabbing her.

      He did, he did many rude things with his alleged puppy personality.

      The solution is for Yuki to learn how to be more defenceful/aware. And for hakamada to stop hitting on someone else's GF.

      = Shou and arisa was in the same school/class but nothing happened. Why? Bcuz the two know how to act correctly.

      Oh you're right, haha, you know I feel like Shou will be the victim again, Yuki will continue like that, hakamada will continue like that, and Shou will find himself without choice just to accept the situation like it is.

      Well, and relieved bcuz they couldn't persuade him = don't want him to go.

      Yup, I know her, haha.
      But see, what I want to say she shouldn't over do it, I mean even if the other part love, trust and understand you so much, but it'll possible cause that accidental moment from him/her to say unmeaning words in rush moment of anger and depression.

      Yup, but that, this is her personality isn't a full excuse, I mean it's kind from you to change things (correct them) for your pair, especially if those things are actually..emm wrong.
      Like if you're going with a play boy, who's like 'i love you, but I can't stop seeing other girls' excuses his self by I'm like that/my personality .

      Ah no, I didn't mean that, I meant,see, when Yuki talked to him in ch 60 ,he didn't have to huge her, when she helped him here he didn't have to touch her..etc = so I find it take advantage of Yuki and the situations.
      AND here I always feel like he never hold back, Everytime he caught Yuki letting her guard down he would say/do something, that how I see it.

      = He's not acting like a man, like someone has determination to not touch something it's not his.

      Yup, Yuki at fault too, she should rejects him more properly, don't act carelessly like that (with him or any other one) but, let's put that aside, what if hakamada don't act suspicious with her like that, if he act like a mature person, things would be easy for her, he would have helped her, but he just make it hard for her. Don't you think?

      Yup, exactly.

      Yup, haha yup.

      Oh, bcuz you mentioned that, let's be logical and realistic, no one can deny the fact that shou give, bear, sacrifices.. more in their relationship, but ya as you said the moment when Yuki correct her self everything is oki ^^
      But what I really hate that they say yuki didn't do anything for him, OMG! how! She did a lot for him too (didn't she say "I love you the most in the universe" I really got surprised over it. Didn't she say "no matter who confess to me, you're the only one in my heart" .. and do many things too) Why they're like that?

      But ya, if shou was the one like that, mistakes over and over = hurting her like that. Be late to observe, involved with other girl/s, don't put her first than other one (girl).. I would say if he really loves her, he can't act like that, he can't not notice (he can't not know that thing is wrong + he's hurting her) .. even if he do that accidentally. we would say he's not suitable for her. Bcuz the way of love is so important (respect, care, considering, aware ..etc) = like in real life if a girl is going out with someone like that, ppl surrounding her would say it's better if she breaking up with him, bcuz He's making her tired. she can't continue like that even if she wants. Right?

      But then I'm thankful bcuz yuki (the girl) is the one like that, hehe. + shou is happy with her, so they better don't say anything. ^^

    6. Lol, ya...that coat SHOULD be cleaned or she cannot sleep that night. =P

      Ya...the 'talk back' before when they lost.

      Yup. Perhaps, that will be the conflict that will be resolved in this college arc.

      Ah...something did happened though Shou is sleeping. Actually, if Arisa wanted to play 'bad guy', it's quite easy. But nah, this isn't that type of manga. I think the mangaka doesn't want the readers to totally hate a certain character.

      At the start of this arc, most likely. Of course, I'm expecting that the mangaka will show 'growth' and 'character development' for the 'flawed characters'.

      Yup, those things do happen.

      Ya, it would be good if the other would mention about something that one has a problem with then they discuss what to do about it.

      I'm somewhat lost about your example, 'Like if you're going with a play boy, who's like 'i love you, but I can't stop seeing other girls' excuses his self by I'm like that/my personality' ^^;

      Do you mean go out with someone who likes you even if you have a lover? That will be a no-no. In this scenario, it is a bit hard to say since Yuki didn't deliberately 'do it' and realize that she'll be alone with him because she is really worried about the coat. I think Shou knows that so he didn't immediately give chase or stop them.

      I see. For me, it seems like a spur of the moment due to emotions. ^^; But ya, it does seem like he's pushing the limits and she doesn't seem to be protesting either. ^^;; Someone has to draw the line.

      Hm...thinking about it, is it okay to do it if the person isn't anyone's yet? I recall that Shou has been doing all that and kisses even if they're not yet going steady. For me, it is a both no. It is understandable why they do it but it shouldn't be done.

      Of course, for me, things will be different from here on. That is, I won't be that lenient on him if he continues to do that from here on.

      Yup. I think it works both ways. If one's crush keeps on paying attention to you, it will be very difficult. The usual scenario is the crush is just being so nice to you and in turn, you cannot help but fall deeper in love. You would want to stop yourself/turn down the help but deep inside, you would want the attention.

      I know what you mean to say, 'act like a man' but if it is about 'love', I think it can be hard to be rational and 'do what is right'. Basically, it is easier to say it than to do it especially when emotions are involved. ^^

      Hm...perhaps, because Yuki didn't do enough for it to be equal to what Shou did? Of course, it is possible that it is a fangirls' mentality? Like, what does Shou see in her? Why her?

      Yup. For a while there, I thought you're talking about a certain character in a different shoujo series. ^^; Haha, and usually, in that kind of scenario, a better guy appears. =P Ideally, it is like that. But, there are cases in real life and well, there are a lot in shoujo when love makes everything okay. Storywise, I guess it depends on what kind of love the mangaka wants to portray.

      Yup ^^

    7. Hahaha, you really made me laugh you know, oh yup, she's crazy.



      Yup ^^

      Yup. It would be better ^^

      Well, in shou × yuki's situation that's oki ^^ bcuz they somehow, always talk clearly about what bothering them ^^

      Omg no, I didn't mean that, I just wanted to give example if one of the couple do mistakes bcuz of their personality.

      Of course. I know. yuki always don't do anything deliberately, even now and then ^^

      Hehe, you give me one more reason to admire shou "don't immediately Chase after them" he's polite, it's a nice step for me (like he respects her) well I thought of it though but you confirmed it to me,hehe = that's the small details that some readers don't pay attention to, hehe.


      Firstly, one can't even compare the two situations.
      then, I understand, but let's be honest, yuki let him did all that/the kisses = it clearly that she was enjoying/feeling them, they were like a couple exs= getting jalouse at each other and clearly say it (ch16) , that 'im already yours' ..etc. shou just kissed her lightly when he confessed but then he didn't do it again till she chased after him (ch3) = that actually was like a confusion, then he didn't do it too till she came to his house to give him Choco (ch6) etc, she happily went with him in date (ch7) etc, shou from all that (+ her expressions, reactions..) was aware that she likes him but she didn't want to acknowledge/admit bcuz of her personality.
      It's like it's ok to kiss if you love each other (and you know that) even if you're not a couple (bcuz of some reasons), But ya I understand/you , let's just say their situation isn't easy to judge about ^^

      And the Mangaka went through that concept ' make them love each other before going study' like liking/going out before marriage, like you can't be a couple if you don't like each other.
      Make him do things for her/proves before have her, make her proves before have him.


      he shouldn't/can't = it's not his giving.

      Well, If shou's ex appear, yuki will naturally feel annoyed if she's around them (its just human) she'll just then understand how shou feel.

      Hmm, ya. Ah yes &_&

      Haha, really! No, I was just switching shou and yuki characters, I was thinking of yuki the whole time while writing, hehe. Yup.

      Oh, about shou moving the Mangaka didn't show any hints yet, right? Isn't she late? Well, I would really want that to happen.
      About that, there's a lot guessing/wanting for shou and yuki to live together, what about you? Me: no, for some reasons, hehe.


    8. =)


      Ya, and I assumed that since he understands her, he knows why she is doing that/being like that. And, he knows that it doesn't have any 'romantic-type of intention' coming from Yuki. So, I'm wondering what made him agree to go to the welcome party? He doesn't like gatherings...was it because Yuki will eventually go, too? Why not just go out with her for a date or something instead?

      Haha, true. Perhaps, I'm just old fashioned with the 'proper process'? ^^; It's my personal opinion, though and I know that for others, it is not a big deal. ^^

      Ya, I also noticed that was the intention. Storywise, okay...in real life, I'm not too sure hence personally, I'm not that into it. ^^;;

      Indeed. It seems that fangirls are somewhat okay for Yuki, right?

      I think living together in a house/apartment usually happens after college. At most, it might be just living in the same building or as neighbors. For me, probably not yet since I'm curious how Shou will manage living alone. Out of curiostiy, what's your 'some reasons'? ^^

    9. True, he even told amamiya before "i don't want to/go"
      i'm thinking maybe amamiya told him that he'll gain something related to basketball (division) ? Especially since he's taking basketball/his career more serious now.

      and even if he knows her, he still can be Jalouse/hurt (it's human) but even so I don't think he did it to make her feel Jalouse, he never was that kind of bf/person, plus his expression when he told her didn't show that
      I'm thinking it's not about he don't know yuki, but about he don't trust the other side, like anything could have happened so he wanted to teach her that?
      hehe, we just have to wait till the next chap.

      Oh, no, that's actually the "normal thing" ^^

      Of course, me too ^^

      Oh, it somehow seems like that but in a way she actually feels Jalouse, it's natural ^^

      Yup. oh I would like that. hehe, I'm also curious how he'll manage.
      hehe, well, I feel like the exciting of meeting,etc will be less, and I feel like it's not time yet, and I'm excited to see shou living alone more, hehe. But I'm just saying, I know it's exciting too if they live together in its own way ^^


    10. Possible. Whatever it is, I hope it isn't the 'doing this so that Yuki will know how it feels' kind of thing.

      True. I think it's boils down to trust since they both have their admirers. Fangirls for him and Shizuka for her.

      Ah...'he wanted to teach her that' = go to the party to make her feel the way he feels? Haha, I'm not too fond of 'teaching' =P I think it would be better if he tells her his issue about it. Wait...he seems to have already did and this is still happening.

      If the problem is the other side, should he threaten Shizuka rather than tell him to 'go quit school'? In the end, the only peaceful solution I can think of if this keeps up is for her to indeed quit being manager. Ah, this won't happen in the series. We're just discussing of a possible solution if like, Yuki and Shou are our friends having this kind of problem and asked our advice ^^

      Yup, we'll just have to wait for the next chapter.

      Ya...there was a scene when she seems to be but I guess she's too busy to think about that.

      I see. Indeed ^^

    11. Me too ^^


      Me too. hehe, yup he did tell her many times.

      Well, he did tell him too many times.
      hehe, you're right.

      I'm thinking, whatever Shou motive is, that comes like a chance/coincidence for yuki to realize: she still don't know some things/him well. That was the Mangaka's intention from that, like such things she created before, bcuz yuki usually (always) need a push.

      Yup, and fangirls are not that big deal as a specific person (arisa, the ex..)


    12. Yup. Haha, so neither of the two are actually listening to Shou ^^;;

      True. Something has to happen or someone to seriously talk with her like Usami-san before she'll 'change/take the initiative'.

      Ya. Hehe, I guess that goes the same for Yuki's twin sisters.

    13. Hehe, yes.

      Yup. oh ya, i forgot, there's usami-san, she'll advise her and everything, so things will be more oki ^^

      Hehe, so the twins considering as fangirls, but they annoy me a bit, especially her mom, I find it unrealistic and annoying.

      I liked it when the Mangaka didn't make it a big fuss (fangirls) when their relationship announced.

    14. Yup.

      Same here. I guess it is good that they're the airhead-types and not the devious boyfriend snatchers-type. ^^;;

      Big fuss...like what? I recall that they are just into 'murmuring' like is that the gf, what's good about her, etc. But so far, they aren't doing anything. And, for the college fangirls...would they back off if they knew he is taken?


    15. Oh, they're her sisters after all, they helped her more than one with her dating shou ^^

      Yup, I don't like it when they say that *_*
      Hm, they accepted it like it should be, in ch 73 one of them said 'he has a gf, so back off" etc = I find it more realistic like that and I like it like that ^^

      yup, it's not like they can do anything.

      Speaking of, I love it that everyone know that they're dating now, but it's not like I hated when it was just between the two of them, bcuz when I grew up I find the important thing is you two, those things don't matter too much ^^

    16. Ya. Though, they didn't know she was dating Shou then?

      Hehe, that was Arisa and friend, right? I guess she approved of them ^^

      Indeed. But of course, at times, those things can hinder when one gets distracted, confused, etc. <- reality-wise ^^

    17. Ah, they were, they knew in ch 37, and they helped her wear..in their date (ch 44) also helped her makes Valentine's Choco (ch 49) ..

      Arisa? No, it was a random fangirl/s
      And arisa approved of them while a go, also helped them many times unlike hakamada but she gets hate just bcuz she's girl.

      Ya, true ^^

    18. Oh. I actually had the impression that they helped her because her date is Shou = to make Shou happy. ^^;

      There was..? I'm recalling the fangirls during the basketball wherein they try to find who the gf was. The 'he has gf so back off'...I recall that it is Arisa or her friend.

      Actually, I thought the hate is from that stolen kiss. But yes, it's possible that it is because she's a girl.

      Hehe, I actually thought she'll be paired off with Abe. ^^;

    19. Haha, I didn't really think that, hm maybe, in a way.
      I think they helped her bcuz they love her bcuz she's their sis ^^

      Haha, you're talking about that! well, I'm talking about chapter 73 when one of the girls went to give shou her ribbon tie, then the other ones said "you're taking the lead, and he already has a GF"
      You remember?

      Yup. Yeah.

      Oh, me too, Bcuz of when he found her cry, and some other talks and stuff.
      But that Manga never do the expectation, I have noticed that, hehe.

    20. Haha, I would think that. But the side story when Shou visited made me think otherwise. ^^;; Anyway, that might be for the comedy. I'm probably like Yuki who didn't find it funny ^^;;;

      Oh, that one. I thought you were referring to the Kyoto trip. ^^;


      True though the basketball stuff is can be guessed at some extent. ^^

    21. Haha, did she? I think she was embarrassing with what they did and like they were bothering shou (hospitality)

      Yup ^^

      Oh, I think here where our guesses were the most wrong, hehe, bcuz one can guess that shou/Ryuhoku would win every/most of time. I still don't believe she made him lose all that times, I really felt bad for him, till now.
      The most unexpected for me was their loss at chapter 15, 40, and 59.
      But I like it in a way, better than make the lead guy has everything (realistic)

    22. No, no, I mean how Yuki is in general being stoic when things are suppose to be funny. ^^; Not in that particular scene. Typically, one would need be embarrassed like Yuki was. Nevertheless, Yuki is probably used to their antics and thinks that they are harmless...probably like how she views Shizuka ^^;;

      I was thinking why I didn't recall that specific scene as 'hands off'. I remembered that I got the impression that it wasn't actually 'hands off' but rather, a sort of crab mentality - 'if I can't have it, neither can you'. They don't want that girl to cheekily ask for that exchange with a possibility of getting away with it so they try to 'pull her down' by reminding her that he has a gf. ^^; Lol, I'm obviously thinking of ulterior motives. =P

      At first, I would think they'll win. But later on, my gut feel tells me that they'll lose. One reason is as I told you, I have a feeling that the author likes Shizuka. I felt that she'll make him win games as consolation for not getting the girl.

      Also, as you mentioned, it is to make things realistic. In a way, thinking about it, like Slam Dunk. Shizuka has been serious about playing all this time since elementary. Even if Shou has the talent, realistically, it would be impossible to immediately catch up in a span of 2-3 years.

      Like in Slam Dunk, there is a guy who has talent but stopped for about 2 years due to an injury then became a delinquent. It was shown that even if he played again on his last year, he cannot catch up since he didn't have the training to last a very grueling competition with strong opponents. He is good at 3 point shoots but his stamina is his weakness.

      I think that is what the mangaka is aiming for. Of course, now that it reached college and they indeed became schoolmates and potentially, co-members, the theme would most likely be 'we will win the Nationals together'.

      Hehe, you know, if this is a shounen series, they would most likely win more. It is probably like that since the mangaka just want to focus on their rivalry and doesn't want to put in/draw more teams to compete with like in shounen series.

    23. Hehe, that's true. yup.

      Haha, I know, that was exactly the impression/motive. but I somehow feel like they at least admitted.. like they accepted already (?)
      And they didn't do anything to yuki, they didn't even faced her with a normal/harmless talks.
      Haha, but it's seems that you don't trust anyone in this, just like my sister, lol

      Speaking of, you know, when the other girl told her "you can't give him ur tie bcuz senpai has a GF" she answered "Girlfriend-san got the real thing, so a necktie should be alright" haha, I'm sorry about the words, but I died of laughing, I read it in the translation, cant believe, lol.
      Ah, see, this is showing the acceptance too, hehe.



      Yup, he's 'mitsui-senpai' I love him, hehe. I felt bad for him.


      Yup, I think so.

    24. True. Perhaps, one reason is Yuki is older than them.

      Hehe, true. See...what I'm thinking is still possible. Shou might give her the necktie with that kind of logic so the other girls want to make sure she won't persist on by reminding her that he has a gf. =P

      Haha, so you also watched it ^^

    25. Oh Yup, possible.

      Hehe, Yup, true.

      Yup, it's the only anime I love and watched many times, despite the fact that I don't like guys's anime, it's perfect.

      I just saw 77's cover >< you know I was hoping it gonna be shou × yuki on the cover so that the chap Will be a good one of them, and yes it's and they're just sooo gorgeous 😍

      I still think that shou going to the welcome-party wasn't for make yuki Jalouse, feel the same, teach her or anything like that ..I hope I won't lose, hehe.

    26. Same here. Though more on, I'm not into sports anime. ^^; Hehe, I do watch shounen.

      Is that so. ^^
      Have you seen this one for chapter 78?

      We'll know quite soon ^^

    27. I see ^^.

      No, I didn't, thank you!
      Oh, yuki looks so pretty wearing that!

      Well, when miyuki-Sensei posted it, there was a star on their faces, so I couldn't see.

      But it's just an illustration, I mean it's not part of chapter 78, no?

      (You mean that pic 'shou and yuki in the bath' right?)

      Ah, from chapter 78 it'll be a New volume (vol 14) right?


    28. Yup. It's most likely a freebie poster-something in the magazine. The series will be the front cover of the magazine in the next issue.

      I don't know. It seems that a volume sometimes have 6-7 chapters in it.

    29. Ah yup.
      Oh, really! Again! Like in chapter 76, Soo nice.

      I see, yep.


    30. Ah, magazine cover is different from chapter cover. ^^

    31. Yep yep, I know ^^

      Kat, you knew? They updated Namaikizakari 71_76! They catched up! I can't believe!

      You know, I'm happy but also confused bcuz, I mean, they're capable to continue like that? to release the chapter when its out in Japan (after 7, 10, 15 days..etc) ?

      I could grantee the Chinese scenes and your summary, but them .. :(

      When it comes to Namaikizakari I can't wait. And I want to match the japanese updates.

      Especially this chapter (77) I want to know what happened. I think I'll see the Chinese scenes if it's out first.

    32. Yup.

      If different teams are working on SB and AnY, they should be able to do it. If it's the same people...those two series might get the priority.

      I think they plan to work on it every release since they worked hard to immediately catch up.

      We'll just have to wait and see. Chinese release has been late than usual these past 2-3 chapters.

    33. Reaaaly hope so.
      ah why! Anyway, I don't think it's the same (I see a different names in the last page) about SB idk since I have never read it before.

      Yupp, I thought so too.


      Ya, I noticed (I think from chapter 73)

      Kat, if you're gonna keep your comment, I'll come and discuss with you like always 😣 hehe

    34. I see.

      Indeed. I wonder why though.

      Okay ^^

    35. I think they got busy or something.

      Well, I wanna thank you so much for all the awesome summarises up until now.
      It's tiring and need time but you always Posted it fast and perfectly done.
      you really was a biggg help to me/us ..
      Thanks is not enough for you, I wanna do something if I can to you.. I'll always remember your help ...

      Thank you so much dear, really thank you. ❤

    36. Maybe.

      Thank you for the comment ^-^ Thanks for reading them ^^

  4. This chapter it's really annoyed me! T-T Kat can you tell me what will happen next?

    1. Sorry, Monytep but this is the latest chapter so I don't know what will happen.

  5. Hello Kat,

    Heheh I enjoyed this chapter much. I'm actually impressed by Yuki. Her starting point is truly not love. Her level of awareness is totally in dire condition too. I mean did you see how all she cared about was for that jacket to be cleaned?! To actually forget about the confession.... poor Shizuka? :P

    You mentioned in a comment above that Yuki might quit to preserve the peace. I suppose this might happen if these 2 idiots make her feel the need to back off. But even if this happens I feel that either Shou or Shizuka (or both) will ask her back. Both definitely know how good she will be for the team.

    She might not have requested to be the manager but perhaps it's because she does not feel the bond that she had with her old team. Now with old faces back she might feel some attachment to the new team again. Hopefully.

    I remember how she cried when she got her own Team shirt; also the way she cried when had to leave the team after she finished high school. She's definitely ''made for'' basketball so these two rivals better keep it under wraps for her sake!!

    Yuki is somewhat a bit of an airhead so to speak. Airhead bcz she causally ignores love interests other than Shou. I think that if she had been more perceptive of feelings of others and has given Shizuka the real rejection that one usually gives to persistent suitors, she would have drawn lines better and made Shou more secure too. But that's about real life scenarios, Yuki won't be Yuki if she starts being observant to that level lol.

    I thought that this manga was about to wrap up but with Shizuka and Shou on the team I feel that more exciting chapters are awaiting us :)

    Thanks for the summary xxx

    1. Hiyo, Crimson sky ^-^

      Yup. Also with Shou, are you alright, is your suit still clean? Lol

      Ya, they'll just have to 'behave'. ^^ Not only that, they should also know that they need each other to finally win that elusive Nationals.

      Most likely...especially if their goal is winning the Nationals ^^

      Indeed...one more time, win the Nationals for her and for themselves ^^


      Indeed. There is also getting along with Suwa in the team. The goal that they didn't attain would most likely be fulfilled here so the mangaka deliberately made them lose the Nationals even if they got in once with their respective teams.

      I'm still betting on the ex-gf to appear. =P More on a closure regarding what happened between her and Shou. Though, for some reason, I'm actually hoping that she'll be a couple with Shizuka =P

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. Haha with Shou at least I can see her as a fussy wife. But she's like this even with someone who is having unrequited love for her.... Shizuka is going to have a lil hard time with her like this.

      Ahh the ex girlfriend. Makes me wonder if Naruse had slept with her too. Thaat will send the jealousy sparks flying :p You are right, back then I thought that the mangaka was being evil for making Shou's team lose despite putting in so much efforts. But before they win the nationals these two are so going to clash on the court.

      Hmm I still can't grasp Suwa's personality yet. He is something like a mystery box lol.

    3. Actually, I think she's like that with 'everyone' especially as manager of a basketball team. I recall Shou was jealous of the attention Yuki was giving Noda when he was a first year. That's her edge as a manager. Of course, she should put some distance with someone who has a crush on her. ^^;

      If they did, yup, most likely.

      Indeed. Haha, most likely try to show off to Yuki. The goal would probably for the two to learn to work together for the same goal.

      Ya. He seems to play both 'good guy' and 'bad guy' depending on the situation.

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    I look forward to the next episode, can't wait to see the interaction of Shou-Shizuka-Suwa
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    1. Thanks for reading, Mina ^-^

      Hehe ^^

      Is that so.

      How did he knew from Yuki's gestures that Shizuka is in the same university when she herself didn't know? He looks surprised to see Shizuka at the ceremony.

      Possible scenarios, yes.

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      Sorry, but I don't summarize ended series and currently, I don't have time for new ones.

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    Thanks for this blog! I'm looking forward to the university's new incoming basketball team with both Shou and Shizuka onboard. If they can work together, they're a force to be reckoned with. It's okay for me if the romance takes a backseat for now. Yuki is starting to get on my nerves, being overly close to Shizuka knowing how he feels about her. It's disrespectful to Shou. Surprisingly, given Shou's flashy appearance and spoiled brat, childish act, he's more trustworthy when it comes to the relationship. I'm foreseeing Shou being hurt and feeling betrayed in the future by Yuki's actions.
    Although I was expecting Suwa to have an interest in Yuki, I'm glad he's being shown as Usami-san (Yuki's neighbor) love interest.

    I think that lanky dark-haired 1st year (in this scene with Himiko) is Yuki's neighbor's brother.

    1. Hehe, is that so, Mina ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^ Indeed.

      Cannot say. I think Shou knows that Yuki loves only him and she tends to prioritize other things. Basically, based on all of the things that happened so far, I think Shou knew what kind of person Yuki is.

      Well, true but somehow, I think Shou still has a bad feeling about Suwa...more than Shizuka.

      He ought to be based on the hints/clues mentioned. ^^ I do wonder why the mangaka hasn't made it known to the characters...for future comedy or plot twist?

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