October 3, 2017

Kagehime no Konrei [Chapter 2]

Narration: “The frail princess had passed away. I replaced that princess and got married off to the enemy country’s prince. But the prince has seen through it that I’m not the real princess...

...He called me by my real name and said that I can stay at his side. A feeling of wanting to cry had sprouted out from my heart. In the end, what is it? Until now, I still don’t know--”

It is morning. While lying on the bed with her, Seda calls out to Izuna and asks if she couldn’t sleep. Izuna says yes. Seda says that if she returns to her room, he doesn’t know what might happen again so he made her stay here.
He asks if it is better not to do this. Izuna says that it is okay. She thinks that he is worried about her when she obviously isn’t the real Princess Kisara. She mutters that if it is the princess, she won’t refute whatever Seda says. Seda pinches her face and says that she’s Izuna, right.

He tells her that when the two of them are alone, it is also okay for her not to pretend to be Princess Kisara. Continuing to pinch her face, he tells her to try saying Seda.

She says, ...Seda, please don’t cause her trouble. Seda smiles and tells her that there’s no need to use formal words. “After all, you can do whatever you want to do. I want to understand you, Izuna.”
Aghast Izuna asks what she should do. He laughs and says that kind of feeling just now is quite good. Izuna thinks that she doesn’t know because she always only thinks of ‘If it is Princess Kisara, what will she do?’. “Obviously, early on, I have already forgotten about my real self.”

Sitting up, Seda says but today, they are to face the relatives and important ministers who are showing up at the simultaneous celebration banquets. [<- celebrate peace and upcoming marriage?] “In front of the people, you have to be like Princess Kisara.”

Sitting up, Izuna says that if it was exposed that she is acting as Princess Kisara, then it is all over for her. Seda tells her not to worry for he’ll be at her side. Izuna is moved by that.
Later on, the king and queen together with the couple show themselves to the people. The king says that this marriage with Princess Kisara from faraway Higashi will definitely become the cornerstone of prosperity and peace between the two countries.

The guests comment about ‘Kisara’. They talk about her strange clothes, and she is obviously marrying into royal but she’ll wear the clothes from that side so she is really rebellious. “Even if I’m quite frustrated but she is really beautiful.”

While walking down to where the guests are, Seda tells Izuna to let him say something first. “The mood right now isn’t only because you are Higashi’s princess.” This puzzles Izuna. Seda tells her that he also has many enemies. He explains that his mother, the former queen had already passed away.
“The current queen has a prince. In this case, if this marriage that symbolizes peaceful coexistence of nations went smoothly, then my position as the heir will become absolutely secure. Those who cannot accept the amicable relationship are now added to the faction dominated by the younger brother...

...I want to establish good relations with the surrounding countries like this whereas; the younger brother is a warlike fellow.” Izuna asks if the king currently approves of him as the heir.

Seda tells her that the king simply likes a capable person and it is because he is more superior than the younger brother.” Izuna is speechless as Seda smiles.
Seda tells her that it is the same with her. “If I were to be deemed as unsuitable, I’ll be immediately discarded.” Izuna thinks how can that be... She touches his face and thinks that she doesn’t quite know the limit of wanting to protect something.

Seda looks surprised at her which causes her to move her hand away. He holds her hand and whispers, “You did this because you thought of doing it, right, Izuna?” She blushes and says,...really, she is really a meanie.

Ronet calls out to his older brother and says that it is really rare to see him happily talking with a girl. “In the end, you’re not the same as a lover.”
Seda introduces ‘Kisara’ to Ronet, his younger brother. Izuna thinks that this person is fighting over the throne against Seda. She muses that Ronet is like a girl, elegant and fair... Ronet asks ‘Kisara’ how she thinks of Nishi.

He says that it is impossible for the long term hostility to disappear in 1 to 2 days and for her, it isn’t quite good for her frame of mind. Izuna thanks him for his concern but everyone is very nice to her.

Ronet says that if is like that, then, that’s really great. “By the way, Princess Kisara, it seems that you’re learned swordsmanship.” Recalling the wolf attack, Izuna wonders if that was this prince’s doing.
Ronel asks if she can give everyone in the banquet this extra exciting program.  “In our country, we hold up military [/martial arts] with respect. If your skill is worth praising, even if you’re the enemy country’s princess, everyone will also respect you. Regarding the opponent, let me take it upon myself.”

Izuna thinks that if he is thinking of knocking her down in front of everyone there. Seda tells Ronet to quit saying nonsense. Ronet says that Seda is too naïve for does he really think that they can have friendly relationships with another country.

“Due to that naiveté, they’ll exploit the weak spot. Sooner or later, you’ll put our country in danger. Brother, you are not suitable to become king.” This made Izuna clench her fist.
Some of the guests say that it is like that and the king should put Ronet up. [<- the Chinese is ‘put down’ so I assumed it is a typo or put Seda down.] Izuna thinks that if it is Kisara, she absolutely won’t do this kind of thing but she hates it when they say bad things about Seda.

Izuna nods and says she understands, so please let her be his opponent. Seda worriedly calls out to her but Izuna tells him that it is alright. Narration: “If I can get this marriage approved, if I’m able to make this country’s people to approve of Princess Kisara...”

So, Izuna and Ronet get ready to duel. Narration: “The only difference between me and the princess is I engage in military skill.” Ronet goes into the offensive but Izuna manages to jump away from him. Then, she immediately hits Ronet’s blade hard which causes him to drop it.
Izuna snaps out of it. She bows and says she’s being rude. This made Ronet look flustered. Everyone is surprised for Ronet is their country’s outstanding swordsman yet he lost to a princess as his opponent. The king and queen are also surprised by this.

Ronet retorts back if ‘Kisara’ is really the princess since she has this kind of skill. The other people start to say, that’s right...it is impossible that there is a princess who has such excellent skill. “In the end, who are you?”

Seda laughs out loud and holds ‘Kisara’ to him. He says that it seems that Princess Kisara is fairly quite good in using his country’s sword. This surprises ‘Kisara’.
Seda says that as the princess who’ll be his consort, she is both intelligent and courageous, an incomparable excellent person. “Whatever situation our country confronts, she can definitely fight together with us...

...I’m still a young man who doesn’t have experience so in accordance to my ability, I want to be assisted by this princess for the country and the people. *bows together with Izuna* I beseech everyone to please definitely lend me a hand.”

After everyone looks surprised, they start to applause. Izuna looks at Seda and thinks that in a flash, the bad mood had changed. Scowling Ronet tells Seda that the one who’ll win in the end will be him.
In the bedroom, Seda says that was quite hasty but unexpectedly, she won over Ronet. Izuna apologizes for it seems that she did an unnecessary thing. Seda smiles and says no, it’s fine with him. This surprises Izuna. He tells her that his wife is so amazing.

Izuna wonders if it is really okay, like this? Seda takes out a necklace from a drawer. He tells her that this is passed down from his deceased mother’s family.

“One day, it will be passed down to my bride. *puts the necklace on her* If you accept it, my mother will also be very happy.” Izuna wonders if it is okay to be this happy.
She thanks him. He looks surprised and kisses her. She thinks that it should be the princess who ought to attain this happiness. “Is it also okay for me to accept it?” He tells her that he had already met the Higashi princess during a celebration.  

This puzzles Izuna. She wonders if right now, he is seeing her as the princess. Seda is surprised to see her crying that he asks what’s the matter, Izuna? She mentally tells him not to look. “Don’t overlap me together with the Her Highness the princess.”
Comment: Since this is originally a three chapter story, I get the feeling that the one whom Seda met is actually Izuna. Hehe, I’m assuming that he met the ‘princess’ when they were kids. If not, perhaps, Kisara told him something about her double?

For now, I would think that Seda is fond of Izuna because she can fight and is showing affection towards him. Perhaps, he finds her as an ally since there are people there who would want to get rid of him. Based on what he said, he is depending on his superior ability which is the sole reason that he is still a candidate for the throne.

The two princes are really different in where they want the country to go in the future. Seda is more on opening up whereas Ronet is more on isolation and probably dependence on military power. Based on that, I would think the king would want him to be the heir.

But, it was really a blow for Ronet to lose to Izuna especially since the king views military skill is the most important in becoming a heir. In a way, I think what Ronet wants for the country cannot be backed up since he easily lost to a princess of the enemy country. Anyway, things will wrap up in the next chapter. Scans by 正宮汉化组 

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