January 12, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 104 - Same Creatures]

While walking by the riverbank, Iku recalls the time when she looked at young Kasane who was standing by the river. She calls out to Kasane who is waiting for her. She looks surprised when Kasane looks at her. They quietly stand side by side.

Puzzled Iku asks if Kasane has something to tell her. After a pause, Kasane asks if Nogiku had told things to Iku about her. Iku says about that... She proceeds to talk with Kasane.
Iku wonders what’s up with Kasane since there is something different from the last time they’ve met. “Is it because the lipstick has been handed over? –no, compare to that, it feels more like...”

She recalls young Kasane. Kasane says that she more or less understands it already. “...I’m sorry for calling you out simply to tell me about this small matter. *looks tense and turns to leave* I’ll be going ahead...”
Iku recalls the time when she found Kasane practicing alone at the stage and tried to immediately leave. Iku calls out, wait!! Iku quickly grabs Kasane’s hand and asks if that is really all she wanted to talk about. Kasane looks at her in surprise.

Still holding her hand, Iku continues to ask, “Could it be that there’s something that you’re bearing all by yourself again? Just like before!” Kasane falls on her knees and admits to Iku that she couldn’t get into the role. “At this time, what will you do as an actress like me... –no, we are not at all the SAME... I’m already alright. Please let me go.”
Iku holds her tighter that made Kasane call out, senpai! Iku asks if this is her first time. “Is it the first time that you cannot get into the role?” Iku is surprised when Kasane nods. Iku says is that so...

“In the end, you’re really amazing...That kind of thing wherein one cannot get into the role is a common occurrence for me. Even if I feel that it is possible that you’ll get angry that I’ll say this but I really envy you for having that kind of talent.”

Kasane says that hearing a beautiful person standing high up saying that really puts one in a bad mood. Pulling her hand away from Iku, Kasane shouts that she obviously doesn’t know anything...!

Holding up her hand, Iku says, “True, that’s right. I don’t understand anything. That is because I’m not you so you also definitely don’t understand me either. We’re both actresses but I have a lot more frustrations [/self-inferiority complex].” Kasane didn’t reply back.
Soon, they are once again standing side by side. Narration: “Unable to understand. Repelling [/contradicting] each other. After that silence, I don’t know why I felt that we can finally truly open our hearts wide and interact.”

Kasane looks up and says, “Senpai, can you act together with me once again on the same stage? *Iku looks surprised* Even if doing this cannot resolve this problem but this is my last stage play...I want to act together with you.”

Narration: “Even if we cannot understand each other but perhaps, mutually depending on each other has its own meaning [/importance] here at the end of same world [stage play] where we live as similar creatures [/actress].”
At a bar, Yoshio is surprised that Saki’s comeback will be in Kingo’s work. “Is theater already decided?” Kingo says yes, without a doubt, it will be on July...it is just that on the side of ‘manpower, he isn’t that famous to be able to recruit people [/the ones he knew had already left this world]. “Can you...please lend me a hand?”

This made Yoshio smile. Kingo asks what he is smiling about. Taking a drink, Yoshio says that it is nothing...it is just that it makes him happy to finally see Kingo returning to his original job.

“Being of SIMILAR friendly relations [/people of talent who appreciate one another travel together], I’ll introduce them to you both actors and backstage crew.”
Puzzled Kingo asks if it isn’t teacher-student friendly relation. Yoshio says no, rather as directors who saw the same ‘Sugeyo’. Kingo says it turns out to be like that.

Narration: “It isn’t the same at all. How can you compare yourself with me. The sole director, who saw that person’s real tears and smile, is me.” There is a scene of Izana crying while somewhat smiling as she reads a script.
Comment: Iku is quite good in feeling that something is wrong with Kasane. It really helps that she knew the real Kasane way before. I guess Kasane is really at a ‘dead end’ state that she immediately told Iku what the problem is after a bit of persistence from Iku.

It seems that both of them envy the other. Kasane envies Iku’s beauty. Iku envies Kasane’s acting talent. But perhaps, what Iku said struck Kasane because indeed, they are not the other so how can one totally understand the other.

Nevertheless, it seems that Kasane had somewhat eased up and would want to work with Iku one last time. It would definitely help to have Iku at her side during this acting crisis especially since Iku knows all about her. In a way, it is somewhat of an affinity between them for being both actresses.

That theme is also slightly touched between Kingo and Yoshio but Kingo doesn’t want to be the ‘same’ with any other director who is related to Izana/’Sugeyo’. Hehe, he deems himself ‘special’ though of course, he won’t say it out since he needs Yoshio’s help. Scans by RAD汉化组

Quote of the day:
Our similarities bring us to a common ground; our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other. ~ Tom Robbins.


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