January 26, 2018

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 65 - Each Person's Rokudan]

Surprised Chika watches Atsumu crying. Confused and aghast, he thinks that even if he doesn’t know what to do if a girl cries, but he also doesn’t know what to do if a guy cries...

He is startled when the vice-principal calls out to him and shouts how come he caused a first year student to cry. Chika tells him to wait, he didn’t do anything. Atsumu tries to say no, it isn’t, he’s...

The vice-principal says that thanks to him, Chika has been quite fond of club activities. “It even made me feel gratified but I didn’t think... Go to the office!!”
They were interrupted by Natsu who explains that it is a misunderstanding. “He is simply moved to tears by Kudou-senpai’s warm and affectionate words. That’s all there is to it. They are in the same club.”

The vice principal asks Atsumu if that is true. Atsumu quickly nods vigorously. Chika wonders if he said something that moved Atsumu. Patting Chika’s shoulder, the vice principal says that Chika still has a redeeming quality. “The bell will ring soon so quickly return to class.”

Sighing in relief, Chika tells Natsu that even if he is baffled, but thanks for explaining things. Natsu says, you’re welcome. Turning to leave, aghast Chika still doesn’t know what just happened.
Atsumu calls out to Chika. Chika tells him that they’ll see each other again at the club. This surprises Atsumu. He exclaims okay! Natsu glances at Atsumu and says that it’s really good that he’s in good terms with Chika.

He also says that it is because yesterday at the club, it was really obvious that he was avoiding Chika. “You’re no longer bothered by that rumor?” Atsumu says that compared to what others have heard he’ll believe his own eyes and feeling. “This time, I want to seriously deal with [/face] it.” Natsu looks at him. He smiles and says, is that so.
In 2-F, Chika enters the room and sees Satowa reading a book. He recalls what she told him yesterday. Satowa notices Chika is standing in front of her desk. She calls out to him. He calls out to her and says, about that. She asks what. He tells her about that thing yesterday.

Flustered Satowa looks at the side and says, wh..what. He says, “Thank you.” She looks surprised then she looks at him. He looks a bit flustered then he looks at her. He scowls and says, that’s all. Chika quickly walks towards Tetsuki who comments that it took him a long time to go to the toilet. Chika denies it.

Meanwhile, Satowa holds her chest then puts her head on the table. She is blushing really red. She smiles and starts kicking her legs. Her friends wonder what’s going on with her.
At the club, everyone looks surprised to see smiling Atsumu standing beside tense Chika. Chika quickly holds Atsumu’s head and pushes him away. He shouts that he’s too close, or rather, he’s practically sticking on him. “What’s up with you!” Atsumu apologizes.

Takezou sighs in relief. He thinks that even if he doesn’t know what’s going on but the two ought to be alright. After Akira and Atsumu exchange greetings and introductions, Akira asks about Natsu whom Kouta is coaching. Kouta tells her that Natsu is working today.

He apologizes about forgetting to tell her about it yesterday. He tells her that Natsu works three times a day and he can only come to the club when he’s not working. Akira looks at Suzuka who quickly looks away. She looks at him but drops the topic by saying is that so, she understands.
She asks Suzuka if there will be no problem if she substitutes for Chika in coaching Atsumu. Suzuka says that if they think that it is better then, so be it. Chika declares that he want to take responsibility in teaching until the end.

Atsumu says that he wants to study with Chika. This surprise Chika and made Satowa smile. Soon, the two are going to the Japanese room. Chika pushes Atsumu away from him and says that he’s too close. Looking at them, Takezou says that it seems that the issue between them has been resolved.

Michi says that is really great even if they don’t know what had happened from the start. Akira notices Kouta looking flustered. She asks him if he sent the filmed video to Natsu yesterday. Kouta says yes and Natsu replied, ‘it’s a great help, thanks’.
Takezou and Hiro tell him that they practice [I] together and that’s their main job. This cheers Kouta up. Sane starts telling Kouta about Michi something that Michi doesn’t want to be told. At the Japanese room, Chika tells Atsumu that they start from the very start. Atsumu says okay.

Chika is surprised when Atsumu played loudly. Chika says that even if he shouldn’t be saying it now but isn’t his sound dynamics [soft or loud] a bit too weak. “Actually, no one would play using that much force.” Puzzled Atsumu asks how can that be, he isn’t using that much force. Chika says really.

He starts to wonder if Atsumu has a muscled body inside those clothes. Atsumu apologizes. Chika says that there’s no need to apologize for it. Atsumu seems to want to say something so Chika asks what is it.
Atsumu says that it is nothing but Chika encourages him to say it. He tells him that even if it is possible that it totally has no relation at all but compared to the koto at his house, the strings of this koto is probably a bit thin. Chika asks, thin...?

Atsumu tells him that when he plays at home, it isn’t that loud and he isn’t at all saying that the instrument is no good. Chika wonders out loud if it has a relation and he’ll ask about it later on. Chika stands up and goes to sit beside Atsumu.

Chika says that Atsumu still couldn’t pull the string so they’ll start from the top one more time. He will be sitting there so that it is easier to teach him. Atsumu recalls the time when grandpa is sitting beside him when he taught him. This made Atsumu smile.
Soon, Chika introduces Shizu to Atsumu. Shizu asks him what’s with those fringes. At home, Kouta messages Natsu that there is club activity during weekends starting tomorrow so can he come. Natsu apologizes for he has a parttime job this weekend.

He assured Kouta that he’ll practice the video that he sent to him. Kouta looks flustered. Monday and Tuesday passed with everyone busy with practice. On Wednesday, Kouta calls out to Atsumu, ‘Yoshirin’ [from ‘Yoshinaga’]. Atsumu asks if he is calling him.

Kouta nervously asks if he doesn’t like the nickname. With flowers and hearts, Atsumu exclaims that he’s really happy. Kouta says that’s great. He asks Atsumu if Momoyan [from Momoya] is coming today and if he heard something.
Atsumu apologizes that he didn’t hear anything since they don’t talk much in class. Kouta says is that so, okay, thanks. The others are tense and worried for Kouta. On Thursday, the newbies are going to play the test piece. Akira is surprised that always until the end, Natsu didn’t come.

Hiro tells her that Kouta feels that it is because he isn’t good so he is feeling depressed. Kouta looks aghast as Sane tries to cheer him up. Akira says is that so, then what does he plan to do for today’s test. With folded arms, Hiro says, really, she doesn’t care and by the way, like this, there’s basically no need to test him.

She was interrupted by a knock on the door. Natsu enters with a smile and greets everyone. Kouta calls out to Natsu and exclaims that is great, he thought that he won’t go to the club because of him. Natsu asks how can that be. Kouta says that it is because he always didn’t come.
Natsu asks if he didn’t tell him that he has work three days in a week. Kouta says that he did, but-- Natsu says that last week, he has work on Friday to Sunday and this week, it is Monday to Wednesday. He apologizes. Kouta says is that so. Hiro isn’t happy with that explanation.

Takezou tells Natsu that the test will be for today so is that okay. Natsu says of course. Then, he tells them that in the club activities later on, it will be this kind of situation so he’ll be troubling them to also consider this.

Everyone looks surprised by what he said. After Satowa tuned the koto, someone says that Atsumu will start. Atsumu nervously says, okay. Chika pats his back and says, ‘gambatte’. This made Atsumu bow vigorously at him. Atsumu thinks that he’ll absolutely do his best and after all, they had played together.
Sane is worried about that powerful exploding sound and if it became more serious because of practice--... To their surprise, Atsumu manages to play it well. After Atsumu finished playing, Sane exclaims that it’s so good and it is totally different from the timbre before!! It had become deep and gentler.

Michi asks Chika what had happened. Sparkling Chika chuckles and says that the secret is in the string. Since Atsumu told him that the strings of the club’s koto are thinner than the one he used in his house, he asked Akira about it.
Flashback: Akira said is that so, one has to exert all one’s strength to make a good sound from thicker strings. So in playing the club’s koto, he’ll use the same strength that he usually uses to play the thicker stinged koto. It is possible that the sound will be loud. She told Chika that she’ll get a koto with thicker strings from home and bring it there. Puzzled Chika said eh. End flashback. 

Sparkling Chika says that is how it is. Michi says that he basically didn’t understand what Akira told him. This irked Chika that he told him to shut up as he tried to hit Michi. Suzuka says that in simple terms, Atsumu is more suitable in using a koto that has thicker strings.

Akira says that’s right, and she thinks that is one reason why Atsumu’s picks are also quite thick and big. Takezou says that he didn’t notice that it is due to the string’s thickness. Hiro says that it turns out that there is a big difference.
Smiling Chika puts his arm around Atsumu and says that it is like that, basically, this is the result of this guy working really hard and his own strict training.  With lumps on his head, Michi tells Chika not to be too proud of himself. This made blushing Atsumu smile.  

Takezou says that next will be Natsu so is he ready. Natsu says okay. Natsu sits in front of the koto. Sane says that he never once practice since that first day when the music sheet is given out. Michi says that’s right.
Worried Kouta thinks but Natsu basically didn’t want to participate in the test and this is also inevitable... “Is it really like that... On the first day, Momoyan asked me a pile of questions. I have also tried playing the piece...

...*Natsu is looking at the koto and muttering, ah, it turns out to be like this* He planned on doing his best but I didn’t teach him much. It is possible that he felt that koto is very boring. If Momoyan had properly practiced for a week, he’ll absolutely be able to pass but I--”

Natsu starts to play. Kouta and everyone else look surprised. Looking tense and puzzled, Kouta thinks, “--...how can this be... How come he can play it? He totally didn’t...practice, right? He also doesn’t have any experience... Why. Why. He obviously didn’t join any club activity. How come he was able to play it?”
Natsu says that he is finished playing so how is it? Sane nervously says about that, it isn’t just ‘quite okay’. “Obviously you didn’t practice...it is quite perfect.” Pointing to Natsu, Michi asks if he secretly practiced!? Natsu says that at all, it is because Kouta’s video performance is very useful.

“I carefully paid attention to the parts being pointed out. I always listen to the piece and at the same time practice using my imagination. *smiles* So, I’m able to properly play it out. It is all thanks to senpai, thank you, senpai.”

This made Kouta look flustered. Kouta says that he didn’t do anything. This made everyone look tense. Natsu looks at Kouta [/the others] then looks down. Suzuka says that in short, the two’s performance is over so next, it is time for them to decide. “Properly think over what is your next decision.”
At Shizu’s store, while having some snacks with the others, Sane says that they can consider that Atsumu passed. Chika says yes, he is quite enthusiastic and worked hard to practice. Takezou agrees that Atsumu passed so the problem is... He looks at flustered Kouta and says that it is Natsu. 

At the bar, Natsu is playing the drums and at times biting his lips. After he finished playing, Glasses boss asks Natsu what had happened. Natsu asks why he is asking that.

Glasses boss says that his performance is more intense than usual. Natsu didn’t answer. He just looked away. Glasses boss gives him a drink and says that didn’t he join a club so how is it. Natsu says no, he is already being declined [/withdrawn].
Glasses boss says that’s quick so what happened, he couldn’t get along? Natsu laughs and says that it is very difficult to blend in a club if ONE DOESN’T PRACTICE TOGETHER WITH EVERYONE-
Back at Shizu’s store, Hiro holds up her hand and says that she opposes in letting Natsu pass. She says that even if their club indeed doesn’t compulsorily require members to join the practice but obviously, this is already a task piece wherein one will take a test.

“But from the start, he always didn’t come. This is belittling the club too much. Indeed, Momoya-kun can play really well and it is possible that his family has a special situation so he got permission from school to work. But, we are going to the Nationals and our goal is to be number one.”
Back at the bar, Glasses boss says that is true. And, even if Natsu looks quite shrewd but actually, he is very slow-witted [/clumsy]. Natsu asks which part. Glasses boss says that besides that he is very childish... This made Natsu toss his towel on Glasses boss.  

In the store, Hiro continues to say that regardless that his skill is very high but the difference between goal and determination is quite big. “In the end, a problem will definitely arise. There will be a day when it would cause a conflict.”

Takezou says yes, it’s quite regretful but he thinks so, too. “As long as there is one who isn’t passionate, then it will lower the entire morale. Even if doing this is unreasonable but since Momoyan-kun himself doesn’t at all want to join, then, we shouldn’t make him participate in the Nationals.” Kouta looks somewhat flustered. Natsu looks downcast.
Comment: Natsu is indeed quite good in reading the situation. I assumed that he immediately knew what’s going on when the vice-principal is already thinking of the worse about Chika. Chika still has a hard time defending himself against accusations. It doesn’t help that Atsumu couldn’t quite assert himself to defend Chika.

Nevertheless, things turned out okay. Lol, even if as usual, Chika didn’t know what just happened. I wonder though why Natsu really has a favorable opinion of Chika especially since only those who have a close encounter with him knew of Chika’s true personality.

Well, Atsumu passed the test. The next issue will be Natsu. For now, it seems that they have decided not to let Natsu join the Nationals with them due to his priorities and enthusiasm. I cannot really blame them since this is a team effort. If it is a solo one, Natsu will be okay.

I think that is probably the reason why Natsu is just a ‘parttimer/assistant’ in bands. He couldn’t commit to always practice and/or perform as a group. Perhaps, another reason is he can play really well even with almost no practice. It would be impractical to make him practice with the others when he can easily learn it. Maybe practice together when the others already learned the piece?

Because of Glasses boss’ observation of his drum playing, I do think that Natsu wanted to join but he is frustrated that he couldn’t. Perhaps, just like before? Glasses boss did mention that he would go there whenever he is confused. The last time was when his mother only left a note for him to reheat the food.

Regarding Kouta, I’m thinking that he is frustrated since Natsu somewhat made him feel like an idiot for worrying and thinking that he’s the reason why Natsu didn’t participate in the club. Perhaps, he thinks that Natsu is patronizing him when he said that the video was of great help.

Anyway, I think in the end, Natsu will join them later on. Even if it is later on, it should be no problem since he can easily learn the piece. But the problem would be how they’ll do it given his situation and how he’ll blend in with them/at least someone, possibly Kouta.

And, of course, that Chika-Satowa scene is quite nice ^^ I wonder if it is good that no one has notice it yet. Because if someone did, Satowa would be more conscious how she’ll react. For Chika, I think he’ll be forever clueless until someone pointed it out. ^^; Scans by 二次元秘店

On a side note, there is a side story of the two in volume 16 at baidu. I cannot read Japanese but from the comments, the general idea is it is Chika’s birthday. Satowa asks him what he wants for his birthday. After a bit of bickering, Chika tells her that there’s no need since he already got it. She asks what. He says, “Your time.” ^-^

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  1. Thank you for your translation

  2. Hah, glad to see they snuck in a little shipping moment between Chika and Satowa even if we're still dealing with the character development arcs of the new members. Hopefully Natsu's arc is able to be wrapped as speedily as Atsumi's. Also, need more Suzuka and Akira moments, they're already starting to act like a married couple disagreeing about how best to raise the kids :p

    1. Yup, Krimzon Striker ^^

      Hehe, is that so ^^ It didn't occur to me that it was like that. ^^;

  3. natsu is so frustrating, i mean he can be a great soloist but this is a team effort, also i get it he is a genius who can play quickly without practice but let's be honest you can only add things to a score by practice for example conveying the feelings that are within the score and the harmony with the other team members, i actually understand tat he has a family situation but to me it looks like he really doesn't out in any effort which is not so great for the team and also i hated how he somehow indirectly made fun of kouta i mean i know kouta isn't the best player in the world nor the best teacher but what he learned in a year is quite amazing and i hate it when someone makes fun of other people's hard work and effort, interesting how akira looked at suzuka when they said natsu can't commit to the club due to work i wonder what is her idea about this , it is great that both atsumu and chika are getting along and it really takes a great courage for someone like atsumu to objectively look at chika when all chika's rumors resemble his past hardship, thank you for the translation and lol using "yur time" is a quite bold statement from chika !!

    1. True.

      I actually don't get that. How did he 'indirectly made fun of Kouta'?

      I'm thinking that she's thinking why would Suzuka still let Natsu try to join the Nationals. She perhaps assumed that there is a reason for it so she let it pass.

      Indeed ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup ^^

    2. in a way when he played the piece without practice and then said how useful kouta's video was for him i mean it is obvious that he clearly practiced nothing and was busy with school and work so for him to say that i dunno it me it sounded like he said it in a mocking tone like "i don't need you as a teacher " and perhaps that's why kouta looked all frustrated, i mean he could've from the start say that he can learn on his own without a teacher instead of keeping kouta hanging for a week and never coming for practice

      and yes i too think that akira thinks it is odd for natsu to be here when he in't committed 100% but who knows what suzuka is planning


    3. I see, emmahoshi. For me, I thought Natsu meant it since he does learns a piece through watching like he did the first time with Satowa. But then, you're also right. Aside from that, I get the impression that Natsu can rub others the wrong way because of how he talks.

      I see.


  4. Thanks Kat, as usual, your summaries are so detailed that it's more like reading the whole chapter, which is great, \o\.
    I think what Natsu has is what we call perfect hearing, he doesn't actually need to see, but needs to hear the piece so he can replicate. IRL is rare af and not much appreciated 'cause music is hard af, then someone with that gift just makes you look like a kid, even if you happen to have 50y exp in music, Mozart had it, that's why he could compose with 5y pieces that experienced pianists still struggle, and that's why Beethoven and Chopin are more regarded as talented 'cause they had to study and learn and most his pieces are scribed, scratched and full of notes while Mozart are mostly clean.

    That irks people and I know it, lol. But Natsu being the way he comes across - someone that doesn't care about anything, irks people even more, even if he does care, he can't show it, same way Chika can't defend himself even when completely innocent, Natsu can't shake the feeling that other people resents him for being what he is/popular and good at everything without putting any effort, or at least, not showing he puts any if at all.

    Think that Kouta'd be the one that defends Natsu and wants to play together - since Natsu is always alone, and Kouta is the opposite, needs to be around people, maybe Kouta will relate to him in that, sometime ago, he also used to be all alone and just wanted to connect - same thing Natsu might want and be the reason he's at the club.

    Now, if he's part of Chika's past, that might be interesting as well. Wait and see.
    It'd be the same if the opposition wasn't the exactly same thing as the actual gov. Like I said before, there's no right or left here, only left and some few politicians that seems to be the on the right, but have no party 'cause all of 'em are clearly left, despite what they say. And yes, all are nominated due to connection and not due to skill/ability.

    Same thing, too. The gov here decided to increase 7% the teachers salary, after almost 8y of strikes and fighting for better conditions and better pay, ofc, this year is gov elections. Let us see how it goes. And I'm truly afraid Lula won't go to prison and will get the Mandela treatment, even though Mandela was a terrorist that killed thousand of innocents, he's regarded as hero. That's my fear.

    1. Thanks for reading, Fê ^-^

      - - -

      Interesting. Never knew that though I know Mozart is a genius.

      True. Hm...how come he can't show it? Don't want to look 'desperate for company'-type of thing? I think that there is something more to it. He seems cocky with his bandmate before, the manager and Oka. For the the first two, he knows that they 'need' him. I think he isn't showing his real self to the koto club yet. He's overly polite and always smiling which I think is fake. What do you think?

      Possible. I wonder how he'll initiate it though. I feel that Hiro took the initiative to protest in regards to Kouta's feelings first before her argument which had a point.


      - - -

      Haha, is that so. So, basically, they're the same whoever is in power and the country is going to the dogs.

      I see. So, there won't be any tax hike for that increase? Here, they are calling the previous admin being insensitive for not increasing the pension. This admin gives it the thumbs up. In the end, the pension is dwindling and they end up wanting a hike on the pension contribution. ^^;; <- reason why the previous admin didn't want to increase it.

      Oh. I obviously didn't know my history about Mandela. All I know is he fought for their freedom. And was jailed and that's all. Innocents...the whites? But then, there are people who can twist things especially if people are forgetful like in our country.

      Having good propagandist/pr people can make the most despicable people look 'good' and gullible people will easily buy it. Hehe, at times, good enough for people to vote for them again especially if they play 'victim'. People like supporting the 'underdog'. It was assumed that it is partly caused by watching too many soap opera whose stories are Cinderella-like.

      Hehe, I heard stories of older people getting carried away with it that when they saw the actors/actresses who play the bad guy, they get angry and told them, why they are so mean to this and that poor lead.

    2. Went to spam again, didn't I?
      Rare gift to see, even rarer to have.

      Yea, I think he's jaded, used to being used or needed due to his circumstances at home and thinks everybody is the same, then he watches our guys and thinks, they might be different, just to see he was "wrong" and they're the same as the others. Something like that. I think too, he's using a social mask, so to speak.

      I think Kouta'll be able to notice this, somehow, don't ask me why, lol.

      Aaah, Suzuka has this rare gift too, that's why he left music for a while, and our boys got him back.
      Yep, there's no distinction over political views, only who's on power and 'allied'. Ah, there will, but then, the election has passed, the 'increase' is there so no one cares, like always, lol.
      Yea, Mandela fought alright, putting bombs in public places, exploding public buildings, torturing white people, some of his wives/lovers were kinda addicted to this, that's why he got so many followers. He used any method to fight, got arrested/exiled and people made him a martyr and symbol - that's much the same like what people have done to some local figures here, and I fear they'll do the same to Lula. I mean, they already did for Che Guevara, another psycho, so...

      Yea, people here know how to do a good propaganda, I mean, I still can't convince my own mother of how politics work here, and I've shown her my books, the news, explained how the system works, the difference between left and right ideologies but all in vain. My own mother, lol.

      Lol, yea, we see that a lot irl, too. My late gran was like that, I laughed way too hard when she pulled that on me or on others, lol.

    3. Yes. Apparently, you're tagged as spam ^^; Even if I always 'unspam' your comments.

      - - -

      Yup. And the major lure seems to be some sort of interest that Chika is in the group rather than it being a koto club.

      Haha, gut feel?

      Indeed. I think he knew based on some of his expressions.

      - - -

      I see. I always thought that they somehow put him in jail due to some made-up charges. Haha, out of curiosity, you know this as a teacher who has to read things and stuff or is it taught in school?

      History lessons here tend to gloss over things. I practically have zero knowledge of Africa since it was never taught. I wonder if it was deliberate to make people concern over the 'small things' rather than know what's happening in the world. Perhaps, it is a 'it has nothing to do with us' mentality.

      You see, in our local primetime news, they keep on showing cctv/surveillance camera of petty thefts and abuse. <- make people how to safeguard themselves. The rest of the important national stuff is gloss over for just a few minutes. Of course, there are a lot of showbiz news.

      Of course, if there's an issue from the previous admin/enemy comes out. They kept on playing it over and over again to make people not want to vote for the people from the previous admin. Or perhaps, to shift the hate towards the previous admin rather than the current one.

      Hm...so people also have 'short memories' there? I thought it is only our country. ^^;

      Lol...out of curiosity, how was your mom convinced by the propaganda? Through facebook? Neighbors? Friends? Or just firm belief that person is good.

      Haha, is that so. Hopefully, no throwing of things that might destroy the TV. =P

    4. Wonder why, though. Didn't do anything different that I remember.
      Yea, he's still a weird/not so out of place character. Can't fit him yet, but he clearly seems like one of the scarred people that music heals, so.... I don't know, and yea, call it gut feel, lol.
      Teacher that got way out of his way to find text with all versions of the history. In schools, they only teach he was a martyr, like in the movie they made about him and Che. If I was 'content' with this version they teach, I'd never know such things, but I was always curious and the one student that pestered teachers with annoying and pertinent questions. Like, why was he put on jail? Doesn't make sense! Why people can't leave Cuba on their own if it's so good? Why do we need doctors from Cuba when not so long ago people in Australia was hiring brazilians doctors in areas such as heart, brain and spine surgeries? Then, I fvcked myself knowing things I'd be better off not knowing, like they said, ignorance is a bliss, lol.

      In my mom's case, she says she bought their discourse of equality and such. Now, with all the inequality and theft and how her party left the country, she feels delusional and says everybody is the same so she might do the same I do, vote in no one. But still, she can't understand how all political parties here only want the position, they don't fight for political differences, nor moral for that matter either.

      Yes, shot term memory is a thing here, too. Might be in other places we don't know about it, seeing how most things seems to be universal.

      Nah, she was always nagging and complaining about something, and she pulled that you're so mean, I'd laughed so hard that sometimes it seemed I was forcing, but no, I was really laughing. Like, how can she put that face, now? lol.

    5. I see. I did try to search before about it but it is mostly on how to prevent spam. ^^;

      - - -

      I see. We'll know soon enough.

      - - -

      Wow. Was the student satisfied with your extra effort to know the truth?

      I see. It seems that your mother is somewhat in denial that those people are only after their own interests. Here, I think I told you before, they keep on moving from one party to another depends on who is the ruling party = more benefits and power. People vote more on the person's personality rather than the party, their beliefs, etc.


      Haha, I see.

    6. Is it something on my end, then? I did have to update the browser...
      Some, but tbh, I think most of them didn't even care. Got the knowledge for myself though, so can't even complain about them not giving any f***s.

      Yea, I don't know how to explain either, lol. Here's the same, people vote 'cause of charisma, personality and not ideals or political views. Like I said, there's this one that seems to be honest, but he's very 'rude/direct' in his manner of speaking, so the media and everyone other politician is painting him in all kinds of shades just to make him look bad, while he is the only one the seems to be truly fighting for the good.

      Seems to be, at least. Haven't seen anything dishonest about him yet.

    7. Well, it didn't go to the spam folder this time around ^^

      - - -

      Lol. I see. That's too bad for them though.

      That's interesting. These days, 'rude/direct' is 'in' here. But of course, it is a double standard thing. They can be like that but others can't. ^^; If the president is cussing etc, they say, ah, he's a 'real person' like us. We can relate with him.

      Then, some people would say, is that so then, what if I cuss you, I'm also being real so don't get angry. And of course, they'll get angry. ^^;

      Out of curiosity, is their a curse word there that mentions about one's mother? Here, there is that infamous 'your mom's a whore'.

      Ah, giving him the benefit of the doubt? ^^

    8. Strange, strange. And I didn't do anything ^~'
      Well, you know how things are. Really few students really appreciate your effort. Sadly, it is how it is.
      It's not well seen here. I myself was always directly clear/objective/rude and people always gave me shit and an ignorant ogre/brute. You must be politic correct all the time to be seen as someone that's not an oppressor fascist of the extreme right wing.

      couldn't care less, though, lol.

      Yea, there're lot's of cussing involving moms not being the saints you always thought they were. And believe, it's more 'preferable/tolerable' than cussing the person per se.
      It's the least I can do, right? I look around, research and try to dig things up to know with whom I'm dealing with. This one seems the better/honest option, though he alone won't change anything and it's really easier to people f..k him up if he wins. That's the biggest problem.

    9. Hehe, well, it seems your comments are no longer considered spam. ^^

      - - -


      - - -

      I see. But then, what is being 'rude' there? Something like without respect for authorities or one doesn't have to be so direct that you'll embarrass the other person?

      - - -

      Is that so. I get the impression that one would be angry since that person is a 'mama's boy' of some sort. ^^; Or, it was implying that he is a 'bastard'. But do you call cowards as 'gay'? Of course, these days, if you say that, you'll be in trouble with the lgbt community.

      - - -

      What does this 'it's really easier to people f..k him up' mean? Easy to push around?

    10. Well, it's persecution, gotta be, lol.
      In my case, I always tell the truth, even if hurts. Respect is a whole'nother thing. Like, if you're telling a lie, and I know it's a lie, I won't go along with you. If you ask me to review something and I think it's bad, I'll tell you why I think what I think.

      Here, you can't be like that. You can't be a sincere/open/honest to a fault person. You must be a sjw, political correct all time, even if it means lying and not telling what you really think about any matter. And yes, you can't call someone gay - though I do it all the time in a joking matter - but if I do that if someone I don't know, he may as well sue me.

      This politician I mentioned before, was sued by another politician 'cause he said he wouldn't rape her 'cause she didn't deserve it. Yea, no sense at all, but it happened. And she was defending a rape case where the girl was brutalized by a lot of guys, some minors, while her boyfriend was made to see. Afterwards, they killed her boyfriend in front of her eyes, kept her locked for some more time, while the rape continued, then tried to kill her, choking her, but she survived somehow, I think she passed out and they thought she was dead so they left her in some abandoned camp. Then she - the politician - wanted a lighter punitive action by the jury saying they were only kids, victims of society and stuff like that. While this one that was sued, defended a heavier and more just sentence. She argued that he was too oppressive, a fascist and so on, then he said for her to take the kids to her home to see what these victims do to her daughter or something - she got mad and started to say he was a fascist oppressor with no regards to human rights - and he said he wished she wouldn't ever go through the same the victim went, and he wouldn't ever rape her 'cause she didn't deserve it - no one deserve it, even the ones defending the criminals and the crime. He got sued for that and she got 10k of money from him, that the 'justice' made him pay her for 'injury'.

      It used to be worse when someone'd call your mom bad things, but now it's like, family is no longer sacred, so you can call anyone anything, as long it's not me.
      It means if he wins, it's really easier for the others politicians fuck him up with all kinds of concessions and denying any kind of good program he tries to implement - 'cause he's alone there, so...

      Sorry for the word, but you asked, and it's not like my nick is any better anyway, right? lol.

    11. Indeed. Conspiracy I tell you. Lol Speaking of that, I'm amused that there are many strange beliefs these days that I stumbled upon in social media. Like, there are actually people who believe that the earth is flat...flat earthers. And, there is actually reptoid aliens replacing people like the president. @_@;;

      - - -

      Hehe, is that so. You're not even going to soften the blow? Like, what if a girlfriend asks you, do I look fat? <- popular trick question. In my case, I have a hard time lying so if I do, it is obvious since I would hesitate answering. I cannot do it spontaneously even if everyone told me that I'm too straight. ^^;;

      Wow. Question, the female politician belongs to the ruling admin? Here, if that person is, chances of winning that kind of case is very high. So, in the end, what was the sentence to those rapists? Were they high on drugs or something?

      I see.

      - - -

      Oh, I see. Kind of sabotage everything he is doing.

      Hehe, actually, I thought it is some foreign language and not f--- ^^; Naive on my part. It was like the title of this shoujo series, Mairunovich. It was later on I found out that it was Marui b---h. ^^;;

      By the way, I'm no longer going to actively summarize Namaikizakari. The English scanlation had caught up.

    12. Really, I don't know what to say. I used to think those kinda believes were people messing around, like I used to do saying I was a muslin, therefore there were somethings in school I couldn't attend, so people left me alone, but I was never anything, lol. But those stories, especially the reptile ones are way older than we think.

      I'm guessing it started with a book in mids 19th, if I'm not that high.
      If I stop to think, ya, I may soften it, but normally I just say w/e it comes to mind, very sincere/honest/impulsive person that I am. Yea, I got asked this question sometimes, I used to say, what do you want to hear? Sometimes you just can't escape - nowadays, from a couple of years now, tbh - I just say what it comes to mind and deal with it, no one told you to ask me questions, lol.

      The thing is, I can lie so naturally that scares me, really scares me, and I, wanting to be a sincere and honest person, despite being around liers, I just can't bring myself to lie for anything, and I mean, anything. Yesterday, the school director told me to get a retroactive sick leave, so I wouldn't be absent any day and my pay check'd be better - most doctors agree to it without even having to grease them for it, but I just couldn't tell my doctor to do it. I mean, I was really absent and it was nobody's fault that I couldn't work and was only able to go to the doctor some days after the classes began - I even tried go to work one day, only to be smashed by the reality that I'm not any better when it comes to do any normal thing, like standing or sitting for 10min.
      Yea, the female politician belongs to the left wing party that the gov is formed. The ones that want human rights to criminals, but no justice to the victims. And no, they knew what they were doing, this happened for over a week, so you can imagine the horror... Still, they were better treated than the family victims.
      Yea, it's a real thing here.

      I know this manga, lol. It was supposed to be a funny one, though I think I just wasted 5min of my time trying to read the first chap.

      I see, mangastream seems to have taken over the project - though they won't ever do the oldest chapters. Be honest, I kinda lost interest in Namaiki, though I still care for the series, I can't find in me that will to know what's happening anymore. All those things with the beginnings of a triangle "scared" me out of the story and the max I could do is just have a peek at some of yours summaries, more like your comment about the chapter. I think I don't actually read anything after 45.

    13. Hm...would that be to skip religion class? True...though it's the first time I heard of it. I know there was an old tv series about it before. It's called V.

      Book...you mean about the reptiles? or Earth is flat?

      - - -

      I see. Hehe, stop being conscious about what the others think/will say about you?

      What exactly is a 'retroactive sick leave'? Paid sick leave?

      - - -

      I see. So, there's no sentence yet? Usually, that is life imprisonment? Ah, are those rapists rich? Here, if you are, there is a chance of getting away with it. Or at least, serving a lighter sentence even if you got a long term.

      - - -

      I see. Lol, but in a way, that can be used to 'cover up a mistake'. Like, if things are going wrong, like in this current admin, they'll say that it was a conspiracy/sabotage by the previous admin. They are practically blaming EVERYTHING that goes wrong to the previous admin even bad publicity in international media.

      Some people are laughing at how powerful they are portraying the previous admin to be able to cause all these sabotages that they ask, if they're so powerful, how come they couldn't even win an election. ^^; Anyway, it isn't just this admin. It is the usual scapegoat of all politicians if they are newly elected in a position.

      Like our mayors, 3 different mayors, they all blame the previous ones for lack of money then tax us more.

      Lol. I only read the last part when I checked it out of curiosity and liked the 'current guy' of the lead...but the ending didn't go as I wanted it to be. ^^;;

      Actually, it was a joint project of mangastream and impatient scans. The latter one is the one that has been updating the series from where it was last left off.

      Well, currently, they are already in college...the 'triangle', all in the same college. =P Though, I kind of guessed it since the series seem to be taking inspiration from Slam Dunk so those two would most likely work together for their goal to win the Nationals.

    14. To skip anything I wasn't interest in, tbh, lol.

      Yea, V was a good weird show, and it was about that, aliens/reptilians that'd 'skin walk', taking the form of humans and so on. Nice, weird show. It's a really recurring theme in literature, and nowadays in movies/cinema and others medias as well. Black Tower, though it doesn't have it as it's premise, deals with this somehow, too.

      Stephen King usually wade into these waters. And I meant books about reptlians/aliens that take human form. Earth Flatters is quite a bit old, but like I said, I've always presumed they were just messing around, didn't actually believe in it. But just google it, and you'll see they've been around for sometime.
      Not really, I mean, I never did care about others opinion about me. I just tended to avoid conflict/hurting someone, so I'd usually think a bit before talking. Nowadays I simply don't have the patience anymore, so w/e, lol.

      It's when the doctor assigns past days, before the actual consult with him, so you won't miss those days you couldn't work/was waiting for the booked check up. It's illegal, but as you know, lots of people do it.
      There's no life sentence here, that max is 35y, irrc. But, you can be convicted for two 35y sentences or more. The minors that were involved are already free/like free as you can be; the others got a bit more than 10y, but they can get out in holidays and appeal for a semi-open regime...

      They weren't rich, it's what the left wing is trying/promoting with all the 'human rights'. I say openly left wing 'cause they are the only ones protecting criminals and giving them more "rights" than the victims, which, btw, are left without any kind of resolution/care.
      Yea, they always do that. They say the previous admin had spent way more than they could, so now they have to put out the fire, so to speak, and cycle repeats since forever. Same here, no difference at all.
      Good thing I didn't waste anymore time with it, then. Yea, I just saw it at mangastream site, but like I said, it's been a long while, and knowing they're still in this kinda triangle piss me off for some reason and makes me praise Ore Monogatari even more, lol.

      Unless Yuki gives no shi*s about his advances and only has eyes, time to care about Sho.
      Have read Shingeki yet? I feel lost, but at least Sasha is a beauty now, lol.

    15. Alas...back in the spam folder you went. ^^; Could it be the content or something that's triggering it?

      Is that so. I only know of Black Tower as a movie that wasn't as good as the novel ^^;

      True. I googled it. I just didn't know that there are actually believers of it. Hehe, those reptile aliens and flat earthers are also fans of the current president. <- how I came to know about it. There are those who actually believe that what NASA said that he is the best president in the whole solar system. =P

      - - -

      Lol, I see.

      Ah. But when you say illegal...there's a punishment for it if found out? or it is more on morals/ethics?

      - - -

      I see. Here, that only happens if you're rich. For the poor, perhaps, if they're petty thieves who have to share the loot with the police. Ah...'get out during holidays'...is that for everyone or just because they're 'minors'?

      True. Basically, the 'punishment' given isn't 'equal' to the 'crime'. By the way, are courts in jury or judge there? Here, it is judge who is always believe to be bribed. Hence, I asked if the culprits are rich or poor.

      - - -

      Lol, so it's a typical reason of politicians. I guess, more so if they are from different political parties.

      - - -

      Haha, is that so. Well, Yuki being Yuki isn't like that especially if Shizuka is in a situation wherein she can do something about it. But of course, she doesn't think anything Shizuka does are 'romantic in nature' at all. ^^;

      - - -

      Yup. Fight-fight-fight. Indeed...though she went soft on that girl. Lol, forgot her name. I almost thought that the girl will shoot those lights...did she or she is really like 'Eren' who just grab the gun and run towards the 'enemy' with hopes to kill the 'enemy' himself due to the deaths.

      So, the plan was to yum-yum the other titans? And killing those people weren't exactly according to plan? So, who are you going to bet who'll win this? Eren + human vs Beast + Jaw and military + lil girl. <- not counting yet the possible reinforcements.

    16. Had to update the browser again, but I don't know if that's what's causing all these spam marks.
      Yea, def not good. How can you adapt tons of pages into just a barely 2h movie? You just can't.

      That's how I feel. I thought they were only messing around, not actually 'believers'. And that's onehelluva fans the president have. For some reason, I can only laugh at it, lol.
      Illegal 'cause it'you're changing a document without going through the right process - like, request for those days to be added in the license, but through the legit way - which is by appealing to the health secretary that has it's own department to deal with situation like these. It only takes about a month or more for you to get any kind of response - while you just keep losing days of work waiting for the answer - 'cause you can't actually work while it's in process or you can't really work 'cause you're not able to.
      No, the minors are already out, they didn't even get a real sentence nor did they went to jail, just only some time in a 'reformatory' and that was it. Irrc, some of them were caught again, for other crimes. The others have holidays off and right to appeal to 'ease' their sentence and spend less time in jail and so on.

      Normally, a judge. Though, most of the political crimes have at least three judges. It's been a while since I last saw any trial with a jury, pretty rare, but there's the option in our law.
      Yep, that's why people tend to say this or that were corrupted/forced to do shady things, otherwise they couldn't work - people just forget that they can always quit or denounce - like some have done, really few, though. And most those that were corrupted are the actual ones manipulating the whole system, but they don't like the truth, so you know...
      Yea, and that got boring after some time. I mean, after everything, Yuki is still THAT dense? It's like the author is doing on purpose just to appease the others ship, without hurting too much the 'real/canon' one. And I dislike that.
      Gabi. I thought that as well, and when she saw Connie's back I thought she'd shoot him right there, too. And it really seems like what we commented earlier, a full circle of mistakes and hatred that seems to go on forever - though Eren plan - imo - to show all the world the horror that titans are, every titan, and so bring it together to exterminate'em once and for all - which was his main goal since he was kid. And obviously he didn't tell anyone that, just enough to get people to board onto the plan, like that guy Jean was trying to keep from causing more damage than necessary.

      If it's not that, I don't know wth the plan was about, really. And we still have yet to see Armin, and I think maybe Reiner'll switch sides, causing more confusing and troubling Gabi, Falco and the other ones that thought this attack was too 'slopy' since it was just like the other guy predicted, which'd only fuel their own motivations and put the island into even more danger.

    17. Maybe that's the cause. This post is okay.

      - - -

      Indeed. And, it wasn't popular enough for them to chop it up into 2-3 part movie?

      - -

      I see...so what's the punishment if you're caught? Fine? Since you mentioned that the doctor would be okay with it, that seems to imply that most will turn a blind eye on it.

      - - -

      Oh. Since they were caught for other crimes, they really didn't learn. Perhaps the law should be if it is serious crimes like murder or rape, there should be a sentence. So, just because that politician sided with the minors, the minors also got a light sentence?

      Is that a standard or special case? I mean, most minors with that kind of crime usually get light sentences or this is one special case since politicians got involved.

      I see.

      - - -

      Ah yes, regarding elections of 'not choosing anyone', if a lot of people voted for that, who will continue running the government? Would it be the incumbent president? I'm just wondering if it is possible that they'll have a conspiracy wherein they would field 'undesirable' candidates and people would keep choosing 'none of the above'. Would they keep governing the country?

      - - -

      From the looks of it, it is more on that is Yuki's character or plot device to progress some things. It doesn't seem to 'appease the other ship' since it doesn't have anything romantic to it. Lol, at least for me.

      - - -

      And, isn't it amusing that Eren has a younger fan, too? =P Who approves of what he does. Like, Reiner has kids looking up to him.

      Possible. If that is so, do you think he ate Annie? Perhaps, the plan is to eat all the other titans and get himself killed. Goal. Every titan = exterminated.

      True. But since Levi was there, I don't think he'll just join this fight without really knowing what its purpose is.

    18. Guess we'll never figure out, lol.
      I think not, I mean, most of the movies adapted from his books have at least 3h or so.
      I don't think anyone ever got caught, but I'd assume a fine since it's not any 'major' crime.
      Like I said, left wing politicians only blame the society - which is the one they themselves are creating, btw - and not the actual people committing the crime, that implies that all honest hard working people are bandits pressuring other into the crime life. And that's standard, all minors are treated that way, and most bandits are given the benefit of the doubt, even when caught red handed, and even when they're actually prosecuted, they're soon out again 'cause of some holiday sh*t or something.

      That's why people say what they say 'bout this country.

      If you're rich or have connections, you don't even need to bother going into trial, most of the times.
      There's actually a catchy phrase in the legislation that says that if 51% of the votes were nuled, there'd need to have another election with other candidates, for the position that got 51%. What it doesn't clarified, though, is the fact that voted can be nullified by others, like, if you walk in with a cellphone, you're vote is nullified 'cause it's prohibited to vote with cellphones, take pictures or w/e; does that mean this vote'll count or only the ones that voted null by their own volition? How we can be sure one was nullified and one wasn't? BTW, just so you know, a lot of famous people go with their family and take pictures and post online in elections - just to say, hey, you should take yours and vote too, like all the citizens; are their votes nullified? BTW, voting here is mandatory to anyone above 18 and under 65 or 75, don't remember now since they're about to change the constitution and the retirement specifics.
      Yea, it might be it, it's just like I said many times, we see that triangle/rivalry stuff so much that it starts to bug you even when there's only the possibility of one. So, in my case, seeing that thing in one of my fav. shoujo was a big turn off.

      I mean, you yourself said Yuki is denser than a black hole towards anything Shizuka pulls, so why put it in the first place when Yuki and Sho have their own problems and insecurities to deal with, and their own interactions'd be enough to keep it interesting since they're so different from one another and still, are madly in love with each other and discovering how to deal with their relationship... Man, I do ramble when I start talking about this thing, especially if I'm without sleeping and under heavy medication, lol.
      It's actually quite understandable, imo. Seeing how most of them were traumatized and suffered in way or another, wanting retribution is really the very first thing one'd want in that position, I'd gather. Like Gabi now, Eren then, and cycle goes on. If they knew the truth about Reiner, about what their 'admired and revered soldiers' did, killing tons of innocents in the process, just like is happening now, I wonder if they'd be as respected as they're now.

      The problem with that is, what about Armin? Is he going to eat Armin as well? Would he be able to? I mean, Eren was the one that actually saved Armin's and convinced Levi to gave the serum to him instead of Erwin. Mikasa had already given up and all others were in Erwin's favor. Could he eat Annie? It's not like they didn't share some kind of admiration towards each others, which created tons of jealousy in Mikasa's heart that 'till now people wonder who won their 'spar' back then. I mean, it's even hinted and joked about in the Lost Girls omake.

      Anyways, like I said, if it's not what I said before about the cycle and Eren wanting to end it all with him - which give rise to the questions above - I'm totally lost.

    19. Before I forget, I MUST recommend you a manga, Chuusotsu Roudousha kara Hajimeru Koukou Seikatsu Roudousha - had to go and copy the name, only know the english translation that'd be Highschool life of/for a Middleschool Worker.

      It's awesome. I mean, yea, it's heavy af and if one doesn't have the heart, it's better to pass along, but it's such a well written character drive story, that I had to recommend to everyone I know and likes manga/anime. So far, only 9ch translated and I can't wait for more and would be in onehelluva anxiety crisis if I had to wait to know what happened after ch5 'till now.

      If you get invested as I am, wouldn't mind seeing your summaries of it, though it's not shoujo, and it's more like a serious drama slice of life seinen.

      Anyway, just waiting to see if my sick leave was approved - being almost a week now and still nothing.

    20. I see. So, it isn't popular enough that they'll invest more on it? Is it to just promote the novel like...the movie is bad but the novel is better = curious moviegoer will read the book.

      - - -

      I see. Well, if it is a fine then a 'counter bribe' for hush-hush will be effective, too.

      Oh. So the 'honest worker' = 'the bad' there? So, crime pays, huh.

      So, it's forbidden to take pictures during election...for privacy? I recall that there as a big deal before when the media was filming this presidential candidate...he didn't vote for his own vice president candidate. Lol Anyway, there's no such rule here.

      'How we can be sure one was nullified and one wasn't?' ...ah, won't they just remove his election form from the ballot box after knowing who s/he is? Isn't frequent elections costly?

      Here, well, it isn't mandatory. They would even love that you don't vote since they'll use your vote to vote for the ones they want to win. Even the 'dead' vote since they are still on the registry. Sometimes, they move your name around so that you won't find your name in the place where you should vote.

      - - -

      True. For now, she should already know since he confessed. In that chapter, Yuki is more concerned about their suits than anything else. As I joked at the comments, Yuki won't be able to sleep that night if she didn't clean off that lipstick stain from Shizuka's coat. After she sees Shou again, she asks if his suit is okay. So, ya, probably its her personality.

      In a way, this can be considered 'dealing with insecurities', don't you think so? Fangirls are all over him. Shizuka is there. I'm thinking the ex might appear. =P And so, they'll have to deal with those things in their relationship aside from different priorities and personalities.

      - - -

      It is. Perhaps since it is a 'cycle', storywise, shouldn't there be someone/something who'll stop it? It depends on the person. If it's like what's happening here, they'll say, ah, too bad, they're just collateral damage but you'll thank us later on because we'll defeat the 'evil/enemy'. The end justifies the means. How's that?

      Well, they have short lives, right? So, they might think that 'it's for the good of all'.

      I read the first chapter. It's okay. I'm not that fond of the art though ^^;

      Summaries, not too sure. I have pending summaries ;_; Sorry.

      Well, hopefully, it's out this week. ^^

    21. I have no idea, be honest, the Black Tower is a good book and a best seller and really popular here in the west, so, I really don't know.
      Yea, being honest here is like being a silly, naive and innocent person, delusional and bad for business, and you can guess why it'd be bad for business.

      The vote is secret, supposedly, so taking pictures is going against the constitution, so it's illegal and should be nulled, but, are they? I recall this radio guy talkin' about how he couldn't take a pic with his 5y daughter, but this famous couple took one with the whole family - like, he wasn't even in the booth, while the famous were, so...

      Thing is, vote here is electronic, so we actually don't have the meanings to know for 100% sure, we can't know who voted for who when checking/counting 'em, and it was already proven that this electronic urns are easily manipulated/bypassed. So... Yea, there's being a petition to change to impress votes, but most politicians are against it, wonder why...

      It is mandatory, like I said, if you don't vote, you have to pay taxes, and if you don't vote for 3y, you're like, banned from society, can't have a loan in the bank, can't open an account on bank if you don't already have one, can't sign any contract, take any jobs and so on...
      That's what pisses me off. We see that kinda thing in Monogatari, but what they did there? Yamato promptly rejected the guy and all the advances after the confession. What Yuki does? Nothing and could read as lead the poor guy on since she doesn't cut ties, nor promptly says anything that'd smash all his hopes...

      But all stories can't be like one another, so yea, I still hold Namaiki in high regards, but I can't muster the strength to read while knowing this pseudo triangle is still going on, though the basket rivalry'd be nice if Yuki wasn't the whole thing that "prompted" in the first place.

      It would, Kat, but is Yuki really afraid of losing Sho to any of his fans? Sho IS, at least was 'till I stopped reading, afraid of losing her, not only to Shizuka, but to any other guy. She can reassure him, but it seems his fear just won't go away. They are dealing with their insecurities the way things are, sure, but, imo, this triangle is way too forced into the story, it isn't needed for they to grow or know how to cope with their own fears and such. don't know if I could make myself clear or my point understood, I always am under heavy and strong med effects, so I could mumble and write w/e thinking I'm making sense out of things that are in my head, but I'm actually just writing bs, lol.
      Yea, what we don't know is what the goal/message the author wants to send. Is he going for the kill with, such is the humankind fate, always making the same mistakes, again and again, repeating this vicious cycle even when they know it? Or is he going for the cliched, but nice one where the heroes put a stop to it and create something new - like Naruto kinda did, before Boruto came to exist and blow things up...

      I don't know, I can't see Eren eating Arming like that. As Jaded as he is, cold as he seems, I can't see it. It might be possible and might even have happened already, but I just can't see it, you know? Would have to actually happen first with a good background for me to believe, lol.

    22. The art is kinda gritty, right? I think it worked for the heavy atmosphere the author is going for, like foreboding some dramatic events and telling us to be prepared for them, lol.

      And don't worry, I said it in a joke, though I sure wouldn't mind if you picked it up, in no way I'm asking you to do it. I know you have a lot to do already, so I won't ever impose on you anything, already am really grateful to what you do, which is not a small feat in any manner.
      It's out, thankfully. Now I'm on to schedule new exams and other check ups. It'll pass like if it was in speed of light, but yea, at least it one less thing weighing on my mind, now.
      I was actually ready to read the new chapter, but am too tired right now and won't be able to fully 'absolve' the chapter. Though I'll already thank you for it, lol.

    23. Hmm...the first post went to spam. Must be the content? ^^;

      I see. I guess that will be a mystery.

      Hehe, 'special treatment'. Perhaps, they 'pay' for the souvenir photo.

      What is impress vote? We also have electronic here. There is an independent checker to audit. There were rumors of cheating with the 'memory card' but usually never pursued or evidence is weak. If the gap of the votes is close, prepare for the loser to scream cheating and try to destroy your reputation with fake news. It is happening with the vice president.

      It used to be manual. It takes a long time to count and well, easy to cheat, too. There are those who are desperate enough to harm the teachers carrying the ballot boxes. So teachers are not only paid late, there is a risk of being killed.

      Lol, of course, politicians won't agree to anything that is against them. We want their bank records to be public. We want to have a anti-family dynasty so that they won't keep on putting their relatives in the same post to protect their turf. If the law is 'for' them, watch them go overtime and pass the law in record time.

      I wonder though what's the purpose of it being mandatory. Are they like recording if you are for them or against them? Say, if you vote for the ruling party/current admin, it would be easier for you to get your sick leave and get operated on...stuff like that? If not, suffer... Lol, that's how it is here...though mostly from rich donors 'betting on their chicken' to have easier business/connections. Some of them just give to both...perhaps more to the one who has a higher possibility of winning based on surveys.

      - - -

      True. It is up to him to just brainwash himself that he has no hope.

      Lol. I got you. Yuki isn't though at one time, there was a bit of jealousy but it was never expounded. Sho doesn't seem to be...I mean think of Shizuka as a threat. More like, he just doesn't want him anywhere with her.

      I assume that Sho knows that he won't lose her to Shizuka especially since she at times says things that 'floors him'. Actually, I thought that they would act a bit more mature during the college arc. Well, it was just the first chapter so maybe that kind of antics will fade later on especially if they'll have to work on their basketball stuff.

      - - -

      Lol... ' Boruto came to exist and blow things up...'. What did he blow up? Are you referring to the 'cycle' of things? I only read a few chapters and it seems that Boruto is going to be kind of like Sasuke when he was cursed.

      Any possibility that it will be like Claymore? Defeat the enemy and go back to 'normal life'? I guess it also depends if the series is a tragedy or not.

      Hehe, I see. ^^ Anyway, if we are to think of readers, it probably won't happen. ^^;

      - - -

      Heavy atmosphere. In what chapter? It seems like a guy with a chip on his shoulder who wants to pass high school to prove that he is a 'somebody'. Rich girl seems to be studying in that school for some reason.

      Hehe...after chapter 2, still don't like the characters. ^^;;


      - - -

      That's great ^^ And after that...? Hopefully a pass for the surgery?

      - - -

      It's okay. Take your time ^^ Take care of yourself.

  5. Great summary, thanks again, Kat :) 😍

    Great discussions as well. My old friend has a master in music (bassoon) and I learned a lot about Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, et al from auditing his classes. I agree that Mozart is a true genius, crafting perfect compositions in his head so all he had to do was write them down. I reckon Natsu is similar to Mozart but minus the muse/inspiration/strong-guidance that Mozart had in the form if his father and later on, his wife. IMHO, Natsu has innate love for music but there are things in his background that stops him from channelling his music properly and as such, he's part-time on all bands, like he's pushing himself away. I'm looking forward to see how the author resolves his story and bring in a commitment to music (and people) that Natsu never showed.

    1. Thanks for reading, Anon0o0 ^-^

      I see ^^

      Most likely. Indeed ^^

  6. I don't know why but I get the feeling that the very reason why Suzuka chose Chika and Kouta to be the teachers of Natsu and Atsumo was actually to test to see if these freshmen are compatible with the rest of the club members. Having Atsumo being able to see past Chika's bad reputation, he already passed in every sense of the way. More than the ability to play, its got to do more of the compatibility of accepting and incorporating each one's existence.
    Long story short, Kouta's lack of sense in rhythm play an opposite to Natsu's 'perfect sense' of rhthm. Basically, for Suzuka to pair them together was his way of testing Natsu of his ego whilst for Kouta, its Suzuka's way of enabling Kouta to pick up the rhythm sense a little better.
    But alas, both sides somehow failed as Natsu is incapable of working with those who aren't in the same league as him.
    Suzuka's methods may have been cruel, but to no surprise, he's good at reading one's character. And its a justifiable action to make it so.
    Going back to Natsu and Kouta, its easy for those with high skills to feel bored having to be taught by someone with a lower level than them. But the issue with Natsu, was that his level of overconfidence disables his ability to work exceptionally well with other peers.
    But granted that he is able to fit into just about any band/ ensemble, what was lacking is the 'heart' that everyone else in the club has. The disadvantages of being diverse in skill is that there's no individuality or 'emotional endearment' to his playing. Though being a team player is also valuable, but the reason why it is valuable is because what makes each ensemble unique is the need for that 'unique' sound that stands apart from others.... if that makes sense.
    Unless of course, I'm reading this wrong.

    1. It's possible, Effenay. Though, I'm more convinced if it's just Kouta and Natsu. For Atsumo...not too much since Atsumo has to know about Chika's 'bad reputation'. Based on the second meeting/prior to the pairing, Atsumo doesn't show any signs of being 'scared'/knew of Chika's bad reputation.

      Yup. I get it...something like a 'unique' contribution yet blends in with the others to make the music better than usual?

  7. KOT 69 is already out...pls pls pls!!! Luv KOT and ur blog!

    1. Japanese, yes. but I translate from Chinese. The latter one doesn't seem to be out yet. =(

      Thank you ^^

  8. terimakasih atas kerja kerasnya ^_^