September 20, 2017

Kagehime no Konrei [Chapter 1]

[Free Talk: This is Kyoumachi Hisa’s new series in Shocomi. The title means, ‘Shadow Princess’ Wedding’. I think it is her first series that is a fantasy. Before, it is mostly about school romance. The story has potential and it is somewhat like Reimei no Arcana except there is no ‘magic’. For the main characters, I got the names from the preview scans in Shocomi. Hopefully, I got them right.

The first three chapters is the first arc. It supposed to have ended in chapter 3 but it seems to be popular enough that it is continued into a second arc. By the way, the Chinese scanlator of this series is slow so just like Futsuu no Koiko-chan, it isn’t up to date with the Japanese. The pictures on the right and middle are from chapter 1 & 2 in Chinese scans; the one with the guy is from the second arc from Sho-Comi site.]
Narration: “Then, let’s start this secret wedding.” Surrounded by some people, there is a sick girl lying on the bed. Sitting in front of the sick girl, a girl calls out, “Your Highness Princess, please pull yourself together.” Holding out her hand, the princess calls out, “Izuna, I’m sorry.”

Izuna holds the princess hand. The princess says, “Please replace me and go to the Nishi [West country] to get married for the two countries’ peace...” Izuna says that she knows already, Princess Kisara. Kisara tearfully calls out to Izuna to apologize again. “Obviously, when I get married of, your duty would have ended and you can attain your freedom...”
Izuna, who looks exactly like Kisara, says, “Please be at ease, Your Highness Princess.” Kisara calls out Izuna’s name again and says, “Thank you...” Then, Kisara let go of Izuna’s hand. One of the men calls out to the princess. Izuna tells them not to act agitated or someone will find out.

They start to complain that obviously the princess has passed away yet Izuna still doesn’t have any expression on her face. “Even if the appearance is the same, you are really like a shadow who has no heart.” Standing up, Izuna says that’s right, it is her duty to act as Princess Kisara throughout this life.
Narration: “Higashi [East country] has financial strength. Nishi has military strength. After so many years wherein the two countries are hostile with each other, they reached upon a settlement some time ago. As proof of it, the princess from Higashi and the prince from Nishi will hold a wedding. Even if it is like that, but--”

At the Nishi palace, a servant introduces Princess Kisara who is from far away Higashi. The prince smiles and welcomes Kisara [/Izuna]. “The long journey must have been very tiring.”
Narration: “As before, the prince is pleasant in front of the enemy country’s princess.” Kisara smiles and says that he’s Prince Seda, right. “I’m really honored to be able to see you in person.” Smiling Seda asks if she is already tried. “Please leisurely relax in the room.” Kisara smiles and says, yes, thank you.

Seda whispers to her, “...Princess, please by all means be careful. Do not casually go out of the room.” Inside the room, Izuna wonders what Seda meant by that. Someone knocks on the door to call out to Princess Kisara that Prince Seda is calling her out.
Izuna thinks that it is possible that something’s up but she cannot be sure but if it is the princess, she’ll definitely... She reaches out to open the door and thinks that a pure and kind princess won’t doubt someone. In another room, a servant opens the door and informs the prince that it is no good, Kisara has gone missing. Seda clicks his tongue.

At a gazebo in the courtyard, the servant tells Kisara to please wait here. Izuna thinks that Nishi’s wind is very dry. Looking around, she thinks that the courtyard’s decoration isn’t the same and even though it is a neighboring country, it is also very far.
There are a couple of eyes peeking through the bush. Izuna is startled to hear some rustling behind her. There is a huge wolf behind her. Izuna immediately jumps up the table to evade the wolf that ends up attacking the chair. Izuna mutters that it is a trap. She takes out a knife from inside her blouse and slashes the wolf.

The wolf laid down before jumping up again to attack. Izuna is surprised when Seda suddenly comes in front of her to slash the wolf with his sword. The wolf quickly runs away. Izuna quickly hides her knife. Seda has been looking at her so Izuna becomes nervous as she wonders if she was seen [with the knife].
Seda carries Izuna up and asks if she is hurt anywhere. Izuna apologizes for going out of the room without permission. While he carries her back inside, he says that he’ll bring her to his room. In the room, Izuna becomes tense when Seda pushes her down the bed.

Seda tells her that it is alright because they’ll become a husband and wife after 7 days. Seda holds up her hands and starts to undress her. Izuna thinks that at this time, if it is the princess, she would give her body to the prince. Seda smiles upon seeing Izuna’s defiant expression. He laughs and says that if she hates it, isn’t it good for her to say it out.
Seda takes out the sword from her blouse and asks who she is. She looks surprised. He says the smile she showed, her movement as she faced an attacking wild beast and those eyes that are glaring at him. Holding out her knife, he says that for her to hide this kind of thing in her bosom, did she come here with a mission to assassinate in order to destroy the two countries’ peaceful relations.

As he holds her tighter, Izuna looks nervous and thinks that he is different from the prince who was always smiling until just now and it is all just to take an opportunity. “Should I say the truth or should I continue to pretend. I’m sorry, Your Highness Princess.”
Izuna says that she is Princess Kisara’s shadow. “For so many years, I always served her by the side. (I wasn’t able to totally fulfill my duty as a shadow.) Because the princess’ health isn’t good, I, who look like her, would substitute for the princess when she isn’t feeling well...

...(After I finishing saying these, it is possible that I’ll be killed.) Although there aren’t many people in Higashi, who knew about this. (But, this prince...)” Seda asks if the real Princess Kisara is currently still in Higashi. Izuna tells him that the princess has already passed away half a month ago ( currently listening to what I’m saying). She looks straight at Seda.
He lets her go and says is that so. “Princess Kisara is really pitiful but then, even if she comes to this country, it is possible that the same thing would have happened. <- lured to a trap and possibly end up dead.

“You also know right. There are a lot of people in the city who don’t wish for this marriage to be held. If you were to continue on staying in this place, you’ll still encounter danger. *holds her knife to her* Do you have that kind of awareness?”

Pulling her blouse up, Izuna says that the way he is saying that is like just she can continue on staying here as long as she has that kind of awareness. “I’m obviously not the real Princess Kisara.” She holds out her trembling hand to get her knife back.
Seda holds up her chin and asks if she really plan on becoming Princess Kisara and marry him. She looks straight at him and says that it is because it is the princess’ request. “I have already made a firm resolution about it.”

Seda looks surprised then he starts laughing. He asks her what her name is. Izuna thinks that until now, only Kisara called her by her name. Giving her knife back, Seda says that if she doesn’t have a name, it would be troublesome later on when he calls her. Izuna tells him her name. He smiles and says, is that so, it’s a good name. “Izuna.”
Izuna looks flustered at him. She thinks that she obviously thought that there won’t be another person who’ll call her by that name again. Looking at him smiling, she thinks “I don’t understand this kind of feeling as if I’m about to cry.” 

At another room, a servant apologizes to Prince Ronet. Playing tarot cards in front of the fireplace, Ronet asks if it has failed. “...but an interesting princess came.” He picks up the Lovers tarot card from the covered deck. 

Ronet asks when the spy sent to Higashi will come back. He flicks the Lovers card into the fire. He smiles and says, “It will be good if the wedding goes smoothly, older brother. But...I’ll be the one who’ll inherit the throne.”
Comment: Just like RnA, it is about an arranged marriage with the ex-enemy country and a fight for the throne between brothers. Once again, as usual, I have high hopes for a girl who seems able to fight and hopefully, she won’t end up as some damsel in distress.

Even if she isn’t free because of the princess, I think Izuna loves her enough or perhaps, is very loyal enough to fulfill the princess’ last request. Apparently, she is being looked down in her own country. Actually, it is possible that she has nowhere to go whether Kisara lived or not.

I’m just thinking would they let a look-alike wander around the country? The enemies might ‘use’ her and do a switcheroo. So, it is likely that they might get rid of her once her duty is over. Becoming free is probably something nice the others told the kind princess since she seems to care about Izuna.

In this chapter, Izuna is saved by being herself. It would indeed be better if she didn’t let herself fall into the trap since she was thinking that she should act like Kisara. It is good that things turned out well but it might be problematic later on. I mean, if she doesn’t act like Kisara, people would start to doubt if she is really Kisara. If she does act like her, she’ll fall into more traps.

It is interesting that Seda listened and believe all what Kisara said. Perhaps being a prince in a hostile environment would make one sensitive to know who is saying the truth and who is lying. I think he knows of Ronet’s plot so he had warned ‘Kisara’.  

Izuna took the risk to tell him the truth and her reward is her life. In the end, I think Seda realized that it is better to leave Izuna alive as Kisara for their countries’ peace. Of course, perhaps, he is intrigued with her. Scans by 正宮汉化组 

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  1. Thank you Kat for your work! I like the idea of a girl that can stand for herself instead of some damsel in distress kind of deal. But, lets see how the history will develop, because the similarities with some other mangas (really old mangas) are little more than few.
    I like when you start new series, it gives a sensation of fresh air ahahah (difficult to express) thank you Kat!

    1. Completely agree!! So excited to see a new and very interesting series!

      Thank you, Kat!! :D

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