December 12, 2017

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 120]

At the store, Shouta faces off with his father. Shouta is startled when his father suddenly stands up and shouts, “Apartment! Go find an apartment!!” Outside, Sawako calls out to Shouta and congratulates him for passing. He exclaims that she specially came out after seeing his text!? “I’m so happy!! Thank you!!!”

Sawako says that she couldn’t sit or stand. Realizing something, she asks if he is planning to go out. He tells her that he is going out to look for an apartment. Sawako is surprised by that. He tells her that his parents told him to immediately look for one.
Sawako exclaims that ‘there’s no time like the present’!! Shouta laughs and says that his father is that kind of person. Sawako thinks that his new life has already started. Shouta holds her hand and says that next, it would be her turn. She blushes and says, yes! He laughs.

Sawako thinks that the graduation ceremony ended peacefully and Shouta passed college, and is her and Ume’s turn. Ume is looking very tense so Sawako asks if she is nervous.

Ume retorts she don’t say...whereas Sawako is quite calm and at ease. Sawako is surprised by that. Ume is quite shocked when Sawako tells her that she is trembling nonstop. Ume admits that it is the same with her.
They held each other hands and comment that their hands are so cold. Still holding hands, they look at the numbers listed on the billboards. Later on, the two goes to see Pin at school. Pin asks how it was.

Ume says that she’ll be going to her homeroom teacher to report. After she left, Sawako says,...not... This freaks out Pin that it is not, no way!?? Sawako says that it is not fail, the two of them passed. Pin is happy for her.

Later on, Ume tells Sawako that they’re going. She says yes. Smiling Pin asks if they are going to look for an apartment next. Sawako says yes. Pin says, good job and moving house is super troublesome!! “Take care of yourself.”
After looking surprised, Sawako tells him that she wants to become a teacher like him. He tells her that it is impossible. “Give it up. There is only one me who can become this kind of teacher.” Sawako exclaims yes.

As Ume looks at him, Pin tells the two, “It’s fine for you two to just be yourself. Do your best, you guys.” Sawako exclaims that she will do her best...! As they head out, Sawako sees Shouta waiting by the gate. Shouta congratulates Sawako.

Pleasantly surprised Sawako thanks him and he specially came over. Shouta laughs and says that she also specially come over at his house before. He also congratulates Ume for passing. Ume thanks him.
Shouta says that Chizuru and others want to celebrate for her, so can she come over to Ryu’s house? Sawako says that she would want to go and her family will give her a celebration tomorrow. Sawako then invites Ume to come along. Ume tries to decline.

Sawako says that she knows that she’s very willful to say it but...she wants to happily celebrate with her. Shouta also urges Ume to go if she has no arrangements at her house. “This kind of opportunity isn’t a lot! Okay!!” Ume looks at the anticipating couple then she says yes.

At Ryu’s house, Chizuru is having a fit over Ume, her competitor, coming over when it is rare to have Ayane and Sawako together. Sawako pleads that they passed so she is very happy that she half-pulled Ume to come over.
Chizuru screams if that is for real, she passed, that’s so amazing, Ume!! Chizuru exclaims that it can’t be helped, come in!! Shouta mutters that this is Ryu’s house. Sawako reminds Chizuru that she is Ume’s competitor. Chizuru says that Sawako also won’t give in, fine, it’s like that!!!

Ume calls out Chizuru and asks if she can call Ayane over before she comes in. Chizuru says that it is okay but how come she is so unyielding. Chizuru orders Shouta to call Ayane over. Shouta says okay but how come she likes to order people around.

Later on, Ayane calls out to Ume and congratulates her for passing. Ume also congratulates her for passing and it is because she hasn’t told her before. Ayane says that it is because they barely passing group. Ume says that barely passing group won.
Chizuru laments that unexpectedly, in a world she doesn’t know, they had deepened their relationship. Ume calls out to Chizuru and Ayane. Chizuru exclaims what. Ume says, “...sorry. It is about that thing during first year. *the three girls look surprised* ...I’m sorry. I always really regret...”

Scowling Chizuru says...turning over a new leaf... Ume is puzzled. Teary-eyed Chizuru grabs Ume’s shoulder and shouts, “Come in!! Congratulations!!! We will give you a grand celebration!!!” Ayane mutters to teary-eyed Sawako that Ume had touched something in Chizuru’s heart.

Chizuru goes in the room and exclaims that they’ll start-!! She asks Ryu if he got the beverages. Pouring drinks on glasses, Ryu says ya. To Ume’s irritation, Ryu forgot her name since he called her by the wrong name.
As Sawako enters the room, she notices the boxes of packed clothes. Chizuru says, Ayane, Sawako, Ume and in passing Shouta, congratulations for passing. Shouta asks what’s with that ‘in passing’. The others thank her. Sawako asks if Ryu is getting ready to move out of the house. Ryu says yes.

Chizuru says that it is on this Saturday. Sawako says that it is so fast. Shouta asks if it is difficult to get ready to move out. Ryu says no, because it is a dorm so his things are few—

Ryu asks him, has he decided where to live. Shouta says yes, it is already decided. Sawako looks surprised. Chizuru asks if Ayane has also already decided and wait, she hasn’t told her the place where she’ll move.
Ayane asks when Sawako and Ume will decide. Sawako says that they’ll go and look around this Saturday. Someone says that they hope to find a good place!! After Sawako thinks that everyone are leaving, Chizuru tearfully shouts that she’ll be staying here!! This surprises Sawako that she asks if she said something out. This puzzles Chizuru.

Ume says that she is studying in the same school with Sawako so naturally, they’ll be living nearby. Feeling warm, Sawako says, yes that’s right!! Ume tells Shouta that her time together with Sawako is quite long!

Sweatdropping Shouta says yes, ah, what...what does she mean by that? Ume giggles and says that she simply wants to say out what she’s thinking. Sawako happily says that Ume’s persona has really changed a lot...
This made Chizuru whisper to Ayane to ask didn’t Ume likes Shouta before. Ayane whispers back that it is the swapping of a love rival’s status. Sawako tells Ayane to tell her when she is going to Tokyo. After a pause, Ayane says okay.

Sawako thinks that she knew earlier that they will arrive on the day when they’ll set out a journey. “It is already quite near and it is within sight.” Downstairs, Pin asks Ryu’s father what’s with the noise, are those guys gathered together, so noisy to death.

Ryu’s father says that Ryu will be moving out and this is the last time so does he want to go! Pin says no, there’s no need, because they are already independent. While they are talking, Sawako thinks that this isn’t the end, it is the matter when, they can come back, back to where everyone here—
Later on, Shouta tells lost Ume where the toilet is. Ume calls out to him and thanks them for inviting her today. She tells him that they can talk normally like this because she was basically still avoiding him a bit.

“...before, when I like you, I always strived hard to face my heart’s struggle [/confusion] so right now... I feel a bit...happy...” Shouta asks, confusion? Ume says ‘irritating side’ thrice. Then she says that even if it is possible that it will still become like this, but next time...with Sawako to accompany her...

“...even if feels that she stole you from my side, ...but it isn’t like that. You’re the one who gave Sawako to me... *Shouta looks surprised* ...thank you. ...I, even if it isn’t love, I will still like you throughout this lifetime...”
Soon, everyone bids goodbye to Ryu and Chizuru. After they left, Ryu asks Chizuru if she’s going to cry. Looking tense, Chizuru denies it. Ayane looks thoughtful. Later, Shouta calls out to Sawako and says that he’ll go to convenient store so he can walk with her.

Sawako asks what he is going to buy. He says about that-- He admits that it is impossible for him to deceive to her. Sawako shouts, deceive me!? Shouta says that he’s teasing her, just kidding. While holding her hands, he says that he is already used to walking her back home.

And, the day of parting has arrived. Ryu calls out to Chizuru that he’s leaving. After biting her lips, Chizuru turns towards him. She forces a smile and tells him to be careful on his way!!
She is puzzled when he goes back to her. Ryu holds teary-eyed Chizuru’s arm and says, “You can cry at this time. After graduation, let’s get married.” Stunned Chizuru turns around to see the car leaving. Chizuru shouts, “...Geez, I’ll always be waiting for you-!!! Gambatte, idiot--!!”

At Ayane’s place, her mother tells her to eat properly. Ayane says that she knows, and goodbye. Her mother asks if it is okay that she won’t tell her friends that today is the day when she leaves. Ayane says that it is okay, she’s leaving.

At the train station, Ayane looks at her watch. She is startled when Chizuru and Sawako call out to her. Chizuru shouts that Ayane is startled and don’t look down on her intel, what is this!! Ayane asks if she called her house and how did they know!!
Ayane sighs and says no wonder her mother specially say that kind of words. She had felt it was weird. Grabbing Ayane, Chizuru exclaims that she treated them like an outsider since she unexpectedly won’t say a word and leave!! “At least, let us send you off!!”

Ayane says that it is because... Sawako gives her a bag and tells her to eat it at the train. Ayane thanks her. Chizuru continues to ask if their friendship is that weak and geez, at least say a word, but they’ve won since they are one step ahead of her, Ayane lost...

Teary-eyed Ayane exclaims that it is because her make-up will be ruined-!!! She knew that things will become like this so she didn’t tell them and isn’t it fine for them to saw each other earlier. Chizuru exclaims that she would unexpectedly say that kind of words when the make-up basically doesn’t matter.
Ayane sobs and says that she wants a beautiful ‘setting off on a journey’ because she knows...she’ll absolutely feel lonely...!! Sawako becomes teary-eyed. She hold crying Ayane and says that there are so many things that she wants to thank her for.

Ayane says that is what she wants to say. Ayane boards the train. She looks at her friends. She calls out to them and says, that when she’ll soon be discouraged, she’ll think of them!! “...I’ll do my best!!”

As the train is moving, crying Chizuru shouts gambatte to Ayane. After the train left, Sawako thinks that it is great that they were able to meet each other.
Comment: Everyone has passed their college entrance exams and will start to move out from their houses. Ah, except for Chizuru. It seems that everyone had become fond of teasing Shouta ^^;

This is a closure for what Ume has done to the girls before. She is now welcomed into their group. It is nice that she apologizes first rather than just blending in with them as if nothing happened. What she told Shouta is also nice. ^^

It makes me wonder if Ryu-Chizuru will be the first couple to get married. Actually, will we even see it in the last chapter? That would be nice as a ‘fast forward’ time skipped finale.

I guess aside from the make-up, Ayane doesn’t want to show her weak side. In the end, I think she would be happy and won’t regret that her friends took the initiative to send her off. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thank you for the summary =]
    Yes a wedding proposal! As expected of Ryu (a real man through and through xd) This chapter came off as a bit fast-paced. Maybe I've been hooked onto KnT for so long that I'm feeling somewhat sad that it's wrapping up :(
    In a way I wished that Ume had apologised earlier; she would have fitted onto the group so easily too. I think that she might have lost many good years of her high school because of that late apology. With pairings: Chizu x Ayane; Sawako x Ume; Ryu x Shouta

    Ah and here I was expecting Pin to walk Ayane home like always. It was her last night too. Ayane would have definitely regretted not telling them about the day of her departure. She is still as awkward as ever despite having grown up in other areas.

    Was this the last chapter?

    1. Thanks for reading, Crimson sky ^-^

      In a way, yes. Perhaps, the mangaka doesn't want to dwell to much on the farewells?

      Ya. I guess she can make it up later on.


      Nope. There are three more chapters. But it seems that there will be a side story next year.

  2. Yes true. Oh great more chapters ^^,

  3. what do u mean by a side story next year

    1. There is an extra chapter after the series ended, Sara. I forgot when it will be out in Japan.

  4. When are the three chapter coming out

    1. When the Chinese scanlation is out, Sara.

  5. why arent the chapters here yet

    1. Sara, there are no new Chinese scanlations to summarize.

    2. I don't know.

      You see, this series was officially Chinese scanlated so ever since then, the fan scanlation temporarily stopped their release.

      I thought they won't work on it anymore then suddenly it was continued up to this point. Then, no more. They are releasing other series though so I know they are still active. But currently, no KnT releases.

  6. the mangaka is quite bold having ume kind of romantically thinking of sawako in the end , how funny. first sawako was the love rival, now shouta is. hahahaha. poor kurumi got another unrequited love on her hands.

    1. Haha, true, Kaname. Though, I think it is for comedy in a way ^^

  7. when will the next chapter come?thank u for the summary.i wonder how pin will react if he found out she left like that. or will he be waiting for her at the tokyo trainstation?

    1. Sorry, I don't know. It depends if/when the Chinese scanlation is out.

      Thanks for reading ^^

      Hm...seems unlikely because right now, he has no romantic inclination towards her or a very special relationship that he'll do that.

    2. it came out today.