September 8, 2017

Kasane [Chapter 98 - Scenery Seen from One's Shoulder]

Nogiku sits at the corner while Yuuto is tinkering with his laptop computer. Ding Dong. Yuuto goes out to answer the door. Nogiku thinks that right now, perhaps, Kasane has already found her next goal (prey).

While Yuuto is talking with someone at the door, Nogiku thinks that everyone, whether it is Yuuto or Iku, doesn’t know of this thing wherein one’s life is taken and one’s life being snatched away. “It’s a terrifying and sorrowful thing...”

The door opens. Yuuto calls out to Nogiku. Surprised Nogiku is puzzled to see Iku greeting her. Soon, Nogiku heads out with smiling Iku. After fixing her cap, Nogiku turns to look at Yuuto standing by the door. Nogiku wonders out loud why Yuuto allowed her to go outside.
Iku says about that. “Sorry...I threatened him a bit...I told him if he doesn’t do as I say, I’ll report to the police by saying, ‘this person has currently imprisoned a famous woman’. Nogiku looks dark and says that she won’t hesitate to threaten someone just to make her go out with her.

Iku slightly smiles and says that it is because there is a place that she wants to show Nogiku. Walking through a school’s interior hallway, Iku says that this is the high school where she went with Kasane. “How nostalgic. Just like before, this place hasn’t changed a bit...”

Nogiku looks into a classroom. Iku asks her what is it. Nogiku says that it turns out that ‘school’ is this kind of place... Iku looks surprised. Noticing Iku’s reaction, Nogiku quickly snaps out of it and asks so, what does she want her to see that she brought her here? Iku says ah yes.
Scowling Nogiku thinks that Iku’s expression doesn’t have any awareness as she reminiscences her own ‘fortunate’ past...yet not knowing what she (others) had gone through. Iku goes into the gym. Nogiku asks where this place is.

Iku tells her that it is a gym. Nogiku asks what they do there. Iku says that PE classes or perhaps, sports related club activities are held in this place! Nogiku thinks that unexpectedly it echoes there and there is even a stage... Nogiku says that it is like a theater.
Iku exclaims that’s right, it is like that! “Kasane-chan and I used to practice drama here! That child is in charge of the lighting. Even if she has no opportunity to act on that time, I saw her staying here all by herself as she secretly read the script.”

Nogiku asks that person would use her real face in reading the script? Iku says yes, she definitely doesn’t want to be found out so she immediately ran away. “But, I pulled her as if my life depended on it... Ha that time, I abruptly felt that ‘I must make her stay!!’

...*Nogiku quietly looks at her* Because she is really so outstanding! I felt that I discovered an amazing talent and besides, that child’s voice is also very nice to listen to...”
Looking away, Nogiku says, so? Iku says that Kasane obviously has such artistic talent but she won’t let anyone see it. “That child is always all alone. Whether it is in class or in the club, she is alienated and bullied by everyone...

She cannot do anything but fearfully and silently repressing at one corner in order not to be paid attention to by anyone as much as possible.” Nogiku says that whether Kasane is oppressed or lonely... “Merely up to that kind of degree isn’t considered much!! I... *recalls how her own father raped her* Up to now, I...!!

...*Iku looks surprised* ...tsk, ...from the start just now, what is that, what do you want to you want to tell me to forgive her because she is very pitiful?” Iku says no, it isn’t that but can she go with her to another place.
While walking by the riverside, Iku tells Nogiku that after they became friends, they will always go home together through this path even if it is merely a short period of time. Nogiku says, ‘friend’ but then, Kasane only wanted Iku’s face so she got close to her.

Iku says that perhaps, it is like that.  “No matter what her goal was, in my eyes, it isn’t important. I simply see an ordinary girl. Simply a quiet girl who likes acting.” Flashback: Young Iku asked Kasane what she is reading. Kasane told her that it is ‘Three Sisters’.

Iku asked if it is Chekhov’s. “Even if it is very sorrowful...but I really like last lines between sisters for it seems that one can see a bit of hope.” Kasane told her that it is the same with her. Sadly looking up the sky, Kasane recited, “Our lives have simply just started. We must continue to live on...” End flashback.
Iku tells Nogiku that at that time, Kasane’s expression looks very real that she didn’t feel that it is acting. “Perhaps, she had also showed that kind of expression in front of you.” Because of what Iku said, Nogiku unconsciously saw the memory that has the scent of seawater.

“At that time, we still don’t know the truth about each other. Even if it is like that, we were coincidentally attracted to each other to become friends--- at that time, that person’s expression is...” Nogiku looks at the seashell necklace that Kasane gave her. Iku looks at Nogiku then ‘sees’ her as young Kasane.
Iku says that what she wants to say is up to here. “...before, you already told me the Kasane-chan that I don’t know... About that child who’ll forceful someone to a deadend [/hurt someone] in order to continue on becoming an actress. Of course, that kind of sin is unforgiveable...

...It is just that I still want you to know that child doesn’t have only that kind of side [it isn’t her whole being at all]...” Nogiku says that even if she knows Kasane’s side that she doesn’t want others to know [/she doesn’t know], she doesn’t plan on changing her mind at all...

...Iku slightly smiles and says, she knows but then it’s great that Iku listened to all what she has to say until the end. “Thank you. *Nogiku is quiet* ...Also, I have a request. Can we, the two of us, work together in looking for Kasane-chan?”
Nogiku repeats, ‘work together’. Iku says yes, even if their goals aren’t the same but they are the same in wanting to find that child, right. Nogiku says that even if it is like that... Iku smiles and says that not only Kasane, she also wants to know a lot more about her. Nogiku quietly looks at her.

Somewhere else near a shrine, Kasane looks up the sky. Then, she frowns and glares upon hearing someone calling out, yo. Kingo says that she looks unfazed so she must have guessed that he’ll lie low and wait for her there. He stands up and says forget it, long time no see, you look like you are filled with enthusiasm to continue on.”
Comment: Given Iku’s personality, she must be really desperate enough to make Nogiku go out with her for a talk about Kasane that she’ll threaten Yuuto. Nevertheless, it seems to have worked since Nogiku seems to have softened up a bit.

Even if Iku seems to be just using Nogiku to lure Kasane out, I think she also thinks that the key to resolving the issue is to know more about Nogiku to know where she is coming from. A part of me thinks that Nogiku is not really doing it out of ‘justice’ because it also happened to her mother, but rather, she is just angry that she suffered more than Kasane.

I’m actually surprised that Nogiku kept that seashell after everything that has happened. Did she leave it with Yuuto before? Anyway, the story has shifted back to Kasane. From Kasane’s expression, she isn’t too happy to see Kingo at all. Scans by RAD汉化组

Quote of the day:
Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to every person. One that we reveal to the world and another we keep hidden inside. A duality governed by the balance of light and darkness. Within each of us is the capacity for both good and evil. ~ Emily Thorne


  1. Thank you for your hard job!!
    I know it's a bit late to say it but, it's really nice to see Iku becoming a more important character for the story compared to how she was introduced and discharged.
    I think that although Nogiku greatly hates Kasane she also knows that not all her acting nice to her as Nina was a lie, she really had treated her as a friend, that's problably why she didn't throw the glass away, it's also one of the few gifts of love she ever received in all her life.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sua ^-^

      Indeed. I do like her as someone who doesn't care about Kasane's appearance.

      True. So, perhaps for now, hatred is still greater and she couldn't let it or rather easily let it go since it is her life's mission.