November 6, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 72]

Three little angels blow their horns and congratulate Shou who had just waked up. Shou rubs his eyes and thinks that this is terrible because it seems that he had just seen something. Yuki says that it would be considerably terrible. Shou pauses and turns to the side.

He tells Yuki that they go take a bath together. He pauses again since there’s no one at the other side of the bed. Cooking something in the kitchen, Yuki calls out to him and greets him a good morning. Shou sits up and greets her back. He asks what time is it.

She tells him that it is one hour before 1 am midnight. “You’re hungry, right. I’m cooking a bowl of udon noodles for you to eat.” He asks udon noodles, at this time, she is currently cooking udon noodles, by the this a dream?

Putting cups of tea on the table, Yuki asks what. Shou says no, but they have indeed done it... Yuki says okay, quickly dress up and sit... Then, her legs lose strength that she falls down. Shou catches her. She blushes really red. He apologizes.
Embarrassed Yuki shouts what is it. Shou says is obviously her first time and he did it too much [?/cared too much]. She tells him that she is totally fine. Then, before heading out, he waves and says ‘see you again’. She waves and greets him back.

Narration: “Finally, I finally crossed over that line!!! *blushes while leaning on the closed door* Even if it is like that...I felt that I merely hugged him tightly, and I’m already totally exhausted. I totally couldn’t understand what is that situation...

...*recalls doing it with Shou as he calls out her name* But, like this, we advanced a step again. Thinking of it like this, it is also not bad.” While eating some chocolate Pocky sticks and reading a magazine, Usami-san asks Yuki what kind of chocolates does she plan of making this year. 
Yuki asks choco? Usami-san complains, geez, Vday is already next week but it will definitely be handmade for Yuki since she has a boyfriend and it feels quite fun. Yuki says no, she still hasn’t decided... She asks Usami-san if she will give homemade for that guy.

Scowling Usami-san exclaims that she won’t and it will be scary to receive homemade chocolates from a girl whom one isn’t going steady with. Suwa asks is that so but if it were him, he’ll be happy like a fool if he was to received homemade choco.

He asks for a piece of Pocky stick that Usami-san is holding then he starts to eat it. Usami-san asks really? Suwa says yes. Usami-san suspiciously asks for real? Suwa says yes. Yuki thinks homemade...last year, her little [teddy] bear choco is really embarrassing to death that it feels that she couldn’t even mention it...
Her cellphone beeps. It is a message from Shou saying that the announcement [on who passed] will be out on the day after tomorrow. She types, yes, she knows. She wonders what he meant by it. “Could it be ‘let us see the result together’ or it means ‘I want to tell you face to face so I’ll be seeing you on the day after tomorrow’...?”

Her cellphone beeps again. He writes that he’ll be bored [/idle] to death soon so he’ll go to sleep first. With an apple picking its nose emoticon, he wrote that he’ll contact her again. Yuki is speechless as she wonders what does that message meant.

While taking a bath, she thinks that indeed, college entrance exam is already over but he still hasn’t prepared to move house or find work, so he’ll be quite bored. “Seeing him like that before, I thought that he would want to see me every day... ‘see you again’ is when... I feel jittery again all by myself...”
At the convenient store, Yuki looks at the clock and it is 5 minutes before 10am. She thinks that today is the day when Shou’s grades are out. “Right now, I have no way of confirming or knowing whether or not he had received the notice but in the end, it is that guy so I feel that there’s no need to be too worried... I’ll immediately contact him when it’s break time--”

The door rings. Yuki welcomes the customer who turns out to be Shou. Shou says that it is good that she’s here. Yuki is surprised since it is quite a coincidence. She asks what...she told him so many times already to first give her a ring [/notice] before he comes... Holding a bottled drink, Shou says that he passed. He showed her a picture of him pointing to number 246.

He says that no. 246 has passed and starting this spring, he’ll be in the same school with her. Surprised Yuki blushes. Thinking that it is great, Yuki congratulates him. Shou says that he wanted to tell her that and also, a miracle happened because Abe also passed. “That guy will probably break a leg tomorrow.”
There is a scene of crying Abe clinging on to Shou while shouting that he had used up all his luck!! Surprised Yuki tells Shou to congratulate Abe for her. She thinks that he directly came over to tell her about it. She tells him whether or not they’ll celebrate...

Shou says yes, later on, he with Abe and Shouji will go and play bowling. This stuns Yuki. She wonders with Abe and Shouji, not her...? She says is that so. Waving goodbye, Shou says yes, he’ll send her a picture so see you. Yuki thinks that there’s no feels...that he is distancing himself from her...?

She snaps out of it and thinks that she’s wrong, she is just mistaken. She tries to go back to work. While she is currently free, she decides to tidy up the magazines. 

Then, she grabs a magazine which mentions about ‘what a beautiful woman knows’, ‘stringent selection of winter sexy underwear’ and ‘men’s real heart’ is it running off after he’s finished [with you] or devoted [to you]’ Total analyzation of physical compatibility with attached guidance manual inside. 
This surprises Yuki. She imagines Shou saying, “How can I say it, after doing it, it felt something isn’t quite right.” She wonders if that is how it is. While chopping a cabbage, Yuki tells herself that it cannot be since she knows that Shou isn’t that kind of wanton guy.

“But if that kind of guy, who is the embodiment of sexual desire, doesn’t immediately set up the second time...Could it be that he isn’t satisfied about something...? Could it be that there is something that I did wrong...? *recalls thinking of advancing a step* I unexpectedly become easily content. If it is the physical link, the heart will also be closely interdependent...

...This is the reality that I basically cannot guarantee. Excessive dependence will possibly cheapen the current relationship. If I don’t work hard to convey myself to his feelings, the things I did before are all a waste.”
Ding dong. Ding Dong. Usami-san opens the door and asks Yuki what’s up. Yuki timidly asks if she can make Vday choco with her. “Ac...actually, I’m a bit at a loss. In the end...about that...I still wanted to make him happy...” Usami-san says, yes...and she already prepared her share.

Yuki is shocked to see Usami-san’s prepared utensils and choco. She exclaims why. Usami-san says that she has also decided to make choco and she plans to drag Yuki to make them with her. Usami-san admits that she was about to call her. Yuki thinks that is right, what’s important is the future.

While melting the choco, Usami-san says that honestly speaking, it is really troublesome since she has to spend time [to make it], buy [/waste] ingredients and buy some beautiful molds. Yuki thinks that Usami-san totally said the things that shouldn’t be said out.

Blushing a bit, Usami-san says but, forget it, if it can make him happy, then it’s already fine... Yuki thinks of working hard to make him happy not only physically but hard in getting closer to him— Her cellphone rings. Shou sent her a picture of him with the two guys.
She asks if he is free on the 14th. He says yes, and would she want to go to his house. On the 14th, Shou’s mother greets ‘Yuki-senpai’ that it has been a long time since she saw her. Shou tells his mother not to call Yuki like that. Yuki greets the mother.

Shou’s mother apologizes for not preparing anything and it is because Shou didn’t mention it earlier. Yuki says that it is okay. Yuki thinks that this is the first time she leisurely meets up with Shou since that day. “But, his mother is at home so today ought to be...”

The mother apologizes because even if it wasn’t easy for Yuki to come over but she is going to deliver some snacks to a relative’s house on Vday. She says that the bus is coming soon so she’ll leave now. She’ll come back during dinner so take their time. 

Yuki can only mentally scream for her. Sitting on the sofa, Yuki nervously thinks that this is bad since she was totally careless to think that they won’t be all alone. “Are we going to do it? Are we going to do it?” Shou puts some tea on the table. He asks her if she isn’t going to give it to him yet. 
Flustered Yuki asks wh..what!? Holding out his hands, Shou says, choco. She calms down a bit and puts the box on the table. She says, for you. Shou opens it to see four chocolate truffles. He stares and says that it is homemade this year, and it’s super rare.

Then, Yuki brings out more boxes and says that it is the same kind she prepared for his parents and older sister. Shou darkly says, ‘same’? Thinking that she has already given what she should give, Yuki asks what time his sister’s work ends.

Shou says no, right now, she went to Okinawa and by the way, before eating this, he wants to take a picture. Yuki stiffens and exclaims in fright when Shou stretches his arm to the side to get his phone. Shou looks at her.
Covering her mouth after making a strange sound, Yuki thinks that this is no good, this distance is actually... Shou is about to kiss her when he suddenly backs away and asks if there is a program she wants to watch. He tells her that he wants to watch the repeat broadcast of a TV drama at 4pm.

Yuki thinks that in the end, it’s very strange. She asks why. Shou says that the actor here looks like Amamiya. While he looks for the remote control, Yuki says no, why he is avoiding her. “You are acting very strange since that day...

...You’re not inclined to see me and even if we do meet, it is only a hurried glimpse... (I already...I have already decided) I...let me properly say it (doing anything for you--) matter *flustered* what you want to do to me, it’s all okay!”

Shou looks at her. Pause and there is only the sound of a dog barking. Yuki turns around and says that she’ll use the toilet for a while. Shou calls out to her. He asks if she thought he is a sex fiend [<- I’m not sure about the fiend or perhaps, pervert but it is a term related to sex; couldn’t find the exact slang term ^^;].
This surprises Yuki. He asks if she thought that he would become a monster because of lust. Yuki nervously says that she didn’t say that he is a monster. Grabbing her head, Shou says that it doesn’t matter what others say. Yuki exclaims ah!?

He hugs her and says that he would always be [/act] cool because he hopes to become a good man only in front of her. “How come you don’t understand that? *Yuki blushes* There is that kind of physiological demand but if senpai doesn’t want to, then it has no meaning.”

Yuki thinks that their hearts are interlinked together, but if that part is always neglected then, always, always--the one who truly worked hard for it is only Shou.

While shaking his head, he says that he obviously always restrained himself as if his life depended on it to the point that he won’t go see her as he pleases, but unexpectedly she’ll think of him... Yuki apologizes. Shou says that thinking of it, feed him chocolate. She asks why.
He says that it is because he is hurt. Yuki decides to do it because anyway, it won’t be that difficult compared with putting earrings on him...and it is Vday. She takes a chocolate and tells her to open his mouth. He says ah. She tells him to open wider. He lightly kisses her finger.

Blushing Yuki tells him that she said open his mouth, quick. He says okay, he’ll open it. He starts to lick her finger. Looking flustered, she says don’t. He asks what is it, her expression is very sexy. She says, because... He asks if she recalled it. She denies it. He tells her not to lie.

She says that she’s not lying. While letting her feed him the chocolate, he says that he felt that the senpai at that time is really so cute. “I’m going to quickly die just by merely recalling it.” He holds her face and they are about to kiss. Slam.

The door opens. Holding a shisa statue, Hitomi calls out, “Younger bro--- Happy Vday...” And, she sees Shou on top of popped-eyed Yuki. Shou says, ...ha? Yuki thinks, ah...this is such a serious [/critical] step. Shou says the time when Hitomi returns is really... Hitomi apologizes. Yuki is speechless.
Comment: It’s Vday. And, this is the second time when an older woman accidentally sees them in a scene like that. Does that mean Yuki will be close to his sister later on like Usami-san? ^^;

It seems that Yuki isn’t that at ease yet with the physical stuff. Yet, if Shou isn’t advancing, it makes her feel uneasy since it is out of the ordinary. I guess that would be the next potential issue between them that will need some fine-tuning for them to be more in-sync in the future.

Still, it’s good that Yuki quickly talked with Shou what’s bothering her and he quickly reassured her. Well, it is natural to have doubts if the guy suddenly goes ‘cold’ after doing IT.

It is indeed a miracle that Abe passed. Normally, it is one thing to pass and another thing to keep on passing to stay in the school. Maybe he’ll get an easy course. 

As for Usami-san, she is really smitten by Suwa yet she doesn’t let herself get carried away. It is like her mind knows that he is the wrong guy but her heart is in love with him. I wonder if the mangaka will focus more on them later on. Scans by 红莲汉

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      Hehe, out of curiosity, like who male lead/s of a certain manga?

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      Lol, I don't like those guys, either. For Ao Haru Ride, I really, really hoped that the girl will end with the lead girl but after they got steady and the girl is leaning towards Kou again, I dropped it like a hot potato =P

      Ookami...I guess it was for comedy purposes. ^^;


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