January 9, 2018

Futsuu no Koiko-chan [Chapters 12]

Narration: “Perhaps, this is the so-called ‘mutual love’.” Aiko arrives home and sees the two sleeping under the table. Yumeko welcomes her daughter back. Pointing at the two, Aiko says that this puts her in a bad mood so what’s up with this scene. Yumeko asks isn’t it very cute?

Scowling Aiko whispers that it doesn’t feel a bit cute and please, do they have to do that kind of thing in the room where she’ll pass through. “Unexpectedly covered by one single quilt while sleeping, isn’t that too outrageous.”

Yumeko corrects her that is a kotatsu. The two stop arguing when they hear Tsurugi groaning. Tsurugi moves his hand and touches Koiko’s knee. This causes the two to wake up.
Blushing Tsurugi quickly sits up and apologizes by saying that it wasn’t deliberate. Blushing Koiko says that it is fine. Then, they notice Aiko darkly looking at them as she guessed what had happened between the two inside the kotetsu.

Tsurugi apologizes for intruding. Fuuko welcomes her sister back and asks if she also went to the hatsumode. Pushing her glasses up, Aiko says that’s right, she properly went alone.

She tells them that a so-called hatsumode is used for recalling the sentiments that one had in the past year and then, praying for another year to pass smoothly and peacefully. “It’s a very scared ceremony. It isn’t a place to go for people like you two who have frisky feelings.”
Koiko exclaims, frisky!? She tries to deny it when she recalls the lovey-dovey moments she shared with Tsurugi during that time. To their surprise, Tsurugi admits that it is indeed quite happy...

He says that it is indeed a scared ceremony, so would there be a a retribution? Koiko wonders if he’s too pure but he seems to be from the looks of it. Because of Tsurugi’s admission, Koiko realizes that it turns out that he also felt quite happy.

Koiko asks what retribution and aren’t there many people who also go hihi and haha when they went to the hatsumode. Tsurugi says that it also won’t be easy for the gods to punish each and everyone for it. Koiko says that he’s mistaken on the important point since she meant that retribution-whatever is impossible. This irks Aiko.
Turning to leave, Aiko says that if she is a god, they’ll definitely be given a heavenly punishment and it can be considered they’re lucky since the god they prayed to is quite lenient. Tsurugi laughs and exclaims that’s true!

He is puzzled when Aiko looks at him. Aiko asks if he doesn’t realize that she is being sarcastic to him. “Too pure.” To their surprise, Koiko retorts back that is Tsurugi’s strong point. Tsurugi blushes so Koiko says that she didn’t mean to defend him.

As she leaves, Aiko says that she also didn’t say that it is a weak point. Tsurugi is quite delight that he was praised by the two sisters and he’s a bit embarrassed. Koiko thinks that she had discovered Tsurugi’s strong point first.
She catches herself and says, so she’s saying! “Even if I’m the one who discovered it first, anyone can see the good things about this guy! It is because he is called as part of the upper layer.”

Standing up, Koiko says okay, quickly properly get some sleep so Tsurugi should also... Tsurugi notices Koiko’s elastic band on her hair that he exclaims, ah... Then, he blushes. Koiko glances at him and says that he noticed it quite late. Tsurugi laughs. Yumeko asks what’s up.

Narration: “Even if everyone can see this guy’s strong point, but I can feel his goodness more deeply. That’s right. This is ‘mutual love...! ‘s...manifestation???”  Looking at a lovey-dovey couple customer at the convenient store, Koiko wonders for real, is it like these people?
“The areas wherein that guy and my feelings are interlinked had gradually become many. Even if it looks like this is ‘mutual love’ manifestation to me, but is it really like that? Could it be that I’m just mistaken?

...It’s like two people looking at the same flower and both would say it’s beautiful at the same time. Isn’t that a misunderstanding that one would assume that it is mutual love-type of thing?”

After Koiko gets off work, she receives a message from Tsurugi. He wrote that on his way to her house, he noticed that there are a lot of police one after another (O_O) so pay attention to her safety on her way back. She sends him a sticker of ‘no problem’ with a thumbs up from a masculine-looking character.
Then, a man from a van calls out to her and asks how to go to Nishimi station. Koiko tells him that from this road. The man says that it is too troublesome for her to explain.

To her surprise, the car doors open and reveal two more guys inside. They tell her to sit inside and accompany them. Koiko looks aghast since she is no longer in the state of ‘no problem’. Koiko turns around and says no. The guys grab her and tell her not to be so heartless. “Come

Looking really tense, she remembers Tsurugi. She quickly shouts that her boyfriend is coming to get her-!! To her surprise, Tsurugi suddenly pulls her to him from behind. Tsurugi asks the guys if they have any business with his girlfriend. This made Koiko blush.
One of the guys ask, what did you say, brat. Tsurugi asks could it be that they are talking [/flirting] with people like this today? The guy asks ha!? Tsurugi says that it seems that there are many police walking around nearby. The man asks if that is for real when they are simply talking that’s all...

Tsurugi asks, ha, simply? This made them speechless so they quickly got in the van and left. After they left, Koiko pulls up her scarf and says that it is just a small thing and she’s also fine all by herself. Tsurugi notices her trembling hand. He grabs her hand and says as if she’s fine.

Koiko blushes as he walks ahead while holding her hand. She notices that he is also trembling like her. Koiko mentions this to him. Tsurugi says that it is because he just took advantage of the situation and said those things. “Honestly speaking, I basically have not quarreled before!”
Koiko says ah, after all, he is everyone’s pampered prince. Tsurugi says ah, he really sucks. Koiko pulls her hand away from his and grabs his hand instead. Tsurugi is surprised since she’s now the one leading him. Tsurugi asks why she is leading him along.

She tells him that it doesn’t matter who leads who. He says that obviously, her hand is trembling. Koiko says isn’t he also trembling. After a pause, Tsurugi casually grabs her hand again. This made Koiko blush.

She tells him that just now, she subconsciously told them that ‘my boyfriend is coming’ and she’s so quick-witted. He says that he also subconsciously said ‘what business do they have with his girlfriend’ so he’s also quite quick-witted. Narration: “It is good if it is ‘mutual love’.”
Comment: Whenever Aiko appears, I keep on thinking please don’t fall for Tsurugi since I don’t want this to be a love triangle. ^^; So far, she is still adverse to anything romantic-related though I wonder if she’ll change her mind with Tsurugi.

After the hatsumode, it seems that the two’s reactions had become synchronized especially how they blush at the same time. I’m sure Tsurugi is quite happy that Koiko had defended him from her sister even if she denies it. She even specially wore the elastic band for him to see ^^

Because of that flirting incident, I think they have gotten a bit closer. We got more holding hands and even ‘pretend that they’re lovers’ ^^ They are not used to that kind of incident so it is indeed quick thinking on their part that they smoothly resolved the issue ^^ Scans by 正宮汉化组 

Quote of the day:
There is no more delightful hour in life than that of an unconfessed but mutual love. ~ Eliza Lynn Linton

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