November 13, 2017

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 62 - Kouhai]

Recalling Tokize’s performance during the preliminaries, Atsumu thinks that was the first time he heard senpai-s’ performance. “I’ve already decided on that moment. I’ve decided...decided to join this club.”

Atsumu plays the video on his smartphone. He watches attentively Tokize’s mall concert. He is startled when his mother suddenly opens the door and shouted that if he came back, he should at least open the light!!

Atsumu timidly tells her that he’s back. His mother opens the lights. The room is covered with anime posters. His mother says that it is terrifying that it is pitch dark and no one is around yet there’s only a sound. 
“Do you want your mother to die from fright!? What are you doing that you have to hide in such a dark place. *stare at Atsumu* ...after all, you’re a boy and you’re also already in high school. It isn’t that I’m not ready to see you like that but you better not get deceived by some dubious porn site--”

Embarrassed Atsumu exclaims that he isn’t. “This...this is a club’s senpai-s’ performance...” His mother tells him it isn’t necessary to hide it then. She asks if he had smoothly joined a club.

He says that he already joined so he wants to practice a lot. He tells her that he’ll be late in coming home starting tomorrow. His mother is relieved. She asks about the picks, if there’s no problem if he uses them.
Nodding vigorously, Atsumu says that senpai said that it is okay as long as he changes the finger harness. His mother says then that’s great, and his grandfather will definitely be very happy, too. After she left, Atsumu blushes and smiles.

He looks at his smartphone and narrates all the names of the members of the Tokize koto club ending with Chika. He recalls the gossips about Chika being nasty during junior high and a certain incident involving him that have attracted the police’s attention.

Atsumu thinks that even if he is very worried about those words... He recalls Chika apologizing to him. This made him think that those girls were referring to the wrong person because Chika’s eyes are so sincere.
He recalls his younger self crying in apology to his grandfather while his mother held him back. Atsumu thinks that he and Chika are different as sky and earth.

Looking determined, he thinks that in short, even if he was nervous today that he wasn’t able to properly talk but tomorrow, he’ll definitely succeed. “Gambatte. I’ll properly strive to do my best. *sparkling* After all, it wasn’t easy to join the koto club that I longed for--”

The next day, Tetsuki learns from Chika about two new students joining the club. He asks Chika isn’t that very good. Chika says, but it is two stinky guys and the club’s men stink will be even heavier. Tetsuki comments that he can imagine the scene of Sane and others’ mourning gloomy faces.
Just then, Natsu heads toward them so he greets Chika a good morning. He thanks Chika for yesterday and it must be really terrible to have PE class as his first subject for the day. Chika says that it isn’t bad and it looks like Natsu is coming to class at this time.

He pauses and says that it is strange, did he tell Natsu his name. Natsu says ah, actually, like Chika, he also graduated from Nishi Jr High. “So, I know you, senpai. After all, senpai is famous person.” After looking surprised, Chika says is that so.

The class bell rings. Natsu says this is bad [he’ll be late for the next class]. He tells Chika that he’ll be going ahead and see him in the club. Tetsuki asks Chika if that is a new member of the club. Chika says yes.
Tetsuki comments that Natsu doesn’t seem to be connected to koto even if Chika and others are pretty much like that too [<-not the type one would expect to like koto].

Chika says that Natsu told them that he is playing drum-type musical instruments and he ought to like music, right? “He even said that he saw our New Year concert and felt that koto seems interesting.” Tetsuki glances at Natsu before turning to follow Chika.

In 1-C class, Natsu holds out his hand to Atsumu and says that he is yesterday’s— Atsumu tells him his name. Natsu says yes, and it turns out that they are really classmates and he even sit behind him. “Really interesting. Then, I’ll be under your care [/yoroshiku] again--”
Atsumu tries to greet him back but Natsu has already seated and looked at his smartphone. So, Atsumu decides not to greet back anymore. Oka suddenly rushes into the classroom. He calls out to Natsu. Natsu says that he’s really noisy. This irks Oka.

Oka says that they don’t talk about that first. “Did you just talk with Kudou-senpai just now!?” Natsu says yes, and it’s just a greeting. Aghast Oka shouts why. Natsu tells him that it is because Chika is his club’s senpai. In disbelief, Oka asks if the club he joined is...

Natsu says that it is the same with Chika’s, the koto club. Becoming tense, Oka asks Natsu what he is thinking and he better withdraw from the club quickly. “Who’ll specially choose a club that has that dangerous character in there?”
Natsu laughs and asks if Chika is dangerous when he played well during the welcome program. Oka says that he can say that but no matter what Chika is right now, he is a person who brought about THAT KIND OF THING!! “You shouldn’t get involved with him!!”

Natsu comments that Oka is so simple-minded so he could be easily deceive him. This irks Oka that he says, really, then do as he pleases since he doesn’t care what happens...

Someone grabs him. Oka turns to see a gloomy person grabbing his arm. This freaks him out until he realizes that it is a person/Atsumu asking him what does ‘that kind of thing’ refers to.
Natsu asks why Atsumi is asking that. “Would you choose to withdraw from the club because of that?” This surprises Atsumu. He timidly says no, about that...he... Oka exclaims if Atsumu also planned to join the koto club!?

Holding Atsumu’s shoulders, Oka shouts, “Then, listen to my advice! Give up on that idea! Kudou-senpai, he...that person is really very scary!! Everyday he’ll send several people into the hospital. Someone had also said that he secretly ganged up with law breakers...

... or perhaps, someone almost got killed just for having eye contact with him... All the rumors about him when he was at Nishi Jr High are negative.” Recalling Chika apologizing to him, Atsumu nervously says but right now, Chika had definitely turn over...a new leaf...
Oka says that Chika even brought a group of people to attack the grandfather who took care of him. “Can that kind of person possibly turn over a new leaf?” Atsumu looks stunned as he remembers his grandfather calling to him. Natsu didn’t say anything.

Before leaving, Oka says that it is impossible for Chika to turn over a new leaf and he also cannot be forgiven. Atsumu looks downcast. At the clubroom, Natsu says so he’s saying, they’ll be given a task. Takezou says yes, it is regarding whether or not the two of them will participate in the Nationals.

“We decided to give you two a task wherein you’ll practice a piece within a week. After one week, you’ll perform and we’ll decide whether or not you can participate...what do you guys think of it?”
Natsu says that he is saying that this is a test, right. Takezou says yes. He apologizes to Natsu since he obviously didn’t plan on participating. Natsu says no, this is quite good. “It’s concise and clear. I have no problem with it.” Relieved Takezou says that’s great, thanks.

He calls out to Atsumu twice before Atsumu snaps out of it. Atsumu then says, yes, yes, there’s no problem with him either. Suzuka asks them how is the piece and coach arranged for the two since Akira isn’t here today.

Satowa says that they’ll be using the first section of the Rokudan piece. She tells him that she and Takezou will be coaching them. This made Suzuka think about something. Takezou tells Suzuka that this morning, aside from the club room, he had asked for different places for practice...
Suzuka says that he had already gotten permission so they can use the Japanese[/washitsu]-style room and the broadcast prep room. Takezou says that’s great so like this, they can concentrate on their respective practice.

Takezou says that they’ll hurry up so he’ll teach Atsumu while Satowa will be teaching Natsu. Suzuka tells him to wait. He tells them that there’s no problem with the piece--... He grabs Chika and Kouta.

Then, he tosses Chika to Atsumu and Kouta to Natsu. With a wide smile, Suzuka says, as for the coaching, Chika and Kouta will be the ones who’ll do it. Surprised Chika and Kouta go ah? Then, Chika freaks out and shouts, HA!!?
While Sane and Michi are also freaking out and thinking Suzuka has gone crazy, Suzuka tells Chika to listen up, he will be coaching Atsumu while Kouta will be teaching Natsu the Rokudan. This made Atsumu nervous and tense. Freaking out Takezou shouts for Suzuka to wait, what is he thinking...

Satowa chimes in that she feels that those two are the most unsuitable people to teach someone. This irks Chika that he angrily shouts, what did she say! Suzuka says yes, so it is like that. “It is arranged like that because Kudou and Mizuhara are the worst people to teach someone.”

While Kouta is aghast over that, Chika can only curse. Sane and Michi laughs because that’s true. Suzuka says that it is because when they teach someone else, they can also learn a lot of things.
Hiro tells him to wait, it is really good that Chika and Kouta can learn something but what about Atsumu and Natsu!? “It is possible that in the end, they cannot even play Rokudan!!?” While Sane and Michi are laughing their heads off, Chika and Kouta thinks that Hiro is quite mean.

Suzuka says that is also right, and if it really turned out that way— “It will be those two who’ll take the blame. *aghast Chika and Kouta felt the cold north wind* --but, if you guys feel that you cannot do it, then there’s also no need to force yourselves--”

This irks Chika that he shouts, “What!? How is it possible that we cannot do it, you octopus!! It’s super easy!” Aghast Kouta shouts that Chika is so easily tricked!!
Suzuka says is that so, then the Japanese-styled room can be used everyday except on Monday and Wednesday while the broadcast prep room can be used everyday except on Tuesday. “Then go and do it as much as you guys want.”

All four guys with two kotos are tossed out of the room. Kouta is telling them to wait but the door is already closed. Chika is furious over that jerk. Kouta tearfully says that everyone is too mean for not respecting them a bit. Chika glances at timid Atsumu.

He says that it cannot be helped, they’re going! He shouts to Kouta that they’ll be using the Japanese-styled room. Kouta says ah, ya. Atsumu hesitates and becomes nervous.
Chika tells him that if he doesn’t quickly move, he’ll leave him. This made Atsumu says, ah yes. Kouta and Natsu quietly watch them leave. Kouta tells Natsu that they go to the broadcast prep room. Natsu smiles and says okay.

Inside the clubroom, Sane is chuckling that he never thought that there’ll be a day when Chika and Kouta would unexpectedly teach someone else. “The heavens will fall down tomorrow.”

Michi laughs and suggests that they go and put a webcam. He also says that they tell this to Tetsuki. While Takezou is speechless over this, Hiro scolds the two for not being concerned about this. Satowa tells Suzuka that he’s really cruel.
Suzuka asks is that so, and didn’t she also benefited during the process of coaching someone. Satowa admits that is true. “What I mean is the WAY OF GROUPING THEM IS QUITE MEAN.” Suzuka didn’t reply but he seems to be smiling a bit.

At the broadcasting prep room, Natsu asks Kouta if he can ask him to first play it for him to see. “I think that the best way of knowing it is through hearing it once.” This made Kouta nervous. He wonder if he can play it well since it has been a long time since he played rokudan.  

It was also such a long time since he last looked the music sheet and that was when they finished playing it before. Kouta tells Natsu that he’s sorry if he played it wrong. Natsu says that he totally doesn’t mind. Kouta says that he’ll play it vveeeerryy slowwwly.
Natsu says that he’s fine with it [/he’s welcome to do so]. Kouta says then, he’ll start. Natsu watches Kouta play then looks at the music sheet. After Kouta finishes playing, he tells Natsu that is probably this kind of feeling...

Kouta thinks that his technique just now...ought to be good...but the melody isn’t too clear... Natsu thanks him for his guidance and there is something that he wants to verify a bit, is that okay? Kouta says yes.

Pointing to the music sheet, Natsu says based on this, this part means one beat. Recalling Satowa had said that, Kouta says yes. Natsu asks what is the difference between and ?
Kouta explains that is an ordinary pause[/rest] while is prolonging the preceding sound, it’s probably like that. Natsu says that he thinks that the so-called ordinary pause refers to the quarter rest [/pause] and afterwards, prolonging the preceding sound refers to retaining the remaining sound, right?

“If it is like that, the preceding sound of would disappear right?” [<- sorry if I make a mistake about the musical technical stuff ^^;] Kouta apologizes and asks if he can trouble him in saying that one more time.

Natsu looks at him and smiles. He says that it’s alright. “Just think that I didn’t say anything just now. I’m sorry for asking some strange question.” This surprises Kouta. It made him tense and flustered.
At the Japanese room, Chika gives Atsumu a booklet and tells him to first look at the music sheet. Atsumu thanks him and takes the booklet. Chika looks at Atsumu and thinks that it is all over.

“What am I going to do next? How does one go about in teaching? From where should I start? From the start, what does Houdzuki do first? It seems like she’ll first noisy quarrel? *dizzy and confused* If it’s quarrelling, I’m very good at it...wrong, I have to calm down.”

Chika suddenly shouts, that’s right, didn’t he play koto before!?  “Then even if I didn’t teach you, you can also play it, right?! Then you play it first for me then I’ll say if there’s a strange part!! (It’s like that!!!)”
Atsumu says ya. He looks at the music sheet. Awkward silence. Aghast Chika wonders why this person can quiet up to this degree. He recalls someone calling him stupid and tells him not to be like that since people will get scared of him.

Atsumu is shocked when Chika asks if he is afraid of him. Chika says yes, his way of speaking and attitude might be quite rough but he won’t eat him. “And besides, weren’t you very enthusiastic before! You want to get in the Nationals, right? Then, you shouldn’t have time to idiotically sit around like that.”
Atsumu thinks that is right, he...he have to properly say it out. Thinking that Atsumu is still quiet, Chika says forget that, in short, play first since there’s no time anymore. Atsumu says yes.

When Atsumu gets to the , he plays it very loudly. Chika says that timbre is very forceful and what’s with this person... Then, Chika says wait. Reaching out his hand to Atsumu, Chika says that just now, after the fifth, he has to add a DRAWING OF THE STRING so the left hand—

Atsumu quickly backs away and holds his head in fright. Chika asks what’s up, and he doesn’t plan on looking at his appearance again--- Then, Chika notices Atsumu’s expression. He recalls all the frightened looks that people gave him before.
He thinks, “So, it turns out to be that.” He asks Atsumu, “Could it be that you heard the things about me in the past?” Atsumu recalls the past when his grandfather praised him for being skilled in playing.

Atsumu asks if that is true, the thing about Chika’s grandfather. Chika says that he doesn’t know what version he heard but that was indeed his fault. “That is the thing you want to know? If you have no other questions, then let’s continue...

...That’s right, don’t forget that part just now, then next is---” Atsumu says, he doesn’t want. Chika is surprised as Atsumu says, “I don’t want to be taught to play koto by you.”
Comment: At the start, Atsumu’s room made me think that he was an otaku hikkomori/recluse ^^; Anyway, it turns out that just like Chika, his grandfather was the one who introduced koto playing to him and something sad/tragic happened afterwards.

It seems that his goal is grandfather-related, too. For some reason, compared to the other clubs, he was attached to the Tokize club during the competition.

And yes, it is already confirmed that he is a guy. Hehe, being too secretive to one’s mother can make one think of the ‘typical’ things that teens do while hiding in the dark and watching something. ^^; I wonder if they had a problem with the picks before since his mother mentioned it.

It turns out that Natsu is from the same jr high as Chika. It seems that  Tetsuki is a bit suspicious of the reason Natsu told Chika and others for joining the club. Nevertheless, it is amazing that Natsu doesn’t mind Chika’s reputation because he won’t quit even if Oka advised him to do so.

He doesn’t seem to have some ulterior motive like being related to Udzuki. Perhaps, he finds it interesting that Chika is in a koto club even if he had that kind of reputation before.

For someone who doesn’t know the real issue, I guess what Oka is doing is understandable since he is concerned over Natsu. He seems to be the type who believes that bad people can never change. But then, Chika wasn’t originally ‘bad’. Somehow, I think Natsu views Chika based on how he had interacted with him so he told Oka that he was easily deceived.

Nevertheless, perhaps due to his past issue/trauma, Atsumu immediately fears and dislike Chika even if Chika didn’t act like how Oka portrayed him. I’m thinking that the triggers are ‘bully who hurt people over the smallest offense’ and ‘attacking one’s grandfather’.

The test for the two to participate in the Nationals is nice. The reactions of Chika and Kouta being the teachers are hilarious. But Suzuka’s intention is good since they will indeed learn by teaching. Actually, it makes me think that it gives a higher possibility of Chika ever heading/helping to head the Houdzuki group if he shows some teaching skills ^^

Natsu seems to be very good in observing people. Aside from Chika, I think he also felt that he was putting Kouta on the spot so he didn’t pursue his question. In a way, I feel that he is good in hiding his feelings in some way, and he always smile as if everything is okay = as if careful not to offend? Perhaps, someone older than him  or not close to him since he isn’t like that with Oka or his bandmate before =P

I felt sad for Chika at the end. His past still haunts him but then, he isn’t keen on defending himself or giving all sorts of alibi for it. Unfortunately, that kind of issue is important to Atsumu to the point that he doesn’t want to be taught koto by someone who’ll hurt one’s grandfather. What will Chika do in this kind of situation? 二次元秘店

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  1. thanks for your hard work!!!
    Kurosaki-kun is out, please translate it as soon as possible. Thank you very much:D

    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      Will work on it next. ^^

  2. thank you very much for the summary, indeed oka's reaction is understandable since honestly i think most of the school just ignored the rumors as something of the past but no one besides the kuto club members and the selected few actually heard the real story or dealt with kudo long enough to know that he is no longer that sort of person, i actually think it is nice that natsu was considerate to kouta's inability to answer the question and feigned ignorance but it will also be nice to see him one day talking to the rest members of the kouto club the way he comfortably talks to oka. I quite like the teacher role for both kouta and chika they can finally perhaps start learning something specially regarding the technical aspect of kouta (the music sheet etc) which kouta definitely didn't pay much attention to. i think atsumu might need to hear the real story for him to change his views about chika (just like takezou and houtsuki) i think there are people who are serious (just like me!) and we tend to need an explanation rather than just going with the flow (like natsu and hiro for example ) so hopefully things turn out for the good in the near future i like that this new term/new members arc is tackling many issues at once and maybe at the end of the test natsu will also be more serious about the koto, but him being in the same junior high as chika and the way tetsuki took a longer look at him made me think that maybe he knows something, but who knows thank you for the translation, I would not be exaggeration if i said that you are just like an oasis in the desert! thank you


    1. Thanks for reading, Emmahoshi ^-^


      True. Well, it is just the second day so these things do take time.

      Indeed...though it will be a bit hard at first.

      Ya. I'm wondering if the mangaka will do that or, do it like Atsumu somehow trusting Chika regardless of his past due to how Chika would interact wit him and ya, that would be for the others...^^;

      Still, yes, both can reveal more about Chika's past - Atsumu with his grandfather and Natsu with his jr high past. Indeed, does Natsu know something or he is just interested in Chika like how can music became a major part of Chika's life?

      Thank you ^-^

  3. Yea, the hiatus is finally over! Boo that it ended on a cliffhanger after so long without. Hopefully it doesn't take Chika too long to clear up the misunderstanding here :)

    1. Yup, KrimzonStriker ^^

      Indeed. you think that he'll talk about it? Based on previous encounters/misunderstandings, he doesn't clear them up. It is usually others seeing the real him and someone else telling about the story.

    2. It's what I think will happen as well though I'm not looking forward to it because again, long hiatus period and I'd rather move on to actual performance work and or shipping relationship. But ah well. Should be glad it's just back at all I guess

    3. I see ^^

      Yup and I guess, things are just building up for now especially since we have new characters.

  4. Thanks for the summary, Kat.

    It's kinda sad to see Chika still doesn't feel like defending himself in these situations, but I get him. He'll carry the "guilty" with him for sometime yey, though it'd seem like this issue is about to get adressed now.

    Thank you, again!
    I think so, yea. It wouldn't make sense if the doc didn't get his part, right?
    I feel kinda lost, too, but afaik, only eldians can be titans. I don't know about the Ackermans, though.
    Well, if it was me, I'd separate them so they can act nor react in sync with each other. Like the cart won't be helping beast with any kind of ammo. Beast alone would have been killed by Levi back then, so, separating them helps in this sense, too.
    Yea, I thought that too. Like they killed all those people back in the island, now Reiner'd feel the same as Eren and cia felt, but it seems that Eren's and co. are about to show they're not the "same".

    I hope to see Annie back, but I admit I'm kinda feeling lost and not sure if I really want to see her, depending on her state. But as wee see so far, it's very unlikely that she'd be tortured, perhaps she'd have switched sides in order to save her father, that seems to matter much more to her than anything else, and the only reason for choosing to crystalize herself.
    I've watched Code Geass, but it's been so long that I don't remember the details. But I don't think Mikasa'd ever let Eren do something like that, unless she goes with him and they both sacrifice themselves or something like that.

    1. Thanks for reading, Fê ^-^


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      True...for a while there, it seems that titans are different from eldians like a separate race. ^^;;

      - - -

      I see. I'm thinking of the element of surprise and well, keeping them all together and finish them in one swoop. Say...turn titan and stomp on them. Lol, but of course, story-wise that would be anti-climactic. =P

      - - -

      True...the 'return home no matter what' thing. We'll just have to wait and see.

      - - -

      Ya...but if she would do that, I don't think she'll tell him since he'll stop her from doing that. And, maybe Eren won't tell her either since she'll stop him.

    2. I guess it's how the guy was telling the story that made look so, I too had that impression, but as he continued to tell the tale, I think I got what he meant. We never know, lol.
      That'd be awesome to me, but I gather not so much to others, lol. Seeing Reiner die from a stomp'd be really good. Karma'd hit him hard. But yea, it won't happen, unfortunately.
      It's more obvious in the spin off and anime. The manga itself didn't cover that so much. I guess everyone'd be glad to see Annie again, hopefully in a better way now that she had so much success that demanded even a spin, the other ones being Levi and Mikasa - though Levi, iirc, had a bunch of Erwin too.
      That'd be funny, alright. Not going to let you, so I'll do it in secret. I won't let you, so I'm doing in secret and then, both die, lol. Now that would anticlimatic, lol. You're right, though, can't see any of'em "letting" the other do, and I can't see Armin being alright with it either.

      Don't know what to make of it so far, only that it seems Eren and co. are sounding like wanting to be different and prove it to the continent people.

    3. So, he is basically reviving the hatred for people in Paradis? And, making Eren the target = get the head titan to control the world since they are losing their influence. Sorry, I'm forgetting the terms already ^^; How did he know that it is Eren? Reiner told the others before?

      I'm actually confused about that Oriental woman who left the speech. Was she a friend or foe? Seems like a friend since she helped that kid at the party. For a while there, I thought she is a disguised good whoever led cart and other titan into that pit.

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      Haha, is that so ^^

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      Lol...some sort of Romeo and Juliet thing? True. True.

      Ya, and then what. In a way, that seems to be a naive/idealistic way of thinking.

    4. I honestly don't know and still am quite numb towards the new development. It was much too sudden, and then the author gives us the Reiner flashback as if wanting to absolve him and all his actions up until now. Suddenly, we have more chars. more plot and story to go on, but the one we were used to just got left behind... I'm confused, I'm like a blind man in a shooting.

      Not joking, I understand the chapter and have my theories at what's going on, but I'm actually confused at how things are turning up. Kinda sad, really, lol.

      And yea, that oriental got me thinking she might be related to Mikasa - or her mom - in some way. Hopefully things clear up a bit in the next chapters. I'm feeling like a storner right now, lol. Too much pain, strong meds and no improvement whatsoever usually do that, I guess.
      Yea, imagine? I'd laugh. I really don't want to see Mikasa suffering, much less 'cause of Eren, but I don't think I'd manage to hold the giggles if that happened for real, lol. It's like the author is trolling all of us.

      It is naive. In my way of viewing things, and if the mangaka is actually trying to do that, it's even more naive - at least in a story like this.
      Have a good trip, Kat. Now I know you won't be relaxing at all since you're the tour and I know how tiring it is to be at the front lines like this - used to do that for friends and had a short time that I used to work with it, so - yea, have a nice trip. Enjoy what you can and rest wherever you can.

      Take care!

    5. What is a blind man in a shooting...hunting = shooting? ^^;

      Hehe, I see. I thought I'm the only one.

      I would think that you're one tough cookie to still be 'sane' with all that pain and strong meds. I'm already in lala land if it were me. ^^; It's regrettable that there's no improvement. Gambatte ^^

      - - -


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      Thank you ^-^ Indeed. It is more like an 'exploring adventure' ^^ At least, unlike a tour, we can wake up a bit late. In a tour is quite stressful, too. Be here at this and that time.

      I recall this Korean tour guide who even threatened anyone late to sing. Then, forced us to buy expensive photos by her photographer just when we are on our way to the airport. We joke that it was like a highway robbery...what if we don't buy, they'll keep on driving us around and make us late for our plane?

      Actually, that's one time in Korea and many times in China. The tour guides in China's goal is to separate you from your money. =P They keep on bringing you to stores to buy some stuff wherein they'll have a commission from the store. Then, get angry if you didn't buy anything.

      At least, the one in Japan before isn't that of a 'rip off' but would offer you things if you want to buy it = not that forceful.

      Thank you ^^

      Take care, too.

    6. No, completely lost without knowing where the bullets are coming from. Doesn't when to duck, or if just lays on the ground, or start running in panic - just standing there, without any clues of what to do, lol.
      Tough cookie? Lol, hahahaha! That's a good one, alright. I don't know, it's just the way I've always been, so it's strange when people say that to me. I feel a bit "not normal", but then again, I completely agree now. Even my friend said that NASA should study me 'cause all the strong meds do is making my speech lower, and any effect it has on me are collateral, lol.

      Thank you, Kat, words like do encourage. ^^
      An adventure, yes, that's for sure, I remember my time pretty well and can definetely agree on the the adventure label, lol.

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    7. Haha, is that so. Quite an interesting analogy though quite fatal if the bullets are aimed at the blind man. ^^; I think they call that deer in front of headlights in Japan. The deer doesn't know whether to stare or run as a fast moving car/truck is about to hit it.

      - - -

      Hehe, is that so. Speech lower = lower voice? Is it baritone now? =P If we are to make a conspiracy theory about it, maybe they won't approve of your surgery because they are doing a research on you = effects of strong medicine, guinea pig #1.

      =) Glad to hear that it helps somehow.

      - - -

      Haha, indeed.'s 'promo' due to...? I mean, what's the catch since it is a 'promo'? As I mentioned, in the China tour, it is very cheap but all of the days include going to sponsor stores. =P

      Indeed. One of our group asked for her email. She sweetly ask what for, still want to contact me for next tour. The guy said, so I can send you a virus. =P She didn't seem to get it though. ^^;

      There are photo scams in China, too. They take your picture and make you buy them. For some reason, there is this fear that if you don't, they'll use it to curse you. I'm not sure if you have it in your place. It is like voodoo...use a picture and drop candle wax of sort = curse for not buying. Lol, aside from the doll with needles thing.

      Thinking of it, I wonder if there is such a thing in China. Perhaps, it is more on using your picture for something illegal.

      Anyway, such shaman/voodoo stuff are still 'popular' as 'superstition' especially if you have an ailment which the doctors couldn't cure. They'll say that you are 'cursed' by someone who hated you.

      Actually, when I was studying, we have that kind of story in our books during elementary. This woman was mean to a fish monger at the wet market. Then, her stomach kept on becoming big. The doctors couldn't figure out what's wrong so they called a folk healer/shaman-type of person.

      The person will heal the woman by getting two big fishes from her = that is what's inside her stomach. Then, the woman recalled the fish monger whom she had a fight with. If the folk healer fails, it means the other party is stronger. At times, they can transfer the curse back to the other party.

      I guess that is for us kids to be nice to people or else, we'll be 'cursed'. ^^; Do you have such a thing there?

    8. Hahaha, yea. Not only in Japan, Canada and some states in US have that saying about deer, too. I'd gather that more places have it either, the ones where it's common to have deer.
      My voice was always baritone, hopefully it won't go further than that as I already talk low enough. And when singing, let's just say I can't sing in a hearable way, though that's good to those around me, lol. Though some musicians with tons of more knowledge than have said I had a bass tone, I don't see it that way.

      Other side effect is my reaction time and focus ability, but I think I told you about those.

      If this country wasn't so broken and full of stupid people that care nothing besides easy money, we actually could take this theory as somewhat serious. I mean, if it were Russia or US, that sure'd come in hand, right? Knowing the extent some drug may be used and the extent a human can endure it - now I got reminded of those movies with conspiracies as a theme, lol.
      So, she's not only obnoxious, but oblious, too? That's one hella combo she got going.

      Oh, we definitely have those superstitions here, though nowadays it's been toned down since everyone needs to appear and social medias as much as they can, there're still voodoo and other curses supertitions, alright. TBH, people say that I'm sick in this way 'cause of some curse, or my late grans spirit that couldn't move on and is still attached to this plane with me as a medium - seriously, there has been too much talkin' among my family and friends about it.

      I myself, though not a superstious person, am somewhat religious, so I don't completely disregard anything 'cause in all honesty, I know absolutely nothing for sure. Can only say that I believe God is so infinetely more powerful that, if anyone'd curse me, it'd have be in God's plan in order for me to grow as a person, than just 'cause someone dislike me and wants to make me go down in anyway. Well, that's my two cents.

    9. Haha, is that so.

      - - - that so.

      Ya. But is your dosage currently stable? Or they are still experimenting?

      Ah, but weren't the drugs imported? So the doctors can just mention about the effects on the patients for studies. There is a big issue right now here about a dengue vaccine here. It was approved before and now, they say that you might get sicker if you got the vaccine without prior dengue illness.

      People are angry that they are being used as 'guinea pigs'...well, it was mostly children who were vaccinated. Those who hate the past admin start blaming them for it even if WHO approved of the vaccine, other countries also used it, and the current admin continued the said vaccine. ^^;;

      So, it is a favorite pasttime here to blame others for this and that as alibi for their shortcomings. They always blame the former official/admin. Like our city mayor, he blames his predecessor that there is no money so he raised the taxes. That predecessor also blamed his predecessor but raised money through other means like buy street lights which cost more than they should. ^^;

      And, yes, during elections, no one loses, they were cheated. =P

      - - -


      Oh...that's interesting. So, as a medium, you are to convey something to them from your late grans? And, yes, even friends talk about it? Why? Your family told them and they start to believe it?

      That's nice ^^ And, I agree with that ^^

    10. No, we're still experimentating to see if we find some that at the very least makes the pain bearable. No, no. At least, the ones I'm taking now aren't. There's one with 40% of morphine that has a different name, but I don't think it's imported.

      Really? There's always some kind of outbreak of dengue and yellow fever here. I myself took the vaccines almost 10y back and never have had any of'em prior to it, nor after takin'em. But the doc did say sometimes it's dangerous, more because you're body might not be in top notch to receive it, so it's always better to make sure you're 100% before taking any kind of vaccine. Now, if you're already sick, than you don't have much of a choice, better pray, lol.
      It's always like that, isn't, it? Here, some reforms the president was trying to pull didn't work out - for the better - but they didn't work out 'cause the others vetoed him to make him look worse in case he tries to run for president again next year.
      No, I mean, despite being one grump bastard, I like to have my family and friends all together, even if I myself am not a party person right now, so I'd take my gran to my friends house to have dinner or for barbecue, and the same can be said 'bout my friends, I'd always take'em to my familys gatherings and such, so everyone knows her. But, I don't have any message at all, lol. they only said that 'cause I was the her most favorited grandson of all her grandsons and grandaughters - and the one who'd always take care of her when she was sick either.

    11. Forgot to say, I'm feelin' like crap these last few days, so I'll read the next chap. as soon as I get better. I don't wanna spoil the emotional ride with my feeling like a train just ran over me, lol.

    12. Oh, I see. Medicines here are mostly imported. By the way, are the medicines drunk or taken in through the IV? The strongest painkiller I know is the one used by the president here, fentanyl.

      Is that so. Strange enough, the dengue vaccine here is you should not have it if you did not have dengue before. It will make you sicker or easily infected by the severe type of dengue.

      I guess it depends on the effect per person. My sis told me that her hubby gets the flu vaccine and every time they have the flu, he gets the worse symptoms and take a longer time to get well. ^^;

      True especially if you are in poor health. Dengue is a virus so basically, it is only to relieve the symptoms.

      - - -

      So, it's all about that instead of the country/people, too. Hm, do you think that they'll succeed? As in, it is working? Here, it worked. Though our presidents only have 1 term. It will just make the people not vote for the chosen 'successor'.

      - - -

      That's nice. I assume your grandma blend in with the friends ^^ I mean generation gap and all.

      Haha, is that so.

      - -

      It's okay. Take your time and hopefully, you'll feel much better soon. 'Train ran over me' = whole body aching, I presume?

    13. Wait, wait. So, only the president may/can take fentanil - we have it here too - there? The one we have here it's too expensive, just like morphines, and the docs prescribe very rarely more 'cause it's too easy to get addicted to it. And in Brazil, you can get any drug, illegal or not, with the right connections an very easily, so docs tend to have more care when prescribin', they more than often get in trouble, depending of the pacient.
      It's like this, or that was how it was announcend. If you been sick with any kind of dengue, you shouldn't take any shots/vaccines 'cause you're body already have the antibodies to fight it. If you have never been infected - my case - than you can take 'cause you're body won't clash it thinking you're getting sick again.

      Same goes for flu. I gets your body ready to fight it by making it slightly sick, in order to create the antibodies for the sickness. So, if you get sick an take another shot, you'll get even worse and you're body'll have a harder time to readjust it.
      Here they can have two sucessive terms, and after that, they can run again for it. But I honestly hope any and all reforms they're trying to pass fails - 'cause it's obvious they're only doin' to get votes, and don't really care about the real and deplorable situation we live in. But yea, people on the country usually are less informed 'bout the bad things so they tend to vote for the same ones again and again, even when it's proved they robbed and destroyed the country/state beyond repair with so much corruption you'd think you'd be readin' Maquiavel or something, but it's real life.
      She didn't actually blend in, I remember she was embaressed to eat in front of people, so I told her if wasn't going to it at the kitchen's table, than I take everyone to eat at her bedroom and she'd only have the bathroom to hide, lol. I always was this kind of super honest and simple to the point of annoyin' people, so I'd just make everything get along, otherwise, they might as well leave me alone and get ouf of my house, lol.
      Yes, thank you. I'm gettin' better, not to leave the bedroom yet, but I'll get there soon enough. Thanks Kat

    14. No, I mean I got to know of that medicine through the president who admitted using it and even abusing it since his doc reprimanded him for using more than the dosage. Ever since then, whenever he says something crazy or go on an angry fit, people would joke that he just got his fetanyl. ^^;

      I would assume that it is the same here. Our customs is very corrupt. Anything to be shipped or get out of the customs needs grease money from the security guard, to the checker of the stocks.

      So, are there a lot of malpractice suits there? I'm under the impression that here, people would just let it be rather than pay the lawyers to sue. Justice is super slow here that there are times, the culprit is already dead before justice is served. ^^; Of course, if it is a reputation hospital, maybe they'll pay for hush-hush.

      - - -

      I see.

      - - -

      Lol, true. It's the same here.

      - - -

      Haha, I see. Lol, aren't you kind of bullying your grandma? =P

      - - -

      That's good to hear ^^

      - - -

      I have something amusing to tell you. This year, three of our is a car, and two delivery trucks got hit by another car in three separate incidents. You know what's the catch? All of our three vehicles are just parked! I mean, what are the odds of it happening in a single year. ^^;

  5. Hi kat, thank you for your effort! I'm really a fan of this manga. May I know when is the next update will be? Thanks 😘

    1. Thanks for reading, Mikee ^^

      The new chapter is already out and I'm currently working on it. I don't know when I can finish it. It will definitely be out by next week.