December 20, 2017

Kasane [Chapter 103 - Far Away from the Body ]

Kingo is driving his car fast. He curses and wonders what Kasane is thinking. “She is simply mad that no matter how I think of it, it’s not normal.”

He recalls Kasane telling Nogiku that if anything happens, she can kill her and destroy the lipstick. Kingo wonders how Kasane can easily give that lipstick to someone else. “That...that lipstick is...something that bears the weight of Izana-san’s memories [/wish]...!!!
There is a scene of Izana telling Kingo to bring her daughter below the white light from the lowest point [of hell]. Flashback: Kingo watched as Izana was swept away by the river. Still clinging on the log, young Kasane looked shocked. 

Soon, Kingo is carrying unconscious Kasane. Crying Kingo shouted that it is basically unreasonable that Kasane is alive while Izana is gone. “In this world, there is basically no one who can replace you...! Even if you left this child... Even if you left the lipstick...”
He looked at Kasane. Narration: “But, even if it is like this, if this is your wish, if there is only one thing that I can do, then let me make it happen...

...I’ll train this kid to become an actress who can replace you--” End flashback. Kingo suddenly stops the car. He recalls Kasane wondering out loud that it seems her mother wanted to tell her something but she couldn’t remember it when obviously, it should be very important...
Kingo wonders could it be that Kasane...RECALLED WHAT IT IS? “And, what Izana-san said has a relation to that person’s strange actions right now?” He recalls Kasane kneeling on the floor while holding her face.

Kingo sighs out loud and says that his anger went into his head [/vent his anger] that he carelessly hit Kasane and he shouldn’t have done that. “Forget it. I’ll just wait for everyone to calm down a bit for some time and then, I’ll go to her again.”
A week has passed since Kasane gave lipstick up. After taking a bath, naked Kasane looks at the mirror then covers her face’s reflection with her hand. Then, Kasane looks down. She hears something dropped on the mailbox. 

Two days ago, Kasane received a somewhat apologetic call from Kingo. Kingo told Kasane that he got too impulsive last time and he’s sorry about that. “In the meantime, I’ve sent you the script for the next play. Even if I cannot say that it is the final draft but more or less, it can help you prepare and get ready for it.”
Kasane takes out the script for ‘Ake no Hime’ [Red Dawn Princess]. Narration: “No matter what the situation is, whenever I open up the script, my heart will definitely start to beat wildly in excitement...

The speech, thoughts, and the role’s heart [/feelings], all of that will cram into me, this empty human shell--” She imagines a miko [shrine priestess] dancing around happily. Then, Kasane starts to look tense. She scatters the script on the floor and re-arranges them.
Narration: “Something happened to me that had never happened before. ...the script by itself is very outstanding. I’m amazed that man can unexpectedly depict out this kind of world. But... The story is brimming of longing for mother that it also made me feel deeply touched...

But...why. I... This...after mother passed away, I cannot imagine that there is no one else who can play this lead role except for me-- but, simply acting out this role with ‘Saki’s image has gone farther and farther away from me [Kasane]—
...*Kasane looks at faraway Saki in miko clothes who is standing at the spotlight* Thinking about it right now, there is already this crack that has already appeared during ‘Star Drop’.”

 Later on, it is night. Kasane is sitting by the wall. Narration: “In the end, always until the ending lines, I cannot imagine what tone I should use to express it. How should I go about acting this, can I still always properly act this role of ‘Saki’?--”
At Iku’s place, Iku is reading while Nogiku is looking at the lipstick. Iku’s phone starts to ring so she answers it. Nogiku looks at Iku. Iku says that it’s Kasane-chan.

Iku asks if she’s looking for Nogiku. Kasane says no. “I’m not looking for Nogiku. There’s something that I want to talk with you, senpai...” Kasane is calling from somewhere outside her house.
Comment: It is understandable for Kingo to be frustrated and angry since all these years, he has been pursuing one goal, Izana’s last wish. In a way, perhaps, he wanted to console himself over the fact that he failed to save Izana and so, Kasane has to be the ‘replacement’.

And now, Kasane is throwing all that away by giving away the lipstick. Unfortunately for him, Kasane is not totally like her mother. I wonder if he would realize this soon or he is just turning a blind eye on it.

He is probably thinking that he can force her to become like Izana to fulfill his goal so he is quite rough on her. a way, isn’t that like what their father did with Nogiko? Atae and Kingo are forcing making the daughters to become the substitute for Izana/’Sugeyo’ with hopes that they’ll be her.

Right now, Kasane is having an ‘actor’s block’ since she couldn’t get into the role. Well, it is much worse since she couldn’t get in the role of Saki. I guess it is because ‘Saki’ is stealing her own identity so Kasane is unconsciously protecting herself.

And, in times like this, Kasane decides to call someone who seems to care about her. Actually, it is most probably because Iku is the only one who can perhaps help her with acting. And, it helps that Iku knows about her past and present. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. Maybe Izana told Kasane something similar to what Sukeyo told Nogiku, something along the lines of living for yourself and doing what you want to do.

    It's kind of nice how Kasane is able to talk to someone who cares for her and knows about the lipstick so Kasane won't have to be reserved around Iku and can trust her. I'm hoping for a happy ending where Kasane, Iku and Nogiku can talk to one another casually and there being no bitterness between Nogiku and Kasane.

    1. Possible, Anonymous. Mayve Izana had a change of heart regarding her wish when she was about to die.

      True. That will be a happy ending for this series. ^^