January 7, 2018

Blue Glass [Chapter 28]

Eyepatch tells Saga that his clan is believed to in the Heavens and the country’s as gentle and kind-hearted people. “And Nakrang cruelly murdered them. *bites his lips until they bled*...

...Totally forgetting his own dignity as a ruler since he already became a demon. I must execute them. I want to give them all a severe punishment. *tightly clenches his trembling fists as he cries blood* Want to properly stand up to Heaven’s practices.

...But, my clan’s souls denounce me by saying, you, the Nakrang princess who hid from your family and ran away is innocent. *Saga looks aghast* I know that so I want to test you. Are you still Nakrang’s princess?”
At a guarded hut, Mokmok shouted that they really don’t know! He tearfully explains to the soldier guard that it is because they are also at a very difficult situation so they started a drama troupe. “But... but... But... if we saw that person who is white as ghost earlier, we would absolutely report it to the government immediately!”

The soldier angrily shouted that he’s noisy to death. “We’ll do things as we see fit so be a bit honest!” While the others are scared, Mokmok tells the soldier not to ignore them and please listen to what they’re saying!!

Ryusu says that it is because that person is more beautiful than her so they’ve kick her out and this thing had unexpectedly happened. “Serves you right. Serves you right~ You stupid fools!”
Mokmok tells her that she is also locked up with them so don’t complain already. Ryusu angrily shouts so she’s saying how come she is also locked up. “So where is that person who fooled us into this situation? *turns around* That beautiful one! Let me say, the guy who is with her, how about saying something!” 

Jamalta says that’s really funny to death. “How come it is her fault that we are locked up here?” Ryusu blushes and exclaims, he’s so handsome! Then she wonders who they should blame then. Mokmok comments that Ryusu’s dialogue balloon is all messed up. <- she should be thinking he’s handsome and asking how should they blame.

Mokmok protests that in any case, they did hide something from them, right? Twin ponytail says that’s right, they helped them a lot. Jamalta says, tsk, but actually, did they investigate it from the start? “You guys were the first one who won’t ask anything no matter what, right?”
Flustered Mokmok says, that...that is... Jamalta says, in addition to that, do they feel that he wished things to become this kind of situation. “Do you guys actually ponder on that?” Twin ponytails say that hearing that, it actually seems like that... 

Jamalta asks them how much they knew about Juryu. The others look at each other and start to say, that guy seems to occasionally come and disappear after helping cure someone’s diarrhea. They indeed know him but they aren’t sure what he does. Wasn’t he a merchant?

Mokmok asks what’s happened to Juryu. Jamalta angrily says that he doesn’t know so he asked. It is because Juryu was the one who handed them [Saga and others] to them! Twin ponytail exclaims that’s right, the one who also told them to act out Princess Nan’s play is also...
Mokmok exclaims that Juryu was the one who proposed it! They all realize that the reason why they ended like this!! Jamalta thinks that in the end... Mokmok and others wonder out loud, why, what did they do wrong? Twin ponytail calls out to Jamalta and asks if he knew this kind of setback will happen so he came back? “Didn’t you leave before?” 

Flashback: As Jamalta is leaving the play, he glanced one more time at Saga on the stage. He noticed the difference between Saga’s lively performance compared to how lifeless she was when he saw her at the palace. He suddenly recalled the time when the Malgal [iirc, Machanyuta’s uncle; the tribe head] saved him from the snow storm.

He told Jamalta to take back what he had lost. Jamalta wondered why he always thinks of that. “It’s fine already. I’ll just tell the princess, ‘you go on and decide your own things [/life] and afterwards, I’ll leave. *pause* Go back? Where? Find who?” He recalls what Machanyuta told him before.
Flashback 2: Machanyuta said that it is funny to death that Jamalta said that he’s part of the Malgal clan. “Obviously, if something’s up, you’ll be the first who’ll think of running away so you don’t have a family[/clan] and comrade. Jamalta, you’re so afraid of this thing called responsibility, right?” End flashback 2. 

Jamalta bit his lips because he himself believes that is quite true and it doesn’t make him happy about it. Jamalta angrily walked away when someone asked if he is leaving. Surprised Jamalta turned around to see Mino. Jamalta exclaims that he can talk..!?

Mino walked towards him and said that right now, there isn’t any problem that has been resolved. “It is still too early for you to withdraw.” After recovering from his surprise, Jamalta asked why. “Didn’t the place where you wanted to go, already sent for people to welcome you? That guy Jiryu even knew that girl’s name. So like this, it is fine to just go with them.”
Mino says that guy isn’t worth trusting. “Believe in him or is it better to believe in you?” Jamalta asked what. Mino explained that it goes the same for that girl called Cheongye who told the princess where to go. 

“Because of the royal family of Nakrang, she lost her family. Right now, she had already become the Third Prince’s slave servant. That girl is always thinking of how to take revenge. It is impossible for her to have any good intention towards the princess.”

Jamalta exclaimed in surprise, what! “Then why did the princess trusted that girl and came out?!” Mino said that the princess totally doesn’t know who Cheongye is. “She simply knows that Cheongye is a friendly person so she trusted her and came out with her.”
Jamalta is totally aghast over this revelation. Clenching his fist, Mino said that even if she is like an idiot...but, it also shows that the situation had already became so urgent up at that point. “In order to make me live on.” There is a scene of Saga tenderly holding unconscious Mino’s face. 

Holding his head, Jamalta said that hearing him say that, it feels like he did something very stupid. <- telling Saga to also leave with them. “Heavens, then that is also saying that we absolutely cannot trust Juryu.” Mino said isn’t that what he is said, believe in Juryu or believe in him [Jamalta].

Jamalta angrily asked where did he! Mino asked if he doesn’t remember it. “The words you said at the fire [by the cliff] before. ‘Your first duty is to protect that girl.’” Jamalta looked puzzled so Mino said that it seems that Jamalta doesn’t remember at all what kind of expression he had when he said those words that time. Tense Jamalta asked, ha?
They were interrupted by applause from the crowd due to Saga’s performance. Mino said that he can only protect her at this side. “When I woke up, I found out that I’m outside the palace. A princess who doesn’t know about the ways of the world had accepted the help of an unfamiliar man. I also don’t know what will happen once my oddness had been exposed outside...

...It is impossible for the princess to understand this situation. But it is impossible to continue on running away like this. That man, Juryu, what is his identity? What is his sly intention?

...We don’t know anything but danger ought to be approaching soon. Among the people here, as long as one of them became an enemy, then at that time, I’ll need your help.”
Jamalta looked surprised. He always thought that Mino is an ordinary slave but is he a person whom one totally cannot see through? Jamalta asked what he should do. Mino told him to pretend that he is leaving and afterwards, investigate the surroundings.

“We’ll talk later about the areas to pay attention and also the signal for communication. ...We have to engrave in our memory that before they move, we cannot do this thing. It is only after something happen, then, we can prepare a countermeasure. Then, I’ll leave that up to you.”

Jamalta thought that it seems that Mino had become someone else. Jamalta asks what if he left them. Mino looked surprised. He asked Jamalta if he wanted to return the favor to him, referring to that thing when he was young. “I still remember now what the princess told me from the time when I was saved.”

Flashback 3: Young Saga happily told Mino that he isn’t a grizzle [? old man], that is what a man with one blue eye told her. “There are still many totally white people like you!” Saga’s wet nurse tearfully said that’s right, if it weren’t for that Malgal person, it is possible that you won’t return. End flashback 3.
Mino asked among the Malgal people, can there be someone else who have only one blue eye except for him? Jittery Jamalta grind his teeth and asked, so, since he saved him, could it be that it is his responsibility to help him? Mino said yes.

“That time before, I hurt so much that it is like I’m going to die. So, all of those things is your fault. *Jamalta recalls young Saga falling into the water after he took her hostage* It is also your responsibility.” Jamalta looked surprised as he thought that Mino had unexpectedly made use of that kind of forced reason. End flashback.

This made Jamalta click his tongue and scratch his head. Twin ponytail asks him if he came back because of them. Jamalta scowls and says yes, he did it for that. Twin ponytails and Ryusu are moved by that. Jamalta thinks that it is because of that word ‘responsibility’ which caused him to become impulsive that brought about this current situation.

“But it is indeed like what Mino said, a clash had happened. If Juryu and this thing are related, at least he won’t let the princess become a wicked scoundrel because [we?] know his identity. Right now, the problem is how to get out from here...” Then, they hear a door opening. Everyone is surprised to see Saga. She isn’t reacting at all.
She only snapped out of it when they called out to her, Yuri!! They tearfully ask her what happened, until when will they stay here?, isn’t she afraid that she’s the only one called out, they’re worried about her the whole night and let them out of here. Saga apologizes to them and says that they’re all startled, right.

She had told those people that they didn’t commit any crime and the...they’ll be let out soon so don’t worry. They ask if that’s true?! Putting on a smile, Saga tells them yes, don’t worry and she’s really sorry. Jamalta calls out to her, hey you. Saga looks surprised.

Jamalta looks at the guard then looks at Saga who is glancing at the guard. Saga goes to him and starts to apologize. Jamalta pulls her head close to him and whispers, “It is already fine. Calmly answer me. Do those men know of your true identity? Did they do any cruel things to you?” Saga starts to tremble and cry.
She whispers back that they indeed know and they also...gave her a chance. Jamalta asks, what chance... Saga is startled when one of the guard calls out to ask them what they are doing. The other guard says, it’s fine, those from above had order them not to make things difficult for that girl. The guard asks why? The other guard asks how should he know?

Jamalta asks if Mino is also captured. Saga says probably, and they say that there is a way to protect Mino. The guard says, enough, quickly get out since those from the top ordered him to bring her elsewhere. Trembling Saga is about to leave when Jamalta grabs her hand.

He tells her that there’s no need to be so scared and that guy is definitely still alive— “He is definitely thinking of a way to go back to your side.” This moved Saga. She thanks him. Mokmok and others blush as they look at Jamalta who is watching Saga being escorted out.

While following the guard, Saga thinks that’s right, she cannot keep on being scared like this. “I...I have something that I have to accomplish... but...will I be able to do it?” She looks up and recalls Eyepatch asking her, “Are you still Nakrang’s princess? If you are no longer one, then let me see your determination. Princess, can you destroy Nakrang?”
Comment: Mino and Jamalta have the right idea but they were caught off-guard by how fast things had happened on that night. They didn’t expect that they won’t able to make any countermeasure. Actually, Jamalta had also gotten too impulsive since he might be able to save them if he wasn’t caught.

Apparently, even if that is his fear, Jamalta is bounded by responsibility for the two. I’m guessing that it was Mino’s gamble that Jamalta cannot just leave them if he mentioned that. I think Jamalta avoids it because of what happened to his sister. He wasn’t able to save her.

Saga’s choice is more on you die or you live by helping us destroy our enemy which is your family/country. Actually, in terms of intention, she can do it since she doesn’t have any any good relationship with the still living royal family and on contrary; she had a difficult life there.

The problem is can she do it based on ability among other things since she is a naïve princess who just got out of the palace. Well, she’ll have to do it to save Mino and the others. Speaking of Mino, the kid is quite intelligent and he remembers Jamalta from Saga’s stories when they were young. ^^ Scans by 水神汉化组

Word of the day:
The remedy for fear, of course, is trust in our Creator. Only when we trust the reality of God’s presence, power, protection, and provision for our lives can we share the joy of the psalmist, who said, “I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears” (Ps. 34:4). ~ Our Daily Bread


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