January 22, 2018

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 98]

Narration: “Since when did it start?” There is a scene of young Reishou sitting by the bushes. Then, a silver dragon coils around in front of him. Back at the frontier, Kankou tells Kouren that lately, it seems that Reishou is always hanging around at his side.

Kouren says that it is as Kankou said. “After looking at me working at the side, His Highness would ask about the things that bothered him. *scene of Reishou holding out two written documents and asking Kouren, what is this and what’s up with this legal case.*...

...At the same time, he’ll ponder on how to improve the Northern Province’s administrative department.” There is a scene of Reishou thinking, okay, it turns out to be like that-
Kankou says that some time before, Reishou would even follow the merchant [to sell things] *scene of Reishou carrying a backpack of wares* and even help the farm in planting something. “That youngster is really lively wherever he goes.” Kouren says that his curiosity is quite exuberant.

Kankou says besides that, in case there is a battle, he’ll be like a ferocious beast that was let out as he goes about to totally slaughter the prey in front of him. They say that at the battlefield, he is like a keen wolf that is calm as ice.”

Kouren says that the soldiers also considerably trust him... Kankou asks if the capital is the same as before. Kouren says the king and the officials are the same. Kankou says rotten and filthy...really ironic. There is a scene of Reishou laughing and talking with some soldiers.
Later on, Jun informs Reishou about the capital sending some military support. He explains that it was proposed in order to guard against foreign invaders. “Even if the ones coming aren’t many...”

Reishou says, ah, that’s quite rare! “Obviously, they always don’t care and let things be! It’s just because this place is very far. What’s up. They plan on sending over excess useless soldiers!” Jun nervously calls him out. Among the newly arrived soldiers from the capital, Kokuu exclaims in surprise upon seeing Reishou.

He says, “Hey, hey, hey, how come the people at frontier side would even send this kind of kid to the battlefield? That is quite mean [/too much].” This surprises Reishou and Dai in amusement. Jun and others are looking tense.
Playing along, Reishou tells Kokuu, that’s right! “It is like that and they’re so mean, right! Because the soldiers aren’t enough, they’ll send a child like me at the very front of the frontlines!”

While sparkling Reishou smiles innocently at Kokuu, the soldiers from the frontier say ‘hey, brat’, ‘he is quite good in saying shameful things’, ‘so despicable’, ‘No one from this side, will be deceived by that.’

Smiling Reishou exclaims, “That’s right. Bro from the capital’s military, let’s have a round. I’m a bit sorry that you’ll be having a brat for an opponent.”
Soon, Kokuu and Reishou have a duel. Kokuu is totally flabbergasted at how good Reishou is. “Wha-” Reishou laughs and shouts, “This man is very strong! Not bad! Kokuu?”

Kokuu looks surprised. Reishou exclaims, “I’ve guessed it right! I’m so happy that you’ve come to the distant Northern part of the Earth! Even if there is nothing here, but I really welcome you.”  At the barracks, Reishou had already taken a fancy on Kokuu.

Kokuu says it is said that in the eyes of the capital, it is very easy to repel the foreigners here. Reishou says yes, they indeed have always thought of a way [to repel them]. Kokuu says but, ya-, tsk-, is that so, he feels very apologetic... Reishou tells him that it is alright, there’s no need for him to apologize.
Narration: “Brother the king doesn’t have a bit of interest towards the outside world. The officials abused their power and they would only pursue their own interests. The capital’s corruption becomes more severe day by day. Even we, who are in the far North, will be affected.”

A thin man shouts to everyone that starting from today, he’ll be the general of this border’s army. “I’m entrusting you all the task of totally repelling back those barbaric foreigners! For our king, offer up your lives and attain victory!”

Narration: “This country has a serious illness. Starting from within, the decay has spread. The disgusting odor had enveloped the entire country.” Standing with Kouren and others, Reishou says that this time, this one is...
Kouren says that he is afraid that, that person is part of the power struggle among the capital’s nobles. “Wanting to bring up a military achievement to increase his clan’s authority...”

The thin commander tells them that he is in charge of this task since he was appointed by the king. “That is also saying that obeying my orders is obeying the king’s orders.” Everyone doesn’t take the news well.

Kokuu realizes that they were sent there first to probe the limits of decorum. Narration: “By the time the degree of decay had been noticed, it is already hard to reverse the grave situation.” End flashback.
Reishou tells Yuulin that like this, that winter basically worsened the situation. “The general from the capital wasn’t able to grasp into his hand the military leadership [that is needed] and things are still unstable when the foreigners invaded.”

There is a scene of the thin general ordering everyone to give chase as he rode his horse on that snowy day. “Basically, the general from the capital already saw an opportunity for a victory in the battle. For a military achievement, he decided to pursue and attack the escaping enemy general. On the way, we’ve encountered a sudden snowstorm.”

Flashback: Thin general shouts that he cannot see in front. A soldier tells him to retreat first. The thin general insists that they have already come here. There are shadowed figures on top of the cliff. Suddenly arrows start to fly down on them.
Someone shouts, “Surprise attack!!” The soldiers shout, “Is it a trap!? In coming!!” Kankou shouts for all the army to retreat!! “Disperse! Depend on yourself and run away!” The soldiers are in disarray. Reishou quickly rushes towards Kankou.

Narration: “What is the right thing to do? Our battle formation has been broken. The soldiers have fled and they’re scattered in all directions. Line of sight is not clear. The enemy troops are coming close from behind.” Reishou sees Kankou’s frustrated and angry expression.

Narration: “The smell of death has directly come to one’s face.” Drawing his sword to face the advancing enemy troops, Reishou shouts, “Father, I’ll stay here to stall the enemy’s advance. Father, you and the others leave first. I’ll catch up again afterwards.” Narration: “Can I do it in this kind of situation?”
To Reishou’s surprise, Kankou stands in front of him and says, “I’ll stay behind. You quickly hurry and leave.” Reishou protests, “No, father. No matter how scattered our troops are, as long as you’re still alive, it can still be saved! Right now, you have to live on.”

Kankou says, “Reishou, after this, gather together all the people who are still living. ...regroup and command our squadron and the military support from the capital. *puzzled Reishou asks, what*...

...Using your identity of having the blood of Hakuyou’s royal family, direct the whole army! *Reishou looks surprised* Afterwards, Shuu Kouren ought to be able to work smoothly.” Confused Reishou asks, “...what are you saying, father.”
Smiling Kankou says, “I...knew earlier on that this day will come sooner or later. You are THAT KIND of creature. *pats Reishou’s head* If you were to become king, this country will become a bit better, right. *still smiling*...

...Okay, go. You actually really know it in your heart, right? *turns around and holds up his spear* What should be the right thing to do...but, you are the most intelligent among all of us.”

Narration: “Run. Don’t stop. Keep on running. Actually, where is this path leading to? It’s all white and I cannot see a thing. *Reishou keeps on running* It seems to be mocking me. There seems to be a silver dragon that is always dashing by my side.” End flashback.
Reishou tells Yuulin that afterwards, because he ran as if his life depended on it, he more or less doesn’t remember the details. “During the chaos, I used the name of being the king’s younger brother to re-group the military troops and successfully repel back the foreign invaders...

...*smiles* ...unexpectedly, after that war, brother the king actually acknowledged that I’m his missing younger brother. As the king’s younger brother, I was conferred the position of a general...

...I expanded [/through recruitment] the frontier army. All over the place, we suppressed the internal and various regions’ armed rebellion. Doing one’s best while rushing about, I have to do the things that had to be done in order to protect everything that I want to protect.”
“But why. *looks slightly sad* I don’t know when it started that my freedom has already disappeared.” There is a scene of young smiling Reishou as everyone calls him, ‘hey’, ‘youngster’, ‘stinky brat’, ‘[Rei]Shou’.

There is a scene again of young Reishou behind the bushes as he was called, ‘Your Highness’. The scene changes to older Reishou looking serious and glum. Narration: “I have returned again to my childhood severely limiting prisoner’s cage.”
Comment: What Reishou told Suigetsu about the silver dragon before is the truth. I guess that he just passed it as a rumor so that Suigetsu will choose on his own free will whether to serve him or not. In this aspect of being free vs doing one’s duty due to one’s identity, Reishou can understand Suigetsu.

When he was young, Reishou did show he is quite inquisitive, want to learn everything, experience everything and quite good as a fighter. Most likely, all of that made Kankou know of Reishou’s potential in making the country better.

Reishou’s first meeting with Kokuu is amusing. ^^ Kokuu really had a surprise when Reishou shows off his fighting skills. Alas, happy innocent days are already numbered. Officials who want prestige and power appear. They’ll sacrifice any pawns to achieve their goals.

The thin general obviously has no experience and yet, wants blind obedience. I think the soldiers’ morale will be down since he practically told them to die for ‘him’. Well, that ambition got them into that enemy trap. I wonder if that thin general died.

But obviously, someone very important to Reishou was sacrificed. I guess for Kankou as both father and a soldier who love the country, it was the ‘right’ decision that Reishou ought to be the one who should live. ;_; Kankou has definitely accepted his fate that he can even smile as he told all that stuff to Reishou.

I guess after this, he met up with Dai since there was a scene Dai was giving water to him. Now, where does Kouren’s ‘betrayal’ come in? He definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the deaths because that would be ‘unforgiveable’ and their relationship won’t be considered ‘complicated’.

The most likely bet is being slowly ‘forced’ to take the throne and ended up in a position that he detests the most. Actually, stay in the place that has only bad memories for him. It only has people who obey and respect him just because he is king and not because he is Reishou like that time at the frontier.

So, he is now ‘trapped/imprisoned’ but he cannot exactly totally hate it since it was somewhat what his father hoped. Before, I used to think that the reason why Reishou doesn’t want Yuulin to be in the palace is because of his mother. He doesn’t want her to have a lonely life like his mother.

It turns out that it is Reishou all along. He doesn’t want Yuulin to stay in the same ‘cage’ where he is. He wants her to be free and happy outside the cage. I can understand his conflict of wanting her beside him and yet, as he told her before, there is nothing there in the palace.

But Yuulin has already chosen. She chose to be with him. ^^ Lol, She prefers to go back and be ‘locked up’. ^^; So, did Kouren also plan this before? To find a ‘partner’ for Reishou so that he’ll be happy in his ‘cage’? But now, as he mentioned, he knew of Yuulin’s importance and would do everything possible to keep her happy inside. Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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