December 8, 2017

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 253]

Based on the bodyguards’ conversation, the ring was indeed given by Ren. Well, they did investigate things so that one can be established as a fact. But most likely through some kind of trick, since Kimiko’s personality is so bad that she already has a nickname.

I would think that Kimiko knew about the nickname but she doesn’t care at all. Actually, she probably believes that she can get away with anything since she doesn’t seem to be that careful. It was easy to find out what kind of person she really is or as the possible culprit in Erika’s accident.

Kanae still doesn’t know who was the original Momiji. That is understandable since Erika used a fake name to get the role. Hm...I wonder if she assumed that they are following her around. I mean, wasn’t she a bit curious why would Erika be near the audition site?


It is quite surprising that the audition is over. Kimiko is actually giving up...well, in the auditions. Since Yashiro saw her vicious expression earlier, I wonder if he’ll easily buy it. But then, Erika isn’t. She has a feeling that something is up so she’s asking one of her guys for a favor.

Actually, given Erika’s previous attitude, it takes one to know one =P I wonder if her father knows the truth. Why would he panic when his daughter is gone and is presumably at the audition site? His imagination probably went wild because there is someone who can do something ‘bad’ to his daughter.


So, Kyouko learns more about how Kimiko works in order to get her goal. It is subtle in a way with deliberate planning to make it seem all natural. Apparently, the reason why Kimiko is desperate for this role is because of someone.

Ah, and I was thinking that a role in this drama can make her famous or something that she was that desperate. Apparently, her goal is more on fishing and hooking in the targeted person rather than acting. She’ll most likely do everything including underhanded things in order to get what she wanted especially when she cannot win fairly.

Any guesses who that someone is? The one Kimiko is interested in. If it is related to the drama, the only one I can think of is Koga. But I wonder if it is possible that it is someone not directly related to the drama but rather, someone who is a fan of the story.


It’s amusing how the bodyguards hated Kimiko though in a way, they are cowardly since they are making Kyouko do the ‘dirty deed’. Actually, perhaps, they believe that Kimiko will get more than she deserve if it is Kyouko =P Or, Kyouko can do it without being directly implicated for it compared to how they did it with Kanae before. =P

I guess because of their passion and everything, Kyouko believes everything they said. So, which part of that made Kyouko angry? Kimiko is a vicious fangirl who needs to be taught a lesson, Kyouko got tricked, Kimiko tricked Ren or all of the above? And, how will she do it since Kimiko has bowed out of the auditions.

Whatever happens, I’m still hoping that Kyouko will somehow slip up to confirm Yashiro’s theory =P Like, why are you so angry at Kimiko? Well, aside from her lie about Chiori being exposed. =P Again, I’m getting ahead of myself. Giving what Kimiko deserve will most likely come first.


  1. Wow!! I love reading your blogs. I can't wait until next month's issue. I think something is going happen tho and I think she's going to do something. I don't think she's gonna end it like that.

    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      'She' would refer to Kimiko?

  2. Hello Kat,

    Thanks for the hard work :) First question: Did Kimiko really bow out? I'm more curious as to why she went to Yuki and divulge that she has watched Kyouko's performance which was prohibited. IS this sheer curiosity only? For me, it looks like everything is planned. The revelation, the depiction of honesty and gently bowing out to show sincerity.
    If anything it shows her manipulative personality don't you think? O.o
    Second question: Will Kyouko end up getting tricked again? The usual pattern is that, where a villain wears the sheep's clothes, it is to make someone else looks bad. In that last page, Kyouko has her swords drawn :/ And she is pretty fired up and angry.
    Hopefully she will remain the unbending girl that we've known her to be. Show her real evil Kyouko!!

    If she slips up then without doubt the theme of love will gain momentum too. Ren is a dormant creature -.- Plus Kyouoko has her heart sealed off. We need factors like Yashiro/Sho. For me Kyouko is angry because she got tricked and acted foolishly because of love once again. On top of that it was not even real. She has a sense of righteousness and hates people making a mockery out of her. (Like what happened with her Box R co-stars or even Sho)

    Agree, those bodyguards are being unfair. What if something happens to Kyouko too. And then since when have they started looking up to Kyouko and see her as strong..

    1. blackphoenixsuzakuDecember 9, 2017 at 7:35 AM

      It seems like Kimiko is planning something like injuring Kyoko. I just hope that her bowing out will backfire by making the crew skip Kimiko to another actress who was just rejected. Kimiko started spying on Kyoko because she had Yashiro with her who is Ren's manager and the proctors allow her to enter the audition after being dismissed once because of their interest and Kyoko's determination. it was such a blow to see Kyoko perform so well in character that seem to come naturally instead of thinking too hard (her movements, observation, manners, etc). Kimiko is only good at following the script perfectly but Kyoko is able to reinterpret the script to make it better while still keeping the main element of it attached.

      Also, Kyoko didn't have the mockery issues in Box R other than being too Mio, especially her posture being her weakness that was identified too late and later overcome through reevaluating her role. The cast did try to bully her but she accepted it because she knew she deserved it and turned it around in her favor.

    2. blackphoenixsuzaku, True the mockery was not that poignant before. But I think that it's safe to say that she is pissed off here for falling for such a trick. Maybe she will again accept that it's her fault bcz of her feelings for Ren =/

    3. Thanks, Crimson sky ^-^

      I would think it is a deception to make Kyouko lower her guard. Perhaps, like Erika did when she thought the role was already hers. I would think that she mentioned that in order to appear 'innocent'/'naive' who is willing to accept any consequence for the wrong doing. And yes, show her sincerity of not trying to cover up for it.

      In a way, if a person doesn't know her true nature, one would most likely forgive her for that. Don't you think so? But then, won't Yuki know about her reputation?

      Yup, it does, it shows her manipulative personality.

      Most likely not. Usually, for Kyouko, iirc, she lets herself be tricked only once and payback happens if she knows who's the target. In this case, how will Kyouko do it if Kimiko is not in the audition anymore. Okay, most likely she'll get back at her when Kimiko does something underhanded.

      I agree. Someone has to push those two. Perhaps, a situation can only make it happen. ^^ Ya, that theory is highly possible.

      Lol, I think it happened when all their plans to attack Kanae backfired because of Kyouko. They are afraid and in awe with her as if she is some supernatural being. So, who is the best person to teach that girl a lesson? =P After what happened to them, they might think Kyouko can thwart whatever Kimiko throws at her so no worries about something might happen to Kyouko =P

      Hm...thinking of it, perhaps, they also won't directly act because Erika hasn't given them the order to do so. In the end of this chapter, Erika seems to have made her move to do something about it.

    4. I don't really understand Yuki. I mean that scene where Kimiko was shouting at him was pretty off. He seems like the forgiving type too so I don't think that he will punish Kimiko and let her withdraw because she broke a few rules by watching the audition of Kyouko.

      Ohh I didn't think that she might actually be stepping out so as to harm Kyouko and thereby nailing the role :/ Heheh who knows Kyouko might come forth and prevent her from doing so.

      He values honesty so I have no doubt that Kimiko's reputation has not reached him.

    5. True. He has been a bit lenient with Kyouko, too. He knew Kyouko lied up knowing what to do earlier. But, even so, he seems to like 'fighting spirit'. So, I'm not sure if he will stop Kimiko from withdrawing if she wanted to.

      Most likely she will. I would think Erika is expecting this so she asked something from her bodyguard. I wonder if Erika can walk again at the end of this audition arc.

      Sorry, so you mean, he knows?

    6. Sorry I wrote it confusingly, I meant that Yuki might not be aware of Kimiko's true personality.

      I feel that not only will Erika be able to walk again but Kyouko and Kanae might help her achieve this ^_^ One of the bodyguards said that it is mostly psychological factors that lie behind her inability to walk too. It will be good to see friendship blossoms.
      Yes if Kimiko actually tries the same stunt then it's really good if Kyouko is protected by Erika's bodyguard.

    7. I see. So, perhaps, only those whom she worked with/investigated her knew of her true personality.

      Yup. I'm curious how it will happen.

      Ya. Perhaps, that will be the climax of this audition arc. ^^

  3. Hey Kat, Thanks once again for doing your Skip Beat commentary as always I enjoy reading your thoughts. With Kyouko having access to someone who is very close Ren, you have to wonder all the possible lines of thoughts that Kimiko could possibly have. Initially it was probably concern about competition, surely Ren would never help mentor or support someone who is talentless. But now with the conversation that Kimiko overheard between Kyouko and Koga the green-eyed monster has definitely made its appearance. I have confidence with Kyouko's almost supernatural ability to avoid complete disaster that Kimiko will get her just deserts and maybe learn something in the process. I just hope Kyouko little spirit protectors will give Kimiko a few good knocks to the head!! :-D

    1. Thank you, yumichan3557 ^-^

      Possible but wasn't it mentioned that Kimiko's primary goal was to impress a certain someone? Unless that person is Koga, I'm not inclined to think that Kimiko was jealous of Kyouko. It is more like using something to throw Kyouko off the tracks towards getting the role.

      I'm thinking that Kimiko is just doing what she had done to Kanae and Erika earlier. She failed in getting the Chidori role. She failed getting the Momiji role which she cannot afford so she got rid of Erika. She would most likely do something more vicious with Kyouko because of frustrations among other things.

      I'm sure Kyouko will ^^