November 22, 2017

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 119]

Shouta gives Sawako a notebook with a title ‘The Legend of Sadako’. He tells her that it is from Chigusa. Sawako blushes after taking the notebook. Kent is exclaiming about the chibi doll of himself that Sawako made. He asks Shouta to let him see his.

Pinning the doll on his coat, Shouta says that he doesn’t want to. Kent comments that he’s still so stingy. This irks Shouta. Pin comes in and tells everyone to sit down. Everyone shouts what’s with his hair. Pin exclaims that it is three-seven hairtstyle. Pin asks what’s with this doll on his table. They tell him that it is personally made by Sawako.

Pin exclaims if it is something to ward off evil spirits. Pin tells everyone to line up in a single column. Shouta tells Sawako that she’s so nervous and is it because she’s worried about the speech. Sawako admits that it is so. He tells her to talk like she usually does and there won’t be any problem.
In the gym, someone announces for the graduating students to enter inside. With cameras flashing, the graduating students march in. Chizuru is determined that she won’t cry. Glasses teacher tells Pin that only section D has a face-like thing pinned on their chest...what is that, and Pin also has it. Pin says that it is a charm against evil spirits.

Kent receives his diploma. He flashes a v-sign to fangirls and a hi-five with a girl. Glasses man says that he’s really lively. Pin calls out, stupid, stupid. Sawako thinks that no wonder it is ‘master’[/teacher]. Kent greets Sawako and says that it is her turn next! Sawako gives him a cold smile. Kent exclaims that it is too gloomy and stiff.

Sawako thinks that she’s too nervous, do her best and think of a way to do her duty in a remarkable way... Then, she recalls everyone telling her that they knew earlier on that she isn’t a psychic. She wonders if it is okay not to do it in a remarkable way. She recalls Shouta’s advice to talk like she usually does.
Sawako wonders if she was always able to smoothly use her own words to convey her feelings. It was announced that Sawako, the graduates’ representative, will now make a speech. Sawako stands up and looks at Shouta who smiles at her. Then, she goes in front.

Sawako starts to talk about the snow has finally started to...but Joe shouts that he couldn’t hear it, what is it, they know that she should be able to do it~~!! Glasses teacher says that is quite lively... Pin didn’t comment. Sawako takes a deep breath and re-starts her speech.

“The snow has finally melted. The North’s very long winter is also about to enter its end. Teachers, guests, heads [of the school?], fellow students, I want to express a heartfelt thanks to all for your support and encouragement!

Three years ago, when we entered school, the cherry blossoms that year was particularly early. *scenes of the parents including Sawako’s father crying* It seems as if it was yesterday when we have restlessness and excessive uneasy hope when we walked through Kitahoro High’s gate...
...We made mistakes, suffer setbacks and have a lot of inadequacies. Emotionally moving things, things that were like a dreamlike was like that hard to imagine flower season that bloomed early...things that are hard to believe, we experienced a lot...quite a lot...

...Step by step, we finally reached here. During the school festival, all of the classes had pooled in our wisdom for our mutual benefit. During the sports festival, we put in all of our strength for the practice. We were overjoyed when the baseball club entered the Hokkaido tournament’s semifinals. A lot of memories always until now have also...”

She suddenly stops reading. This made Chizuru ask Ayane what’s up, she isn’t sure about what she’s reading. Ayane says no, all except Sawako won’t... Everyone soon mutter what’s up with Sawako, is it over, obviously she isn’t she going to cry, she won’t talk??
Sawako looks up and says that her nickname is Sadako and ever since she entered school, she always made it her goal for everyone to call her real name. The others start to wonder if that is bullying. Sawako says, “But, right now, it doesn’t matter anymore!

...Whether I’m a physic or not, it doesn’t matter either! Everyone in this school brought about this kind of thinking in me! *Shouta smiles* Passing everyday as Sadako is my pride. I’m very happy. Thank you everyone.”

Narration from ‘The Legend of Sadako’: “ some place, there is this girl called Kuronuma Sawako. The girl doesn’t have a good reputation. Her classmates would say that she has a very strong psychic power. 

Everyone calls her Sadako and they are totally scared of her. Someone teased her and in the end, the guy had a bone fracture. It came to a point wherein she was accused of making someone unwell just for making eye contact with her...
Even if so many rumors are totally ridiculous, but from the start, it was regarded as a joke but in contrast to some people there are more and more casual coincidences so they started to say what everyone says.

Gradually, no one wants to get close to her again except for one guy. She is a girl who won’t accept defeat. She is a rare kind-hearted girl. Her real power isn’t being a psychic, only he had noticed this part of hers-- *everyone starts to sing the graduation song*...

...With the ones whom he is in contact with, she learns to show a smile. She also learned to cry tears of joy. And even have friends. *Chizuru and Joe are already crying* Have comrades and also rivals. And unknowingly, he became a dream lover. Gradually, there’s a change happening around. Time flies quickly, she--..”

Someone announces that the graduates are leaving so everyone please give them an applause. Everyone claps. Someone gives surprised Sawako a party popper. Sawako was told that didn’t get it earlier because she came late. She was told to hide it.
As they head out, Shouta shouts get set, ready, go!! Everyone pops their party poppers. Narration: “...time flies quickly, unconsciously, she had become an ordinary member of the class-...”

In the class, Pin angrily tells them what nice thing they did that caused him to be reprimanded. He complains that those old men are really annoying so they should be considerate towards him. The students ask if he has something to say as homeroom teacher.

Pin shouts none, you’re dismissed!! They whine what’s up with that. Pin says that the things he wants to say is no matter what, they’ll think of a way themselves. “Even if you guys become criminal/s, I’ll probably also stand by your side!! Okay!! Take care!!”

Still sobbing, Chizuru asks what does that criminal mean. The others say that is so vulgar. Ayane laughs and says no wonder it is him, so casual!!! Then, Joe and some girls want to get Shouta’s necktie. Shouta refuses to give it away. He asks what will they do with it. They say that it is a remembrance.
Watching Shouta, Sawako thinks that a popular guy is quite busy. Ayane asks where Sawako is going when Chizuru had also left. Sawako says that she has to go some places to attend things. Outside the classroom, Pin tells Sawako that isn’t a bit like a speech of a main representative [of the graduates].

Sawako apologizes and says that she didn’t plan on that. Pin smiles and says that it is quite good because it is her style. Then, Sawako goes to Chigusa who starts to take pictures of her. Chigusa asks if she has seen her work, the result of stolen shots. Crying Sawako thanks her and says that it wasn’t easy to do such a big...

Chigusa proudly says that it is quite detailed since it has 80 pages of this and that!! Sawako exclaims yes, and she didn’t know that Chigusa even knew that she is picking up trash by the river bank, and she didn’t know that she is that concerned about her, thanks you, thank you.
Chigusa says that she’ll also be in Sapporo so keep in touch, okay. Sawako says yes, yes! Then, she gives Chigusa a handmade face doll which surprised Chigusa. Chigusa says that it’s really a vanguard and she’ll add it to her collection. Sawako thanks her.

As Chigusa leaves, Sawako turns to see a guy confessing to Ume. Ume leaves the guy and goes to her. Sawako gives Ume a face doll then gloomily says that it turns out that she is like that in Sawako’s eyes. Sawako asks if it’s alike. This irks Ume.

Ume’s mother calls out to her that they should be going. Ume shouts okay. She tells Sawako that she’ll see each other again during the release of the grades [for the college exam]. Sawako says yes. Ume’s mother asks her if Sawako is her friend. Sawako exclaims yes. This surprises Ume then she becomes flustered. Heading towards her mother, Ume says not really...she is simply an ordinary close friend! 

At some corner, Ryu tells Chizuru that she ought to have finished crying and he cannot go if she is like that. Chizuru exclaims that she knows that!! She sobs that Ayane, Sawako and Ryu won’t be around soon. “No, even if I can contact you guys!! I’ll keep in touch!! Even if it is totally alri...” 
Ryu leans to her and kisses her. He says, ya, very lonely, right? Chizuru screams that she was quite startled that it caused her tears to go back. Then, some people want to take a picture with Shouta for remembrance. Then, after the picture-taking, a couple of underclassmen ask for his necktie. Shouta apologizes and says that he won’t give it to anyone.

Joe stares at him so Shouta insists that it is true and he’s sorry. Then, they ask about the face doll on his coat. He tells them that it is everyone’s face. A girl exclaims that is really nice and it is only Shouta’s class who has it.

The girl says that they would want to do the same thing when they graduate. She asks if Sawako-senpai personally made them. Shouta smiles and says yes. The girls say that they are so envious of them when they walk together. Shouta thanks them.

Soon, everyone decides to have a group picture. Pin and Sawako aren’t around yet. Ayane offers to call Pin. Chizuru asks if Sawako went home while she was crying. Ayane says no, she has things to do. Shouta offers to call Sawako and he can vaguely guess where she went.
At the hallway, Ayane urges Pin to hurry. Pin says that he’s coming and anyway, Sawako hasn’t returned yet. Ayane says that it is possible that she’s already there. After a pause, Ayane says that this is the last time, there won’t be another opportunity to see each other again, right.

Pin says that he told them that he’ll always stand by their side no matter what happens. Blushing Ayane turns to him and says that it is still better for him to keep his hair spiked up for 10 years. Puzzled Pin says that there’s no need for her to say it since he will keep his hair spiked up so what’s up??

Ayane smiles and says that it is because he’s very handsome if he lets it down!! At an office, Sawako returns the flower terrace diary notebook. The teacher thanks her for specially bringing it over there. Sawako says there’s no need and gradually, a lot has been planted there, sorry about that.

The teacher says that she’ll be lonely afterwards but thanks to Sawako, the flower terrace had become quite amazing and good job on taking care of them. Sawako thanks her.
Sawako goes out to see smiling Shouta waiting for her. She calls out to him and he says that everyone is waiting for her. He tells them that they won’t take a picture if they aren’t complete. This made Sawako cry. She apologizes and says that she’ll quickly go back.

Shouta says that she’s the only one who doesn’t have a charm. Sawako says that she should have made one but she didn’t think that everyone is willing to wear it. Shouta takes off his necktie and tells her to use it instead.

As he puts the necktie on her, Sawako happily cries and congratulates him for graduating. Soon, Sawako and Shouta arrive. Everyone shout that they are now complete so let’s take a picture. Joe shouts about the necktie but Shouta just makes a face at him. Narration: “Congratulations.”
Comment: And, that is how their graduation day went. Sawako has indeed gone a long way from the first chapter. For the speech, she was going about it the usual way but in the end, she went her own way. Hehe, I guess the party poppers are having a bit of fun even if it is frowned on by the higher-ups. =P

Pin is typically like him in his parting words. From what Ayane said, I guess that is for no one else to fall for him = spiky hair during that 10 years. It’s quite nice how Ume mentioned that Sawako isn’t just a friend but a close one.

Ryu-Chizuru scene is quite nice ^^ As well as for the main couple. It makes me think that Shouta will always be like that as he was before. Always waiting for Sawako to finish the things that she has to do, and he’ll always be there for her afterwards. Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
Graduation is not the end but the beginning of our bigger life and bigger challenges in life to face ~ Author Unknown


  1. Hello Kat thanks for the update! :)

    You are right Chizu x Ryu are really adorable and have always been my favourite couple although the most exciting story goes to Pin x Ayane. What was the point of mentionning the 10 year in the future? I'm hoping we might see them in the future but then Pin being single and in this late thirties is a bit sad ~.~
    Have to mention that throughout the story Kazehaya has totally lost his charm. I mean Sawako definitely washes his character out. Plus next to the other two couples, his relationship has been the least gripping.

    1. Thanks for reading, Crimson sky ^-^

      True. It's possible. that so ^^

      Hm...because he's too passive? The New Year chapter was nice though ^^

    2. Rather than passive I'll say the author made him too bland.

      Like Sawako scares people without even trying, Chizu is completely nutty, Ayane is a heartbreaker despite being so nice (Plus someone with a lot of personal issues namely low self-confidence), Ryu is the cool guy who makes love look so special (He literally makes me want to have a constant person likes this in my life :P ) Pin is a hilarious idiot but is also sometimes only wearing the guise of a idiot which gives him an air of mystery.

      And Kazehaya is the popular guy at school who likes his girlfriend?

    3. Haha, yes. Now that you mention it, true, in a way an 'ideal boyfriend'?

    4. it maybe will be better if the author shows his flaw side like being too overpossessive or his short temper even more. I find that side of him extremely cute to be paired with Sawako's awkward side. Being a 'perfect boyfriend' in a monotone relationship seems boring.

  2. una pregunta despues de este viene el final?