September 25, 2017

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 251]

So, Yashiro is really baffled over Kyouko’s absent-mindedness even if she insists that she is alright. Of course, he’ll start to suspect if Kyouko and Kimiko only talked about Ren or perhaps, Kimiko said something unnecessary to Kyouko.

It turns out that he accompanied Kyouko to the audition in order to ‘protect’ Kyouko from Kimiko. Kimiko gave Yashiro a bad impression due to how Kimiko ruin the mood in Purple Down. Kimiko is skilled in saying things that will make others misunderstand so AT THAT TIME, she implied that Ren is going steady with her.

In the end, it didn’t cause any strange scandal because no one treated it as real. There was no basis and the problem is merely her way of saying things. Yashiro thinks that if it is Kyouko, she would have said that she doesn’t have any relationship with Ren. This is Kyouko, Love Me 1. 

Kyouko obviously doesn’t treat Ren as a romantic partner so how can she become absent-minded unless she unconsciously already thinks of him as a romantic partner. After a little Yashiro from deep down his heart told him something, ya, Yashiro seems to have figured it out. =P

So, can Yashiro keep things hush-hush? He might be too happy that he’ll just blurt it out or perhaps, a slip of the tongue. It will be a bit difficult to catch Kyouko but then, Kyouko has been slipping lately. Her feelings are already showing bit by bit.

And, lucky Kyouko, Kanae will be the one who’ll play the audition first. I guess Yuki just ushered the others at the side. I think Kanae did her best there to be the first one. Based on that, I can pretty much guess that Kyouko will know what to do thanks to Kanae.


Meanwhile, Kimiko and her manager are spying on the audition. The manager joined her out of curiosity because Kimiko told her that she’ll win even without fighting. The manager asks what did she do again and she’s a bad kid. So, that establishes that Kimiko will do underhanded things by herself.

Kimiko already finds her uncle useless and she is irked with Yuki. The manager assures her that Kimiko will be the one chosen. She seems to imply that the uncle said ‘let it to me’. But it seems that Kimiko wanted stubborn Yuki to be ‘forced’ to choose her. 


Kyouko is really freaking out that it is shown on her face that she has no idea what the scene is. Thanks to Kanae’s clue, Kyouko figured it out. Apparently, Chidori isn’t into killing yet even if Momiji attacked her. Apparently, there’s another reason for Momiji to hate Chidori.

That is because Chidori is the reason why Momiji’s father had died. I assume that it was an indirect cause. Chidori begs for some time to finish some business and then, her life will be Chidori’s. Momiji asks if it is about Shizuma. With a flustered cutie look, Chidori says it isn’t so.

Lol, everyone is surprised by that kind of expression. I guess that is a ‘yes’ for Chidori. Yuki calls it off and Kanae reverts back to her serious face. Yuki is impressed since she let him see a different side of her even if he already praised her acting earlier. Then, Yuki asks what’s up with THAT <- Kyouko squealing and rolling around the floor. 


Hehe, Kanae mutters not to pay attention to that. =P Kyouko is deliriously happy to see that new expression ^^ She snaps out of it when Yuki called out to her. He knew that Kanae helped her out. He tells her that he hates liars and people who aren’t serious about acting.

Perhaps, it is because of that lackluster fight scene. I mean, Momiji earlier can defeat a lot of men but was easily defeated by Chidori whom I assumed to have just learned sword fighting recently. Compared to the previous audition, the scene after the fighting also lacks intensity.

Kyouko realizes that the things Yuki said is true that she cannot even defend herself. Her ‘willpower’ and ‘unwilling to give up’ cannot save her that she felt that she won’t have another opportunity. To her surprise, Yuki is giving her one last chance. 


Even if he hates liars and people who aren’t serious but just based on her partner’s ‘signal’, she comprehended everything so he doesn’t at all, hate her intelligence. So, Kyouko’s new goal is to make Yuki say, ‘please, you must act this Momiji role’.

Based on that, I guess Kimiko ought to win this around by default in some way since she won’t be lying nor not acting seriously. Kyouko played well but I guess it is just that, ‘well’. It must be better since ‘well’ is something Kimiko can also do.

After all, this audition is supposedly just for formality’s sake to please the sponsor. Unless there is someone who is better than Kimiko, it is highly likely that they’ll just choose Kimiko. Since Yuki is fond of ‘serious acting’, I think the last audition might require one to show some impressive acting talent. That is aside from knowing how to do action scenes.  

Anyway, hopefully, this will make Kyouko pull herself together. I’m not sure if Yashiro will get involved in some way like clarify things to Kyouko. Hehe, actually, he would want to verify his suspicion. ^^ If it is verified, will he act as a cupid? Or just watch at the sidelines like Lory does?


  1. Thank you for sharing! I don't think yashiro will tell Ren or get to involved in their relationship but I do see him teasing Kyouko like he has to Ren in the past.

    I think you're right about how Kyouko has to be significantly better than Kimiko to get the part and that the next part of the audition is about serious acting. Probably testing the range of emotions they can accurately portray and how dimintional and complex they can make their momojis. With this theory I think the shock Kyouko receive last chapter will come in handy.

    1. Thanks for reading, Carol ^-^ Possible ^^

      Yup ^^

  2. Thanks so much Kat!!
    I speculated a lot about how Kyouko will quickly salvage the situation. But I forgot that the Mangaka likes to show both wins and losses, especially the technique of failing before a great jump. I think that we can now breathe easier, with Kyouko most likely giving an amazing performance in the near future. Especially since she was literally challenged by Yuki.

    I get the feeling that this project will be quite taxing on Kyouko, she is closer feelings of love and affection than ever. There might be more ups and downs, but with her eventually giving her best.

    1. You're welcome, Crimson sky ^-^

      Indeed. So, we can only wait and see how Kyouko will impress the judges especially Yuki ^^

      Yup ^^ It has always been a challenge. I guess that is why some people prefer to keep romance out of their career in order not to be distracted.

  3. Thank you Kat!!

    Yashiro said Kimiko doesnt technically lie but its the way she says things that is problematic , makes me think Ren indeed gave her the ring but the context was different , I wonder what happened exactly...

    I dont know if Yashiro will tell her about kimiko's schemes before the last audition or will wait until its over ... but even so , will kyouko believe him?? Yashiro doesnt know about that conversation REN and BO had , plus he doesnt know kimiko told her about the ring(unless she tells him about it)..

    You are right , kimiko's acting is good , thats why kyouko has to be great . Cant wait to see what she will do ^^

    I have a feeling Ren will go there , something needs to happen before the last audition , something big . It was the same for the angel , mio and natsu right?

    1. You're welcome, Lillian ^-^

      True. Perhaps, it is from her role in Purple Down? Or, asking Ren to do and say that to cheer her up for the role?

      Preferably, it would be after the audition. I'm not too sure if Yashiro can keep a straight face due to his discovery. But they do take breaks. And, there are three Chidori-s...who will partner with the 3rd one if Kyouko and Kimiko act with one Chidori each?

      Also, afterwards will be like a test for Kyouko to keep things professional. She can push aside her personal issues for a while and concentrate on what has to be done right now. And well, compared to Kimiko and her scheme, if I were Yashiro, I'll be too excited about the possibility that Kyouko might actually like Ren =P

      Yup ^^

      A Ren intervention is highly possible though I'm not too convinced that it will require Ren to go there. Maybe in some indirect way? The phone call is already done so perhaps, not that way.

  4. She managed to get by with Moko's help, yay! I wonder if the last audition will be more about relationships than about fighting... whether between Momiji and Chidori, or Momiji yearning for the guy she can't have/anguish that her friend has him. I'm wondering if it'll be the second choice, so then Kyouko can use these jealous emotions she's feeling.

    Yaaaaaay, Yashiro figured it out!!!!! Now hopefully he can confirm. I'm sure he wouldn't even hint to Ren unless he knows for sure. I somehow don't think he'd be able to keep it a secret from Ren, even if he wanted to... I don't think he could contain himself! If Ren knows, then it could set in motion for him to slowly let Kyouko know his feelings, he won't have to worry that he'll scare her away anymore, and can also start dropping hints about his past and how he is Corn. I think at this point, that would be the best way for her to find out... gradually putting all the pieces together, and also gradually finding out she's the one he loves. :3

    1. Yup, squeaker ^^ That will be interesting to see. If she gets paired up with Kanae again, I think they might capitalized on their chemistry...if you can call it that. It is most definite that Kanae will get the role.

      Ya. How he will confirm it? Bluntly asking won't work because Kyouko will just deny it. Will he slip? Somehow, I think he might take the more active role of cupid for the two.

      Yup. It still depends if the mangaka would do that or it will be a spontaneous revelation. If I were a sadist mangaka, I would do a spontaneous/major revelation for both that they like each other or finding out both/one of their secret identities then end that chapter there. =P

      I'm curious though how he'll pull it off though if it is slowly dropping of hints. Ren = Corn the fairy = Kuon, Cool/Kuu's son.

    2. Hehe, how to confirm, that is the question! Maybe just looking for a reaction if he says something about Ren or her happy expression if he mentions that Kimiko likes to pretend that Ren likes her but it's not true. I don't know, I guess that wouldn't be confirming exactly but it could heavily imply it anyway. :)

      Yeah, true she just might do a spontaneous reveal at the very end of a chapter... the mangaka is so good at cliffhangers, lol.

      I was thinking about how it would play out dropping hints, I think Ren could confide little bits about himself here and there, now that he's made peace with his past, mentioning things like how growing up he felt that he couldn't get out of his father's shadow. His dad is an actor living in another country (or that he himself grew up in another country). How he didn't want anyone to know about his past. Etc, etc. Most importantly he could mention something about how he had made a friend in Japan but they misunderstood who he was, and he never corrected them, so it's difficult to tell this important person the truth about himself after all this time. She could eventually piece together that it all sounds similar to Corn's situation, if the fairy parts are removed. Even if she doesn't figure it out, at least when he does reveal the truth, she can understand his reasons for continuing to act as two different people in front of her. I just think it'd be sad if she felt deceived when she finds out. But whatever way the mangaka decides to do it, she never disappoints!

    3. True. Hm...and will Kyouko have a break before the next audition? There are still two more Chidori-s. I'm also wondering if Yashiro will do that after the audition if Kyouko had already pulled herself up together. But if she did, hopefully Yashiro won't think that his hunch was a pigment of his imagination.

      Yup ^^

      Possible and it will require a good opportunity to drop those hints. I mean, he cannot just suddenly mention it unless the situation presents itself. It makes me wonder that they will talk about that picture with Shou. Perhaps, that will lead to some revelations? Haha, aside from Kyouko knowing the truth about Kimiko. Who will tell her about it? Yashiro or Ren?

      That's right. We can only imagine and wonder how it will turn out ^^

  5. I like reading your summary Kat.

    You have a better insight. how you think it's strange for Yashiro to suddenly being Kyoko manager, I thought its only out of kindness since Ren away in the moment and he have nothing to do but you point out that Yashiro staring way too long at Kumiko blog when Kyoko investigating her and it turn out its true afterall, he was there to protect Kyoko from Kumiko.

    I feel excited that Yashiro finally figure out Kyoko's feeling. now he can act as cupid for the lovebirds. the way he tease Ren was so cute I cant wait to see how he is gonna tease Kyoko in the near future or would he keep quite about it cause any wrong moves would end up in Kyoko go onto defensive mode. but I still wondering the truth behind that ring, hope we'll get the answer soon.

    ah, another month to wait, the cliffhanger killing me but its worth it. I already reread this series more than ten times, the only shoujo I looking forwards to nowadays.

    1. =)

      Thank you, kaito ^-^

      Yup ^^ Well, with Kyouko, perhaps, start slow and subtle =P Cupid, yes, high possibility especially if he'll also be Kyouko's manager ^^

      Indeed ^^

  6. Thanks for the summary, Kat!

    It seems that Kyoko wasn't playing Momiji in this scene as we thought. Someone pointed it out that she might be playing someone else because of three things. One, what Kimiko said. Two, Kyoko falling down twice. And three, Kyoko mentioning Shizuma without honorifics. From the looks of it, Kimiko thought Kyoko would play out Momiji instead of doing the assigned scene. HA! Too bad for her, Kyoko had Moko with her.

    Kimiko wants to force Kuresaki to choose her but Kuresaki already made his decision. Although, this little incident made him frustrated. It's like he said, "Show me I didn't make the wrong choice." It just goes to show that everyone is feeling conflicted, lol. I really hope Ren does stay there with Lory until the auditions are over. Kyoko already feels that jealousy so now she needs to realize that she can use it. Yashiro can wait to explain Kimiko's personality after the final round. Now that Kuresaki gave her a shock, she can concentrate on her role. Truthfully, I hope she puts on a performance that is more than acting like she did with Natsu.

    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^

      Oh, that's possible. I did wonder how come Kyouko's Momiji would act so lame against Chidori. So the bottom line for Yuki is one has to be serious in acting no matter what role is assigned. Yup, and Kimiko will probably have an ugly expression in the next chapter since Kyouko is still in the audition.

      I see. So, the next and probably, the final audition is the make or break for both.

      Ah, wasn't their conversation already over? I think they'll meet after the audition. And, something big might happen while he's on his free days.

      As for Yashiro, it depends. But indeed, if the next scene requires that kind of jealousy, it is better that Kyouko doesn't know the truth about Kimiko yet. Ah, of course, if she knows, Kyouko might still be able to channel some real hatred too. Like in the Natsu role, she knew Chiori/that girl who took her tie.

      Ah, wait, that would be if Kyouko is acting with Kimiko. First one, is acting by herself with stuntmen, second one is acting with a Chidori [but perhaps not counted if she wasn't acting as Momiji here] so the third one will be with?

      I'm sure she will. I question is how ^^

  7. Hi Kat

    Here again!

    Can i just say it's a "finallyyy" that yashiro (kinda) realize kyoko likes ren~
    Probably if the next acting test is on emotions for shizuma (which i think it will be; it have to show up at some point), then kyoko's acting will 'verify' yashiro's idea. I don't think yashiro will do anything until after the audition though!

    In any case, the next few chapters feel rather predictable by now. And i don't see ren appearing in the next 3 chapters or so until the audition ends :'D (because im guessing the mangaka seems to want to show kyoko making an improvement in acting by not relying on ren directly) It feels like a lot of chapter since i'd reallyyy last seen ren (or even shou) haha... i will probably pick this up again next year xD

    Great to read your reviews though so cheers!

    Til next time

    1. Hiyo, Kadane ^^

      Yup ^^ Finally ^^

      Oh, possible, with Shizuma. Well, if there is a break before the next audition, how would Yashiro interact with her? Casual as if it was nothing? ^^ Or perhaps, focus on winning the audition first.

      Haha, most likely, it will be by next year when this audition arc is over.

      Thanks ^-^

      Until next time...

  8. Kat, I almost prefer reading your summaries more than reading the actually manga because your analysis is always really interesting
    It's definitely only a matter of time before Kyouko is found out. I mean look how quickly two strangers found out...though it may be that Ren and Yashiro can't see the forest for the trees. I can't help but wonder if Kimiko will really be able to last as an actor; she's already alienated Yashiro (and presumably Ren) who apparently saw through her faux innocence. Pretty sure other veteran actors aren't stupid either...though this does seem to be a theme in a lot of manga where most people in general seem to be idiots and the people going out of their way to make trouble receive no censure.

    I think Kyouko is going to melt in to a puddle and then attack the next time the Emperor of the Night shows up lol...and who wouldn't want to?

    1. Thank you, scistarz ^-^

      True though I think it is because her 'expression/face' slipped. Just like when Lory found out.

      Good point. Perhaps, that is why she was based in the US? Hiatus maybe? I do wonder how she does it in other dramas/movies wherein there is no Ren there. Is Ren the only one whom she'll do that?

      I think she can get away with it because she's 'young' and has connections. Of course, perhaps, with people who can tolerate her actions. Still, I'm not sure if she'll last in the industry with that kind of attitude.

      About censure, it will likely happen here with Kyouko. That is if we based on the other female antagonists that Kyouko had encountered before. So, would Kimiko turn a new leaf afterwards after Kyouko is through with her? The others seem to have a 'backstory' as to why they became 'bad'.

      For Kimiko, perhaps, a reason why she is so desperate for this role? Or, well, it will end up with she is just like that? Perhaps like Erika until she got scolded by Kanae.

      Ah, it seems a long time ago since we saw Ren as Emperor of the Night. We don't see her demons lately, too...they are probably all toasted.