September 29, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 70]

Abe freaks out over the fangirls taking pictures from the gym’s door. He asks what’s up with this human wall and that continuously shutter noise. A guy says that it seems that they are recording Captain Shou’s last figure so those girls have gathered around here and he couldn’t get in.

Hatori says that they’re so idle so early in the morning. Abe is shock that Noda is also there taking pictures while crying. Abe exclaims what Noda is doing. The other guy exclaims that isn’t he the new captain so pull himself together.

Noda exclaims that it is because Captain Shou is currently doing warm up exercises and he took 12 pictures. While stretching, Shou mutters aren’t that too many. Narration: “It’s November and finally, this early morning, Naruse is going to retire from the club.”
At the convenient store’s locker room, Yuki thinks that in the end, Misuzu had lost to Meisei and they weren’t able to get in the Winter Cup. “So, Shizuka and others have also retired... If it is possible, even I would want to witness Naruse’s last day in the club but I have already graduated and it is no good to do that...”

The store manager starts to tearfully call out to Yuki to save him. Yuki asks him if there is an insect [for her to kill]. He asks if she’ll listen to his lifetime’s desire. Yuki says that here he goes again. The manager says that it is about next month’s schedule for work. “No—matter what, there is a day when we don’t have enough staff...”

Yuki asks when it is. The manager says that it is on Dec 24 and 25. Before Yuki can react, the manager exclaims that he knows already, he’ll prostrate down with her to her boyfriend for this error...! Yuki says no.

The manager says that before he asked Suwa but he left earlier. “The others are obviously not full [fill up their work schedule] but they seriously insisted that they ‘absolutely cannot show up for work’.”
The manager keeps on begging Yuki. Yuki thinks that this Christmas, Shou is a college exam student and the basketball club will still have a Christmas party since it was their usual practice. “In fact, he basically doesn’t have time to see me.”

Shou calls Yuki on the phone and asks if she is currently at work. Yuki says no, she has class in the afternoon so she is already in school. She asks what’s up. He tells her that today is the club’s last day and everyone seems to be planning to have a gathering after the practice so can she come.

Yuki says no because if she did, it would be too strange [/awkward]. Shou says that he knew that she’ll say that so forget about today, how about Christmas. Yuki says, that she has work until 9pm. Pause. Shou asks wha? Yuki says isn’t he going to study and there is also the basketball club’s Christmas party.

Shou says that if she isn’t there then why would he go? She reprimands him that as the former captain, he has to go and doesn’t he feel ‘any fun stuff [entertainment] will have to wait until the exam’. Shou asks if she is an idiot for always treating Christmas as ‘fun stuff’. Yuki is furious for being called an idiot.
He says rather than idiot, it is better to say she’s soft in the head. Then, he hangs up on her. She wonders, ha, ‘soft in the head’!? While walking through the train station, Yuki fumes over who is ‘soft in the head’ and won’t she be ‘soft in the head’ if she calmly tells her younger college entrance examinee boyfriend, ‘I want to see you in Christmas’?  

Then, some hearts are bouncing on her when a lovey-dovey couple talks about Christmas gift. The girl asked what is this year’s Christmas gift? The guy says that she’s too impatient when there is still a month to go. The girl giggles and says that the answer is ‘the privilege of being always with you starting from Christmas Eve’.

This made Yuki think that indeed, they are lovers and about Christmas-whatever, perhaps she ought to view it as something a bit more important. <- delayed guilt feeling. She should at least prepare a nice gift and give it to him as well as congratulate him for retiring. 

Then, she notices a ring display at a store -> giving a special radiance to a special person. Yuki covers the window display with her bag and thinks that is too gaudy. “How can I say it... Not as a senpai, but rather, as the girlfriend--- What can I give that guy--” She notices a fidgeting girl in Ryuhoku uniform and she seems to be... Yuki calls out to Himiko. 
Startled Himiko exclaims, here! She is surprised to see Yuki. Yuki asks what’s up since there is the afternoon practice. Himiko says that it ended just now at 5pm and the farewell party for the retired senpai-s will start at 7pm. She had booked ahead at a yakiniku restaurant but when she verified it, it turns out that she booked for the next month...!!

Yuki is shocked as Himiko cries. It was such a straightforward mistake. While Yuki tries to tell Himiko to stand up since this is the station, Himiko continues to say that she contacted the yakiniku restaurant but right now, they cannot sit down 25 people. 

She tried to find some other place but she cannot find any restaurant that is affordable. It is still half an hour before 7pm and she’ll only confess to the others [that she failed]. She tearfully turns around and bids Yuki goodbye.

Yuki tells her to wait, if it is half an hour, there is still a way to remedy it. Soon, everyone is informed that today’s gathering will be in the conference room. They talk about the change of venue while going to the meeting place.
They enter the room to find a make-shift buffet spread set-up. It includes a ‘Yoroshiku third years’ on the blackboard. Everyone is amazed by it and there is even fried chicken. Noda asks if Himiko did all of it. Himiko says no, it is...

Himiko thinks that basically, it is all Yuki but Yuki won’t let her say it. There is a scene of Yuki making a list of things to buy and Himiko called Miyoshi to drive a car for them so that it will be faster to get all the things needed.

At the corner, Yuki thinks that it’s great that she settled things with the side dishes and snacks from the deli and the decorations are from the 100 yen store. She decides to quickly leave before she is found out...
And, Shou stops her from leaving. He asks wasn’t she coming today so did she come to express her apology for destroying his Christmas. Yuki thinks that it is all over. Inside the room, Usami-kun exclaims that as thanks to the third year, he’ll sing a song!

Then, to Kuon’s irritation, Usami-kun takes a selfie with him. Miyoshi scolds Usami-kun not to take a picture while singing. Hatori exclaims that Usami-kun is simply a party’s freak!! So, it became inevitable that Yuki was forced to sit there.

Yuki gloomily asks if it is really okay for her to stay there. Himiko asks isn’t it inevitable. Noda says that she is the captain’s girlfriend and everyone’s one-sama! Yuki says that she heard that Noda is the next captain.

Noda says yes, even if he is a band-aid [adhesive bandage] used by Shou but he’ll do his best to develop and expand Ryuhoku basketball club because he doesn’t wish that this would end during their generation.
Yuki thinks that she also think that way when Kido and others had retired. She didn’t think that Shou will become a captain. <- scenes of Shou not serious with basketball. But... Someone urges Shou to say something to everyone now.

Shou says that didn’t he already say it at the gym. Hatori says that ‘thank you for being under your care’ isn’t enough for them to boil over. Scratching his shoulder, Shou says that he already doesn’t have anything to say. Abe says that there is still more to say like saying something to his good friends who were with him during all the trials and tribulations!

Usami-kun says about a wish that he’ll bear upon them for the future of Ryuhoku. Shou says ah, but when those senpai-s made him captain, honestly speaking he felt, ‘are these guys serious?’...

“But right now, not only the senpai-s, there is also the first years and second years here. It felt that everyone were gradually influenced and made me a real ‘captain’... *bows* Everyone, ya, thanks.” Someone shouts for him to be a bit serious and can’t he say, ‘thank you very much’!!! Yuki looks surprised.
Miyoshi starts crying since he has aged[/become older?]. Someone says to drink a glass but there is no more tea. Himiko says that there are more at the fridge in the club room. Yuki says that she’ll go get it. Himiko insists that she’ll go but someone is already calling out to Himiko regarding a rag. Shou notices Yuki going out.

Later on, Shou goes to the club room and sees Yuki taking out bottles of tea from the fridge. Shou asks how many bottles are there. Yuki says three. He goes to her and asks isn’t it troublesome to bring it over one by one. She says that it is simply once...

Shou is surprised to see Yuki teary-eyed. He backs away and says eh. She asks what it is. Shou says that obviously, he was the one who retired so how come she is the one crying. Yuki says that she doesn’t know but she simply felt that it is great that he is the captain.

Yuki recalled when Shou decided to become captain and as Yuki’s treasure, he won’t give it to someone else. Yuki says that always until today, thank you very much for always cherishing her treasure. Shou says that it isn’t for her.
Yuki becomes dark and asks, is that so? Shou says no, actually, it is possible that he agreed to become captain because of her but right now, it isn’t like that. “The basketball team had also become my treasure.” He gets a couple of bottles and starts to go out the room.

He asks her if there is anything else she’ll be getting. Yuki thinks that regarding her most important thing, he also cherishes it the same. She tells him to wait. She slips because there is another step. She ends up cornering Shou to the wall as she tried to balance herself.

Yuki apologizes. Shou says that it is alright. Yuki says no, she is sorry for planning all by herself to go to work on Christmas... He says that is really quite disappointing. Yuki thinks that she knows already the gift that she can give him.
She says, “...but, as compensation, *looks at him* let’s go out on a date. *Shou looks surprised* After the exams, the two of us will go to a place where you want to go! We’ll go see the things that you want to see. Eat the food that you want to eat. We’ll play and do fun things together.”

Then, Yuki blushes. To her surprise, Shou hugs her tightly. He tells her that she’s so cunning and actually, he wanted to embarrass [make things difficult] her for a little bit. He turns her around and tells her to open her mouth. They kiss. He says that now, first, listen to him a bit like this.

Narration: “Gradually, the feeling of ‘like’ and ‘it’s good as long as I’m at his side’, bit by bit, it has started to change.” Soon, Abe and Usami-kun calls out to the two to come over to the gym where they’ll have a game.
Narration: “I hope that he can express even more happiness from his heart.” Soon, everyone is happily playing a game and Abe gets to play, too. Tearful Noda is taking pictures again. Watching Shou happily playing, Yuki thinks that he can smile a lot more. “Want to properly cherish him.”

Soon, it is Christmas. Yuki works at the convenient store. Shou and others are studying. Yuki’s father came home. Yuki had hotpot with Usami-san. Then, Yuki looks at the calendar. It is already February. She thinks, keep on working hard...

At Osaki University, there is a board sign regarding entrance examinees. In a classroom, the professor looks at his watch and says, then, please start answering. Shou starts to write his answers to the exam. Narration: “Gambatte, Naruse.”
Comment: From November, we breeze through two months and it is already February. I guess in those other holidays, it will still be Yuki busy at work + studies, and Shou has to study for his entrance exams so no romance for the time being.

Yuki is slowly getting it but ya, there is still a delayed reaction on her part. At least, it didn’t take too long unlike before. It is thanks to Himiko’s mistake that Yuki get to join them for the farewell party.

It seems that Yuki doesn’t want to use her girlfriend privilege to intrude into the party. She is a special case since she used to be part of the club. Because, it would be awkward if the girlfriend is an outsider = do not know anyone else except for the boyfriend.

I wonder if the mangaka is implying something with the way Usami-kun kept on harassing Kuon. ^^; Is it because it is just funny to tease serious Kuon? There’s that your treasure is now my treasure which led to the date wherein Shou gets to decide everything. ^^

Most likely, what Shou has been waiting for all these years will finally happen. I’m not sure if it will be an overnight trip though =P But definitely, there should be lots of lovey-dovey. On a side note, perhaps, if Shou and Shizuka get to be teammates in college, the possibility of winning the Nationals would be higher ^^ Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Treasure the one who accepts and loves every bit of you. ~ Author Unknown


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