October 26, 2017

Kasane [Chapter 101 - Pointing Finger]

Yoshio tells Kingo that when he wasn’t around, ‘Saki’ came into the office. Kingo says is that so, and afterwards, how’s ‘Saki’. Yoshio says that according to Wakasugi... Flashback: Wakasugi asked Saki if she has any business because right now, Yoshio isn’t here...

Saki lost balanced and fell on surprised Wakasugi. Narration: “Her eyes look empty and it seems that she basically couldn’t even hold a conversation but...”

Saki bent down on Wakasugi’s shoulder and said, “Reciting on a starry night, the place where we truly met each other the first time, I’ll be waiting for you there--” Saki smiled. End flashback.
Yoshio says that what ‘Saki’ said seems like a script. “Afterwards, she disappeared when Wakasugi was calling me on the phone. Habuta, ‘Saki’s action and bearing are obviously strange. Are you really properly taking care of her? Do you really know where she is!?”

Kingo says yes, it’s alright, she has indeed gone out by herself this morning but right now, she already came home. “I have calmed her down. Also, even if...right now, it doesn’t look optimistic but she’ll definitely return to the stage...

...‘Saki’ cannot be destroyed so please believe in that. *Kasane’s eyes widen as she thinks of something* ...yes, then, I’ll be hanging up.” Kingo looks at Kasane. Kasane says that Nogiku had already guessed that they wanted her face so Nogiku deliberately came out suddenly to use it to lure her out.
Kingo says that’s right and it is a very obvious trap. “As long as you two meet again, she’ll definitely kill you. But... what is she referring to as ‘where we truly met each other the first time’...” Kasane says that it is at the sea.

“The first time I used my real face to see Nogiku is at Kamakura beach... so she is saying, ‘I’ll wait for you by the seaside at night’. Kingo says so that is the ‘reciting on a starry night’.  

Kasane says that even if Nogiku’s ‘face’ is a necessity but it is better not to take that bait this time around. Kingo didn’t reply. He then holds up a key to her. He says that he’ll temporarily lend his place to her where she would stay.

“I’ll first go and check the situation. Perhaps, that guy who stabbed me is also there. We should know a bit about the truth about this [/I’ll pay an old friend (probably referring to Yuuto) a visit].”
Kasane goes in an old rundown apartment room. She sits on the floor until she hears the sound of Kingo’s car leaving. After a while, she stands up and heads out the door.

At a theater, Kasane narrates out loud, “Sagittarius, Hercules, Arcturus, Cassiopeia” Kasane looks up the spotlight then glances at the side. Someone says that Kasane can guess that it is THIS PLACE.

Turning to Nogiku, Kasane says yes, ‘reciting on a starry night’ is a kind of poetic way of wording and it isn’t a bit like her style. “But you deliberately said it because someone else is lending your mouth to say those words, right, Iku-senpai.”
Iku is standing behind Nogiku. Iku tells Kasane that it has been a long time since they saw each other. After a pause, Kasane says that the gym is the ‘first time they truly met each other’.

She also says that it is because this is the place where the role of Giovanni ‘recites on a starry night’ the constellations. “That is according to my memory. Add to that, I’m the only one who knew that you helped Nogiku escape...

...Habuta-san doesn’t know anything about that so that means, you chose the wordings especially for me to come here alone [since I’m also the only one who knew of this place].”
Iku says that honestly speaking, she also gambled whether or not she’ll come to this place. Nogiku says considering that, Kasane unexpectedly and leisurely really came here alone like a fool.

Kasane says, “Nogiku, if you plan on killing me, can you wait for a while. There is something important that I want to tell you.” This puzzles Nogiku who looks tense. Narration: “I don’t know why but somehow, I felt that the Kasane at this time is somewhat different from the Kasane before.”

Kasane removes her mask and says, “Habuta-san isn’t around and honestly speaking, that is a good thing for me. I haven’t told him yet...About that, Nogiku, even if you won’t believe me...”
Click. The lights are open. The women are surprised when Kingo greets them. Surprised Kasane calls out to Kingo. Smiling Kingo says that she unexpectedly left him out all by himself.

Walking towards Kasane, he asks what is it, continue on talking, he won’t mind. “This is also a reunion after a long time of not seeing your junior high senpai and half-sister.” Kasane asks why he is here.

To the two women’s surprise, Kingo grabs Kasane’s collar and slams her on the wall [/stage]. He tells her that he said it right, ‘how can I trust someone who disappeared on me once’.
“After meeting with you again, I feel that you are hiding something from me [that I cannot see through you]. Besides, no matter how I think of it, your conclusion about the place referred to in ‘Saki’s message is very far-fetched...

So, I pretend to head out to the sea but I secretly followed you. Just as I thought, you plan on keeping me in the dark [and putting me aside]. What are you thinking? Is all of it lies to deceive me!? Is it also a lie when you said in Akeiwa that you want to act in the play?”
Kasane shouts back, “I’m not lying to you!!! I will act in your play... *points to Nogiku* using Nogiku’s face but...this will...be the last time whether it is using the lipstick...or stepping on the stage [to act]...” This surprises everyone.

Kingo let go of Kasane in disbelief. “Wha..what did you say...?” Kasane falls on the floor. While catching catches her breath, Kasane says, “...so, Nogiku...I beg of you, please let ‘Saki’ stand on the stage one more time...!!”
After looking surprised, tense Nogiku pauses before saying, “You...you say that it is for the last time, it is impossible for me to believe you...!? Even if your mouth says that right now but you’ll definitely lock me up again later on...”

Kasane holds out her lipstick. Kasane says, “If it is like this...will you believe me? I’ll give to you...the leadership role of the ‘switch’ (kiss).” Tense Nogiku looks at Kasane in surprise.
Comment: That is really something very hard to believe and refuse. Kasane is ‘giving away’ her lipstick. That means that Kasane is really giving and doing everything for this one last play. Perhaps, it is also because she is quite tired of it all.

I’m sure what Kasane is doing would really shock everyone there. They would wonder, does Kasane have something up her sleeve? What is she plotting? Well, Kasane did guess it right that Kingo won’t be taking this news well.

If Kasane is indeed plotting something, does this mean that it doesn’t matter if the lipstick is on her hand for the ‘permanent switch’? It made me wonder if Kasane just wants to fulfill this last one request for Kingo before leaving this world. After all, she is agreeing to be killed by Nogiku.

Nogiku also senses something is different with Kasane. In a way, the narrations from her and Kingo seem to imply that something happened to Kasane and it doesn’t seem good. It makes me wonder if Kasane will survive this series. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. I think Kasane is very obviously up to something. She will use Kingo's play to do the permanent switch without Nigoku even realizing it. I remember Kasane's mother doing a dance, and finding out the background of Kingo's play, there's probably going to be that dance in it. It's all a ruse! Kasane planned it all! At least this is what I believe.

  2. Maybe the reverse will happen. Kingo could use his own play to cause an unknowing Kasane to permanently switch faces with Nogiku/Iku. After all, if Kingo was crafty enough to trick Nogiku into drinking the spiked drink and locking her up, he should be able to trick Kasane into performing the real face swap at the theater. Kingo's motivation may stem from his feelings for Sukeyo and he sees her image in Kasane, so he would want to keep Kasane acting on stage. If Kasane manages to keep a beautiful face, she won't have to stop being an actress.

    1. Possible though currently, Kingo doesn't know much about the permanent switch as in what are the conditions for it to happen. They know that the kagura dance is part of it but what is the exact procedure to do it.

      As of now, the play wasn't suppose to be the 'permanent switch' but perhaps, because of Kasane's declaration of making this her last play, Kingo is pressured to make that 'permanent switch' happen.

      Indeed, she will keep acting if she can have a permanent beautiful face.

  3. Do you know where I can read the manga translations? Any language is fine.

    1. Christina, in Chinese, here:

      They just had a massive update ^^;