September 3, 2017

Blue Glass [Chapter 27 + 27.5]

While Saga is crying due to her performance, she hears some men shouting, “Capture them!! Don’t let a single person get away!” While CV boy is pulling him, Mino turns around to see soldiers going towards Saga and the others.

Meanwhile, Cheongye had said something to Geum. While Baldie puts a towel over him, Geum says, “What? Send you to Jim Dagong?” Cheongye asks him to please try and test it because after all, she is useful. “Perhaps, I’ll win Dagong’s heart and that will be of help to you.”
He asks if she wanted him to thank her for that. Cheongye says, no, it is to kill the king[/Geum; she used a title ‘Your Highness/Majesty’] that she racked her brains for that day when his hollow heart will be filled. Geum darkly looks at her.

Back at the theater, the soldiers are arresting Mokmok who exclaims for them to wait, how come the government office wants to arrest them! “Please tell us the reason!!” A soldier shouts that he’s noisy to death.
While there is a ruckus, Saga cannot see clearly in front because of the tears. “What is happening...right now...” She is startled when a hooded person suddenly pulls her back.

Mino stops walking so CV boy frantically tells him to please quickly go with him. “Quick!” Mino pulls his hand off from the CV boy. The CV boy grabs Mino’s veil and shouts that he cannot go there!
He exclaims, “As I’ve said, if you are caught, it will be cause a huge incident!” Mino looks at him and asks, “Who? It turns out...that this thing is related to you.” Mino feels a pricking pain behind his head.

While looking back to the crowd, he pulls out a needle. While Mino looks tense, CV boy tells him to please do not worry because these people will protect him. With that, the boy pulls down Mino’s veil.
Mino is stunned. Just then, a man sees Mino. He backs away in shock. Pointing to Mino, the man shouts, “’s an albino!” At the stage, the soldiers’ leader [SL] grabs Gyurong clock and shouts for him to quickly move! “Do you dare disobey the scared order?!”

Gyurong says no, he isn’t [disobeying]! “So, I’m saying isn’t it too serious that we’ll be arrested just because of a performance!” SL shouts what he is saying. “It is because we received a report saying that there is an albino within the theater troupe!”

Gyurong is puzzled over this albino. SL exclaims, “Don’t you know about the order sent down from the imperial palace?!” They were interrupted when one of the soldiers got thrown down on the floor.
While holding her tight, the hooded man asks Saga, “Why did you let things become like this? Is it so difficult for you to vanish without a trace? So, I’ve told you not to trust anyone.” Looking at the vague figure, Saga wonders if it is Jamalta.

She closes her eyes and thinks, “He obviously said that he’ll be going come he is here?” The soldiers shout what is it this time and is he a member of the theater troupe. SL shouts to first capture him and then they’ll determine that. 

Jamalta shouts for them to back off. “If you come near, I’m going to kill her. So, everyone back off.” Saga looks surprised as she recalls that rainy day when a long haired person pointed a sword to her throat and told the palace’s guards to back off or else, ‘she’ is going to kill the princess. 
Saga wonders how come the memory of that day would... SL shouts for his men to pick up their weapon and first capture that person! His men didn’t respond so he looks at them and shouts what’s up that they won’t go capture that person!

One of the soldiers points at the audience’ side and says about that...please look at that side. SL turns to the side and looks surprised. Everyone looks surprised to see an albino in the middle of the crowd. 

The people are saying isn’t that the savior of the burning village... “Wha, what is that?” “What that person said a while ago is right.” “god's child!” “All of his body is white. Unexpectedly there is such a person!” “So scary!” “It isn’t scary! It’s god!” 
Mino still looks stunned over what had happened. Watching below, Ouk wonders out loud, “Right now, your body should be showing up a symptom. Then, what are you going to do, white child?” Mino suddenly feels dizzy. He looks at the needle on his hand and it looks blurry.

He angrily bites his teeth and throws down the needle on the ground. Saga reaches out to call for him. Mino looks up to her. Jamalta loses his grip on Saga when she tries to go to Mino.
To her surprise, Mino shouts, “Go! Go to the place where you want to go-- Do not come over to my side.” Saga looks stunned. Mino scowls as he looks at her. Jamalta pulls Saga back to him. Mino quickly turns to leave.

SL shouts for his men to capture...quickly capture that person! “Don’t let him get away! Capture him!” The soldiers immediately rush through the crowd to capture Mino. Saga says, no, no...
Jamalta immediately covers her mouth and asks if she also wants to be captured. “Let’s hide first then think of a way later on!” Rabbit suddenly grabs Saga’s hand and tells them to wait. “Could it be that you’ll leave us then escape? Isn’t it enough that you deceived us that we unexpectedly had fallen into this crisis?”

Jamalta tries to use his sword to get rid of Rabbit but Saga shouts for him not to kill Rabbit. Then, Jamalta gets hit by a blunt object at the back of his head. Holding the back of his sword, SL thanks Saga. Trembling Saga can only cry as Jamalta falls down on the floor.
Meanwhile, dizzy Mino continues to walk away but he is already becoming sleepy. He falls down on the ground as CV boy tries to help him up. CV boy tells him that it is just an anesthetic so he’ll be okay once it fades away.

He shouts, “Please help! Please help us stop the soldiers! Please guard this person!” As Mino falls unconscious, he hears some people saying okay, stop them! While shouting what, let them pass, the soldiers try to go to Mino as some people tried to stop them.
Soon, at a fortress[/prison], Eyepatch goes to a guarded room. He goes in to see trembling and aghast Saga. He asks for all of the guards to leave. The soldiers say okay. One of the soldier asks why the general wants to be alone with that girl. The other soldier tells him to be quiet and quickly leave.

After they left, Eyepatch asks trembling teary-eyed Saga if she plans to go to ‘Hongmun’. [<- it seems that Hongmun is a place rather than the name of a doctor. ^^; So, in the previous chapters, Saga is to find the herbalist in Hongmun]
Surprised Saga asks how come he knows about that... Eyepatch kneels down to her and says, “I’m the chief there, princess.” After looking surprised again, Saga says, then...if it is like that...

Eyepatch says that he can help her. “But, before that, there is something I want to say. *clenches fist* I going to take revenge against the Nakrang king who massacred my clan and I also plan to kill off their clan.” Saga looks at him in surprise.
27.5 – Tinnitus. A small lantern lights a dark room. While holding some red thread with the maid, Nan tells a maid, “I also don’t know when it started but I always can hear this kind of sound.” The maid asks if she can hear it right now but actually, she cannot hear it clearly.

Nan says yes, probably, she is the only one who can hear it. The maid asks what kind of sound is it. Nan tells her that she also isn’t sure. “It feels like I have heard it somewhere but I cannot say exactly what kind of sound it is...
...It is like standing in the water, and it feels like being drenched in the heavy rain...*image of older Saga standing in the water. It is raining while she looks up the dark clouds.* Just when I concentrate and know clearly what sound it is, the surrounding will become very quiet...

...The rain drops that are beating down on the water surface had become bigger. *Saga holds both of her arms together* I can pretty much feel a part of that freezing cold gloomy feeling. Even if it really hurts but this sound always won’t go away.” The red thread snaps. The maid just looks at Nan.
Later on, by the gazebo at the courtyard, Nan is holding her ears with both hands. Young Saga rushes to her and hugs her from behind. Nan calls out to her.

Saga says that because sister has become quite strange, the maids are saying that she can hear filthy things. “Is it true? Do you really always hear some strange sound?” Nan looks at her and says that even if she can hear Saga’s voice, cover her ears or stand at a noisy place, this sound won’t disappear.

Saga holds out her hands to Nan who takes them. Nan hugs her. Narration: “But, just now, I realized something. Even if the rain sound won’t disappear, I can also have a pleasant way of living in this rain sound.” While it is raining, Saga and Nan are together in the gazebo.
Comment: I think this part of the story is important. From the looks of things, Saga will be now under the care of Jamalta from Mino. Mino has no choice since being with her, she’ll be captured. In a way, if they separated, they are now going to live their own separate lives.

For others like Ouk or Juryu, Mino is more important due to his status as ‘god’. Since they’re quite clever and manipulative, they can use him as a figure head against the Nakrang king. Hehe, what’s a king vs a ‘god’, right? It would also be satisfying if Mino had a hand in the fall of the Nakrang royalty.

I’m not too sure what Eyepatch have in mind. Is he going to use Mino and Saga or just Saga? If he indeed wanted to kill Wi and his clan, shouldn’t Saga be part of it? Since he spared her, then he is definitely going to use her. But, how? Perhaps, as bait?

Well, Saga recalled the one who held her hostage before. I wonder if she’ll figure out that it is Jamalta. I’ve lowered my expectation for Saga. It is fine if she’s always crying and useless but I just really hope that she doesn’t do the same things that Nan did. ^^;

Here, because Jamalta was urging her to escape but because of her, he ended up captured along with the others. Hopefully, Saga will learn from this. Actually, I wonder if she’ll apply what Jamalta told her. Will she trust Eyepatch?

As for Cheongye, she is making her own moves for her own revenge. She is really a risk-taker that she can say those things to Geum. I think she knows that Geum needs her as a woman who hates him to ‘feed’ on. I wonder if Geum will grant her request.

If this is a story about a woman who goes up the ranks from a servant, Cheongye would be the lead character. I think that the things that she does isn’t for the faint-hearted. She is really goal-driven and will do almost anything to achieve her goal. 

As for the side story, I'm not sure what to think of it. ^^; Is hearing raining sound has something to do with stress/she is imagining it or she is feeling what Saga will fell in the future as if it is a sort of prophesy. 

It makes me think that Nan was able to endure everything whether being used as a sex object by the princes or illness because Saga is there. That is until she fell in love, lied and caused the death of her beloved and his family. Most probably, she finally had enough of this life even if she knows that they won't bury her or anything. Scans by 水神汉化组

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