October 23, 2017

Kasane [Chapter 100 - On Top of the Surface]

Before heading into the car with Kingo, Kasane sees a small stone marker. The words ‘Akeiwa Village memorial tower’ are engraved on it. Kingo says in this place, the daughter of the deceased [vanished] woman will once again dance the legend [kagura] that had destroyed this place—

Kasane sadly asks if this is what he wanted to do. Kingo says yes, and there ought to be some hidden clues regarding the ‘permanent switch’ in this ‘Akeiwa Kagura’...

...I feel that I can guess it a bit. *Kasane looks at him* It seems...that we have to find this SCHOLAR’s data that was handed down. He used to always research the Akeiwa tradition.”
Kasane kept quiet for a while before saying that compared to that, if there is no ‘face’ then everything is just idle talk. As they get in the car, Kingo says that she is right. He watches Kasane close the car door.

While driving, Kingo says that in the end, the quickest way is they’ll use Nogiku’s face and ‘Saki’s identity for the comeback. “It will save effort in searching for a new goal and besides, ‘Saki’ already has a reputation.”

Kasane says but there is already a stain since she withdrew during a crisis and he would become pettier. Kingo says what is she saying and she’ll definitely take it back since the pros outweighed the cons. “Fujihara is still interested in you.”
Kasane looks out the window and asks if he was able to find Nogiku. Kingo says about that, Nogiku is an unregistered [in the census/government] woman but there is a high possibility that the man who had stabbed him has hidden her away. “It will be okay as long as I investigate each one of Nogiku’s customers.”

Kasane says is that so. Kingo looks at her and becomes tense. Narration: “Until now, I have already gotten used to seeing this person’s depressed state. This time...I always feel that something is different. This kind of feeling is simply like--”

Kingo recalls the time when he talked with Izana. [<- when she told him her last wish if something happens to her.] Later on, Kasane tells Kingo that it is okay for him to stop here. “I’m staying at a nearby inn.”
Kasane gets out of the car when Kingo tells her to wait. “Do not stay there anymore. If I were to drive straight at night, we’ll be able to quickly go back.” Kasane says no, her luggage is still in there. “Goodbye.”

Kingo’s eyes widen when he ‘sees’ Izana turning to leave. He quickly grabs Kasane’s wrist and shouts, “Do not disappear in front of me [/don’t think of abandoning me]...!!!!” This surprises Kasane. Kingo calms down and let go of her hand.
He says no, how...how can he trust someone who had already disappeared on him once! “I’ll wait for you here so after you fix your luggage, quickly come back.” Kingo looks tense. Kasane seems to look sad for him.

Elsewhere, Yuuto is reading a book when he heard someone entering the house. He becomes tense since it is Nogiku. She looks at him then quickly walks inside to put her coat aside. She tells him, look, she came back, right. “...Igarashi Iku brought me to see the school where Kasane studied.”
Yuuto tensely says, ‘school’ huh...that kind of boring place. “Were you able to find any useful clue?” Nogiku says no, but she had already thought over the path where she should go from here on.

She sits by the table and says, “I plan to leave this place and together with Igarashi Iku, I’ll search for Kasane’s whereabouts.” Yuuto tensely looks at Nogiku’s sad yet determined face. He says that Iku will definitely become a hindrance to her WISH.

Nogiku says yes and perhaps, Iku won’t let her kill Kasane. “I know that things won’t progress as I have wished it. It is also very possible that I’ll be captured, imprisoned and exploited again. Even if it is like that...!”
Tightly grabbing his leg, Yuuto says does it have to be Iku and if she needs someone to help, he can also... Nogiku shouts if he still doesn’t understand. “If you are going to be like that again...I’m going to server ties with you. If Habuta were to found out and your life would be threatened...!!

...That is what I’m most afraid of... *teary-eyed* Because of me, you have gotten into this kind of danger... [/no matter what happens, I cannot let them hurt you...] *reaches out her hand and touches Yuuto’s scar* I...For me...you are...!!!”
Surprised Yuuto looks at crying Nogiku. He holds her hand and their fingers intertwine. He tells her that he perceived that as long as she continues on like this as she wrestles with her fate [as if she wants to end her life], all the more she cannot free herself from going into her own ‘tragedy’.

“I always think that locking you up here is for your own safety and protection. But, this is just merely prolonging the ‘tragedy’. I’m still quite willful. *holds her to him* ...it is simply like a tempest, after wildly throwing one’s heart around, it’s like this again...

[/an end like this which causes me distress] and, you will leave all by yourself again. *it starts to snow* --But, if you are safe and sound after resolving this issue, please come back because, I’ll always be waiting for you here.”
The next day, Kingo and Kasane arrive in the city. After looking out the window to see some snow, kasane says that it already snowed here in Kanto. Kingo says yes, it started a few days before. Kingo yawns.

Then, his cellphone rings. It is Yoshio. After listening for a while, Kingo exclaims in surprise, what. Yoshio says, “No...so I’m saying that this morning, I got contacted by my assistant.”

He said that while he wasn’t around, ‘Saki’ came to the office. There is a scene of the assistant looking surprised over a long light colored haired woman. Kingo is surprised when Kasane chuckles and says that they’ve acted [/making a trap for them].
Comment: So, the secret for the ‘permanent switch’ might be in the legend. I somewhat think that Kasane is keeping something from Kingo since she changed the topic about looking for the scholar researching the Akeiwa legend to finding a new ‘face’. She is keeping her cards close to her.

Since Kingo is having a feeling that Kasane is acting like Izana at that time, I think Kasane already knows how to make the ‘permanent switch’. That is why she is in the same demeanor as her mother at that time. It must be a ‘do or die’ kind of thing. Kasane doesn’t have anything to lose anymore.

Apparently, Nogiku has fallen in love with Yuuto. She wanted to protect him so she doesn’t want him to get involved further than he already did. Somehow, this feels shounen-ish with the roles reversed. Instead of the guy, the girl is going out for a mission and the guy, instead of the girl, will be waiting when it is finished.

After everything, will Yuuto wait forever or she will return? But then, will Nogiku return with her own face or someone else? Will Kingo’s dream come true? In a way, a permanent switch can bring about a ‘happy ending’ for everyone but will it go that way? From here on, they will have to do a lot of outwitting each other in order to get one’s way. Scans by RAD汉化组

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