September 19, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 68.5/side story]

Narration: “Granny in heaven, right now is summer vacation.” While holding a tray of sliced watermelons, Yuki’s mother exclaims Nationals!? Yuki says yes, even if they lost in the first game. Holding a magazine, Rin exclaims to quickly look, it’s on the magazine.

Sae says that Shou is really a genius. Yuki’s mother asks if he is so amazing. Shintarou [2nd] says that the basketball club became quite strong since around two years ago. Yuki’s mother exclaims that’s really amazing so let’s celebrate for him. Yuki immediately says no, wait...let me say...

They totally ignored her as they wonder out loud when it is okay, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?  One of the twins says that they order a pizza since he said before that he likes pizza. Narration: “Came home without defense, and without defense, will celebrate in August for Naruse-- Naruse will visit my house. Second match will now start.”
Reading a ‘World Swimsuit’ magazine, Koushirou [eldest] says that he doesn’t understand it. Shintarou and Kinjirou [third] ask what he doesn’t understand. Koushiro says their sister’s boyfriend. “He looks so handsome. Not only is his grades outstanding, he is even the captain of a National level basketball team...

*scene of girls clinging on to Shou* For such an amazing person, why would he fall in love with sis, that kind of girl. Sis is definitely being toyed with.” Shintarou says that it is possible. Kinjirou says yes, perhaps, then how about they test him out whether he is serious or not.

Shintarou asks what it is about. Kinjirou says that it seems that Shou is coming to their house today. “Let’s discretely ask him things about sis.” Shintarou says that is very interesting. Koushirou says that it is really boring and he won’t join them.

Holding a microphone, Shintarou asks, “What do you like about my sister?” Kinjirou asks, “Why did you go steady with her?” Shintarou asks again, “Honestly speaking, are you fooling around with her...”
Koushirou calls the two idiots because that is too direct. “First of all, you should ask what type does he likes. You should mention it casually.” The door opens and hits Koushirou. The twins exclaim to leave that kind of thing to them!! Ding dong.

Fanning himself with his hand, Shou says that this is bad since it is hot to death. Yuki apologizes to Shou for suddenly calling him to come over because no matter what, her mother wanted to congratulate him for getting in the Nationals. Shou says that it is fine and anyway, the competition is already over so he is free lately.

Shou gives her some ice cream as visiting gift. They were startled when someone shout, “Brother- Brother, come and play together with us” Aghast Yuki asks what the twins are doing as they are wearing bikinis while in a kiddie pool at the yard.

One of the twins exclaims that of course, they’re swimming and doesn’t she know just by looking at them. One of the twins pull Yuki’s wrist and urge him to come. Shou says that it is so sudden. Yuki nervously say what they are thinking of doing.
The twins think that honestly speaking, they are 100 times more feminine and cute than their sister. “When Naruse sees us in a dazzling swimsuit simulation, won’t he show out his lewdness! Yes! This is indeed a tactic for Naruse Shou’s love!

...Actually, we only want to use this pretext to enjoy summer vacation with Naruse Shou, that’s all!!” While splashing water on Shou, Rin shouts for Shou to quickly strip. Clinging on his arm, Sae shouts for him to show them his deltoid muscle. Shou says no, no~~ Yuki shouts for them to quickly get in the house or they’ll get a heatstroke.

Shou notices a water gun. He asks if he can borrow it. One of the twins says okay. Shou squirts some water on Yuki who shouts that it is so cold. Shou laughs and says that he squirted on her. The twins start screaming for Shou to also squirt on them.

Shou says that there are times when the two of them are a bit frightening. Yuki gloomy thinks that this is bad, because her exotic sisters and troublesome three brothers are all in the house. “It is better that I first apologize to him. I’m sorry, Naruse.”
At the dining room, pizza is served. They congratulate Shou for entering the Nationals. Sitting between the twins, Shou thanks them. Yuki’s mother exclaims that he really worked hard and she is quite surprised. Kinjirou asks Shou if he grew taller again and how tall is he now.

Shou says 186 cm. Someone exclaims that he will be 2 meters tall soon. By the stairs, Shintarou whispers to Koushirou, that it seems that Kinjirou’s relationship with Shou is quite good. Koushirou says that during New Year, he stayed in the house with the twins so right now, he can passionately chat with him.

Kinjirou says, “By the way, even if it is somewhat presumptuous but I want to ask you. Shou-kun, will you two-time [/have an affair]? Koushirou and Shintarou run out and shout, wait, wait [4x] Upon seeing them, Yuki asks if they are hiding again when she thought that they weren’t around.
Holding on to Kinjirou, Koushirou asks if he is an idiot and why would he ask that. Shintarou says how Shou can possibly answer it with ‘Yes, I will’. Kinjirous says, oh. The two ask what he is oh-ing for. Koushirou thinks that it is inevitable for he should go out because looking at it, it’s just idiots and a monkey -> twins and Kinjirou.

Covering Kinjirou’s mouth with a mask, Shintarou tells Koushirou to go. Koushirou drops a magazine on the floor and apologizes. Shou says that it is okay. When Shou is about to pick up the magazine, he sees that it is a picture of a girl in a bikini.

Koushirou thinks that Shou is looking at the chest. “It isn’t the face or the butt, he’ll first look at the chest., that kind of thing is fine no matter how it is. It seems that he is looking at it for so long. *Shou is staring at the magazine* Quickly, give my book back. But then, he ought not to have gone steady with sis because of her appearance...”
Yuki asks Shou what he is looking at. Shou quickly closes the book and says that it is nothing. Yuki notices that Shou’s shoulder is wet. Shou says that he was splashed by water a while ago. Yuki worriedly says that he’ll catch a cold if he’s wet while in the aircon. She tells him to change his clothes.

In the triplets’ room, Shintarou gives Shou a shirt. Shou thanks him. Shintarou apologizes that he has to wear his shirt. He says that this room’s aircon is switched off so it is hot like a sauna. He tells Shou to quickly change clothes and head downstairs.

Shou says okay. Shintarou thinks that it is so awkward since his brothers tell him to ask some questions to Shou. Looking around, Shou says that this used to be Yuki’s room. Shintarou says yes, it is. He asks what Yuki is like at home.

Thinking that he ends up being asked by Shou, Shintarou says what is she like...ah...since she was young, she doesn’t cry nor get angry so what if he were to say what she is like.

...*scene of Yuki holding a net while the others are screaming for her to save them because there is an insect* The impression is like a self-denying practicing monk or perhaps, like a rock...” Shou says that he understands, like a rock.
Shintarou says but it is only once when she is all stirred up because they want to touch her mug. Shou asks mug? Shintarou says yes, it seems like a mug with her name written in romanji... Scene of Shintarou wanting to borrow the mug but Yuki refused and threatened that she’ll beat him up if he dare touch the mug.

“It’s the first time sis said that kind of words. It is a rare time when she showed a bit of human emotion... *Shou looks thoughtful* By the way, this place is so hot. I’ll go down first. See ya.” Later on, Yuki knocks on the door and opens the door. Yuki asks him to give his wet shirt to her.

She is stunned upon seeing Shou is in the middle of changing his clothes. He tells her so lewd. Blushing Yuki asks where Shintarou is. Giving his shirt to her, Shou says that he went downstairs just now. Yuki says is that so, must have gone to the toilet. She tells him that she’ll go downstairs first as he quickly change his clothes.
Shou stops her from leaving. He says that she always really treasure the mug he gave her. Puzzled Yuki asks huh, what... Then, Shou starts kissing her. Soon, they are on the floor. Yuki tries to stop him by saying that this is her younger brother’s room. Shou says that this is bad since it is so hot...

Freaking out, Yuki tells him to wait. She backs away and her elbows hit the game console’s controller. The game console turns on as the two look at the television. Later on, the triplets are walking at the hallway. Shintarou says how he can say it, it seems that Shou isn’t so frivolous as they thought and they are probably going steady normally.

Koushirou asks if it can be seen merely through words and he’ll bet a 100 yen that Shou is fooling around with their sister. Kinjirou comments that Shou is taking a long time to change his clothes...
Just then, they hear voices inside the room. “ Where... No, it’s here. No...don’t. It isn’t no, look.” Looking aghast, the triplets think that they are doing it in the younger brother/s room, and she is totally being fooled around with.

It turns out that Shou is a playing tetris game with Yuki watching. Shou says, look, it’s a success. Yuki says that it is true. She asks how come he is so skilled at it since she can only do it up to 5 minutes and in the end, it is already 10 minutes. Shou says that he always plays it with Abe.

To the two other triplets shock, Kinjirou opens the door and exclaims if Shou is going steady with Abe at the same time with his sister!? Covering his eyes, Koushirou exclaims, stupid. While looking surprised, Yuki, together with Shou, asks, What.
Comment: It makes me think that inside their house, nobody really listens to what Yuki is saying. She said no and they went ahead to make her invite Shou to their house. ^^; I still don’t like her sisters. If Shou isn’t that kind of guy, I think they might successfully seduced him.

And, yes, even if their reason is just to enjoy summer with him. They’ll even cheekily do all that in front of the girlfriend. But then, they don’t listen to Yuki even if she screams at them. ^^; Again, if Shou isn’t that type of guy, this type of girls can steal him away. ^^;;

On the other hand, the triplets are a bit concerned about their sister. They don’t want a boyfriend who’ll fool around with their sister. The youngest is an idiot-type. Even if he has that nice idea of testing Shou, but how he pulls it off is really something. He just blurts out the first thing/idiotic thing that come in mind.

The eldest seems more intelligent and the second one is more of an average guy. Actually, the second one seem to be a bit special since he was the one whom Shou asked about Yuki and whom Yuki showed her real/human feelings to.

So ya, this chapter seems to reinforce that Yuki isn’t that good with people since she is like a ‘rock’ that suppressed her feelings too much until she met Shou.

That summer, it almost happened but it is at the wrong place. Thanks to a game, Shou snapped out of it or else, the triplets might see something that would make Yuki embarrassed throughout her life. Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk. ~ Susan Scarf Merrell


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    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

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