October 24, 2017

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 252]

[Free talk: It’s the 24th and the two series I’m waiting for aren’t out yet. So, I’ll work on them when I come back. I’ll just finish up another Kasane before the trip. About this chapter of SB...]

I commented about the four pages were blah-blah and who would have thought that the whole chapter are indeed blah-blah. ^^; First, Yuki and others talk about how amazing Kanae’s hint was and how amazing for Kyouko to immediately pick it up to perform the scene well.

Next is Kanae trying to know what’s bothering Kyouko. Kyouko managed to deceive Kanae regarding who is having a love problem but Kanae managed to guess who is the guy they were talking about. I wonder if Kyouko will get in trouble with that later on since Kanae might know from Amamiya that she is not interested in any guy.

Saying that a friend is in trouble regarding this and that but it turns out to be that person is one of the cliché in asking/telling someone about one’s own problem. Kanae didn’t realize it yet. Well, too bad for Yashiro, his guess won’t be verified just yet.

Apparently, Kanae doesn’t know yet that Kyouko’s issue with her mother is somewhat resolved already. Well, Erika’s bodyguards eavesdropped on them. This will make Kanae realize that Erika was in this drama. Ah, she didn’t know right?


It is confirmed Kimiko isn’t interested in Ren right now since she is interested in some other guy. This will make Kyouko realize that she was duped. So, perhaps, the story about the ring was made up or it came from the guy whom she is into right now.

In the end, Kimiko is showing her true face. Perhaps, she will start to do underhanded things. Erika’s bodyguards are still around so Erika ought to make some sort of appearance later on. Actually, they might help out Kyouko. I’m still not sure if it will be truly exposed to everyone that Kimiko and/or manager did that to Erika.

Now, I was imagining how to connect Kimiko into something deeper in the story. She was in the US, right? I have a sudden thought like what if the guy she is interested in is Ren’s rival/bully when he was in the US? How’s that for connection? =P A lot of possibilities can happen if it is so.

Hehe, for now, Kyouko still has an audition to be won. I really think that Kimiko won’t be playing childish tricks anymore. She would have to do something really drastic to win the role since her plot was foiled by Kanae and that was the perfect opportunity to boot Kyouko out without lifting a finger.


  1. Agree, this chapter was a bit of a let down, very blah. I find it hard to believe that Kanae, who is obviously pretty sharp and picked up that they were talking about Ren, can't see through Kyouko's cover up. (She even wondered if Ren possibly liked Kyouko way back when they were making the V-day chocolates). I wonder if Kyouko responds to this Kimiko revelation in a lovey/relieved way if it will make Moko realize the truth. But then, it would be a lot to suddenly have two people find out about Kyouko's feelings. Although at this rate I am a little worried that Yashiro will end up thinking it was in his head and dismiss it in the end. I think he's the one that could help the most.

    Oh well, hopefully this chapter somehow leads to something good! :)

    1. Ya, squeaker.

      True. It makes me wonder that it was because she was freaking out too much that it might be about Kyouko's mother so that thought didn't cross her mind.

      Hehe, yes, two if it is the people she personally knows. Koga and Kimiko already kind of knew it/guessed it. It would be a really amazing day for us if at the end of that day, Ren will also somewhat know about it, too ^^

      Ya...we'll just have to wait and see if that revelation to Yashiro will be carried on.

      Yup ^^ I think it would, when we least expect it =P

  2. When kono oto tomare chapter 62 come out?

    1. Prayoga, it is already out in Japan.

      Summary isn't out yet because the Chinese scanlation isn't out. So hopefully, next month.

  3. So when Namaikizakari chapter 72 come out??

  4. I liked the chapter. Mostly Yoshiro. I love Yoshiro. I laughed my head off at all his expressions. I hope he gets confirmation soon. But I'm happy to know that he's going to be WATCHING KYOKO LIKE A HAWK from now on until he finds out for sure. And if her face is that loose that Koga found out so easily, he's got to find out pretty soon. I'm all anticipation to see what he'll do about it once he's really confident that Kyoko likes Ren. Mwahahahahahahahaha!

    1. I'm praying he'll get Lory involved. I feel a special joy just imagining Lory's face when he finds out that Ren and Kyoko are in a mutual love. XD XD XD XD XD

    2. blackphoenixsuzakuOctober 26, 2017 at 1:56 AM

      Lory does know they have mutual love. He knew about Ren from Dark Moon arc while he found out about Kyoko before the trip to Guam. Both times, his face was priceless (for Ren, "why did you fall for LOVE ME #1" while Kyoko's case, he was disappointed in himself for not noticing soon enough). But he has to respect their wishes of not telling the other doesn't know due to their circumstances.

    3. Well, Tohru13, soon might be in 2-3 chapters since I think the mangaka will concentrate with the audition first. During this break, he wasn't able to talk with her since she left with Kanae. Maybe after the audition?

      And as blackphoenixsuzaku mentioned, Lory already knows. So, I'm wondering if Yoshiro's reaction to it would be the same or he'll be a bit proactive in terms of playing cupid for the two especially he would most likely be the manager for both.

  5. blackphoenixsuzakuOctober 26, 2017 at 1:48 AM

    The chapter was indeed a little disappointing but they had to try to slow down the pace somehow. The only interesting parts I got was Kyoko finding out Kimiko duped her (and Kimiko liking some other guy as a bonus), Erika's bodyguards are the ones who were left behind when Erika disappeared are the ones to tell Kyoko this, and that Koga is going to get his butt kicked when he test Kyoko and Kimiko because Kyoko will have the perfect chance to pull a Ren, MAKE Koga act.

    Kyoko has a lot of challenges trying to keep her feelings under wraps from everyone. Must be hard to hide it from Kanase since they are friends with similar views. Any idea if Lory decided to remove Kyoko from the LOVE ME section since she technically graduated?

    1. I actually don't mind those chapters. Knowing the manga, it always seems to go through apparently unimportant chapters so as to create a trigger for deeper emotions in Kyouko. Like here she has realized that she has been duped in broad daylight, she will definitely use this for her without doubt amazing performance later. Her past with Shou after all shows that she hates being made a fool of.

      These chapters help to make the plot more realistic, I mean Kyouko does not have an unlimited reserve of genius skills; she needs life experiences and backstabbing like what Kimiko has done in order to exploit her talent as an actress. It builds suspense and make me look forward for the next chapter ^^,

      True it must be very hard for her to live like that. Kyouko is not ready to let the world know about her love for Ren, she was even planning to take it to her grave.

      Omg you just spiked my anticipation. Koga is number 2 in the industry right? :P For a fresh actress to 'pull a Ren' on such a great actor is truly something worth watching.

      Lory just thought of nurturing her when he learned about her feelings for Ren and contemplated sending her abroad during his monologue. Surely it shows that he plans to get her out of the love me section. Plotwise though, Kyouko leaving the section will elevate her status as an actress or talent and remove most of the comic elements of the plot: which stem from just the girls wearing the flashy pink overalls too. Lory might play dirty and wait when she actually confesses her feelings -.- If anything she might be swapped into the acting section. Just my 2 bit; with this manga I can't really predict.

    2. True, perhaps, it is the 'calm before the storm'?

      Aside from that, there is also Kimiko to deal with.

      Perhaps, graduating will happen if THAT is already out in the open.

    3. I'd love to see Kyouko manipulate a performance out of Koga! I keep wondering how that acting relationship will go. He said he'd "bully" whoever got the role. Knowing Kyouko likes Ren, could he somehow use that against her? Or perhaps we get a visit from Ren and he sees that Ren likes Kyouko. He could use her to get back at Ren *evil grin* (i have been thinking too much on these scenarios lol)

      I don't think (well hope) that Kyouko will get out of the Love Me section. Kyouko appreciates how it helped her become an actress and become friends with other members. Even if the president says she could leave the section I sort of doubt she would. Kyouko has grown to accept all the events in her life leading to be who she is today. She wouldn't shun that part of the journey. Also working in Love Me Section gets her access to so many altering experiences that have helped develop her level of acting to what it is today (also builds professional connections). Both the president and I'm pretty certain Kyouko, realize that.

      Hummm, perhaps moving into the acting section isn't the best thing. As the president said, going in as a talent will make bigger waves. Being against the grain makes her stand out. Her other talents in cooking and comedy could be used in the future again somehow. Maybe in a skit or interview.

    4. Yup, possible scenarios though I think he won't go overboard since he is feeling sorry for Kyouko due to Yuki's 'bullying'. ^^;

      True but graduating means she has already become famous that she has a lot of projects that she doesn't have time for 'missions/tasks'. Also, I think it is also a change of attitude. In her case, about falling in love again after what happened with Shou.

      Of course, I don't think it will happen soon. Ah, perhaps, until she doesn't hide what she feels for Ren.

      True, and that will be interesting. Actually, will she be able to get out of the current stereotype of being a 'antagonist female lead'?

    5. Ah that is true, he doesn't seem to like pushing too far..but then I am just suspicious of people's natures in manga all the time haha. When he said he'd bully I guess I misinterpreted it and he said it in a lighter, joking manner.

      Yes that is true...*sniff* our Kyouko is growing up. But I'd still sneak in a mission or two even when she is famous actress. You never stop learning, and doing a mission seems to always teach her something. But that's just me wanting the Love Me section to continue haha.

      Oh yeah...wow all the roles so far have been antagonist female lead as you say. Antagonist roles are always the most interesting though to be fair. We like the "good guys" in movies but they have to have an amazing opposing role. What would Star Wars be without Vader or Sherlock without Moriarty. If Kyouko did land a lead role as a "hero" character I hope it's a grey character. Maybe a charismatic detective.

      What would be a role outside of an antagonist that she would be amazing at?

    6. noodlesmack, I think he is more of a teaser-type bullying to put people in situations to see how they'll react. He seems like a joker and easily excited-type of guy.

      Haha, I see. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't her Setsuka thing suppose to be a 'last mission'? I somewhat recall that Lory gave each girl a mission which seemed like an ultimatum/final type of thing for them to totally change their attitude.

      True, they are indeed interesting.

      Lol, actually, I'm curious how she'll play her all-time favorite role = a princess in a fairy tale/fantasy drama, and still make it interesting. She also has to control herself and not go over-the-top =P

    7. Ahh, yeah I see what you mean now. I wonder what the next test is for Kyouko and Kimiko. Will they be acting against Koga? or will it be some other scenario...perhaps all three characters? That's what I would do just to see the chemistry between them.

      Wha!? Really was it her last mission?? Hoh, I'll have to go back later and reread the chapter. I don't remember it that way.

      Bahaha! Only Kyouko could make that trope interesting. I don't know if she would be able to get out of that character lol. She would be fantastic though.

    8. Actually, shouldn't the chemistry between Kanae's character and Koga's character the one that is more important than Kyouko's character? Thinking of it, Momiji's character has a one-sided love so there's no need to have chemistry for that.

      But ya, all three would be interesting ^^ It makes me think, ah, if only the lead character is Ren, that would be more interesting =P

      Ahh...maybe I recalled it wrong but I got an impression that it was 'last' since it seemed like Lory's ultimatum 'last game' mission to make them serious on 'graduating' since they are no longer taking Love me a priority due to their current acting jobs.

      True so I'm quite curious how she'll pull it off - aside from the ones we have already seen ^^

    9. Something cropped up when you said that chemistry is not needed for one-sided love. I think that it all depends on how the story goes. Will the samurai end yup with Chidori or with no one?

      If it is the latter, then chemistry can still be created. The samurai may covertly start feeling attraction for Momiji but deny those feelings, never realising that it is mutual for instance.

      Momiji has the most important and difficult role: she has to look in love without revealing it. I am hoping that we will get a scene where she is secretly pinning for the samurai. Or even better, a scene where her feelings slip up which starts confusing the samurai and creating chemistry.

      With regards to Chidori, there was no mention that the samurai shares her feelings right? For me, if the samurai does not harbour romantic feelings for Chidori then it makes him open to feelings of Momiji. Like he may once in a while notice that his bodyguard is admirable.., and attractive?

      I'ld really like to see the arc progressing this way: chemistry which is created (although it is not in the script) between the Momiji x Samurai although the story does not follow a romantic line. We are all kind of expecting Kyouko to change a few things around again after all :)

    10. Good question. I would assume that he'll end up with Chidori. If the lotus is the samurai, based on the title, I would imagine that she'll save him out of the mud. ^^;

      Ah, but wasn't it mentioned that the samurai only thinks of Momiji as a 'sister'? I'm assuming that this is a love triangle so Momiji is the 'rival'/third wheel.

      I can't say. It was mentioned that the samurai dotes on Chidori from time to time. I'm not sure what kind of doting that is. Hm...in stories like this, I think it is most likely samurai would fall for the ojousama who learned to fight rather than a childhood friend-bodyguard-type of companion.

      For Momiji to hate Chidori, it is highly likely that the samurai is taking her for granted or he really doesn't see her as a potential love interest. And, he treats Chidori in a special way. ^^

      I see. Lol, thinking about it, Kyouko might be more interested in creating chemistry with Kanae's character =P

    11. Haha yeah no doubt there, Kanae x Kyouko might happen not in real life but in a movie ^_^ But then that will be a love-hate relationship.

      Actually I had my doubts about the title of the movie after reading ch.234. Kyouko said that it was about Chidori who remains pure. If this is so then Kyouko might be a good foil if she shows all the bad sides of a a woman in love, like jealousy. Don't you think that the title is more fitting for Kyouko herself?

      Yes I was really hoping that Momiji will turn things around and show that she can play a romantic role and be charming. Ah well next time where there's Ren as co-star maybe :')

    12. Hehe, true. ^^ I think it would make people think oh look, how far these two from that softdrink commercial had gone in 1+ year. ^^

      Is that so. Though, it would make sense as to why they are having an audition for Chidori. Actually, since it is for both female leads, I would assume that they have important roles in the drama. And, getting a famous actor for the lead is to lure audience who would want to see a familiar face?

      You mean, pure while in showbiz?

      It depends for the director/producer if they would divert from the original storyline. It is difficult especially if the book is famous and well, iirc, it had a manga adaptation.

      Lol, until the filming starts, I think Ren can still be a co-star. Actually, I suddenly have a wild idea like, what if Kimiko is trying to do something bad and Koga was the one who got injured =P Haha, and what if he was Kimiko's crush? =P

    13. These 2 have amassed a lot of experience which will without doubt be evident by their acting. For some reason (attributed most likely to my addiction to Kyouko), I want to see Kyouko shine just as brightly as Kanae. For the Curara commercial Kanae's beauty has made her more famous than Kyouko.

      Especially since this drama is designed just for Kyouko. She has the tea ceremony etiquette that she excels at (though she can't use as Momiji is a commoner) and she is secretly in love as well. Plus she has nailed some awesome martial arts moves.

      Oh waw! I must have read a 1000 hypotheses so far about Kimiko, but I've never thought that her plan may backfire on her crush. I'm loving this idea a lot heh heh. I like Koga; he looks interesting but Ren is Ren. And as a samurai, he will be too hot to behold.

      Kanae might be the one to unravel their feelings for each other before these 2 even confess xd Just thinking about Ren as the samurai gets me on a wild lane already.. so many possibilities..

      I meant that Kyouko has remained pure despite all the adversities in her life. Her own mother being the way she is, cast aside again by her crush (sho) and having to survive in the industry starting from the lowest rung in the ladder (fitting to describe Love me Section duties right? xd) She is pure and has become a cultured and a proper person despite having grown up in the mud literally- if you consider how her mother used to hate her so much that she could hardly stand her sight.

      Who knows, maybe after seeing Kyouko improvise in the audition they might give her some leeway :)

    14. Ya. I wonder though if some people don't know her from the commercial due to how different the roles she played in the dramas. I think that only those who really paid attention to her would know.

      Rather than tea ceremony etiquette, I think it would be her knowledge of the traditional ways/behavior like how to greet superiors, bowing, etc. ^^ Hm...'secretly in love', so the samurai was clueless about it? Or, she hid it? Yup, just from the martial art moves, she won that audition.

      Ya, wouldn't that be the nicest payback? ^^

      Indeed. And, Kanae had a clue that Ren is involved with whatever was distressing Kyouko.

      I see. Good point ^^

      Possible ^^

    15. Ohhh you're right there's no mention that Momiji's crush is a secret O.o

      I've been thinking that Kyouko will end up carrying her real personality in the Momiji role. Technically they are so similar: Kyouko liked to play ninjas and has super physical strength like when she chased Sawara's car. And well she is fiercely loyal too.

      I duno, I thought that Momiji will not confess because of her low status. Kyouko was also thinking that she understood Momiji's feelings more than anyone (Ch 236) I assumed it was because both harbour a secret crush that they cannot reveal. I ended up overlapping them!!

      I have this fantasy that it might play out like in Dark Moon, when Ren was playing the piano (Ch 75) and during the filming Kyouko felt for the first time that Ren might not hate her- unlike what she was thinking. It'll be great if Ren too, while watching The Lotus, gets a glimpse of Kyuko's feelings towards him ^^,

      I hope that the Lotus arc will allow people to pay more attention to her. Mio and Natsu have done that but people still know her by her name only like with the Momiji contestants. I want to get the feeling that she is indeed on her way to become the famous actress in Japan.

      I also hope to see the audience look past the physical beauty and be blown up by her talent. Because when paired next to Kanae, the latter might overshine her just because of her prettiness. But I suppose it'll be hard to overshadow the lead actress..

      (I just felt that I wrote a long wishlist for santa heheh)

    16. Ah, but isn't it possible that she thought that her crush/Ren loves someone else? She knows he has fallen in love with someone but she never entertain the thought that it's her.

      If Ren is watching The Lotus...ah, watch the drama like watching her in Shou's PV or watch a certain scene live like in Dark Moon?

      Hopefully so.

      Haha, not only that, Kyouko might not want to overshadow Kanae. =P

      Hm...but Kyouko can also look quite beautiful if she is all made-up. It makes me think that she's be an actress who is also good in disguising/reinventing herself. So far, her roles are quite different from each other including Setsuka.


    17. Yes Ren watching it live is even better. It doesn't matter, so long as he gets a glimpse of her complicated nature, like she can fall in love despite being a love me member but she will not confess.

      Kyouko is indeed stunning in each of her roles, especially Setsuka. Regarding Setsuka, I even feel that her real identity will never be known unless the director reveals it- which is a real good thing! *thinking about that lovebite* :P I like that she is a versatile actress too.

      It seems that she will become a great actress while keeping her normal appearance and pink flashy overalls. No frivolities or brand items :P

      I got a bit frustrated when those people on the street said that they prefer Kanae in the CM.

      I feel that Kanae will be quite the stunner again. Momiji seems to be an exciting character, and a female bodyguard at that.. I can't wait to see how they dress her up. I am sure that the overall effect will be nice since once she gets into character, she becomes that character completely.

    18. I see. ^^ And, what would his next move be if that happens. ^^

      Yup ^^

      Ah, but later on, she would have contracts to promote them, right? I mean, companies would want her to wear their outfits, make-up, etc.

      But there were also those who liked her from that CM. Iirc, Ren overheard some guys talking about Kyouko from that CM.

      Yup ^^ For sure, she'll dye her hair black again.

    19. His next move.. look for the most implausible excuse to refute the possibility of a mutual love? ^^,

      Yes true, she will be the immortal butterfly that Chiori used to describe her... or the shape-shifting demon as Sho calls her hehehh

      Oh I completely forgot about that. There are indeed mixed reception of her from that CM.
      As an aside, poor Ren having to hear about that. I truly wonder how will he be able to fend off suitors- Those guys will mushroom from everywhere as she progresses in her acting career.

      I was thinking that she might keep her orange hair. It is a contrast to Chidori. The effect will be great too; it will be like shouting loud and clear that she has managed to change the mind of the difficult Yuki, and by the same token she must be really good.

    20. Hm...I'm thinking of finally making his move. He was hesitating before since iirc he fears that she'll hate him if he makes obvious advances at her. Or, perhaps, make up a grand excuse/explanation on Ren = Corn = Kuon. Will she take the lie badly?

      Yup ^^

      True, and hence, more pressure to immediately make her his ^^ Or, for now, he is complacent because of her 'no to love/romance' stance.

      Hm...I'm not convinced. Orange hair might be too distracting. It might be fine for anime but drama...well, Japanese drama, usually they don't especially if it is a serious one. <- I assume that they might go for a somewhat realistic setting and there should be no hair dye during that era.

      Speaking of hair, on a side note, in shoujo manga that were made into tv drama, they usually kept the black hair rather than dye them to suit it like the manga characters. So, it is possible that they might not 'copy' what was in the novel/drama.

      Hm, I'm thinking/imaging that when Ren finally reveals who he is. It might be 'similar' to the time when they first met. And, that will be they both sport their original hair color. Haha, so, if she changes her hair back to black, I feel that IT might happen soon. <- my wishful thinking ^^

    21. Looks like I can discuss skip beat all day long lol. It gets me completely hooked- I can't believe it's a manga targeted at young high school girls (if we go by the definition of 'shoujo')

      You make me anticipate this moment now. I haven't really thought about his identity being known anytime soon. But it fits in a way.

      Last time we saw Kuon was in the Tragic Marker arc. Kyouko has already felt that Ren has a dangerous alter ego. Plus she has figured out that someone might have died because of Ren too. These discoveries may have built momentum for a near future climax... as in very near :O

      I wonder how Ren will reveal that. They will have to be near a river/forest. He must revert back to his original appearance despite being in Japan. Is Sho kissing Kyouko sufficient trigger to get him to take action? Or something else will add onto that? Like Koga flirting around Kyouko after realising that his rival is in love with her. He's already given me the impression that he is playful and quite perceptive at discerning emotions.

      Oh I hope so then. Kyouko definitely looks better in black hair. If this happen I'll be totally like Yashiro when excited ~> 'Will kat's next prediction come true too?' ;)

    22. Ya ^^


      Ah, but I thought he was somewhat at peace after meeting Kyouko again in Guam as Corn. And, after that trip, Kyouko was curious what was Ren's real name. He seems ready to reveal it to her next time when the opportunity comes. And things seem to have gone to a different direction when her mother appears again.

      So, many possibilities, indeed. Which one will be the 'final trigger'? ^^

      Haha, we'll see...perhaps/hopefully, next year?

    23. Yes true he did look at peace and gave me the impression that the kiss might have actually lifted his curse. On the other hand, I also can't help wonder if Ren has Kuon sufficiently under wrap or was what happened in Guam simply a temporary respite.

      There are so many plots to develop. It's like Ren/Kyouko happens only when it's least expected.

      Yes hopefully next year. I've just read the latest chapter; seeing how her head is filled with Ren maybe we will see some serious development on the love side :)

      (Although my greatest satisfaction is to see the audition and filming of the Lotus).

    24. It is more or less wrapped but it will be totally wrapped once Ren opens up to her about what happened then.

      Indeed...and it is usually a cliffhanger. Haha, aside from Shou doing sudden stuff like stolen kisses. ^^;

      Hopefully ^^

      Usually, we don't see much of the filming. That is if we based it on Box'R. I think the mangaka will only show the filming if both Kyouko and Ren are in the drama like Dark Moon. Or, at least, either one is somehow involved like in Tragic marker.

    25. I get the feeling that he will be able to let go of the past if we meet Tina- the girlfriend of Rick who called him a murderer.

      That's alright, whether it is the audition or the actual filming, I want to see Momiji running around protecting the samurai and being a total badass. I want to see her acting the romance part of Lotus even more than the ninja role, I hope we get to see more of the filming since there's Kanae too.

      Shou should stop doing that, seriously, he is like a brother to her- atleast that's how I see him ;)

    26. Yup. And for that to happen, they'll have to go to US, right? ^^ You know, hopefully, there is a reason for Kyouko to come along and perhaps, meet with his parents =P But I have to temper the expectation. It seems the mangaka is going for 1+ years per arc.

      Hopefully ^^

      Hehe...well, can't it be bickering childhood friends? =P

  6. Thanks for the hard work Kat! Yuki's reactions are always worth watching.

    1. Thanks for reading, Crimson sky. ^-^

      Indeed ^^

  7. Thank you Kat,

    I think that this chapter really interesting. Maybe the pace slower, but still have a clue and trigger.

    The fact that Ren likes a minor just a few that knew. Just a few and including a CHICKEN. If these conversation between Kanae and Kyoko reaches Yashiro, and like always he will be use that to teases someone... Ren will knows..

    Interesting right? Yashiro san already suspicious about Kyoko's behaviour. I'm sure he will do something...

    1. You're welcome ^-^


      Hehe, yup. Hopefully, he does though I think the mangaka is aiming for the two to realize it on their own in contrast to it being revealed to them. My bet would be Yashiro will act cupid for the two.

  8. I have a feeling if Kyoko lands the Momiji role (and Im sure she will) her relationship with Producer Yuuki will be hilarious. The kind of " I bully those I like to keep on motivating them to succeed. Tough kind of love eh.
    Oh no maybe Kimiko's will now try to do underhanded tactics against kyoko just like what happened to Erika. Since her earlier ploy keeps on failing.

    1. Yup, Anonymous. Still, I'm not too sure how it works though because in previous projects, the one whom she directly deals with is the director.

      Yes, I think she will and most likely, something more serious than what she tried to pull earlier.

    2. Thanks for the reply Kat, Im a silent reader of your blog and its my 1st time commenting. I can imagine Kyoko pulling the same stunt as she did with Amamiya. (Remember the stair incident at the TBS) She will definitely wont let it slide and will teack Kimiko a lesson.

    3. No problem ^^


      Yup, something like that if Kimiko tries to do that...I'm not too sure if Kimiko will try it in the same way as she did with Erika...push into the street scenario.

      Actually, I cannot quite guess how Kyouko can teach her a lesson. You see, Amamiya is a co-star so it was easy to intimidate her. But Kimiko is a rival in an audition. The only scenario I can think of is for both Momiji-s to act together.

      So would the deciding audition be for the two to act together or one of them with Koga? Perhaps, both with Koga like the scene is one fake Momiji?

    4. Revenge has already started though. So far Kyouko has subtly been teaching Kimiko a lesson by simply winning each test. The real payback may be just around the corner though, I mean Kyouko does not need to hide behind a script to bully :D Jealous characters such as Shotaro and Erika back then were defeated by subsequent events rather than by Kyouko even doing anything at all!
      If Kimiko really did have a hand in the accident of Erika then Kyouko will take matters in her hand and force her to admit her sins.

    5. It was? I assumed it is basically for her to win the audition rather than for Erika. But of course, two birds in one stone isn't bad either ^^

      Haha...kinda like karma?

      Maybe...I recalled Kyouko isn't keen on it since Erika bullied Kanae. So, I'm thinking that with that lie, Kyouko has realized that Kimiko is really no good for her to take action in some way.

  9. Thanks Kat! I'm making a huge assumption but what if the person Kimiko has eyes for is actually Yashiro... Just a thought.... Especially that last page and the way she looked at him going the the stairs

    1. You're welcome, R ^-^

      Lol, I thought of it, too when I saw the last page. In the end, I thought, she wouldn't be working overseas if it is Yashiro since she would most likely want to be with him in Japan. I assumed that she liked that person while she was in abroad or after that drama with Ren. ^^;

    2. I think it's better if her crush is shotaro no? revenge which is served on a cold plate is much better :p She will be eaten with jealousy if she saw the childish/deep bond between Kyoko x Sho.

    3. Oh, that would be interesting, Crimson sky. Won't there be a cat fight between her and that other girl who's clinging around Shou...Mimori was it?

    4. Mimori definitely needs to get over Sho so it might be a good opportunity for her to test Sho's interest in her. But after thinking a bit about what you guys have said it seems that Yashiro might be the unfortunate love interest of that viper.

      I was a bit skeptic about that because she was gushing about it and Yashiro is simply a manager. Kimiko seems to be the type who would date someone popular and be the object of envy of everyone.

      Yashiro's reaction when he first saw Kyouko looking at the blog of Kimiko was interesting and the latest chapter too. The mentioning of her gushing over another guy and Yashiro actually being in that particular scene look like red flags. Even Kimiko's reaction when her manager said that Yashiro came to the audition now makes me wonder whether her interest was spiked because he is the manager of Ren or because Yashiro himself was there.

    5. True.

      Ya, aside from it being Yashiro due to the last page, the other one I thought might rival Ren would be Ren's bully in the US.

      Ah, that's right since it is established that she isn't interested in Ren so why be bothered about Yashiro being there. So, could it be that she tried to make a scandal earlier with Ren so that she'll have some interaction with Yashiro?

      If not, then perhaps, she was just curious over the girl whom Yashiro had accompanied to the audition <- potential competitor.

  10. Thanks Kat for your review!

    I wonder how Kyouko will act now that she has found out she's been duped. I would love to see her throw a hoard of demon grudges at Kimiko xD

    But depending on her reaction, Kyouko could give away to Kanae that the love story was really about her. Kanae has been quite observant in the past (though always dismisses the possibilities) so I hope she puts two and two together.

    Kimiko's face seems to say she has something up her sleeve. Not sure what but perhaps Erika's servants will somehow serve as protection from anything extreme. Or Erika herself. I do wonder if she'll become the next Love Me member. Haha probably not but a fun thought.

    Kat, it would be wild if Kimiko's boyfriend was Ren's old rival! For some weird reason I thought it was Koga, but that doesn't fit.
    It would be very interesting to see them travel to the US. I really want Kyouko to visit Kuu and his wife. Ugh I get emotional thinking of them as loving in-laws.

    I just really want to see Kyouko get into her role as Momiji! Historical dramas with a female warrior are so cool. I want to see her dive into that character. Playing as Setsu has definitely helped her be able to portray love, a sibling love at that. Koga's Shizuma will see her as a sister and not a love interest. The jealousy she felt as Setsu and from Kimiko is preparing her.

    I am very curious to see how Koga and Kyouko act together. I wonder if he'll use the knowledge of liking Ren against her in some way. Or maybe Koga will get angry at Kyouko using Ren in reference to her love for Shizuma.

    Ughh, these monthly releases are frustrating. Even more so to me who has recently re-read the series. Why cant they be bi-weekly!? T^T

    (Also I really like director Yuki. His reactions are fun to watch <3)

    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      Yup...haven't seen them for a long time already.

      True. And, what will Kanae do after knowing it? ^^

      Ya, and this time, she's really serious. Hehe, yup, it will be amusing. And, would Kanae see her in the wheelchair or she'll be already in fighting form by the time she meets with Kanae again.

      Indeed, that's one reason why I'm kind of hoping that it was the old rival ^^

      Yup ^^ She'll ought to bag the role soon.

      That will depend on how good/professional of an actor Koga is. I'm not sure if he would be angry though if she used Ren as reference for her love for Shizuma.

      I think the mangaka is already taking it easy or can no longer cope up with bi-weekly release. It seems to happen with shounen mangaka...from weekly, to having some breaks. Thankfully, this series doesn't go in long indefinite breaks.

      Hehe, true.

  11. Hoh, if Kanae did find out I think she would be similar to how Yashiro is with Ren. Less fan girly though and more into teasing Kyouko into an embarrassed submission. But I think she would help them find out their feelings for one another. What do you think would happen?

    Erika really holds Kanae in high esteem. I'm certain she would never allow Kanae to see her that down, so if anything it will force her out of the wheel chair if they did meet.

    Koga's anger could stem simply from the fact that he really hates Ren and doesn't want to be compared while acting a role. I think his anger would be underhanded with a smile. Perhaps he develops feelings for Kyouko...hmm but yeah maybe not. Just throwing ideas around ^^

    That's true. I'll just count my blessings that its not on indefinite breaks or... cancelled *knocks on wood* I'm off to rewatch the anime now :D

    1. I'm not too sure, noodlesmack since Kanae isn't exactly interested in romance. She almost seemed like a rival to Ren in a way. I forgot if there was another instance, but the one I remember is on Marie's bday, who has the best gift to make Kyouko super happy.

      Indeed. I wonder if Kanae knew that Erika was originally part of the drama.

      I see. Developing feelings...perhaps. Hehe, if the mangaka want to make this series last a long long time, that can happen.

      It definitely won't be cancelled ^^ After 250+ chapters, there are still a lot of readers. Will it reach chapter 300?

  12. Hahaha! I just imagined Kanae being Ren's rival for Kyouko's attention. Yes, as you say that would fit and I'd love to see another similar interaction. I love little moments like that triumphant grin Kanae had. She isn't big on romance but I don't see why she would push them apart or not support Kyouko in some way (even if she doesn't like dealing with romance). She did go out of her way to buy princess styled makeup ;)

    Hm, I don't think she knew...otherwise Kanae and Kyouko would have spoken about it before the audition.

    At this point I would not be against the series lasting a long, long time haha. I feel there so many possibilites with Kyouko's storyline...I'll be really sad when it ends.

    I think it'll reach 300. I wouldn't want it to be rushed at the end. True, true. It's still going strong ('w')p

    1. True.

      I see. But, I guess she'll know in the next chapter since Erika's bodyguards are there and it would be explained why they are there.

      Hehe, I see.

      True, I don't want it to be rushed either.

  13. It will be more interesting twist if the guy Kimiko liked was Reino from Vie Ghoul.
    I say that because Vie Ghoul went to America to record after the Valentine arc, so it would total fit the timeline. Kimiko and Vie Ghoul both would have both been in America at the same time!

    1. It would indeed be interesting if it is like that.