September 26, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Side Story 4]

Narration: “One day, the bride is saying some baffling words.” Holding up her hands, Yuulin gloomily says, “Become strong...I really want to become stronger...” After looking puzzled, sparkling Reishou holds Yuulin’s hands tightly.

He says, “What is it, Yuulin? You suddenly have someone you want to defeat? But, I think the princess consort’s violent way of settling the dispute will cause Li Jun to get angry. *chibi Jun screaming to please don’t do that* ...Who is it? I’ll think of a way to deal with it.”

Yuulin says that no, it isn’t like that. “For you to say ‘think of a way’, what are you thinking?” Holding a small covered jar, Yuulin exclaims that she is talking about wine!! “I wish that I can have a stronger resistance against wine. It is this! Because I always get drunk with just one drink.”
Reishou says ah, so it turns out to be like that. “Actually, Yuulin, it is very cute that your face will quickly become very red.” This irks Yuulin. She furiously points at Reishou and shouts, “It is because your complexion totally doesn’t change after drinking wine so you can say that quite calmly!

...I also want to become more gallant when drinking wine!! Wu wu, how frustrating! *Reishou just quietly looks on with a (∙v∙); reaction* I want to become stronger!! Become strong so that other people won’t treat me like a fool... I also seek after strength!! (become someone who can drink wine).”

Smiling Reishou asks, “Specifically, who treat you like a fool?” Yuulin says that it is Teacher (Gen) and Kou Dai. There is a chibi of Gen and Dai saying Yuulin ‘hey-!!’ Reishou says is that so. “By the way, did you just drink a bit just now?” This surprises Yuulin that she wonders how come she was found out.
Reishou says that it is because her state of mind had inexplicably surged up high. Hugging the jar tightly, Yuulin tearfully says that this is training... Smiling Reishou says, yes, yes. Yuulin says that she only has to drink a lot and she’ll be able to drink wine... Reishou says, huh-?

Yuulin starts to become dizzy. Walking away with the jar, Yuulin says that she only has to drink a few jars and she can also do it... Reishou tells her that it is related to one’s physique so can she give him that wine jar? Yuulin whimpers that she is really weak when she is obviously the princess consort.

Reishou says that it is also okay for a princess consort not to be able to drink too much wine. He assures her again that it is alright. “Honestly speaking, what’s up with you today, Yuulin? Did, Teacher and the others say some unpleasant things?” Yuulin says no, those two are normal as always.

“They say that when a married couple drink wine together, it is likely that His Majesty will also be very happy. *Gen and Dai agreeing on that* That also means that like this right now, compared to me, His majesty is happier when drinking wine with others, right. Like is a bit...”
Reishou calls out to her and says that there is no such thing. He holds her and says, “As long as I’m together with you, it is impossible that there is a happier time compared to this moment right now.”

Looking aghast, Yuulin suddenly says that actually, he is saying that because he wants to snatch away her wine. “I won’t give it to you... *holds the jar tighter* I’ll...I’ll rely on it to become stronger...!!!” Reishou worriedly says that it turns out that Yuulin will become like this when she’s in a drunken fit...

Narration: “And, afterwards, it always continue on and on like this.” The next day, totally puzzled Yuulin tells smiling and speechless Reishou that when she woke up this morning, she noticed that she is hugging this wine jar. “...why is that...?”
Comment: And, apparently, Yuulin cannot drink. It seems that flirting with her at that state causes her to have a tantrum. ^^; I think Reishou is at a loss on how to deal with her and in the end, let her sleep with that jar of wine. =P Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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  1. ahauhaua wonder what Dai and Gen meant with that? ahahahaha

  2. Haha Cute chapter.
    I found your blog quite recently coz i am so obsessed with this manga right now.Thank you for all the hardwork you put in.
    You ease my curious soul with these summaries.

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  3. ROFL! Epic side story. :) Thank you so much for your hard work!

  4. Thanks for the update. So cute when Yuulin is drunk and Reishou trying to appease her.

  5. Hai, Kat! I would like to say thank you for the translation. Been read this somewhere else till chp 56 and they havent translate the next chapter yet so I'm so happy that i found your blog. Can't wait for the next chapter since the love-dovey increase the intimacy within every chapter hihi. Oh where can i see the original one? Im so curious and i want to see the next chapter eventho i dont understand japanese. Once again, thanks Kat.

    1. Thanks for reading, audsov ^-^


      Ah, you mean Japanese? Sorry, I don't know. I get it from a Chinese forum that solely scanlates this series. [] It requires registration and 'points' to few the scanlation.

      For the previous chapters, they are recently uploaded in public Chinese sites here:


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