October 5, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 95]

Narration: “This country of Hakuyou is governed by a young king known as Haku Reishou. He personally commanded the army to suppress the armed rebellion. He purged the corruption in the central government...

...Because of countless achievements as well as being feared by everyone, he has been called the ‘Cold-hearted Wolf King’.”

Flashback: In the snowy frontier, a man kneeled down to young Reishou and said, “Our country needs a ‘valiant king’ now.” Reishou coldly says, “Even though--...” End flashback.
At the government hall in the imperial palace, Kikyou calls out to the lady princess consort! While jumping around towards Yuulin, he exclaims, “How’s your mood today! Look! There is tea and snack here...” Yuulin calls out his name.

With sparkles, Kikyou awaits what she’ll say. With a popped vein, Yuulin smiles and tells him not to take a lot of trouble over her and please go back to work. “OKAY?” This scares Kikyou that he quickly rushes out the room since she is angry.

Narration: “I’m Tei Yuulin, the Wolf King’s sole princess consort. Lately, in the town, I’m known as the ‘youkai princess who can make a crying child become quiet.’ *more veins popping* Why did that kind of title came up?!”
Kouren calls Yuulin and says that his work is up to here so she can now go to His Majesty’s side... Kouren leaves with a box of document scrolls. Kikyou comes out again and tells Yuulin that Shuu Kouren is a really mysterious person.

Trembling Kikyou says that Kouren is the king’s confidant! “He is the Black Prime Minister who’ll bring ominous prediction for others... He can use that strong feeling of a gloomy aura to envelop the imperial palace...! Ah ah ah ah...”

Yuulin agrees with him. Kikyou tells surprised Yuulin that Kouren’s relationship with the king isn’t at all good. “...that kind of talk also existed...
...They say that there was a time when the mood between those two is very frightening. It made the people at the side feel like that they have encountered an icy storm... What kind of secret is there to it... It’s super mysterious. ...hehehe”

Narration: “—that ought to be merely just a common rumor that has no basis. It is like that ‘youkai princess’ that has spread all over the place. It is obviously a lie. *scowls and thinks* But, because I’m somewhat bothered by it, I’ll directly ask the husband tonight.”
In the bedroom at the harem, Yuulin super directly asks Reishou about what she heard and what’s up with that. Drying his hair with a towel, Reishou asks about the king and the prime minister not getting along? “It is a peculiar rumor. Ah-- *looks sideways* Yes...”

Then, he sits down on the bed near Yuulin. He holds her face and says that during this time when they’re together, he thinks that it is better to use it to do more meaningful things. This made Yulin blush then she gets angry.
Pushing his hand aside, Yuulin scolds him that she is very serious in asking him so please don’t change the topic! Reishou laughs as he denies that he is changing the topic. Blushing Yuulin pouts and thinks, geez, the Wolf king—

Kissing her hand, Reishou says that it is just that he wants to put the time of interacting with the bride at the most important place, that’s all. This made Yuulin blush redder. She angrily says so, she is telling him that this is changing the topic.

Reishou laughs. Yuulin is irritated over this but Reishou keeps on laughing with hearts floating around. Narration: “In the end, he brushed me off like that by being sticky [/lovey dovey].”
The next day, Yuulin is really curious. “Why!? I thought that I’ll get an ordinary reply ‘It’s alright or it isn’t good’ that kind of answer!? What’s up with that!?” By the window, Dai says so she came running to ask him about it. Yuulin nods.

Dai says but, about that, if His Majesty won’t talk about it then he also cannot talk about it since he’ll absolutely get angry.” With a glum expression, Yuulin says yes, she knows... She tells him that looking it from work, it feels that Kouren is fairly trusted.

There is a scene of Reishou gloomily saying that it is that many... Holding a box of scroll documents, Kouren says yes... Puzzled Yuulin wonder out loud if it is really possible that their relationship is bad.
“Prime Minster Shuu knew that I’m a working [/parttime] bride. When the work has ended, he specially came to entrust me...it’s fairly unusual...” Pouting Dai says ya— “Talking about the side of public affairs, compared to anyone else, he is indeed still the one who is the most trusted...

...On the other side, the reason why His Majesty who grew up in the frontier and is oriented towards military affairs, can smoothly control [/master] the internal affairs is due to Prime Minister Shuu’s huge exertion within. After all, he is the one who brought His Majesty back to THIS PLACE...
...*Yuulin looks surprised* Right now, the relationship had become some-what a bit complicated. Ya- Ah, if the other party is princess consort-chan, His Majesty will tell you about it one day. Gambatte. Gambatte.” Yuulin is speechless. She thinks that compared to what she imagined, there is more inside story to it...

While waiting at the government hall, Yuulin had become very curious about it due to that subtle hint by Dai. Then, she sees Kouren passing by with a box of scroll documents.

She tries to suppress herself but it is causing her to become impatient. She mentions it to Kouren. Kouren asks if it is the rumor about him and His Majesty being in bad terms. Yuulin nervously says that she doesn’t know if there is still a dispute and she is a bit worried...
Emitting a gloomy [low pressure] aura, Kouren says is that so...a dispute...huh... rather than saying that... To the utmost limit, I cannot meddle into His Majesty’s private life. I would remind myself of that all the time. ...if it is instructed by His Majesty, then it will be treated differently...”

Puzzled Yuulin asks why is that... Kouren replies, “...it is because I have lost...His Majesty’s trust before.” Yuulin looks glum and surprised. Yuulin is startled when Kouren suddenly turns towards her and says, “By the way, Kei Kikyou didn’t do anything again that causes you trouble, right.”

Yuulin says yes, nothing in particular. She thinks that he would only dash in and out here, that’s all. There is a scene of chibi Kikyou suddenly appearing and shouting, no wonder it is the lady, so amazing, such a great youkai!
Kouren says then that’s good. There is a scene of Kei Sai saying that for Kouren’s sake, they’ll once again [just] keep watch over the princess consort. Kouren tells Yuulin, “...‘for our country’, ‘for the king’, you are a necessity...

...*scene of a rabbit being locked up* if you have any troubles, please, you must say it out. ...lady.” They were interrupted when Reishou calls out, “Shuu Kouren.” Kouren freezes. Yuulin looks totally scared.

While there is a scene of younger Reishou talking with Kouren at the snowy frontier, Reishou darkly asks, “Didn’t I warn you before not to cross the line?” Looking aghast, Yuulin thinks the ‘Wolf King’ is REALLY angry. After a pause, Kouren says that he is extremely sorry, Your Majesty.
Quickly kneeling to bow with hands together, he continues, “I didn’t fully understand my position and made a reckless statement. ...please, punish [deal with me].” Yuulin wonders why and this is? She trembles and her knees become weak that she suddenly sits down on the floor.

Upon seeing this, Reishou says that he’ll treat this issue today as something that he didn’t overheard. Withdraw.” Kouren replies, as His Majesty’s commanded. Reishou carries Yuulin up and leaves. Yuulin looks back and sees Kouren still kneeling and bowing.

At the cloister, Yuulin calls out to Reishou and asks, just now, what that is about. Reishou puts her down and apologizes for losing it [his temper]. He sadly smiles at her. Yuulin thinks that kind of expression and it feels that it has some sorrow.
Yuulin asks him what Kouren did wrong just now. Recalling Kouren saying that she is a necessity to the country, Yuulin says that even if what he said is a bit exaggerated but he doesn’t have to be so... “Does the two of you really have a very serious dispute?”

Reishou kisses her. He smiles and says that it is nothing and there’s no need for her to worry. Still worried Yuulin tries to protest, but... Somewhere else, Dai appears behind Kouren and says that it has been a long time since His Majesty is provoked to anger.

“For a second, I really think that you will be killed. It’s intense all of a sudden! It’s very dangerous to get involved with princess consort-chan.”
Kouren says, “If I was asked to commit suicide on His Majesty’s orders, it also has nothing to do with you. Quickly go back. Return to our king’s side.” Dai says yes. With a =3 expression, he thinks it’s so complicated.

Narration: “Starting from this day’s conversation, I start to gradually understand about the complicated relations of this country’s king and prime minister...and the relevant people at their side.”

And, Reishou happily starts to lovey-dovey blushing Yuulin. Yuulin says, darn, so-she’s-saying... “Please do not use this kind of sticky way to brush me off--” Reishou laughs as she angrily says, stinky His Majesty---
Comment: It seems that we will now know more about Reishou’s past. He is obviously still hiding it from Yuulin. Based on what Dai hinted, it seems that Reishou isn’t ready to tell her about it.

Perhaps, it was a weak point for him. That is, maybe because Kouren had ‘tricked/lied’ to him. Perhaps, he is so traumatized or so angry about it that there is a condition for his return to the palace.

I’m still wondering when Kouren lost his trust. Was it when Reishou was in the palace or while he was growing up in the frontier? Was it about him? Perhaps, it is about his mother.

Kouren did mention to Sai before that his advice to them regarding keeping their hands off Yuulin is from his own experience. I’m not too sure about the predecessor if it meant his mentor or Reishou’s father but it is definite that he knows that Yuulin has to stay in the palace.

Perhaps metaphorically ‘locked up’ to keep Reishou happy and also make him stay in the palace as they are fixing and stabilizing their country. What Kouren said doesn’t seem that bad to me, too so perhaps, Kouren mentioned something like it to Reishou’s mother and the pressure was too much for her?

As for Kikyou, he had become the source of gossips for Yuulin to know more about what’s going on in the palace. She probably knew about the ‘new addition’ to her title of being the youkai princess from him. ‘She’ is now being used by parents to keep their children quiet when they’re having a crying fit. ^^;

It made me wonder again how her family and friends would react if and when they learned that ‘bad’ youkai princess is actually her. ^^ I also wonder how much of the past we’ll get to know. Is it limited to Kouren or there will be more to it? Scans by 水月梅漢化 

Quote of the day:
Treat trust like a vase, you can glue back its broken pieces together but it will never be the same. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Hey Kat - thanks for the new translation! ^-^

    It's going to be interesting from here on in, it looks like, learning about Reishou's past. Concerning Kouren stepping over the line in the past before - maybe he got Reishou onto the throne in some kind of coup?! I hope not, but it wouldn't be the first time something like that had happened, and that would be explaining Kouren 'stepping over the line' in managing the affairs of the country and losing Reishou's trust. He may have told Reishou that Reishou's brother was indisposed/ill/dying/dead and that they needed Reishou in the capital city to claim the throne as the next heir.

    Either way - it's going to be fun finding out about Reishou's past.

    I love how Reishou tries to turn the conversation, but it gets him nowhere! So funny! And yes - the youkai princess can scare children to quietness! ROFL!

    Thanks again! ^-^

    1. Thanks for reading, Nelle ^-^

      Yup. I think the 'stepping over the line' is more on he is not to meddle with his personal/private life. Kouren can do whatever he thinks is right in regards to politics and running the government. It made me think that the betrayal is personal.

      I suddenly recalled about that scene when Reishou was kind of smiling over some assassins that his brother sent. Maybe that was it?

      Yup, that's possible though most probably, his brother had already lost his grip on the people/officials that they are all doing as they please.

      Indeed ^^

      Lol, yup ^^


  2. Woah! finally! I really loved this chapter, it gives more depth to the story. Im really looking forward for the next one. Now, Yuulin doesnt have to concentrate her efforts on staying despite everybody else opinion, on the contrary now she doesnt have a choice if not staying ¨looked up¨ (not that she cares so much about it), but still thats a change, its like the story its progressing and not repeating itself again and again.

    1. Yup, María ^^

      Ah, but I get a feeling that those old men are still not quite convinced of her importance. Hehe, she is suppose to be a 'youkai', right? They seem to fear some kind of bad influence from her that must have happened before.


  3. Thank you for your amazing work. I love the fact that the author trying to match Yuulin reputation with Reishou, the couple both have fearsome nickname - youkai queen and cold-hearted wolf king. Lol... This country has a reputation of scary royal couple.

    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      Yup ^^ Other countries won't easily mess with them =P

  4. Thanks a lot for the translation Kat! I've been dying waiting for every chapter TvT

    Could you share me the link of the Chinese scans you used? Or any raws else? I want to read it full-screen.

    Once again, thanks a lot ^^

    1. Thanks for reading, Quỳnh ^-^

      I get it from a Chinese forum that solely scanlates this series. [http://www.kuekiu.com/forum.php] It requires registration and 'points' to view the scanlation. It isn't uploaded elsewhere unless they gave permission.

      For the previous chapters, they are recently uploaded in public Chinese sites here:
      http://www.dm5.com/manhua-langbixiadehuajia/ Currently up to 94.


  5. First of all, some confusions:
    1) when Yuulin thinks she'll ask him about that tonight, does she really calls Reishou 'husband' instead of 'his majesty/king'?
    2) in the last line of translation, it's written 'stinky his majesty-', shouldn't it be 'sticky his majesty' instead?
    [ Also instead of 'sticky', words like - mushy/ chummy / flirty / flirtatious- might suit here better, I know you're trying to be precise, but in English the meaning/feeling isn't properly conveyed that way]
    Then again, pardon me please, here- you're doing the hard work of translating and typing, and here I'm pointing out mistakes! You even take the trouble and time to reply to comments asap... Really thanks for that, my apologies for rudeness,and thanks in advance for your reply (^_-)-☆

    1. Arpana, it's 'husband' '丈夫'.

      Nope, the word used is stinky '臭'. Something like 'stinky rotten' since he is doing lovey-dovey instead of answering her. There are popped veins, too.

      Thanks for reading them ^^ Ah, I translate from the Chinese so if they translated differently from the Japanese text, I would have no way of knowing it. ^^; I cannot read Japanese.

      No problem. I hope that clarifies things ^^