October 20, 2017

Free Talk: Blog Stuff

I want to inform you guys that I’ll be away this coming Friday for a week. I’m hitching on my sister’s family vacation trip. =P There will also be another short trip for 4 days at the end of November.

I won’t be able to finish summarizing if the Chinese scanlation for Namaikizakari and Kono Oto Tomare aren’t out yet by the 24th. Lol, hopefully, they don’t come out at the same time since I need a few days to finish a chapter especially if it is loaded with dialogue. ^^;;

I’m really hoping that either one is out by tomorrow. From observation, scanlators don’t release on Sundays. Also from observation, Namaikizakari is usually out quickly if it is a romantic chapter but the group usually prioritize Skip Beat first if it is out in the same HtY issue.
The official page of Hana to Yume has a preview of  4 pages of Skip Beat and Namaikizakari. Skip beat is blah blah between Yuki and the others. Namaikizakari is a continuation of THAT NIGHT. It will go on a break since it isn’t listed among the series that will be out in the next issue.

That’s it for now.


  1. Have a nice trip Kat! sometimes its good to have a break, ahaha
    as always Good work!

  2. Can't wait! Enjoy your time off! You deserve it

  3. Have a nice trip! And bring us good memories:). (This is My fist comment İ am so excited hehe...)

  4. Safe travels!! Thank you for all your hard work & enjoy your time off!

  5. Can't wait and enjoy your time ^ u ^

  6. enjoy your trip & thank you for always translating KOT


    1. Thanks and thanks for reading it, emmahoshi ^-^

  7. Safe trip, Kat! Enjoy your time, you deserve it after all your great hardwork! 😘😘

  8. Happy vacation, Kat!^_^
    Even though I'm so excited when I read the latest SB, I noticed something that will be surprise.... wait wait. I'll wait you read first and your comment if you notice it too (he he)

    have a safe trip and enjoy your time there!!\(^_^)/