December 22, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 74]

Yuki recalls the time when her grandma was carrying her. Her grandma said, after Yuki grows up-- End flashback. Yuki wonders what kind of adult she wanted to be when she was young. On the phone, Yuki spits out her drink when Shou asks her if she wants to go on an onsen [hot spring] trip.

He says that they’ll be staying overnight. She asks that it isn’t like going out for a drink wherein one would just go when someone says go. Shou says that it is spring break after graduation so he wants to go relax somewhere before college starts.

Yuki thinks that club activity has already started and indeed, they can only take advantage of this time to relax. But, if it is an onsen trip...! She imagines them having sex. She thinks that no matter how she thinks of it, the second time will happen...!

Shou asks is it a no, and no matter what, if she isn’t willing, he’ll give up on it. Yuki mentally tells him not to use that hard to refuse tone even if she doesn’t have a reason to refuse. Yuki says that she is willing... He says then, go.

Yuki wonders if this is really okay, for the two of them to go on a trip. In the car, Yuki is glum for it turns out that it isn’t just the two of them. Tonomura is a driving a small van. [Igarashi] Ami [guesswork from 亞美; Tonomura’s girlfriend] is singing her heart out.

While Shou asks Tonomura if Ami is always like that, Tonomura tells Ami that he cannot hear the [GPS] navigation. Ami exclaims that she is really anticipates this trip to Hakone. Yuki recalls Shou telling her about Tonomura and his girlfriend coming along after she agreed to go with him.
So, it is now like a double date. Shou comments that Tonomura has a driver’s license. Tomorua tells him that he got it around two months ago. Clinging on to Tonomura’s arm, Ami exclaims that even if he said it like that but for him to have this kind of driving skills, no wonder he is her Tono-chan.

Yuki screams at Ami that Tonomura is driving [so don’t do that]. Tonomura says that he lent the car from his mother. Shou asks if it is alright that his mother don’t have a car. He says that there is still the company car where she works as an accountant. Shou says that Tonomura grew up in such a quiet environment so why did he choose this kind of loud person.

Ami says that it is this kind of loud character that adds flavoring to Tonomura’s life. She asks if little brats can understand the flavoring of love. Tonomura says that it is really amazing that the two single-celled organisms are unexpectedly having a conversation.

Yuki thinks that honestly speaking, she doesn’t understand those two at all because Tonomura and Ami won’t be alone either so is that really okay... But then, she can also relax a bit. Soon, they arrive at Hakone Yumoto station. Ami screams that they’re finally here. Shou complains that it is cold.

Tonomura says that it is 10am now and they’ve arrived early. Ami exclaims that they stroll around before checking in. Yuki remembers coming to Hakone before. Tonomura lightly taps Yuki on the shoulder and asks if she is okay. Yuki says yes, she totally doesn’t have carsickness.
Tonomura says that he isn’t talking about that. It wasn’t easy for her to spend spring break with her boyfriend so is it really okay that they’re not all alone. He tells her to look at those two, they are like siblings. Shou and Ami are talking about the sushi-shaped magnets.

Yuki tensely says, not at all, she should say, they’re intruding the way, for him to say it as if it is inevitable that Shou is her boyfriend, it makes her feel ill that she unconsciously want to deny everything.

Tonomura laughs and says that it is because he is her ‘boyfriend’. Yuki darkly agrees. Shou grabs Yuki and shoos Tonomura away by telling Tonomura not to unconsciously emit ‘boyfriend vibes’. Tonomura says how come the two of them are so cute.

Ami is calling out to Tonomura that her brother likes this thing. Shou grabs Yuki’s hand and says that even if they had training camp together but it is still the first time they’re on a trip so it’s really interesting. Yuki angrily asks what. He smiles and says that he already feels very happy.

Yuki wonders how come this guy is so cute. She blushes and thinks that Shou’s excited and that’s rarely seen because after all, this is a rare spring break. Soon, they are riding a cable car. Watching the scenery below, Yuki thinks that the cherry blossoms are very beautiful.

Ami calls out to Yuki softly and tells her not to worry, it will be fine because in a while, they’ll split up. Yuki thinks that this is their first trip so they should enjoy it as much as they want. Walking around, Shou says that it feels a bit foggy and misty.
Yuki thinks that she knows he would say, ‘it feels so red’ when he went to Kyoto during autumn. Shou comments so this is Owakudani. Ami suggests everyone to eat kuro-tamago [black egg] together so that their longevity will increase by 70 years. Tonomura corrects her that it is 7 years.

He says that compared to that, how about splitting up from here. Then, after one hour, they’ll meet up again to eat lunch together. The two agrees. Yuki thinks that it is here, from here on, she’ll be alone with Shou and even if they have dated many times already, but she has this strange nervousness over this dating trip.

They were interrupted by someone laughing. They see three shadowed figures who say that they found them, former Ryuhoku’s real foursome, no...traitors. It’s Abe, Amamiya and Shouji. Yuki is surprised that Abe is here. Ami angrily shouts that Amamaiya too, how they came here.

Amamiya says that they rode the Romancecar [by Odakyu Limited Express] from Shinjuku. Shou says no, what they are doing here. Shouji asks if he still doesn’t know it from this set-up. Of course, they came to bother them. He angrily shouts that they’ve unexpectedly gone to Hakone on a double date. How can they let them do as they please!!!

Ami shouts that he is saying that he was dumped. Shou says, no way. Shouji didn’t answer. Amamiya tells Shou not to be so serious. Abe is complaining that Tonomura and Yuki are so mean when he wanted to go on a graduation trip with everyone.
Tonomura says no, only he and Shou graduated so there is no graduation trip. Yuki cannot believe they are so idle that they’ll even chase someone up to Hakone. They really have so much energy but then, it is their freedom to stay/go where they want and besides, it isn’t like they’ll always be together. So before they go to the hotel-- no matter what...

And, to her dismay, those guys declared that they also booked in the same hotel. They had investigated their itinerary. Someone asks why Shou told them everything. Shou says that he didn’t think that they’ll unexpectedly come along. And, from double date, it became a trip for 7 people.

Sitting at the back with Yuki and Shou, Ami screams why Shouji is sitting beside Tonomura. Amamiya tells everyone that they go to Yunessun [hot spring amusement park]. Abe wants to go to Lake Ashi. Shou complains that it is hot. Shouji says that it is really great that Tonomura has a license.

Tonomura complains that he totally couldn’t hear the navigation. While the others continue to chat loudly, Yuki glances at Shou and thinks that since they are together in the hotel, that means, they’ll go home like this, too. She thinks that it wasn’t easy...

Shou notices her looking at him. She quickly turns around and wonders what she was thinking about ‘it wasn’t easy...’ Soon, they are riding the pirate ship on Lake Ashi.

Amamiya says that it is a beautiful sea and black hair’s widow[?] surveying-whatever, it is simply like a dream. Ami laughs at him and calls him an idiot. She says that it isn’t a sea, it’s a river. Tonomura corrects her that it’s a lake. Abe is taking a selfie with Shou on his phone.
Soon, Amamiya and Ami are quarrelling over she shouldn’t call him an idiot when she’s also an idiot and he shouldn’t put vulgar things in Tonomura’s head or she’ll kill him. Yuki tells herself that it is alright, and on contrary, this kind of noisy atmosphere is a common occurrence which expectedly makes she feel at ease.

Whether it is camp or family trip, it is that kind of feeling. She recalls when she was young, her siblings are screaming for her. She tells herself that so far until now, she doesn’t at all mind. Shou asks her if she is alright.

This startles her that she says that she is fine and she totally doesn’t have carsickness. He says no, he only feels that it seems that she is lost in thought. Yuki says that it is nothing, she is simply thinking of something. He asks what.

She says that when she was young, she went to Hakone once with her family and rode this kind of boat together with her grandma. Flashback: The twins are screaming for their mother to carry them. The father is dealing with the triplets who feel sick and hungry.

Yuki is carried by grandma. Yuki asked her what that red thing is. Grandma told her that it is a shrine. Yuki asked if it is the house of Shinsen [Taoist immortal;supernatural being]. Grandma said yes, and supporters can also have ties [/attachment] with him.

Yuki asked about ‘ties’. Grandma told her that when she grows up, perhaps, next time she’ll go with someone there. Yuki said, no...she wanted to be with grandma. End flashback.
Yuki says that even if it was quite happy...but her family is like a zoo so she only has a noisy memory... Shou agrees with her. Behind them, Shouji is screaming that he is going to puke so Amamiya shouts if anyone has medicine for motion sickness.

Ami calls out to Yuki and says that it seems that they can have group photo with the captain. Yuki is about to go join her but Shou grabs her hand and asks if they can stay in one room today. After looking surprised, Yuki becomes nervous. She thinks that if she were to say ‘yes’...

She end up saying that she doesn’t know...because there are more people now and perhaps, it will be girls separate from boys. Blushing Yuki thinks that honestly speaking, she already has the proper awareness about it but if there are three of them together, even if it is Shou, he won’t have that kind of thinking.

No, if it is Shou, it is possible that he totally doesn’t mind and everything is possible... She imagines Shou telling her that the others are at the other side of the room so don’t make a noise. Shou says but, if she is very unwilling, then forget about it. He looks at his fingers as Yuki thinks that it is here, how she should answer. She says about that...

She turns to the side to see Amamiya and the other two staring at them. Smirking Amamiya asks what they are talking about. Scowling Shouji asks if they are going to spend the night together. Aghast Abe shouts to the two that even if it wasn’t easy to frankly tease them but don’t overdo it.

Shouji tells Abe not to pretend to be nice when he’s the one who’s most excited but it is the two’s freedom to do whatever they want. Amamiya tells the two not to trouble the people [at the hotel].
With a lot of pressure, Yuki thinks that they’re a hindrance. She snaps at them that they watch too many perverted DVD!!! She snaps out of it when Tonomura calls out to them. She quickly leaves. Abe cries over making Yuki angry. Amamiya scratches his head and sticks out his tongue.

Shouji shouts for Yuki not to put on an act. Shou watches her leave. Yuki thinks that it is no good like this. Everyone is obviously just joking and even if she obviously knew that they are just teasing them, she got angry all by herself. She has to quickly calm down.

She should have answered it calmly like ‘don’t say nonsense things and go take a picture’. At that moment, her feelings are thoroughly dominated by ‘they are a hindrance’ and could it be say that ‘being aware’ is just a portion of the pie wherein all of it is ‘total anticipation’?

This stuns Yuki that she thinks that she wasn’t too restrained. Soon, they check in the hotel. Shou cannot believe that they are all in the same hotel. Abe complains about his heavy luggage. Shouji scolds him that he told him to buy the gifts when they are going home.
Nervous Yuki wonders why she became like this. Could it be that doing that kind of thing [sex] once can make someone thoroughly change... Tonomura asks everyone how they are going to part the three rooms. Ami shouts that each couple in one room then the three guys in one room.

Abe shouts that he wants it by year level since he wants to stay with Shou. So, Yuki will stay with Ami, and the other senpai-s is in one room. Someone shouts that he just wants a bit spacious room. To Yuki’s surprise, Shou says that he thinks that it is better for male and female to separate.

He will be with Tonomura. Yuki will be with Ami and the rest in one room. Yuki is confused because didn’t Shou asked her at the ship if they can stay together.But if they are in separate rooms, they totally won’t have time together during this trip.

She decides to gamble. She suggests to everyone that they decide by jakenpon. If she wins, it will be according to gender. If Ami wins, it will be according to couples. If Abe wins, it will be according to the year level. Ami and Abe agree. One- Two- Three- Jakenpon- Yuki wins.

In their room, Abe complains about not being able to put up new Instagram posts if he isn’t with Shou in a room and he wanted it to be popular [/trend?] before college starts. Shouji says that’s really appalling. Amamiya is fine with anything since he’s so happy. Tonomura tells them to get their yukata at the hall.
At room 512, Yuki apologizes to Ami for winning the jakenpon when she hoped that Ami will win. Ami says that it is alright, and it is the fault of those guys who suddenly came to cause trouble. Shou had also said that so he definitely thought about those guys.

Yuki thinks that’s right, she obviously should think about everyone having fun but she is like a kid, letting her emotions affect her decisions. From the start, it is not true that she is acting relaxed with everyone else. Because honestly speaking, she is always willfully thinking of being alone with Shou.

She scowls and looks flustered. Shou calls out to Yuki which startles her. Ami tells him to open the door. Shou tells them that they must go downstairs to get the yukata. Tonomura says that it seems that they’ll choose the number. Ami happily goes to Tonomura while saying, onsen, onsen.

Before Yuki can follow, Shou grabs her arm and pulls her inside the room. While hugging her, he apologizes and says that he is already at his limit. Blushing and tense, Yuki thinks that this guy...she totally doesn’t know what he is thinking!!
Comment: And, they are on a spring break trip. Yuki is unconsciously glum because she is actually really anticipating to be alone together. Well, she isn’t exactly aware of it though. So, it seems that thanks to Shou, she is becoming more unrestraint in showing her emotions than before.

With the mention of the shrine, I think the couple will go there later on. Unless, just seeing it from the ship is already what grandma meant with being with someone else. ^^;

Shou is giving her mixed signals/talk that she is starting to feel bad for being selfish about wanting to be alone with him. But then, she is also doing that. Her hesitation is at times different from her actions/expressions. ^^;

In the end, it turns out that Shou is just restraining himself. I’m not sure if they will do it. Perhaps, just lock the door. Well, I hope they remember to lock the door after being interrupted twice before. ^^;; Scans by 红莲汉

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