September 12, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 69]

Shizuka and his friends are studying in the library. A guy calls out to him and says that the division list for the preliminaries is out so check it out before the club activity starts. After Shizuka takes the list, his friend asks what it is.

Shizuka tells them that it is the elimination division list for the Winter Cup preliminaries. The other friends say that it is already that time and time passes so fast. “We’ll cheer for you. Where’s the first game?” Shizuka says, ah--... Then, he looks surprised over the list.

Narration: “After summer has ended, high school basketball club would gradually welcome again the season when the older club members would retire.” At the convenient store, while tending to her oden stall, Nami says aloud that in a wink, it is already oden season after summer is over.
She laments that this year, she didn’t go to the summer’s anime expo and she wants to COS[play] as Mina P-GO SEARCH— Puzzled Yuki wonders what she is saying. Laughing Suwa pats Yuki’s head and tells Nami that Yuki has a ‘what are you saying’ expression.

Nami greets Suwa and says ‘good job’. Yuki froze when Suwa patted her head. Noticing this, Suwa asks if something’s up. Yuki immediately denies it and says, ‘good job’. Waving them goodbye, Suwa says that he’ll be going ahead and see Yuki in the club.

Yuki thinks that it is precisely like what Usami-san said, Suwa is perhaps a really totally dangerous guy. Recalling how she saw him making out with a girl, Yuki thinks that even if she didn’t tell anyone about that incident before but she ought to at least tell Usami-san, right... “No, but, even if I tell her about it, what will it do?
Speaking of that, Usami-san herself had already said, ‘it is good to maintain the current situation’... Even if the person is determined to be ‘absolutely impossible’ and in case she falls in love already, then it will already be difficult to get out of that situation...

...In the end, she’ll still go steady with that kind of person..., isn’t that me...” The doorbell rings as Nami greets, ‘welcome’. It is Shizuka who nods. Yuki calls out to him and he greets her. She asks if he came today to help run errands for his brothers. Shizuka says that not only that...but that is...right.

Nami exclaims who that bishounen is. The boss tells her to be quiet. While Yuki is punching in his purchase in the cashier, Shizuka nervously thinks that he reckons that Yuki doesn’t have the slightest bit of ‘he came to see me’ kind of thinking but she also haven’t forgotten that he confessed, right...
Yuki wonders if Shizuka came to see her, no, but it is because she has that kind of thinking so that embarrassing thing happened <- embarrassed that she thought Shou wanted to study at Osaki because of her. “Just thinking of it, I would want to say it out.”

Shizuka asks her if she’ll go watch the preliminaries next week. Yuki says that she plans to go on the 22th when it will start. Yuki thinks that in this year’s Winter Cup preliminaries, from their prefecture, it includes Ryuhoku and Misuzu as part of the top 8 [in the Interhigh].

“If they meet each other in the eliminations, then it will become the last time Naruse and Hakamada would duel during high school, right...” Yuki says that definitely, if it is Ryuhoku and Misuzu, they’ll definitely persist until the end and possibly still meet again, right.
Surprised Shizuka asks if she hasn’t heard it from Shou. “Misuzu and Ryuhoku will meet in the first round of the competition.” Holding a list for the Winter Cup that will be held on Oct 22, 23, and 29, Abe and others are shock over the line-up.

Hatori screams the first game is against Misuzu!? “How come our prefecture always causes Ryuhoku and Misuzu to ‘go kill each other’!” Abe tearfully screams that obviously the next one might be the last game and he still totally doesn’t have any opportunity to go on the court! Surprised Noda says that if they don’t win in the next game, the senpai-s...

They realize that Shou and others will retire. Shou says no, but... Himiko shouts that after everything, Misuzu isn’t that scary. She tells everyone that it is the elimination of the top 8 so it is the same whether which part of it they’ll meet... “We have already reached up to here now. ...Next, we only have to make them taste Ryuhoku’s greatness, and that’s it!” Usami-kun and others look surprised.
Then, Usami-kun says that she is trembling like a fawn that has just been born. Trembling all over, Himiko denies it and says that it is a military[/fighting] trembling. Usami-kun asks how can that be and it seems that he wants to hug her tightly.

Someone shouts for him not to go horny over Himiko...! Shou starts rubbing Himiko’s head that she exclaims what...really sorry! Himiko and Abe are surprised as Shou goes to dribble the ball and shoot it. Narration: “Witnessing the two’s showdown until now, we welcome the final battle.”

While walking home, Yuki thinks that in the end, she felt a bit reluctant [to let it go; that this is the last one] but this isn’t the time to have this kind of feeling. “In the next competition, it will be about whether or not Shou and others will retire. Even if they [Misuzu] are the opponent, they must win.”

She recalls Shou telling Suwa that they always lose to their opponent and was even defeat in the first game after getting in the Nationals but he is satisfied and headed back. ‘I don’t remember about becoming a hero.’ Yuki wonders what he was talking about with Suwa. “Even if I don’t understand...but---”
At the preliminaries, Shizuka’s fangirls are sobbing since it might be the last time they’ll see Shizuka-sama wearing the Misuzu uniform. One of the girls scolds them that the competition hasn’t started yet so what are they saying! Someone shouts if her spiritual camera is already prepared!? [<- to remember the moment.]

The other cries that the lens is already totally fogged [/mist with tears] that it cannot be used. While hugging each other, they start to sob loudly. One girl exclaims to her friend that Shou’s girlfriend is coming today, right!? They plan to find her.

Sneering Amamiya teases Yuki that it isn’t easy to be the girlfriend of a celebrity. Yuki is using a paper to cover her face. Nishiyama tells Yuki if she’s okay, and would she want to borrow his cap. Yuki thanks him but declines the offer.
Shouji asks if she wants to test them [fangirls] by saying, ‘she’s here’. Tonomura tells him not to do that. Yuki thinks that yes, she recklessly came here to cheer but in the end, she remembered that so many things have already been exposed.

She thinks that it ought to be alright for her to quietly sit there. The players are on the court. Some girls are cheering and shouting for Shou to look at them. Yuki thinks that it has started, finally the crucial game on whether they’ll retire or not.

Then, Yuki notices Shou’s shirt isn’t pulled down properly. This made Yuki stand up and shout, “Number 4! Properly fix the shirt’s hem.” This surprises Shouji and others. Shou is puzzled then he turns around. Himiko and Hatori call out to her.
The fangirls realize who the girlfriend is. Yuki shouts for Shou to stand up straight and pull himself together! “Let me first say it clearly, compared to becoming some baffling hero, the Ryuhoku captain’s responsibility is 100 times important so you definitely have to persevere until the end...

...*Shizuka overhears this.* Pro...*sits down in embarrassment and says* ...properly do your best.” Shizuka smiles over this. After looking at Yuki, Shou turns to his teammates and says that it is like that, he still cannot retire.

He smiles and tells them that their opponent is really hard to deal with so they’ll give their all into it as much as they want. This made his team smile and blush. They all put their hands together and shouts, Ryuhoku—Narration: “Actually, I always feel...”
The referee announces the start of the game. The players shake hands or go for a high-five with each other. Shou and Shizuka hesitate to shake but their hands were near each other’s. While taking pictures, some fangirls ask if it touched.

Looking at the fangirls, female reporter says it is obviously just the first game yet there are so many people. Yoshizawa says but of course and as always, those people are still only staring at those guys’ small movements that they are even taking pictures. “Their BASKETBALL is so marvelously dazzling.”

The referee throws the ball up in the air. While watching the game, Yuki thinks that seeing the two of them seriously competing gradually makes her heart heat up. Shou grabs the ball and shoots it into the basket. Abe and others are happy about this. Then, Shizuka gets the ball.

Shou catches up to him. Shizuka immediately stops and poses to shoot. Kira’s friend asks if it is a 3 point shoot. To Shou’s surprise, it was a shot fake. Shizuka quickly evades him and rushes towards the basket. Shou mutters that he’s annoying to death. Shizuka retorts that he’s the one [who’s annoying].
Sparkling fangirls cover their faces and thinks, “Thank you very much you guys!!!” The score is Ryuhoku’s 32 vs Misuzu’s 30. While Yuki watches on, she thinks, that it is absolutely not an exaggeration that it is divinely and beautifully dazzling.

“I absolutely cannot touch the space between the two. *Both Shou and Shizuka jump to grab the ball.* Actually, perhaps, I’m always totally yearned for it.” The game is over. Misuzu won 61 against Ryuhoku’s 58.

While walking with Yuki and the others, Shouji complains that he doesn’t want this, just three points and it is just a little bit. Tonomura says that after all, the opponent is Misuzu so whoever wins or loses, it is totally not unexpected.
Amamiya asks Nishiyama if he[/they] won’t go to the lounge. Nishiyama says no, he’ll let the otherscalm down a bit. Looking at her cellphone, Yuki is at a loss over what to write to Shou. She first wrote, ‘it’s really unfortunate, good work and please properly rest’ but she ends up deleting it.

While walking towards the train station, Hatori exclaims that he’s totally burned out! Abe and Usami-kun whine that they’ve lost. Kuon asks if the captain and others will retire like this. Teary-eyed Himiko says yes. Shaking his head, Noda says that he doesn’t want that and if the senpai-s are going to retire, he’ll just simply retire, too.

Abe scolds him stupid and don’t do such a foolish thing for them. Miyoshi says that even if it is the last competition, there are still a few days of training. The coach says that’s right so what’s left is two weeks of enjoying it as much as they want. Miyoshi says[/corrects him] that there are still two days.

While Abe is telling Noda not to cry, Shou recalls Shizuka’s performance and some other games. Shou turns to leave. Hatori asks where Shou is going. Shou tells them to go ahead. Miyoshi asks if he forgot something. Shou says to the toilet. Hatori says that is unexpected. Miyoshi says that he’s a naïve guy.
Outside the stadium, Shizuka and his teammates are talking about who’ll they play against tomorrow. Someone calls out to Shizuka. Shizuka is startled that it is Shou. Shizuka asks what is it and don’t startle him. Shou says that before he retires, there are some things that he wants to tell him.

“Probably, if there is no Shizuka, I will always just find pleasure in playing basketball [as a game]. If there is no Misuzu, I won’t be this angry or this serious in this difficult battle until the last moment. Probably, it is really great that I’m able to play against you in this last high school game.”

Shizuka is so speechlessly surprised that his eyes widen. Turning to leave, Shou says that expression is so disgusting and, that’s all, goodbye. Shizuka recalls the time when young Shou asked him that he’s moving.
Shizuka said yes but he absolutely won’t give up on basketball. “Let’s definitely compete at the Interhigh. If I can persist on...” Shou just looked at him. End flashback. Shizuka calls out, hey! Shou turns around to see Shizuka holding out his hand. Shou asks why he is holding out his hand.

Irked Shizuka says that it’s nothing, he is just doing stretching exercises, that’s all, id-iot!!! Just when Shizuka is about to turn, Shou holds out his hand and says, ok, he’ll just disinfect his hand when he arrives home. Irked Shizuka says ya.

They shake hands. Shou comments that his finger is thin. Pulling away his hand, Shizuka angrily shouts that it isn’t thin when it is clearly his bones. “By the way...even if you’re already retired, don’t slack off. When we battle next time, the difference would definitely not just be three points.”
Shou tells him he’ll see if Shizuka can persist on. Shizuka looks surprised then he smiles. He turns to leave and say, “Don’t underestimate me, stupid.” Shou says that the same with him.

Narration: “Afterwards, the almost igniting blazing time continuously passes-- In this process, whether it is Naruse, Hakamda-kun or everyone else, they’ll continuously become more and more stronger.”

In the train with the team, Shou reads a message from Yuki on his phone. It says that it is a very marvelous game. “Thank you during these three years. *scratching head emoticon* I’m addicted to you all over again.” Shou smiles. He mutters that expression [/emoticon] is also too ridiculous [/surprising].
Comment: And, the Winter Cup is over. Misuzu won again but apparently, it was an amazing game. This is closure between Shou and Shizuka’s basketball issue. From this game, it does seem that Shizuka’s basketball skills are a higher level than of Shou’s.

I would think that Shou is frustrated that fake shot happened twice to him. First, it was with Suwa earlier and now, with Shizuka. Even if Shou is irritated and everything, it is still something that he would say those things to Shizuka and shook his hand. It is still unknown if they will continue on being rivals in college or as teammates later on.

I’m not too sure if the thing between Suwa and Usami-san will be Yuki’s next conflict in the future. Still, it is good that Yuki is gradually doing what a girlfriend should do like cheering for Shou regardless of the jealous fangirls.

Yuki’s message for Shou is better than the one she attempted to send him. So, basketball is over. Passing college exam should be a piece of cake for Shou. Perhaps, something special will happen during Christmas, New Year or Vday unless things are swiftly skipped. ^^;; Scans by 红莲汉

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