September 27, 2017

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 117]

Pin looks at Ayane and says, “” And, he starts sneezing loudly. He shouts for her to quickly close the door or he’ll catch a cold since he just took a bath. “It’s cold to death.” Ayane apologizes. After Ayane goes inside, Pin says that he is drying his hair.

He looks at Ayane who looks flustered and timid. He says okay, come in, and lucky for her, he just did a huge clean up. Ayane sweatdrops and says that even so, it looks like tidied up garbage. There are garbage bags are arranged at the side. Pin exclaims if she wants to drink something, is coffee okay!!!

Surprised Ayane just says ah..ya... She mutters that she’ll be intruding as she goes in and sits by the table. Pin is preparing some coffee. Ayane observes the house and thinks that compared before, the things are...the television is also new, she didn’t think that he’ll invite her in.
Pin gives her a mug of coffee. After he sits down, Ayane thanks him. She tries to tell him to blow dry his hair or else he’ll catch a cold but Pin insists that he is fine and quickly drink. “Don’t say nonsense things, quickly drink!!!” Ayane did as told even if it’s quite hot.

Pin says, “ came to talk about that, right.” Ayane freezes. Pin says how can he say this, she is still young and the future path is still quite long... Ayane nervously wonders if he is planning to reject her but the way he talks isn’t a bit like him.

Scratching his head, Pin says that in short, how can he say it, it is like this, next time, next time!! “Keep looking ahead!!” Ayane interrupts by telling him to wait. She becomes teary-eyed for she obviously hasn’t said anything yet. She starts to cry which freaks Pin out.
He quickly shouts for her to drink and it will be alright. Ayane drinks the coffee again. He shouts what is one or two failure, she won’t die from it and didn’t she strive really hard!! Ayane cries that she didn’t strive hard and she still haven’t strived hard.

Pin exclaims in surprise. He says, “Really!?? Forget it, having an ambitious goal isn’t a bad thing. Then, you have to strive a bit harder!!! Do you want to change your aspiration and give up on this!? Or, better still, do you want to re-study!!?”

Ayane goes huh? He also goes huh? He asks didn’t she flunk the college exam and it was released today. Ayane exclaims ah!!! Pin exclaims what it is this time. To his anger, Ayane tensely says that she got in. Pin exclaims if ‘got in’ means she passed it, she passed it, right!!? She says yes.
Pin exclaims that there’s no mistake, right, she passed!!? She says yes, she passed and got in her first choice. Pin freezes and says, why you~~!!! He angrily screams why she is dillydallying and she’s slow to death so give his precious concern back!!

Ayane apologizes. He says that he waited for her for such a long... Ayane asks if he waited. Turning away his head, Pin denies it. Ayane insists for him to tell her if he waited for her. Pin admits that he waited, he waited the whole day today!!

“Always!! Waiting for you to come!!! *Ayane looks surprised* ...but you didn’t come! So I thought that you flunked and besides, you look very uneasy. *looks away* In the is because I felt that it is a 50/50 chance you’ll pass.’s like that, you passed. Ya.”
Ayane looks flustered for he was worried about her and had always waited for her. Pin complains that there is no ‘payback’ in the profession of teaching. He is about to say something more but Ayane is already crying. He softens up and tells her not to cry for it is a joyous thing.

He says okay, hold up her mug. She did as told. Ching! He happily gives her a toast and exclaims, “Cheers!! It’s great!!” She smiles and says yes. This surprises Pin. He suddenly stands up and exclaims that her expression is so frank that it felt quite disgusting!!

He says that it felt very fishy so he better go blow dry his hair since it isn’t funny if he cannot attend the graduation ceremony!!! As Pin goes to blow dry his hair, Ayane wonders what is that, it probably isn’t disgusting. Then, she sees her bag. She takes out a small gift box.  She thinks chocolate...
Hearing the blower, she puts it back in her bag. She thinks that he said that she’s disgusting so better not give it... She stops upon recalling Sawako, Chizuru and Kent telling her to do her best. She holds up the box and thinks yes, it’s alright, she can strive hard and do her best.

“Because didn’t I work hard for the exam and didn’t I reach this step?” She puts the box on the table beside the mug. She thinks she has to properly do her best. She is surprised when Pin comes back and says that his hair is now dry. Pin looks down and sees the box.

He says, this is. After he sat down, she says if he knows...what day is Pin says today is the day when her list is released... Ayane exclaims that it is Valentine’s Day!! This shocked Pin that he exclaims that he didn’t receive a single choco.
Ayane calls out to him and says that she’s giving this to him!! She tearfully tells him that it isn’t a giri choco [obligation chocolate]. After a pause, Pin says that it is best that she doesn’t say it out. This surprises Ayane. She wonders if he knew of her feelings.

She bites her lip and exclaims that won’t do, she’ll say it!! “Because didn’t you say it!! A person who strived hard can stand up once again! I’ll say it!! ...I like you, Pin!! It doesn’t matter! It’s inevitable!! I like you!! It is simply that, that’s all!! ...the same with that chocolate!! I summoned up my...courage!!

...I thought of giving up but...I still want to give it to you!! Deciding to take the college exam needs more courage!! Even if it is brought from a convenient store bu..but...whether to accept it or not, it’s your freedom...”
She stops when Pin starts to open the box and eat the chocolate. Pin says that it is a match with the coffee and it’s delicious. He looks at her. Ayane’s heart is beating loudly. After a long pause, he smiles. Pin laughs and says that she is still 10 years too early. “Sorry, you’re not my type!”

While thinking that she has been rejected, Ayane exclaims that after 10 years, she’ll be 27 or 28 years old. Pin says that perhaps during that time he’ll feel that a 27-28 years old is still a kid. Ayane exclaims if he’ll still be single at 37 years old. Pin shouts for her not to jump into conclusions!!

Ayane asks what if she strips of her clothes here right now. Pin exclaims that’s too vulgar and don’t strip!! While mentally telling Chizuru and Sawako that she has been jilted, Ayane laughs and says that in the end, it is no good. She asks when he found out.
Pin asks what she is saying, isn’t it during the ‘brat’ [‘I’m not a brat’]. Ayane exclaims that he still pretended that he didn’t know. He asks if she wanted him to confront her as him who knew everything, don’t make things difficult!!

After a pause, Ayane says that she has one more last question. “It is only for now! Discard my identity as a student...just purely alone...! you even once felt...I’m a bit cute...!?” Pin looks surprised. He smiles and lightly pats her head. He laughs and says no!!

Holding her head, Ayane smiles and thinks that it is a thorough defeat! Ayane says she knows already, she’s going home. He tells her to take care on her way and don’t catch a cold. Pin watches her leave then tosses a small bag on her head. She turns around to see a small package with an eraser in it.
She recalls asking him to give her an eraser as reward if she passed. He picks it up and tells her to take it. “It is a gift. Congratulations for passing. That’s your reward! You are a nice person. You can smile, get angry and be depressed for someone else. Before, you gave me a snack... 

...After the school festival, you said that it is merely because I don’t have one. *Ayane tries to say...ah...* ...I’m very happy. *Ayane looks surprised* You are very nice. can have a bit of self-confidence towards yourself. This year, you really strive hard up to your limit...

...I’m not referring to your academic attainments. I’m talking about your mental state. Listen well. Regarding the road from today on, you’ll be alright! Even if you fail, it is still the same! I—have full confidence in you! *Tears start to fall from Ayane’s eyes* Do not worry! It will be alright!! Yano, congratulations for passing.”
Ayane smiles and says, “...thank you, sensei!” It is still snowing as she walks to the station. She recalls Pin saying that he waited the whole day for her. He thought that she failed and encouraged her as if his life depended on it. “He obviously hates sweets but he ate all of it---...”

She recalls Pin telling her that he has full confidence in her. She puts her hand in her pocket and takes out a candy. Then, she eats it. “...I went ahead and gone into battle towards the two impregnable difficult problems. I already strive really hard...

...Ah, after 10 years, even if I don’t have a love life, will I be a good woman? My aspiration is to become an adult who won’t embarrass Pin. Can I do it?” She recalls Pin happily telling her not to worry and it will be alright!!

Ayane smiles as she also remembers him telling her to have a bit of self-confidence towards herself. Ayane thinks, “...ya, ya. I’ll definitely be alright.”
Comment: And that’s a whole chapter for Pin x Ayane. Even if she is rejected, I think she’ll treasure all those moments and encouragements that Pin gave her. In a way, Pin is quite nice to indulge her before dropping it on her. In a way, it seems like a feel good rejection.

So, Ayane left with a smile and perhaps, a bit more self-confidence towards herself. The future is unknown. Perhaps, there will be a possibility for the two in the future but Ayane definitely won’t forget about him and what happened on that last Vday of her high school life. Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
Be an Encourager: When you encourage others, you boost their self-esteem, enhance their self-confidence, make them work harder, lift their spirits and make them successful in their endeavors. Encouragement goes straight to the heart and is always available. Be an encourager. Always. ~ Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


  1. First one here..thanks for the update!

  2. I'm so glad you're still posting this manga. I love it and it seems to be eternally stalled everywhere else. I also think thier story is not over. I think he let her down because he wants her to look forward and not be stuck in the past. She means something to him and he tries to hide it.

    1. Hehe, long as the Chinese group keep on posting it ^^

      Stuck in the past? How? But yes, it seems to be like that so perhaps, it needs time to bloom. Though hopefully, it isn't because she's the only one who really likes him so might as well go out with her. <- now or in the future.

  3. Pleasant fuzzy feeling when I saw the update. It's been so long :)

    As always I have no clue as to what Pin is thinking about. He is definitely taking her seriously; thanks to the episode with Kurumi we know that he can be a total idiot when rejecting young girls. Maybe he is different towards her because of the rain, and they've been close throughout the years, or that it's last school day or he saw Ayane crying because of Kento before -_-

    The chapter reminds me of her crying in the rain because of Kento. Here again she is completely drenched while confessing. Is this just a coincidence? And what is he thinking eating the chocolates, it feels like he is acknowledging something, or is he grateful for her feelings? Am i reading too much,maybe he was just hungry.

    Sigh.. It was a really good chapter. A rejection that did not dim the sweetness of the scene. Pin is really a great guy.

    Thanks for the hard work Kat.

    1. Indeed, Crimson sky ^^

      Yup. And, perhaps, because she is so serious that he has to give a proper answer.

      I think he is acknowledging and grateful for her feelings. Though it doesn't necessarily mean he'll return them.

      Yup ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  4. pin had to reject her if he didnt she would want to stay behind

  5. Thanks for the summary! Do you know when we can get the next update?

    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      Sorry, I don't know. The Chinese scanlation release for this series had become very irregular that at one time, I thought that it was dropped ^^;

  6. pin is such a good dude. i still hope that they will end up together someday...thank you for the summary xoxo

    1. Maybe, silly me...thanks for reading ^-^

  7. huhuhu!!!! i dont care about the age bruh, :`( why pin! WHY!!!!! ... well moving on ayane has been freed now. im so glad that i follow this manga until here & im gonna follow it till end. ^_^ it`s so heartbreaking & heart throbbing at the same time.....

  8. s0 sad 0f the rejecti0n,but im very sure that he feels the same way. he just wants her to do well in her college and the future. he wants her to be sure of who she wants when she becomes an adult, not with her 17yo self. and didnt he say "ALWAYS...WAITING FOR U TO COME..." if thats not sign enough for their future then im flipping tables. pin will wait, coz no matter how he acts chasing skirts he will always wait for ayane to come.

    1. It's possible if one would interpret it that way. It can be a teacher waiting for this student whom he encourage to 'go for it' know of the result.

      Even so, maybe later on, it might happen.