December 7, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 73]

At the university, Usami-san holds out a box and tells Suwa to please accept it. Surprised Suwa asks what is this, Vday’s choco. Usami-san tells him that even if it is already a bit late... He asks if it is homemade. Usami-san says that it is because no matter what, Yuki pulled her over to make it with her.

Laughing Suwa thanks her and says that he’s really happy. Thinking that he’s too frivolous, she warns him to be a bit careful since it is homemade and lately, in order to curse someone, there are people who’ll put blood and hair-type in the chocolate.

Suwa laughs and says that he heard of that but she won’t do that kind of thing. “After all, I simply told you that I want homemade choco.” Usami-san blushes over this. He asks if he can open it. After opening it, he asks if these are truffles...the truffles as in mushrooms?
Usami-san says yes... With a scowling face, Usami-san says that truffles really suit him. Banging the table, Usami-san tells Yuki that afterwards, she can only show that unprecedented kind of expression of an ugly person.

Sweatdropping Yuki asks if she start to hate Suwa. Usami-san says no, it is the exact opposite and Yuki is really an idiot about romance. Yuki wonders if she is, but then, in the end, she is!!

Usami-san says that obviously, starting from the fireworks festival, she cannot help but take notice of him even if his frankness makes her angry...and his teeth is so white.
She feels that her precious time as first year college girl is wasted for nothing because of him... Yuki says no, after she goes to second year, her mentality and surrounding ought to have changed a lot. Usami-san asks, second year, after all, it is already March.

She asks what’s that lion-thing [shisa] on the cabinet. Yuki says that the Shou’s sister gave it to her. Usami-san asks why... Narration: “Valentine’s Day that made girls in this world to have a deep longing has passed. Very soon-- It is gradation.”

At school, Shou yawns. Miyoshi calls out to him and says that even if this is a rehearsal, who is yawning incessantly over that side. A student tells Shou that the teacher is talking about him. Shou says that he isn’t. A girl says that it is him.
In 3-C, everyone is talking about the graduating after 3 days, and it feels that 3 years had happened in a flash. It doesn’t feel real that starting April, they will be going to college. Another guy says that it also doesn’t feel real that Abe got in Osaki.

Abe laughs and says yes, the price for passing is his swelling wisdom tooth that is extremely aching. Shou says that swelling wisdom tooth has nothing to do with luck. One of the guys asks if Shou is already leaving.

Abe exclaims what about high school’s last tonkotsu [pork bone] ramen. Shou says he’ll pass because he has someone whom he has to meet. At Danny’s restaurant [pun for Denny’s], Yuki calls out to Shou to sit over here. She comments that he’s wearing his uniform so he just came from school.
Shou says that it is graduation day practice today and it’s quite annoying. Yuki says is that so. Yuki thinks that after three days, Shou will be graduating and even if so many things had happened, this guy will...

While the waitress is smitten by Shou, Yuki looks surprised and thinks that graduation means she won’t see the Shou who wears uniform again. Puz.. [<- some noise from Yuki; probably an urge thing] Looking around, Shou asks what’s that ‘puz’ sound he heard. Yuki says that it is his imagination.

While Shou says that he is still hearing that ‘puz’ sound, she wonders what’s going on, what is this unexpected impulse of wanting to take several pictures of him. Shou is asking her what to eat though she doesn’t have much time today.
Yuki kept on glaring at him and thinking, no...even if she has a picture of everyone in the isn’t that is more of...she wants to properly record high schooler Shou... Shou asks what. Yuki shouts that it is nothing. She thinks that no, what is she obsessing over...!!

Shou says that just now, she was glaring at him. Yuki denies it. She thinks that this is simply like... Shou asks could it be that she wants to impress on her mind the image of him wearing a uniform? Yuki chokes on her drink and continues to deny it. She shouts that she isn’t a pervert...!

Taking her things, she says that she’ll go to club practice. Shou says that there is still 30 minutes. Yuki says that she still has to wipe the balls. Yuki wonders why, why didn’t she honestly tell him at that time...! She imagines herself answering Shou yes to his question.
Wildly kicking her bed, she thinks that she couldn’t say it out. “No, it’s too strange. Suddenly wanting to take a picture of one’s boyfriend who is a year younger in school uniform is really too suspicious...!

...He’ll absolutely say, ‘how gross’. He’ll be so startled... In the end, I-- *imagines Shou in school uniform* How come I’m so stubborn about this matter...”

At 10am, the graduation ceremony is starting. Someone reads a speech, “Surrounded by the warm sunlight, the cherry blossoms have also started to bud. Today is that kind of day. We, the 254th graduating students harbor anticipation for the future, and perhaps, some uneasiness as we leave Ryuhoku High and set out on a new journey.”
Later on, Noda sobs for them not to set out on a new journey. He cries that without Shou in Ryuhoku...they also want to graduate with them. Usami-kun laughs and says if it is like that, then just don’t graduate and quit school. Noda shouts for him to shut up.

Sobbing Abe clings on to Shou and thanks him for being friends with someone unpopular like him for three years. Shou says, okay, okay. Arisa asks what Abe is crying about when they will be in the same college. Carrying a basketball, Himiko calls out to Shou. The basketball has a lot of written notes for Shou.

Himiko says that this is for the captain from all of the club members. Shou takes the ball and thanks them. Himiko says also, until now, thank you very much, she obviously know that she is always so useless but he would always let her stay in the basketball club...
Shou says honestly speaking, she hated him before, right. This startled Himiko that she denies that there is such thing. Shou says that it is the same for him.

Lightly knocking his diploma case on her head, he smiles and thanks her for always staying in the basketball team. “From today now, I’ll leave it up to you.”

Teary-eyed Himiko is moved as she says, yes. Usami-kun suddenly takes a picture and says that they have a group picture. Kuon angrily shout why students want a group picture for remembrance.
At a train station, Usami-san groans while looking at her cellphone so Yuki asks what’s up. Usami-san says that it is nothing, just her younger brother sending a picture. She informs Yuki that it seems that his school is holding their graduation ceremony today.

“By the way, it seems that today is also your boyfriend’s graduation. Is it really okay for you to go home with me?” Yuki says yes, he is definitely having a class gathering at his side. She thinks that today is the last day Shou will be wearing his high school uniform and she ought to give up on taking a picture.

Usami-san says that if she were her, she’ll definitely want to go to her boyfriend’s graduation ceremony to take a lot of pictures--- Looking aghast, Yuki says is that for real, she also... Usami-san asks why she is using that look towards her as if she found an alliance with another pervert!? 

Yuki denies it and admits that actually, she also wants to record him wearing a uniform...about that...what should I say in order for him to agree... Surprised Usami-san tells her to TELL IT AS IT IS! Yuki asks what is that. 
Usami-san tells her to directly say out what’s in her heart. “You like him when he wears the uniform, right? So, you don’t want to forget it, right?” Yuki recalls the first time they met and when they gone steady. Yuki thinks, is that so...

Back at the high school, a girl calls out to Shou and asks if they can exchange neckties. A couple of girls scream at her over stealing the limelight and Shou has a girlfriend. While they continue to argue, Abe comments that in the end it is the exchange necktie time of the year again even if it has nothing to do with him.

Abe got distracted by a girl asking him to give something to Shou. As Abe tells the girl to give it herself since Shou is at that side, Shou reads a message from Yuki asking if he can come out for a while since she is outside the gate. Shou quickly runs out and sees Yuki holding a flower. Yuki congratulates him.
After some hesitation, she stutters if she can take his picture. Shou and the others look at blushing Yuki. The others wonder if it is an interview even if she is the girlfriend. Yuki scowls and wonders if she said her thoughts too directly that it got a bit messed up because everyone thinks that it is an interview.

She also unexpectedly forgot the density of people around him. She starts to think that this is a big mistake. Shou removes his tie and apologizes about the necktie exchange to the others. After holding Yuki’s hand, he tells the others that he cannot participate because he has a lover.

The fangirls are moved by this that they scream that they like him. As Shou then leads Yuki away, Miyoshi tearfully says that if he had that kind of strong resolution, his wife wouldn’t have left. A student tells him to forget about it.
Yuki thinks that she thought that he is a disorganized person. “Wearing huge worn leather shoes, a school uniform wherein the sleeves are a bit short, loosely carrying a faded school bag. From when did it started-? *blushes* His everything caused me to be so captivated.”

At the playground, Shou sits on a swing while posing. He asks if he can move now. While taking a picture with her smartphone, Yuki tells him to wait, the backlighting...ah, no, it is blurry again. He asks why she didn’t say it earlier that she wants to take his picture.

Yuki says that it is because, suddenly asking him to do such a gross thing would definitely startle him. He asks if she meant that she wanted to take a lot of big-sized photos. She says yes.
While blushing, she timidly says, “I won’t be hated by you...because of this kind of thing.” Shou looks at her quietly. Shou suddenly steps on the swing’s seat and wildly swings. She shouts what he is doing. He jumps of the swing and lands near her.

Yuki calls her stupid, that is dangerous... He asks her if she remembers their conversation in this park before they went steady. <- she said that even if they try going steady, he’ll probably regret it. He says that she told him about him hating her-something and at that time, he only said, ‘no one knows about the future’.

“Right now, I know these things a bit. You would always suddenly become inexplicably angry, always do some strange things, each thing would be beyond my expectation-- *puts his necktie around her* Falling for such a flustered [/nervous] person, I already don’t have time to go and hate you.” Yuki blushes.
Then, he wonders how to tie the necktie since he hasn’t tied it on someone else before. Narration: “His and my memories. The things he told me, the things that he made me like, his every movement. Unknowingly, they all become too many to count— Unknowingly, it quickly made me unable to undertake [/assume it all|?]--”

Finishing tying the necktie, Shou says by the way, he noticed it starting last year but he didn’t think that she’ll unexpectedly like this kind of graduation routine. Yuki darkly tells him that it isn’t ‘routine’, it is ‘tradition’...

Shou says that answer is already quite unexpected. “By the way, during the first night, you would unexpectedly still have the inclination to cook udon noodles. That is also quite unexpected.” Embarrassed Yuki nervously says that it isn’t necessary to mention that kind of thing right now—

He grabs the necktie and kisses her. She blushes. Shou says that reaction is within his expectation. Yuki is infuriated by it. Narration: “But, no matter if it is something before or something after, I hope that not one of them would leak out from deep within the records of my heart.”
Comment: Ah, Yuki is still being Yuki. She really overthinks things to the point of hesitating and stopping herself from doing or saying what she really wanted to do or say. In a way, she is a bit conscious over what others will say and how Shou will react to it.

Actually, she assumes that Shou will react as she imagined. In a way, that is amusing since Shou’s own expectations regarding how Yuki would react is also different from the outcome. ^^; That makes her uneasy, but for him, it is one reason why he’s in love with her.

Hopefully, what he told her here would make her more confident over the fact that he won’t easily hate her over such minor things. And, it seems that Yuki is starting to have more feelings of being a girlfriend...even if she is well, surprised and perhaps, scared of such impulses. ^^;

Usami-san and Suwa love life will probably be tackled later on. It seems that it is kind of a love-hate thing for Usami-san. The things he does are making her fall deeper in love with him. And, it’s good that Usami-san guided Yuki on what to do or it will be something that Yuki will always regret. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. OMG I have been anxiously awaiting for this chapter, Kat you are awesome!!

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    1. Thank you for the comment, Anonymous ^-^

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    2. I wonder the same, how they decide which Manga deserves to be animated or not....I'm not a big fan of Live Actions since they tend to squeeze much story in a short film and looses really important parts of the story, I would rather Anime or drama series.

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      Indeed. I think the manga is doing pretty good. Well, it went past the high school stage ^^ It is rare for a shoujo to go pass that.


    4. Oh, I have some friends who thought the same too, but honestly I don't care that much whatever it will animated or not .. bcuz I prefer Manga

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    3. Well, as you mentioned, she isn't this case, I guess she isn't aware that it is a 'bad thing'.

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