September 16, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 41 - But It's Just a Bit More Discipline, That's All]

Haruto tells Yu that he’ll have to discipline her again. Puzzled and blushing Yu asks, dis..discipline again? Holding her chin up, he tells her that he cannot allow the current her to dare be alone with anyone [<- guy/s]. Wondering why it suddenly became like this, Yu backs away and asks what he is talking about the current her being like this...

Thinking that he is angry again, she asks if he is angry because she violated the dorm rule by going over to see him. Haruto takes off his coat. Yu is cornered near the bed so she quickly starts to climb up to the upper bed of the double deck bed.

Yu feels that it is better for her to be a bit far away from Haruto. Haruto grabs her wrist and says that it is too late for her to want to run away now. She grabs on the bed and tells him to let her go. Haruto manages to pull her off and throws her to a beanie bag.
He holds down her hand and kisses her. Yu thinks that this long kiss is so deep that it makes her unable to think. After kissing her, he says that she really has no precaution at all so listen well.

“You’re not allowed to go near any guy except for me. You’re not allowed to let any other guy have any opportunity [with you]. From today on, you’re not allowed to stay all alone in a room with any other guy even if it is Takumi, you cannot. Do you understand!”

Flustered Yu wonders what he is saying. Yu tells him that she understands. Haruto says that it is quite unexpected that she’ll listen to him today and that’s rare. He holds her head and kisses her left eye. Then, he kisses her right ear.
He goes closer to her then he stops. He wonders what he is doing, this is basically not disciplining... To his surprise, Yu holds on to him and kisses him on the cheek. Haruto blushes. He suddenly pushes her away. He holds his cheek and asks her what she is doing just now.  

In a high, Yu is puzzled. Haruto demands what she meant by that. “Answer me!” Yu says that it is because she felt that he is very nice today so she carelessly... Haruto says that he is doing it wrong. He removes her necktie and says that he needs to re-discipline her.

Yu is surprised when he uses her necktie to blindfold her. Yu says what...she cannot see a thing. Holding her leg, he tells her to imagine him as some other person. “If it is like that, can you still be so calm?” Going !?, Yu says that no one will do that kind of her...
Haruto says that she still doesn’t understand a bit. “Your way of thinking is truly too careless.” Yu wonders, he saying that she doesn’t have a bit of resistance? “If, right now, the one who is touching me isn’t Kurosaki-san... *Haruto starts to unbutton her blouse* No...I won’t be able to endure it...”

Yu holds him and says that she already understands... “I won’t let myself be all alone with a guy in a room again. I’ll pay more attention and not let anyone get the opportunity to take advantage...Because I don’t want to be touched by anyone except you, Kurosaki-san.”

After looking surprised, Haruto bends down to kiss her necklace. He says, “Do not forget what you’ve said.” He stands up and grabs his coat. Just then, Yu hears the others saying that it is great that the rain has finally stopped. She realized that the others are coming back.
From outside, the girls are saying it is regretful that the Black Prince and others aren’t there. They talk about the onsen being so spacious and comfortable. “It would be good if Akabane-san can also come with us. Next time, let’s go together--”

Yu stands up and tries to call Haruto who is headed out the door. She thinks that right now, if they were to bump into each other... Yu’s roommate comes in the dorm and asks why Yu had open the balcony window’s door. “Isn’t it so cold--”

Nervous Yu closes the window while still kneeling on the floor. She thinks that this is the second floor yet he suddenly directly jumped down. She thought that he’ll definitely go through the door. Her roommate asks what’s up with her and does she have a cold.
Yu says no...she’s just closing the window. She thinks that she is only taking herself into consideration and isn’t totally worrying about the people around. She recalls that Takumi did tell her that it isn’t good that they are all alone.

“But I totally didn’t think about it. –Only this time around, I’ll properly listen to what he said!” In school, Yu waits at the gate. Walking with Haruto, Takumi asks her if she was waiting for a long time so did something happen at the dorm. Yu says no, and good morning. She asks Haruto if he isn’t hurt yesterday.

Haruto says no, and she better remember what she herself had said. Blushing Yu recalls how she kissed him and said that she won’t let anyone except him touch her. She starts to think that currently, what happened yesterday is the most embarrassing thing for that isn’t important...that is...
Takumi holds up his hand and says that there is a leaf on her head. Yu immediately holds Takumi’s hand with both of her hands to stop him. Takumi looks surprised. Looking equally surprised, Yu apologizes. She wonders if her reaction is too much when Takumi is obviously a gentleman.

Starting to walk away, Haruto says that display is good. Takumi sighs and says that it turns out that he had trained her again. Embarrassed Yu asks if that is considered good. Later on, Yu’s dorm mates say that they are going to play bowling with the male boarders so does Yu want to go. “We might see the princes♥”

Yu declines by saying that she cannot go because she is still busy studying. <- truth. She tells herself to improve her vigilance and do not be complacent. A glasses girl tells Yu that they and the male boarders will have a movie appreciation party then karaoke in the room. “The princes will definitely go this time♥” Yu says that it is also okay at the onsen.
Later on, the girls are looking gloomy that Yu asks what had happened. They tell her that they dash to the male dorm in high spirits but in the end, they were scolded by the Black Prince...

Yu tells herself that right now, she will be patient for she cannot be impulsive. During PE class, the teacher tells the girls to jog 2 laps. Meiko tells Yu that it will be Valentine’s day soon and she heard that the exhibit in front for the station is quite good so does she want to see it.

Yu asks what’s the difference between Vday and an ordinary day. Meiko nervously wonder what had happened. The PE teacher calls out to Tarako and tells her to quickly run. Tarako claims that she is already finished running. The teacher tells her to quit lying.
Yu thinks that she can see Haruto everyday at school even if they don’t talk much. In the class, Kaji and others are looking aghast as they pleaded to Haruto. Tarako tells Yu that she heard that Kaji and the others secretly run out at night from the male dorm to borrow DVD.

Yu sweatdrops and thinks that Tarako is angry. At the female dorm, Yu’s roommate says that horror movie is very good. Crying Yu says that next time, they go watch a love comedy. Her roommate laughs and says that she’ll go to the toilet.
Looking at her octopus doll, Yu says that it seems that she hasn’t watched a movie since that time. “If there is still an opportunity for the two of us to watch a movie, we definitely have to...go together...” She starts blushing really red.

She thinks that at that time, she went to a ho...hotel together with Haruto so does she really have no sense of danger!? Yu says aloud, “No no, that time, going to the hotel that time really has all sorts of factors[/reasons]...” Coming in, her roommate asks, ‘feverish’? <- according to a note, friend thinks ‘feverish’ = ‘hotel’; sound alike in Japanese.

Nervous Yu says eh...ah, right!! She says that it’s quite cold today so how about they all go to the onsen today!? Her roommate laughs and says okay. It is snowing outside. At the onsen, Kaji, together with Haruto and the guys, say that the girls also came.
Glasses girl exclaims that she finally gets to see the Black Prince. A girl asks where the White Prince is. Kaji tells her that Takumi said that it is too cold and he doesn’t want to go out. While sneezing, Yu thinks that she has to pay attention in order not to go past the curfew time.

Haruto tells her to properly soak herself. Yu says ah yes, you too. She thinks that it has been a long time since they’ve talked to each other that she wants, no, do not be impulsive! “While going steady, one has to have patience...”
Inside the onsen, Yu comes out and there’s no one out yet. She sits down and thinks that she hurriedly came out but like this, she still wasn’t able to bump into him. Haruto comes out and says that didn’t he tell her to properly soak herself. Blushing Yu says that he also came out fast.

After buying some drinks from the vending machine, Haruto holds a can of milk and a can of coffee. He tells Yu to choose one. While holding the can of milk, she says if she can then, she’ll have this. Haruto sits beside her.

Haruto says that it seems that lately, she has been properly listening to what he said. “You didn’t recklessly run around again.” Blushing Yu sips her milk and says after all, he did that to her...
Haruto smiles and says that it is worth praising. This made Yu blush. He looks at her and asks what it is. She says ah, it seems that he didn’t drink his beverage a bit so doesn’t he like coffee milk. Haruto says that he doesn’t like sweet things.

Puzzled Yu asks why he bought it. He tells her that it is because he thought she’ll drink it. Yu suggests that they switch because she is okay with both. Haruto says that he only doesn’t like it, and it isn’t like he cannot drink it. She tells him that there’s no need to force himself.

Haruto tells her that he said that he can drink it. Narration: “Once in a while, listening to him talk, afterwards, bit by bit, the distance between us shortens. That is quite good, right.”
In the kitchen, Yu has prepared some baking utensils and ingredients. She tells herself that it is a rare Vday. Recalling Haruto’s smile, she thinks that it would be good if she can see him showing that kind of smile again. She thinks that she only has to make it non-sweet and he ought to accept it, right... She tastes something and exclaims that it is bitter.

Later on, Glasses girl and others say that just now, they always smell something is burning. “Is it okay? Is it a fire...” They see embarrassed Yu holding a burned saucepan. She tells them that it is chocolate that she had burned. The others exclaim that is right, it will be Vday soon!

Someone ask Yu if she is doing it by herself and she is quite enthusiastic. “That also means that you are going to give it to your BOYFRIEND?” “Ah—Akabane-san definitely has one— Is he from some other school?”
The others decided to make chocolates together and then give them to the princes. Yu wonders what to do because right now, she is getting along quite with everybody but if they find out about them going steady... Someone ask if Yu is making chocolate cookies.

Recalling the fun they had during the Christmas party, Yu thinks that they’ll definitely be angry so isn’t it better not to tell them. “After all, we’ll stay together until graduation and if I get dumped later on...” She recalls how she was all alone during junior high, what happened between her and Meiko, and what Haruto told her during the cultural festival.

She decides not to tuck her tail and run away. Just when the girls are telling her that the Black Prince is quite nice lately..., Yu blurts out that she is going steady with Haruto. The girls are stunned.
The next day, Yu gloomily walks to school. She thinks that she didn’t meet anyone this morning and in the end, everyone has become estranged from her. “After I have told them, the girls immediately went into the room without saying anything.” Depressed Yu thinks that it is also very natural for them to be angry.

Meiko greets Yu and asks what’s up since she usually comes to school with her other dorm mates. Yu just says ah, ya. Soon, they are joined by Tarako who is eating some bun. Tarako offers some to the two girls who ask how many did she buy.

Yu thinks but, she doesn’t want to hide it from the others so it will be okay as she properly accepts everything [consequences and all for telling them]. At the kitchen again, Yu causes the batter in the microwave[?] oven to explode. She opens the oven’s door to find the batter splattered all over the oven. She kneels down on the floor and laments that she couldn’t do it.
Glasses and the others ask if Yu had failed again. They tell her that her feminine ability is so low and is she really making it in accordance to the recipe. Glasses tell her that they have already decided to make chocolate cakes and she can make snacks[/baked goods].

Another girl says that they make them together. Surprised Yu asks if they aren’t angry. This surprises Glasses and the others. Yu gloomily says that it is because everyone isn’t around during breakfast and Mizuno [guesswork from 水野; roommate] didn’t come back last night.

“I wasn’t able to see a single person the whole day. I thought that it is because I’m been pushed aside...” Everyone looks speechless. A girl says that it is actually because everyone cried last night. They were so tired so they simply just skipped class and rested.
Glasses says that it is because they are really HEART-BROKEN. “But, it is also okay if Akabane-san is the partner. After all, you are the only person who can rebel against Black Prince-sama.” Another girl says that it is good compared to having Hakuto snatched away by someone else from another school.

They say that no wonder she doesn’t go with them when they hang out with the male boarders. “It turns out that is the reason. We can understand that.” They start to ask her who confessed first, Yu or Haruto!? Blushing Yu says that for the time being, it can be considered to be her...

They say that it turns out to be like that but Yu is really amazing since they don’t have the guts to do it. They ask her since when were they going steady BUT ON VDAY, THEY WILL STILL PROPERLY ENJOY IT! Whether Haruto has a girlfriend or not, they will give the princes chocolate as thanks though they don’t know if the princes will accept them. Yu just says okay.
Yu is moved to the point of becoming teary-eyed. After wiping her tears, Glasses asks Yu if they need to keep this a secret from people of other schools. “Someone will frequently ask me regarding the Black Prince. Like asking me, ‘Do you live in the dorm, do you know whether or not he has a girlfriend?’-that type of questions.”

Someone says that it’s the same with her. “Before, there is this scary looking [female] senpai who called me out-- But I quickly ran away--” Yu recalls how she was harassed by some girls before the cultural festival. She nervously thinks but nothing happened during that time.

At the male dorm, Takumi says that Haruto doesn’t want to be with Yu lately. “Is it okay like that, Kuro?” Haruto says that Yu is obediently listening to what he said so there’s no problem at all.
Takumi says that isn’t what he meant. “You guys don’t even talk on the phone, right? I want to ask you if that is alright. Don’t you feel lonely? Don’t you want to see her? ...ah, but Kuro, you...”  

In the other room, Kaji laughs and ask Morita if he is a pervert. Haruto shouts for Kaji that he’s noisy to death and quickly sleep already! It is already midnight. Kaji apologizes to Haruto. Thinking that Haruto is quite angry, Takumi says that he’ll also go to sleep.

Sitting up, Haruto asks Takumi if the current situation is okay. Puzzled Takumi asks what he meant. Serious Haruto says that if it was found out that they are going steady, it will cause a lot of trouble for Yu.
Back at the kitchen, the other girls finish baking two cakes = a dark chocolate cake and a white chocolate cake. They are glad that they were able to make it in time since it is already morning.

Glasses ask Yu how she did. Yu is silent as she takes out a tray of burned cookies. Holding a burnt cookie, aghast Yu thinks that she ought to remake them again but will she be able to make it in time...
Comment: I find Haruto amusing in how he tries to make Yu realize the danger of being alone with a guy. It backfired at first because he had actually turned her on to the point of her kissing him. He probably freaked out over it so he demanded why she would do that to presumably someone else who is doing those things to her.

What he was saying at first about going near guys seems to be more on jealousy but it later on, focused on more of protecting Yu. In that kind of premise, he must be thinking that all guys are perverts/wolves who’ll attack a girl if they are all alone. It might seem to be overly wary of guys but then, I guess it is better safe than sorry.  

It seems that Haruto is a kind of a ‘carrot and stick’ person as in literally rewards those who obey him and disciplines/trains those who do not. It is not only Yu but with almost everyone. Ah, isn’t that a way to train a dog? I assumed his template was Takumi’s dog. ^^;;

Well, the blindfold finally made Yu realize what he tried to get across. Based on what she told him before that, I think she was careless about such things because she believes that no other guy would be interested in doing that to her. She seemed to think of herself as that ‘ugly girl’ in junior high. After all, she doesn’t want to be seen in public without make-up.

Yu can now put up defenses against Takumi’s flirting. It is amusing that Takumi immediately knew the reason. I think this will help later on because they will be up against some people probably led by Hino. They’ll probably do some underhanded things.

I’m not sure if Haruto will be happy that Yu had told her roommates about it. Still, her roommates seem concerned enough not to talk to outsiders about it...for now.  But now that they know, they might talk when threatened. Somehow I have a gut feel that it will be Kaji who’ll blabber about it. ^^;

I guess Haruto’s dilemma was he doesn’t want to go steady with Yu because his enemies might go after her afterwards but he cannot just keep on pushing her away since he might really lose her to Takumi. So now, they are going steady but he is avoiding any obvious public display of affection.

He probably doesn’t want to tell Yu about it since it might scare her away. I’m not sure if keeping her clueless about it is the best way to go about it. She might and can misunderstand things. Actually, she does at times but thanks to his occasional kindness, Yu is cling on.

In a way, I assume that his treatment of her made Yu decide to just enjoy the moments and everything now. She doesn’t have that ‘together forever’ notion on her head since she is aware that he might dump her later on. I wonder if it is also because they went steady on a whim rather than the ‘usual/proper’ way it was usually done.

I share Yu’s assessment that during the after onsen scene, it seems that they have gotten closer in some way. Even if Yu offered to drink the coffee milk, Haruto insists on drinking the one she didn’t choose. Lol, it would be better if he asked first before buying them. Oh well, Haruto is, after all, a guy who is more on action than words.

Nevertheless, it will be Vday soon or that day already. Yu is really bad in baking. Actually, I think she isn’t reading from a recipe book. The first one, she burnt the chocolate because it is on direct heat. It should be on a double broiler. The second one seems to be microwaving the batter. Did it overheat that it splattered all over the place or because she just didn’t cover it?

The third one is burned. Didn’t the others guide her on what to do to prevent the cookies from burning when they were baking together? ^^; Hehe, I guess she really needs to start practice really early ahead of the occasion if she wants to cook/bake for Haruto =P Scans by 腾讯动漫

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    Now this time I'm happy that you commented this chapter a lot :)

    Yeah, I have to say that I agree, Kuro was amusing :) He's way of trainnig her is like a dog, well he didn't spand a lot of time with humans till now, animals was the only once who find him kin, and maybe that's why he more or less cares about her like that. Still he properly cherish her even though he won't say it with words which makes him beeing misundestood a lot of time.

    Haha, yeah, he didn't expect that this discipline will became a double edge for him. Except beeing trained she was rather taking a sweet torture with him kissing her, and on the other hand he didn't see through that he can became sweapt away with this situation also. He was quite surprised of what he was doing himself and more surprised when she kissed him. He wasn't aware that she might like his touch and kinda shocked when she confessed that she doesn't want to be toched by anyone else than him.

    This time Yuu was obeying Haruto's words, might be bc this time she considered that it will be proper since he was right and she wasn't aware of her own carelessness in acompany of a boys. But she wasn't in a situation when some guy wanted to hit on her, besides she still thinks of herself as a plain girl (even though she's not a classic beauty, she is cute and her bold attitude is attractive, but it takes a proper guy - like Haruto or Takumi - who will see her worth).
    The scene where Takumi knew already that it was Haruto who made her distance herself from Takumi ("What kind of punishment did you provide exactly, Kuro?") - quite amusing :D

    I think that is quite sneeke from Yuu's site that she though that her obeying can lead to thightentens the bond between Kuro. It's like she is the predator and he's the pray who is lured in a trap (of love ;p) by her to be consumed with affection :) Clever indeed :)

    Kuro's expression tells exactly how much he misses Yuu, while he hears Takumi's questions and I think that talking to her by phone could cause him be more lonely, and that might be the reason he's not calling her.
    Thinking of her safety- I can understand that - but he should trusts Yuu more. She's no damsel in distress, but quite a tomboy when it comes to stood up against bullies - he should know from his own experience with her rebbeled side :) Though while he was thinking of his enemies here, he didn't took into considerations his fans. Fans are worst than enemies and Yuu already had a clash with jealouse female Princes' fans - and those are the worst bc Yuu can't handle it when it's girls.
    Besides he can't protect her if he's not arround. The two of them can handle any hardship together -
    while separate they have flaws, together they're complete (in defense and offence).

    Yuu's cooking skill are genetic - probably even if she's done it according to recipe she would still failed - it's an art to be born with this kind of flaw ;p

    Next month Makino sensei is taking a holliday so we shall wait month to wait if she succed to cook some eatable cookies (besides she should remember by now that only sweets he likes is from red bean paste :))

    Thank for the summary, I've enjoyed it from the first to the last word :)
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    1. let's not forget that even her mother can't cook!! :D

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    4. Thanks for reading, mona ^-^


      Yup. Perhaps, rather than won't say it, he doesn't know how to say it. Like he wanted to tell her to be careful but for her, he always seem to be angry like when she went ahead to get the scarf or here, go to the guy's place alone <- I don't think he knew that Tarako was with her earlier. It's more like he is always 'ordering' around.

      Yup. Perhaps, underestimate how much she actually loves him?

      I think so, too. If I recall correctly, Kanae thinks of her as 'easy'-type since her hair is dyed with make-up, etc.

      Indeed. Takumi knows Haruto and Yu well ^^

      Is that so ^^

      It's possible. But then, it's like they aren't going steady, right?

      Well, it will take time for that. He did save her a few times. Based on those flashback and what happened at his hometown, I think Haru's enemies are the type who can do anything if they are paid to do it. Perhaps, fans are easier to deal with if Haruto threatens them. Fans don't want their idols to get angry at them, right?

      True though it depends. The enemy can make Yu as Haruto's weakness even if she can also be her strength. I'm thinking like that sakura tree/their house, Haruto has to protect it so he ends up being beaten up. I'm actually not sure how they can deal with a twisted psycho-type. ^^;

      Lol, but can't it be learned? Baking can be easy like measure ingredients, mix them together and bake. For a beginner, I think Yu is going beyond beginner level like melting chocolate, I'm not too sure about that exploding batter but shaped cookies are harder to make than say, drop cookies -> there is a heart shaped cookie. It would really help if she just watched the cookies being cooked then remove them before they burn =P

      Ya, or maybe he's grateful for the thought and eat it even if it's a bitter = burned. Ah, red bean paste sweets are more difficult to make especially if the red bean paste is made from scratch.


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