October 19, 2017

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 118]

Shouta and Sawako text each other, ‘Let’s do our best together’. Then, at some college testing site, Sawako and Ume are taking an exam. At the station, the two girls tell each other that the exams are over. Ume tells Sawako that they go see the list of passers together. Sawako says yes. Ume holds out her pinkie finger.

They promise with each other that no matter who fails, one won’t hate the other. After they parted ways, Sawako gets a message from Shouta saying that his exam is also over. He mentioned that the list of passers will be out after graduation. “In short, next is graduation so before then, let’s meet up.” Sawako blushes.

Then, a girl calls out to Sawako. Sawako calls out Shino, what a coincidence. Shino says that she just came from a friend’s house. She asks Sawako where she is going. “Getting ready to go home?” Sawako says yes, she came from the exams.
Shino tells her good work [/yoroshiku] and it has been long time since they saw each other. Sawako says yes, and is she doing well. Shino says yes, really well. After a pause, Shino comments that the feeling that Sawako gives to people has changed a lot since it feels gentle.

Surprised Sawako says is that so. Shino says yes, before, every time she sees her, it always feels that Sawako is angry. Shocked Sawako apologizes for making her feel uncomfortable.

Shino exclaims this part of Sawako hasn’t changed! Shino tells her that it has been a long time since they saw each other but actually, she gets to see Sawako occasionally.
“You are always happy. You’ll smile together with others. I felt--that's great. Hee hee, look, I’m the one who gave you the nickname ‘Sadako’ so I feel a bit guilty. It’s really great that you are totally different from the time when you just entered junior high!” Sawako thanks her.

Shino says there’s no need, and she’s really sorry for always not having an opportunity to apologize for giving her the nickname Sadako. Sawako says no, how can that be...and definitely, sooner or later, there will be someone who’ll call her that... Shino laughs.

Then, she bids Sawako goodbye and they’ll see each other on graduation day. After Shino left, Sawako is surprised Shouta happily rushes towards her. He says that he came to fetch her.
He laughs and says that he caught up with her. “Great-- I got to see you!! I thought my dad and others won’t let me fetch you...*sees Sawako smiling* ...good work!” Sawako asks Shouta how was the exam. Shouta says that he doesn’t know but in short, he did what can be done.

He asks what about her. She says yes, she also did what can be done. Sawako is surprised when Shouta is carrying her bag. He smiles and gestures to her that it is okay. They talk about the asphalt road already showing up [<- from the snow] and three days from now, after the rehearsal, it would be graduation day.

He asks if Sawako is going to make a speech... Sawako says yes. After thinking for a while, Shouta calls out to her and asks if she wants to directly go to the school for a look. 
At the school, Shouta opens the door and says that it’s open. Sawako asks won’t they be scolded. He laughs and says that they might. This shocks Sawako. He laughs and tells her that it is okay as long as they won’t be found out.

Holding out his hand, Shouta urges her to come. While they walk together, Sawako admits that it’s possible that before graduation, she hasn’t broken the rules even once. Shouta laughs and says really! Then, Sawako says but she had skipped class once and that ought to be considered as one, right? Shouta exclaims in surprise and asks when.

Recalling the time when she cried, Sawako happily says that it is a secret. Then, they pass by the toilet. Sawako recalls the time when Chizuru and Ayane helped her. Shouta leads her to class 3-D and tells her to come in and go to this side. 
He sits down and says it was the first time he got to be seatmates with her. Sawako recalls the time when Shouta sat beside her. Pointing to the side, Shouta says that she sits on this side. She asks won’t they be scolded for casually sitting.

He laughs and says that they won’t be scolded. She says excuse me and sits down. While sitting down, Sawako thinks that she has this feeling that it is alright even if she sits down there. “I can also think that it is because everyone is here, the reason why everyone is here is because Kazehaya-kun is here---...”

Sawako says that three years had passed by in a wink... “I’m so happy during these three years. ...it is also the first time I’ve experienced it... This high school life is my treasure...ah! but the grades aren’t out yet! There is also the rehearsal! Next, the graduation ceremony so I must pull myself together!! Also making the speech--”
Shouta interrupts her by saying, “...ya, me, too. I felt that everyone is pleasant that I’m super happy everyday. Even if all sorts of things had happened but right now, all of it had already become a beautiful memory. Coming to this school had changed my life...

...*recalls the time when he first met Sawako* I have met you, Kuronuma. Whether it is my feelings at that time, or when I’ve confessed, or when we started to go steady, I definitely won’t forget it throughout my life. I won’t forget it but...

...even if high school life is over, but what’s next would be creating more and more memories, together with you, Kuronuma. *blushes while looking at blushing Sawako* Haha, regarding making you talk, I tried to be the first!!” Sawako exclaims in surprise.
While they are about to head out of the classroom, Shouta says that they’ll see each other after three days. Sawako says yes. Then, they overheard a guy begging Pin not to spike up his hair during the graduation day or the head of the PTA will be very troubled. Pin says ya, ya, he knows already.

The other person scolds Pin that it is because of that kind of attitude... Then, it is shown that Shouta is cornering Sawako on the wall as they waited for Pin and the man to leave. Sawako asks if they are already gone. Shouta says yes, probably...

Narration: “There are so many memories here. *Sawako looks at Shouta* I want to always stay here forever. Want to stay here forever...but...” Sawako mutters that it is like that time. <- when Shouta hugged Sawako. [iirc, the confession] They kiss. Narration: “...I want to believe in the future from here on...”
On the day of the rehearsal, some people are exclaiming that it is over and what’s left is tomorrow’s graduation ceremony! Ayane calls out to her friends that they go home together today. Chizuru says okay and tells Ryu that she’ll see him later. Ryu nods.

Sawako tells Shouta, see you tomorrow! Shouta smiles and greets her back. The girls are surprised to see Pin. Pin tells Ayane not to put heavy make up tomorrow. Ayane says ah, what is she to do, when she wanted to look a bit cute. Pin angrily tells her not to do it.

Ayane asks if it would be okay for him to make his hair spike up high and would it be okay with the PTA head. Becoming tense, Pin asks if she has super powers. Ayane is puzzled. Then, she laughs and says, see you tomorrow. Pin smiles and greet back.

Narration: “...the last time of saying ‘see you tomorrow’.” While walking, Ayane tells her friends that she was thoroughly rejected, and even if she earlier knew it would be like that, but she still cried a lot. Her friends are sad for her.
Chizuru says that no wonder her phone call before was so strange. Ayane says that she wanted to wait until Sawako finished her exams before telling them. She thanks them for that time because if she didn’t call, it is possible that she would get discourage half-way.

She says she wasn’t courageous enough to confess but they pushed her [to do it]. “It’s my first love. It’s first love! ...at that time, I ran, ran and ran to deliver that chocolate. I had already mustered up my courage to confess. ...even if I was rejected--

...*teary-eyed yet smiling* But he let me see a side that I have not known before...and he even praised me! So, I still felt that it is fortunate that I have said it out...sorry. *blows nose* actually, I’m already very calm--...” Chizuru and Sawako assure her that it is okay, they’re here.

Ayane says ya, she is crying tears of joy. “In the end, ...the first one I want to tell are Chi-chan and Sawako! You guys always supported me.” Her friends started to cry and they give Ayane a hug.
Narration: “I thought that I was supported by others, but after looking back, I realized that we are helping each other...” There is a scene of Sawako sitting at her desk while thinking of what to write for her speech. The scene changes to Shouta fixing his necktie and says, okay! It is graduation day.

As the students are entering the school, Chizuru says that Ryu will absolutely cry. Ryu asks why would he but rather, she’ll be the one who’ll cry. She exclaims that she won’t, she absolutely won’t cry. He says that she would, she definitely will. Chizuru insists that she absolutely won’t cry!!

A woman in a kimono [mother?] tells Ume to definitely pay attention to her bearing and composure. Ume says that she knows already. Some fangirls greet Kent and they’ll meet after graduation. Ayane is surprised to see Pin in a suit with his hair combed sideways.

Ayane exclaims what happened to his hair. He says that it is 3-7, what about it. [<- hair split at 30%] Ayane tells him to squat down. He did as told and Ayane ruffles up his hair. This made Pin mad that he shouts what did she do and did she know how long it took him to fix it. Ayane laughs and says that isn’t he handsome like that [hair down].
A guy tells Shouta that today is graduation and it totally doesn’t feel real. Chigusa calls out to Shouta and asks him to give a notebook to Sawako. It is a dojinshi that she drew. Shouta tells her to give it to Sawako herself. Chigusa says that it is because Sawako hasn’t arrived yet and she is also busy.

She urges Shouta to read it together because it is her masterpiece. While Shouta is puzzled by the dojinshi, he thinks that it is rare since Sawako always arrive early in school.

In the classroom, a guy calls out to Shouta and asks isn’t he together with Sawako. Shouta says no, and he heard that she hasn’t arrived yet. Joe and others show Shouta the graduation book. There is a drawing of Sawako with her upheld hand saying, ‘goodbye’ with name and nickname of Sadako.
Joe laughs that it is Sawako’s self-portrait. While others are wondering how come Sawako is so slow and what is she doing. Shouta smiles that Sawako is number 1 most interesting girl [Chizuru is third] and second fastest in running [Chizuru is first].

Then, someone is screaming that someone left a face, a felt mascot. They wonder if it is a brooch and the embroidery is really amazing. Chizuru exclaims isn’t this her. Ayane says then, this one is her since it looks like her. They say that isn’t this Sawako’s style of drawing.

Sawako suddenly enters the room and exclaims that she manage to catch up. Chizuru says that she’s slow to death. Sawako says that she came early but she was at the library where she always cannot come up with [/fix] the speech.

Then, she is puzzled that everyone is muttering so she asks what’s up. Joe holds up his mascot and asks if she was the one who left this face in everyone’s table. Sawako is shocked that it was found out.
Flustered Sawako says that it is a little thank you gift that she wants to express but it isn’t about being cursed!! Then, she has an idea. She says that no matter what happens like something bad, everyone can use it as a substitute doll and then, throw it away. [<- the bad thing will be absorbed by the doll]

Joe says as Sadako, it will take away the bad luck! Sawako exclaims that it absolutely doesn’t have any hair-type of thing in it!! Hair no! You won’t be cursed!! [I think someone else said this ->] It is because it is made a bit cute so it cannot be despised [/ignored]...!!”

She is puzzled when everyone started to laugh. They ask what is she saying, ‘this is me?’ [<- their respective mascot] and her drawing really sucks!! “Obviously, there is the college exam and you have to prepare a speech yet you made this for everyone in the class-!! You’re too diligent!!!

...So amazing!! Hey! Put this on!! Together with the flower!! *friends are smiling* Ha ha ha, not bad!! By the way, we earlier knew that you not a psychic!!” This made Sawako smile with a tear on her eye.
Comment: It’s nice that former love rivals are now like that. I think Sawako will pass it so would that be a long distance relationship later on for the couple? Nevertheless, going through the school and recalling some of the memories is a nice touch which was capped by a kiss ^^

It makes me wonder if her speech will be very moving which can somehow express in some words everything that has happened. After the confession, it seems that Ayane had become at ease in teasing Pin. Maybe later on, if Pin is still single, she’ll get that yes.

As for Ryu-Chizuru, I think Chizuru will indeed cry later on. =P I’m not sure what the doujinshi is about. Their love story? Since it was recommended that they read it together.

The dolls are indeed nice and very Sawako-ish touch to it. What her classmates said at the end pretty much meant that Sawako is graduating from her earlier impression/image even if she kept the nickname. Scans by 工作室

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  1. No I don't think it's the last one I think there might be two more Left

    1. No, Anonymous. There are still 5 chapters. The last would be chapter 123.

    2. How do you know it's ending in Chapter 123?

    3. Bullza, in baidu, they posted chapter 121 raws and it is written that 122 will be out on issue 11. On the official webpage, it was mentioned that it will end on issue 12 which will be released in Japan on Nov 13th.

  2. Thanks a lot for your hard work! I'm loving your summarys and can't wait for the last 5 chapters.

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