January 5, 2018

Namaikizakari [Chapter 75]

Hugging Yuki tight, Shou had just apologized to her since he is already at his limit. Flustered Yuki asks what he meant... Shou says that actually, it is according to his plan. That is, right now, they should show their yukata to each other or perhaps, go to the mixed bath.

Yuki thinks that plan is quite specific. Shou says but, in this kind of situation, if they are in the same room and those guys will have improper thoughts towards Yuki, that will make him very unhappy. Yuki realizes that is the reason why Shou said that they part the rooms by gender.

Yuki tells him that kind of thing ought not to happen. Shou says that he also doesn’t know. He kisses her head and says that actually, he really wants to lock her in here.

Thinking that she also has that kind of thinking, Yuki says that she also...she also, actually... Shou says that actually mixed bath is not bad, right. Yuki darkly says it isn’t. Ami calls out to Yuki and asks if she dropped something-!?
Yuki says that she’s coming. After leaving Shou, Yuki wonders what she wanted to say just now, ‘I also, actually...’ It is absolutely no good, she cannot say it out. She recalls talking with her grandma. She thinks that obviously, she was very willful.

At the onsen, the guys are feeling quite comfortable. Abe says that he really wants to have a girlfriend~ Tonomura tells him not to use that ‘living it’ kind of tone. Shou asks how come Tonomura’s arms are so white. Tonomura says that it is because he doesn’t go under the sun much.

Shouji clicks his tongue and says that having a girlfriend is having confidence that two guys are talking about skin color when it basically doesn’t matter.

Abe says that it wasn’t easy for Shou to make their relationship public but unexpectedly, totally nothing has changed between them. Shou asks is that so-? He sprays water on Shouji and says that he felt that there are a lot of changes. Shouji angrily shouts where, and quickly grow up!
Then, they overheard the girls talking about bigger chest. The three idiots immediately try to eavesdrop on the wall. Tonomura says that it goes the same for them [grow up already]. At the female bath, Ami says that it feels so comfortable.

Yuki agrees and says that it has been so many years since she had taken a bath in an onsen. Ami says that while in the onsen, one can also chat together so in the end, it is really great that Yuki and Shou can come together with them.

Yuki asks how can that be, when it seems that they are disturbing them... Ami says no, actually it is because it seems that Shou doesn’t quite like double date and originally, Tonomura thought that even if he invited them, they would refuse.

Yuki thinks that speaking of that, if it is the normal Shou, he would say that the two of them alone would go on a trip but actually, Shou is quite close with Tonomura. Ami teasingly asks Yuki what she likes about Shou.
Blushing Yuki says that for her to suddenly ask, she also doesn’t know... Ami says that she’s joking. While Ami tells her that she likes Tonomura’s face, voice, shape of nails--, Yuki overhears a girl telling her grandma that they go take a bath outside. The grandma tells the girl not to run since it is dangerous. This made Yuki recall the past.

At the ship, grandma said that when Yuki grows up, it is definite that she’ll go there with someone else. Yuki said, no, she still wants to go with her. Grandma said is that so, she’s so happy. Yuki said, but, actually...it’s nothing.

Yuki wanted for her and grandma alone to go and she really wanted to tell her that. [but she didn’t get to say it] End flashback. At the game center, everyone is wearing their yukata. Amamiya and Shouji are playing table tennis with Abe as spectator. Shou says that the girls have arrived. Tonomura says that everyone is quite at ease.
Yuki blushes over Shou wearing a yukata. He asks her if she is excited. She denies it. It was too much for trembling Ami that she nosebleeds while glomping on her Tonomura. Amamiya says that they are all here, then they should quickly go and eat. Yuki thinks that it is no good, it’s just a yukata. She cannot lose her head over it. If she let him see her weakness, she’ll be teased again!! <- imagines the three idiots saying that she’s a lewd wolf.

Soon, a spread of delicious food is laid on the table. Ami says that obviously, it’s very cheap but it’s very luxurious. Amamiya shouts, ‘Let’s eat!!’ While they are eating, Amamiya says that he has this feeling that Shou and Yuki had already kissed-type of thing before they went steady.

Nervous Yuki thinks that Amamiya’s sixth sense is quite superfluous. Shou admits that it is true because no matter what, he wants to go steady with her. Yuki can only mentally tell Shou to ignore Amamiya and don’t take the bait.
Blushing Abe exclaims that kind of guy, is really...!! Amamiya says yes, it cannot be said if it’s good or not because in this world, there is a guy who went steady for a year yet he didn’t get to hold her hand and he eventually get dumped.

Shouji bangs the table and tearfully curses. There is a scene of Shouji’s ex-gf saying that she thought Shouji is the type who’ll fiercely attack more and he doesn’t look quite barbaric. Yuki thinks so that’s how it was. Shouji says that it is because he felt that if it is that girl, he absolutely shouldn’t do a vicious attack!!!

Amamiya says no, but he didn’t even do a kiss. After watching them, Abe says that it feels so lonely. Shouji tells him shut up and don’t do a ‘last hit’ [/like in games, last hit to kill the monster/enemy]. Abe says no, he isn’t talking about that.

In April, they will start a new life, they cannot gather together again and lively have fun...because...everyone think about it, even in the basketball club, their relationship is considered good. The others reply, ah, eh...it can be considered like that, ya—
This made Abe repeat that even in the basketball club, their relationship is considered good. The others deadpan say ya. Tonomura tells them not to force themselves. Abe says so, today...before the start of college, it is good to have memories together. Yuki thinks is that so...

Ami says that it turns out that they didn’t just come here to cause trouble. Amamiya says that it is because Abe said it that way so as a senpai, he accompanied him here but then, does he look like an idle person who’ll ride a romancecar just to cause trouble.

Someone says, he super looks like the type. Abe says so, today, they’ll always play until dawn! Gripping her yukata, Yuki thinks that she totally didn’t notice their feelings, she is only thinking of herself-- Soon, the guys are playing cards. The girls join them.

While the others are watching tv, Yuki finds Amamiya and Shouji looking suspicious. The two are holding porn films [/material]. Yuki looks at Shou smiling at whatever is making Abe laugh in tears. Yuki looks glum. Then, Shou glances at her.
Later on, Tonomura says that he brought some drinks. He finds everyone sound asleep except for Yuki. Yuki says that after 12, they’ve become sleepy. Tonomura says that these guys are really free. Tonomura tries to wake Ami and Amamiya.

He says that if they’re going to sleep, return to their own room. Ami says that this is her and Tonomura’s position [/base] and call over the person in charge. Yuki asks about carrying her. Tonomura says no, it would be quite noisy and they’ll disturb the others in this floor.

He tells Yuki that he’ll sleep in a while so she go ahead and rest first. When Ami is awake, he’ll send her over. Yuki says okay, thanks, good night. Tonomura says good night- After Yuki left, Shou opens his eyes.

While fixing her outer coat, Yuki thinks that it feels that she is going to sleep alone in a room. After a long dispute over the division of the room, in the end, one room is empty. Everyone is in one room, Yuki is in one room and there’s an empty room.
Just when Yuki decides to set her alarm on her cellphone, there is a knock on the door. Yuki wonders if it is Ami but she should have a key. She is surprised to see Shou outside the door. Shou says that she had dropped her cellphone and in an hour, the program that he wanted to watch is going to start so let him watch it.

Thinking that he totally doesn’t understand her feelings, flustered Yuki tells him to return to his own room and watch. Shou says that Tonomura is doing his homework and also, it feels that she is a bit strange after dinner. This surprises Yuki.

While holding the remote control, Shou says that he thinks that if something happened, the two of them can talk about it alone so he came here. Yuki is moved by that. She thinks that she definitely has to suppressing her feelings-

Shou is surprised when Yuki says that actually, she basically wished that the two of them would go to Hakone together...with grandma. Shou is half-way opening his arms to hug her when he repeats, grandma? Just now, he super wanted to hug her.
Clenching her fists, Yuki thinks that obviously she absolutely cannot say it-- Yuki admits to Shou that it isn’t her parents or her siblings, she wanted to go with grandma, just the two of them. She really wanted to tell her but she wasn’t able to say it out.

Yuki thinks that this kind of thinking is actually too willful. Yuki says that it wasn’t easy for everyone to gather and happily spend time together. Yuki thinks that she doesn’t want to be a child who’ll give a headache to grandma and she wants to be a dependable adult.

Yuki continues to say that thinking of this, she had restrained herself and she did restrained herself. She obviously think that way— “But,...ah, this time...I wanted to go together only with you, Naruse...always...always thinking...of being together with you...”

Shou suddenly stands up which startles Yuki, what... She is stunned to see Shou blushing so red. Shou covers his face and tells her that she’s not allowed to look. Yuki says no..ah, but... He covers her eyes and says that she’s not allowed to look.
Then, he kisses her with a bit of tongue. Removing his hands from her eyes, Shou tells her to let him say something clearly first. “The person who is always changing isn’t just you, Yuki-senpai. Even if Yuki-senpai is becoming frank bit by bit and you have changed that you are able to reveal your feelings towards me but I had gradually become a coward.”

Puzzled Yuki asks what part had become a coward...? Shou admits that a solo trip with just the two of them-whatever scared him. When he hugged her here at dusk, he was afraid that he cannot restrain his emotions that he’ll pull up her skirt so he deliberately said some nonsense things to fool her.

Yuki realizes that it was that mixed bath thing he was talking about earlier. As he pushes her down on the futon, he says that he was worried that she’ll refuse him if he became too greedy.

“I felt that it is bad if I’m the only one who’s happy. Just like right now. If senpai suddenly say super cute words, making me unable to maintain a gentleman attitude towards you, what should I do... *kisses her neck and pulls up her leg* ...but, if senpai doesn’t want to, I’ll stop. While I’m still able to control myself, tell me first that it’s okay...”
Yuki blushes and says that way of saying is too cunning. Shou says he knows. This irks her as she holds up his neck. Narration: “Occasionally, willful. Occasionally, a coward. It is because one’s unavoidable and uneasy feelings...

...It is because one’s ideal self is gradually becoming farther apart from oneself that one feels ‘out of sort’. Whether it is me or it’s Naruse, it’s like that. *wakes up to find herself in Shou’s embrace* it’s the same. *touches his face* Such a headache and I like [/love] him so... It’s the same.”

The next day, as they all head out of the hotel, Shouji stretches his neck and complains that his neck hurts. Shou tells him that it is because he didn’t properly sleep by covering himself with the futon. Shouji tells him to shut up.
He complains why didn’t Shou wake him up since Shou was the only one who managed to have a morning bath at the onsen. Abe sighs and says that he really doesn’t want to go back. Yuki tells him that it will be okay since there will be an opportunity for everyone to gather together and there will still be more after today.

Moved Abe calls out to her. Shouji says by the way, among the 7 of them, 4 of them are in the same college. Looking up the sky, Yuki thinks grandma who’s in heaven, it will soon be April here in the human world. “The time when we are apart has finally ended.”

In the car, Shou taps Yuki’s shoulder and whispers, “Next time, the two of us will go on our own.” Yuki blushes. Abe notices that and shouts what they are murmuring about-- Narration: “Spring has arrived. Yuki can once again always stay at the nearest place of the person she likes.”
Comment: Well, as consciousness for others and self grows, there will indeed more uneasiness on what is the right thing to do as well as do things that will not to turn off the other. In a way, it is like ‘appearances’ vs ‘instinct/true feelings’.

So, after some talk about what’s really going on within them, the ‘second time’ had happened. And this time, more natural and mutual between the two. Hehe, apparently, Shou isn’t quite used to Yuki being affectionate. It makes me wonder how he’ll react if she said something more romantic. =P

The mangaka seems to be saying that being too timid can be also bad like what happened to Shouji. Perhaps, he was too scared of being forceful that the girlfriend thought he doesn’t have the hots for her. ^^; Well, maybe she’s not the girl for him.

As for Tonomura, it seems like that a relationship wherein your fangirl is your girlfriend. =P Even if Amamiya doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, he seems pretty good in guessing what’s happening with a couple or it’s just between Shou-Yuki. ^^;

I guess for those with no lovers, the next best thing would be hanging out with friends though that can intrude lovers. So perhaps, next time, the two can go again on a trip during summer vacation. Hehe, Shou ought to remember not to tell Abe anything about it.

And with that, yes, long distance relationship is over. They are together again in the same school. New people, old acquaintances and perhaps, new challenges and experiences await them in college. And, I think there will be more on Usami-Suwa relationship. By then, we’ll know if a certain someone is also in the same school. Scans by 红莲汉

PS. I want to say ahead of time my THANKS for reading my summaries for this series ^-^ The English scanlator had pretty much caught up with the series so I will eventually stop summarizing this. So after this chapter, the summary/summaries will be shorter until the English scanlation catches up and that's it. Hehe, unless they do a manga dump up to the latest chapter ^^;

Quote of the day:
In a relationship, don't try to be perfect. Just be honest. ~ Author Unknown


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      Well, cuz u mentioned hakamada ,I wasn't going to talk about it , since it's a next chap and spoilers , sorry , hehe.
      I heard that he joined osaki too , well I didn't want that (bcuz I wanted for him & shou to stay rivals) , but then I said it will be exited between them (I mean the club) , but I heard that he told Yuki that he still like her, well, you can't go to a girl who has a boyfriend and tells her that everytime , that's so wrong , tell me if I'm wrong? No don't tell me I'm wrong, lol
      I don't even consider that he likes her , it's just like her admiration towards kido (she admitted that her self then) ,he don't even know her just like she wasn't know anything about kido. (Like when he thinks of her as a strong girl and don't realised that she's just _a normal girl who try to look strong_ only after 62 chapter , while shou realized that in the first chapter), if u respect her u wouldn't do those things , be a man and stop.
      Ok ok be a good girl, don't hate anyone , u know it would be more better if his character just considered as shou rival in basketball , don't tell me it's for existence , for me it's boring and unrealistic ,and shou went all in his own to talk to him and shake his hand, but he still .., I didn't expect him to be like that .I really don't wanna talk in this , I won't talk about it again .we don't need rivals , just focus on their relationship , peacefully, especially if the couples are like shou_yuki ^^ , all the comment demand that. Idk about you guys, but those things annoy me so much ..no ..it actually hurt me .. anyway, let's see. kat plz ignore that part , bcuz anything more it will break me ..hoho

    11. I will trust ur words/guessing that this Manga won't focus on rivals like others u mentioned .

    12. Yup.

      Indeed. In a way, I think that's how Yuki has fallen deeper in love with him up to this point ^^ I get the impression that she tends to assume the worse in him especially in the earlier chapters. Lol, but then, being handsome, popular and that kind of first meeting, a girl like Yuki would assume the worst =P

      No problem ^^

      Haha, is that so. Well, I think the ex will appear. For some unknown reason, I'm inclined to think that she'll end up with Shizuka. ^^;; I don't think it will be a full blown 'love triangle/rival' thing since that was Arisa's 'temporary role'. Perhaps, a closure for Shou and the ex regarding what happened before. I feel that the girl won't be like Arisa but rather a nice-type of girl...well, she was Shou's first girlfriend, right?

      Wow, so I guessed it right ^^v I always have this feeling that the mangaka really likes Shizuka. We even get to 'read' this thoughts which iirc we don't in other characters except Yuki. For a happy ending, she will indeed make the two win that Nationals. Again, it makes me think that it is like Slam Dunk.

      Hm...it depends. ^^; If the boyfriend is a jealous type, that is a no-no. I'm not sure what he's intention for saying it again though... He already knows that he has zero chance. Rather than wrong, I would say it can be annoying and awkward.

      Haha, perhaps a crush-type? It starts from there, right? Perhaps, it isn't but currently, he believes that it is his 'first love' so I'm not going to argue about it. =P It is only when he finally meets THE ONE when he'll realize if it was indeed love, crush, admiration, etc.

      Haha, well, the guy is inexperienced with that so I give him some slack especially since I believe that all throughout his life, he only thinks, breaths and lives for basketball. He has zero interaction with girls, too due to some phobia. And, I think being in love makes one do stupid irrational things. =P Hm...I suddenly hoped that Suwa doesn't influence him in a negative way ^^;;

      Well, shoujo usually needs its rival to make things interesting...hehe, make you all hyper as you root for the lead/rival? <- true in love triangles. As I mentioned above, the college basketball part will most likely be like Slam Dunk. That would be how 'rivals' have to work together for a common goal = win the Nationals.

      Hehe, sorry, but for some unknown reason again, I cannot bring myself to hate Shizuka. Lol Though, I'm really hoping that he finds that person for him in college...and please, not Usami-san, and ya, hoping for the ex- or any other nice girl. =P I also don't like it when a person keeps on 'chasing after' the one who had already rejected him/her.

    13. Soo true! You explained what I think better than me.hehe

      Aw really! I didn't think of that before, but somehow I find it weird , she was shou's ex! Anyway let's see.

      = Yep, But I don't think arisa is that bad, true, she did that thing, but then/now she is not (even a little) bothering shou again, I respect her, even though she knows him for long. I see shizuka worse than her.

      = Haha, so in a way bcuz she was shou's GF that's mean she's nice?

      Well, it's not about she likes him, she's a Mangaka so it's natural and professional to give everyone their roles ^^ . about that,I think it's bcuz he's not a main character, I mean we won't know what he's thinking/saying if it's not like that, there's no one he can talk to (yep sometimes kira, but he pretend it's not about him, so yeah it's not enough) and he can't talk to shou or to Yuki since everything about him include those two. ^^

      True "zero chance" ,yep so annoying!

      Somehow it's a crush-type. Yup.

      Yup, but even so ..a kid would know that's wrong/improper.

      Well, speaking of suwa, it's normal for me to say that I don't ship usami with him at all? bcuz he's definitely a jerk, I don't care what happened with him in the past, I mean I know he'll excuse himself by "his GF betrayed him,etc." Those excuses don't persuade me, just say I want to do that.

      It will be so excited, do u imagine shou_shizuka play in the Same team, haha OMG

      = and It'll be Yuki the manager, and shou the basketball player again 💘

      If he keeps that I will, I don't want him to touch Yuki even a bit under any circumstances/excuses, that's what I hate.

      But I always feel that he loves shou more than Yuki , haha, lol

      Oh, I don't think it'll be usami. Haha it seems that you liked the ex quiet a lot already,lol
      You know, I want her to appear to know why she broke up with shou, well, I know its bcuz he didn't like her that much, but I want to know more/the details.

      Just one more question, after the chap out (Chinese) you will post the summary after 2_3 days like always (if u don't have a trip or something of course) ,oh I'm curious to see how short it'll be ,I really want it to stay like that 💔 but it's Oki kat ^°^

    14. =)

      Yup, we'll just have to wait and see.

      Lol...is that so ^^

      Ya, and he doesn't seem to have a traumatic experience with her. Arisa seems to also approve of her.

      Ideally, yes but somehow, at times I feel she likes Shizuka. It feels different or I'm just imagining, lol. True, so if he's just an ordinary 'love/basketball rival' why take the pains on making the readers know about his thoughts? Why try to make the readers know what he is going through and how he thinks rather than let us 'judge' him by his actions?

      For now, he has not reached my annoying limit yet. The last time they meet seem 'okay'/cordial. Haha, really hoping that the mangaka likes him enough not to make him go 'the pathetic love rival who cannot move' on stage. ^^;;

      Lol, that's the right term, 'kid'. I think Shizuka is practically a 'kid'. Even Yuki had the impression that he is like her younger brothers when he smiled. I'm thinking perhaps, it is like a kid who just found out what he likes but he knows that he cannot have it. It might take some time to finally give up on it or until the kid finds something else he likes? I guess I tend to be lenient with 'naive inexperienced with almost zero friends' kind of people who experienced their first love.

      Yup, he's a playboy jerk. Haha, that scenario is possible. But then, I cannot talk highly of Usami because I get the impression that she just likes a guy for being handsome and popular.

      Hehe, ya. They'll probably start throwing basketballs at each other or try to show off who's the better player to the manager. =P Actually, there is also Suwa. Shou definitely doesn't like Suwa. So, how would they all get along? Can they keep it 'professional'? I wonder if the mangaka will create two more 'known' characters to complete the team of 5.

      Hopefully, there will be no more such scenes unless the mangaka want to 'excite'/rile up the readers. ^^;

      Haha, is that so. I actually think he's real first love is a thing called basketball ^^

      Hehe, I'm just thinking that she won't exactly like Arisa but then, she's supposedly the opposite of Yuki. And, from their last conversation, she does seem to like Shou but he was just not that in love with her to elicit a same reaction as what Shou did with Yuki when she said the same thing. So perhaps, mature, not an air-head/fangirl-type, intelligent, a beauty? Lol, she might have a makeover. Hopefully, not like Himiko, either or any other girls shown before in the series.

      Even if many won't like it but if the ex shows up, I get a feeling that the ex will make Yuki a bit insecure but of course, in the end, it will just strengthen their relationship because no matter what, Shou choose and is in love with her. ^^

      That's another reason she'll possibly re-appear. Closure on what happened at that time. Hm...but how will we know about it? Flashback or ex telling it to Yuki? Lol, what are the chances that she'll also live in the same apartment with Yuki and Usami-san? What are the chances that Shou and Shizuka will live in the same apartment with Suwa if he lives in that kind of set-up? See, isn't that an amusing set-up for possible three couples? ^^ Haha, if Shizuka ends up with someone and not go down the 'poor love rival who ends up with no one but still loves the lead' path.

      Yup. I'm hoping that I can finish it faster since it is shorter. But we'll see. ^^

    15. Yup.

      Oh yup, he doesn't seem like that. ^^

      Of course she has, we wouldn't know anything about his past with shou if it wasn't like that, also his actions isn't enough, ah that make me remember that himino also shares his thoughts ^^ , so it's like I said (they're not lead + don't have much focus/scenes = we can't know what going on with'em unless that way) and bcuz he's/they're one of the main characters after all. ^^

      He reached my limit when he hugged Yuki (Ch 60) *_* . Yepp.

      I understand, but sorry I can't agree with you totally here, bcuz there's no such thing in real life, I mean no matter how naive you're you would realize that's wrong, also it's not like he's not knowing/realising that what he did/doing is wrong, also those (phobia, kid, naive, inexperienced, blushing face ..) Didn't stop him from doing things a normal guy would do "hug, grab her hand .." (emm let's not say a bad guy's things/role), And I feel like the Mangaka created all those things to somehow make us excuse him/don't hate him (bcuz Japanese ppl always try to not show any one bad/evil in Mangas, drama..etc, & that's good of course ^^), Tbh those just annoy me more, I mean I feel like he gives ppl the wrong impression while his actions don't match that, that how I see it .

      = There's Yuki too, she should reject him more properly , and also she's so defenceless, OMG

      Yup, oh yeah usami seems like that. She's stupid &_&

      Haha, I'm dying laughing "throwing balls at each other". True, hehe I wonder if they can keep it 'professional'. Oh I didn't think of that, but it'll be cool somehow!


      That's true. yup, to let someone go just bcuz he wants to and don't even try to understand why, it shows how lightly his feelings for her was, yup he just grabbed Yuki hand quickly without even awareness, he even said I "felt scared" OMG 💘 And don't forget all what he went through with Yuki but he bear everything to stay with her ^^ I bet he didn't give an inch of effort like that with his ex (emm I feel bad for her) but he said it "falling in love that much, senpai u are the first" ^^ .
      Hehe, I hope no. Oh I don't like hibiko personality either.

      Yeah. Ah there's no doubt in that 'he's so honest and fiercely in love with Yuki' ^^
      = Speaking of that u know I didn't want her to appear in the earlier chapters bcuz I know Yuki's stupidity that she would think/say (she's better than me, I'm not good for him enough.. etc) but Now she's confident and they deepen their relationship more, or even if she did she'll reflect more quickly OR shou will make her confident/at ease like he always/usually do. ^^

      For some reason I feel like she will tell Yuki, hehe. and maybe we'll get some 'flashback' too.

      Aw, in the same apartment with Yuki,hehe, ah suwa-shou-the same apartment = I didn't think of it, but I did think of it with shou-shizuka ..yep, hehe u make me exited already, Lol.

      But I want Yuki to come to shou's apartment (of course she'll) and if he's with the others it'll be a little awkward, so I don't want to, hehe.

      Yep, but u know it'll take a quiet time to bring him close & like another girl, but let's see ^^

      I see (^^)

    16. True.

      Haha, true. Well, it just seems like 'instinct' without malice which he seems to realize is wrong later on. Kind of like whatever emotions makes people to suddenly steal a kiss, hug, etc. Haha, of course, it is a no-no if the other person has a boyfriend/girlfriend. I get your point. Let's just say, I can understand why he did that and of course, he shouldn't have done it.

      Do you mean 'totally evil/bad'? So, there's always a backstory on why s/he ended up that way? In shounen, there are such people. Though that is said to be 'unrealistic'.

      Lol, true. Defenseless is also caused by being totally clueless and Shizuka giving an aura of 'being a relative'. ^^;


      Yup. That's how it is if you finally found The One. Even if it will be difficult, takes a lot of patience, courting, etc, it will be all worth it.

      Indeed. If she appeared earlier, it might easily shake down their relationship since it wasn't that stable yet with its foundation.

      I see. Tell Yuki as friends?


      A little awkward...in what way? I'm thinking that since they're both in college, it isn't exactly something to be 'shy' about, right? Lol, if Shizuka knew, that might make him totally go 'hands off/move on already'. ^^

      Hm...I forgot about Abe. Things might be more on troublesome if he always sticks around Shou. I'm not sure if basketball division will accept weak players, too. Ah, what do you think of the possibility of a Abe-Suwa-Usami-san love triangle? Would that be interesting if Usami-san will lower her standards for someone who is madly in love with her? Though, that would be a variation of Yuki and Shou's relationship.

      Indeed. College usually means meeting new people though it won't exactly easily help forget and move on from the crush if they're in the same school. ^^; Actually, in the same club since he might find new things for him to fall for Yuki ^^;;

    17. Yep. that's it.

      emm..it depends "totally or not evil/bad" ,yep and with that backstory they would excuse him/her and would make them good/one of them/don't get punished.. ,some times they would be murders, so ya it's 'unrealistic' & didn't convinces me in cases.

      Hehe,yep. but she's defenceless in general (suwa..)

      'Courting' hehe, true.

      Yeah, but then I don't think shou would leave her or something, even if the ex appeared in the 1st chap, hehe.

      Not as friend, but that thing 'the ex & the current GF talk'

      No, not 'being shy' but a little uncomfortable (?). Hehe yep.

      Oh that's right, hehe, he's shou's stalker, but shou not that considering when it comes to Yuki, hehe.
      Well, logically the division won't accept players such Abe, but I feel like the Mangaka will go on her way to put him in like the fact that she made him into osaki uni which it's really unbelievable.
      Oh that senario is possible, but I don't think usami-san will look to someone like Abe, but the person suwa being will give it a big chance ^^ but honestly Abe don't suit her, hehe. Yep it'll be the opposite of yuki-shou relationship, hehe

      Yep, but he should be responsible on his decision of being in the same school & club with her .

      Oh about that, do you think shou did it before? Well, I don't think he did it with his ex bcuz they were young ,I mean junior high! OMG it is normal for ppl to do it at that age or it's just me being old? Hehe
      Secondly, shou fell for Yuki in his 1st year in high school (2nd semester) + He's not a playboy and young,so I'm not finding the time (causes) that can show he did it. and even if he told Yuki "that is her first time" = that doesn't 'totally' mean he's not, so I think Yuki is his first (?)

      = Maybe we get to know more in the future . ^^

    18. True. For me, it is okay to have a backstory to understand why someone is like that. Well, that is a belief that everyone are born good. Of course, I'm not for excusing such things. Actually, it is more hateful if there's no such backstory and the villain gets away with it. I have seen some in some shoujo. It's quite frustrating to read.


      I'm actually referring more to Yuki feeling more insecure rather than Shou leaving her or something. Yuki might say he suits her more, I'm not good enough, etc...a lot more if the ex is around. Thankfully, the mangaka is keen on not making the series go overboard with drama. When things are getting too dramatic, she'll immediately put a stop to it and resolve the issue.

      Hm...but then, thinking of it, won't that lead to comparisons like Shou was this before and now he is like this. It makes me wonder if the mangaka would go for 'I'll ask Shou himself, don't tell me about it'. What do you think?

      I see.

      Lol, true.

      Usami-san won't but perhaps, Abe will do the 'Shou persistent way of courting' to win her ^^ Something like, would you prefer a guy who'll give everything to you but he isn't your type or a guy who is your type but you'll most likely share him with other girls. Haha, that is assuming that Usami-san is 'sane' enough to decide because if things are based on 'love' or 'compatibility', Abe has no chance.

      Ya. Perhaps, the other girls will also keep him distracted. It will be his first time in a coed school, right?

      I cannot say for sure, probably not, since it might be too young to do it during junior high. I assumed that he had seen how it is done since iirc, he reads porn and probably watches it, too.


    19. Yup, with it we can sympathy/understand them, but even so there's cases it's wrong to just let it go, so yeah sometimes it's frustrating .

      Oh me too I was referring to Yuki, hehe
      Yupp, and that's why I enjoy Namaikizakari more, it's not too dramatic rather than natural and believeball, yeah I really really love when she solves things quickly like that .

      Ah no, I meant she will just tell Yuki about how their relationship didn't succeed, if she will tell her about how Shou was with her that will make her play a bad guy role, but I don't think there's much she can be proud of regarding Shou's lightly feelings for her.
      Do you mean Yuki will say "I will ask Shou himself" ? If Yes. maybe she'll and it'll be exciteing From Yuki, hehe
      *But u know maybe I didn't exactly understand what you meant by all that part, sorry 🙇

      Haha maybe, but I don't think Abe can be like Shou (confident, strong .. etc). It's a hard decision lol .
      Hehe, true .
      So there's just "One Shou" and Yuki got him, lol .. handsome, popular, cool.. but honest to you, cherish and love you .. there's no such thing in real life, right? Hehe maybe, but for me, not handsome guys are the more dishonest, cheaters .. , hehe

      Yeah, oh yeah that's right .

      Yeah, hehe I see .

    20. Indeed.


      Ah, but if she's a villain, she can exaggerate it.

      Yup, that's it. Yuki telling the ex not to tell him about that since she wants to hear it from Shou.

      Haha, true.

      Let's just say that type is possibly rare and if there are such people, they are most likely already taken. =P

      Hehe, is that so. And, are those not handsome guys, rich? If yes, there are indeed a lot.


    21. Yeah, if she's. let's see ^^.

      Yup, it'll be nice, hehe .

      Haha, yep that's it .

      emm Not really, not handsome, not rich, but act worse than the One who had them .

      Well, look at what I mean, we have that automatically thinking that such handsome/hot guys (even girls) are definitely play boys .. so I want to scream "it's not necessary" .. you get me?

      Kat, I'm sorry for my bad English, I know there's a lot of grammar and vocabulary mistakes, so I'm sorry ^^ .

    22. Okay...seems to be the type with no redeeming thing so that kind of guy has charms? I mean, what does he have to make girls like him for him to cheat on her.

      Haha, not only playboys/girls. There is a possibly of being tempted. There are very desperate wo/men out there who'll take advantage if the opportunity presents itself. One mistake can be a lifetime's regret.

      Yup, not necessary. I think it has its pros and cons ^^

      Don't mind. It's okay. ^^

    23. Well, that's it, there girls who look down on their selves, and just want to be in a relationship, in front of others ..etc, so those guys take advantage and treat them badly especially if they knows that those girls won't complain, you understand me ?

      Haha, yup. But if he loves you, He can't be taken away from you, no matter how many girls throw themselves at him ^^

      Yup, once there's a handsome guy that doesn't definitely mean he's a play boy, like he's not necessary honest if he's not popular/handsome , that what life taught me, hehe


      Kat, the next chap (77) will not be in Jan,20th but in Feb,05th ..it's seems the Mangaka is taking a break for month 💔
      but why we have to wait all that time when the chapter is out to see it :( :(

      = U know when you search by Namaikizakari key in japanese, you'll get some summarises/blogs with some pics, but when you translate it by Google translation you can't understand anything *_*

      Also I found a page in FB translate Namaikizakari's latest chapters (71, 72, 73..) it's not official but it's quite helpful, see! seriously those English scanners there's no one so busy like that .

    24. I got you ^^ Though, these days, I hear more of they are able to get something out of it and not just 'want to be in a relationship'. Perhaps, if they're younger. The 'wiser' ones would stay if money is involved.

      Lol, true. Still, it is better to be alert and ward off those kind of women if possible. <- prevention. Since they might do other things aside from throwing themselves at him...again, depends on how desperate they are. Lol, or I'm just thinking of some soap opera-type of scenarios. ^^;;

      Well, it's really hard to generalize. There are handsome guys who are playboys, there are those who aren't. Same goes for non-handsome guys ^^

      Is that so. If there's a break, the Chinese scanlators usually delay their release.

      You mean the English translation of the title in google translate is different?

      Ah, that depends. For Chinese scanlations for shoujo, there are a lot that had 'disappeared' or stopped working on a lot of series. A lot are delayed unlike before when it comes out fast. Perhaps, because they graduated from school or because of the crackdown on scanlators...among other reasons.

    25. Oh, really! That's frustrating tho.

      haha, I understand, but I don't think Shou is that kind of person who let his guard down, or even act kind towards other girls, well, ichi-san did kissed him, but he was feeling down, thinking and talking about Yuki so he let his guard down and she took the chance/advantage, but tbh I'm afraid at Yuki more in that side, bcuz she's dump and guys are more annoying and capable in those things.
      Ah I don't think it'll be sush a melodrama.^^


      Ohh, really! So frustrating :(

      No, not the title but the summary is written in japanese so when the site translate it to English, it got wrong, mixed .. that happened when you translate other languages to English or any, right? Or it's just happene to me?

      Ohh, really! Yeah, like I said Im always feeling afraid not be able to find when to see and read Namaikizakari ..I know that'll happen.. honestly, I can't take it, but that's what happens when you love something far away from ur country, culture ..so frustrating .. I'm thinking of buying the magazine but it's hard and I don't understand japanese .. just no solution.

      Kat, I'm sorry, maybe I botherd and forced you to answer me many times, really, maybe you don't want to, maybe you're busy, just tell me or ignore them.. well, I love Namaikizakari and I like discuss about it, I enjoyed our discussion, hehe .. but sorry if I'm exaggerating. ^^

    26. Kat This ,


    27. Haha, of course, the chances of it happening to Shou is quite low ^^ I'm talking about real life. ^^

      Ah, yes, it happens. Even in Chinese. If you put a block of it, it is all messed up. It has to be chopped up into phrases or sentences for me to somewhat understand it.

      True. Usually, if it's popular, there will be people who'll still work on it or pick it up. Of course, if it is popular, sometimes other groups/people will work on it if you are a bit slow in updating.

      I'm surprised that there is another group working on the series. I thought it was just a translation. @_@;

      No, it's alright. ^^

    28. Haha, my bad, I thought you were talking about Shou .

      Oh, I see, it might be hard for you ( the summary, etc.) ya of course it is .

      Namaikizakari is popular, so I think it's oki.
      The Chinese Scans are somehow matching the update, the English (70) , Spanish (73) .. even it's ranking and the views in the sites are high .

      Yup, see! But it's like u said bcuz of it's popularity, another group are working on it .


    29. Haha, I see.

      Well, yes, for the summary, it is just for phrases. Sometimes, I use it to read a block of text in a Chinese site which has a summary. It is quite messed up that I don't understand it at all.

      Yup. It is one of the few shoujo series that is updated with the Japanese release.

      Indeed ^^

    30. I see, God help you dear.

      Really! Yup bcuz it's so good ^^


  9. Thanks for all the updates for this manga so far, I've enjoyed reading your comments and even stopped reading the manga :p

    These two are really really cute!! Yuki seems to have opened her heart completely to Naruse now. She is still the responsible one though [thank god for that].. I wonder how it will end, since both are finally together and everything is smooth sailing. Maybe a wedding?

    1. Thanks for reading them, Crimson sky ^-^

      Yup ^^

      Ah, there will be some problems first during college. I think the mangaka will fulfill their dream of winning the Nationals. Ah yes, the ex-gf might also make an appearance. There is also a high probability of Shizuka studying in the same school. They haven't met Shou's father yet. So ya, still lots of stuff before the wedding ^^

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    2. Hehe, is that so, Unknown ^^

      Thanks for reading and thanks ^-^

    3. Monytep you mean about after marriage? Maybe it'll

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    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      Hehe, most likely when they're in college =P

  14. hi there! i so love your translation with this manga.. i cant wait for an update..

    but anyway can i ask if theres a chapter 106 with this manga ojousama wa oyomesama?
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    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      There are a few chapters after 105 but it was never finished so I didn't bother continuing it. Their last update was aug 2016.


    2. ohhhh...how sad... i wish it will continue..the story is interesting

  15. There's no guy would hold a guy like that until morning if he doesn't deeply and really loves her!!
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