September 21, 2017

From Five to Nine [Chapter 72 - The Intern]

Takane wrote to Junko. He first asked if she is passing the days happily. “It makes me very proud that you voluntarily live in the temple even if you’re not used to it. Just thinking of it, if I were at your side, I can defend you against any bad things. This really made me extremely sad.”

He also wrote that to be able to endure it is also the goal of this training. “But, no matter what kind of training, your beautiful feminine image still won’t leave my mind. I want to see you. I want to see you. *scene of Takane reciting and cleaning the floor* I want to hold you in my embrace.”

Blushing really red, Junko wonders if he is an idiot so the training is basically, useless, right? She wonders if Takane can really come back after a hundred day training since he really makes her feel uneasy. She thinks that she also wants to see him and be in his embrace.

She continues to read the letter. Takane asked how is her life at the temple? He wrote that regarding the kimono, he thinks that his mother will teach her and regarding tea ceremony and flower arrangement, it ought to be that grandmother.
Junko is shocked that he had guessed it. Recalling Izumi saying that she’ll think of it and Amane telling her that she’ll always refuse her by saying those words, Junko thinks that things aren’t reassuring since it is indeed what Amane said.

She recalls Amane saying that he wanted to become her. Junko wonders what does that mean. “Isn’t Amane in a dispute with Takane because he wanted to succeed the temple? What does he mean by wanting to become me? Regarding this kind of issue, it ought to be the two brothers properly talking with each other...

...This cannot wait until Takane-san comes back into the temple later on. At the same time, I have to think of a way for grandmother to teach me flower arranging or else, I basically cannot understand...” She continues to read the letter. Takane wrote that it is also inevitable [if she won’t be taught] because of his grandmother’s personality.

“If you are really in trouble, please visit a person called Koumura Chie [guesswork from 幸村千笑]. I think she can definitely help you. I have already included her address and contact number here. Then, until tomorrow’s letter. See you.”
Junko puts down the letter and looks out the door. She cannot let Narita hear but it is already 12 midnight so he should have finished his patrol. The problem with Amane is blown away from her head. Junko thinks that it seems to be the first time she heard another woman’s name from Takane.

She imagines Chie as some sexy woman in a kimono who gestures to her chest and tells Takane that they’ll arrange the flower there today. Junko tells herself that in the end, everyone are adults right and even if it is her, she cannot say make irresponsible remarks at someone because of the past incident.

The next day, while wiping the floor clean, Junko wonders why it has to be now, and compared to specially asking someone else, how about she asked the grandmother again. She laments that she wasn’t able to sleep well because of this.

She is surprised when Izumi calls out that Junko is really working hard and it seems that she is really suitable for cleaning. “Even if you don’t learn flower arrangement, I feel that working hard to clean suits you better.”
Aghast Junko greets her a good morning. She asks Izumi again if she can teach her flower arrangement. Izumi says that compared to that, she heard that Junko is going abroad for a business trip. Junko is shocked by that. Izumi says that she incidentally heard her conversation with Amane.

Looking aghast, Junko says ah, about that, yes, at the end of the month, she’ll go with her boss to New York so she inquired about it to Takane’s mother... Junko thinks that this is a surprise attack when she wanted to wait until things are stable before mentioning it but it seems that she can only tell her the truth.

Junko tells Izumi that Tokiko said that the condition is to get Izumi and the abbot’s permission. Izumi says that it is alright, she can go. This surprises Junko. Izumi says by the way, she and the abbot won’t be around at the end of the month because they’ll be in a trip. “Since your work requires you to go, then go.”

Junko cannot believe that she can go and she didn’t expect it to be so easy and there was no sarcasm at all from Izumi. Junko thanks Izumi. Izumi says that until today, it was always Takane who went with them and he acted as the guardian of the donors. “Starting this year, it will be Amane’s duty. So, it’s quite good since it is an opportunity to introduce him to everyone.”
Junko’s smile froze. Izumi continues to say, “Whether it is the business trip or any other thing, you properly work hard. Regarding the flower arrangement, mention it again next time.”  With that, Izumi left. Junko wonders if Izumi is saying that basically, Takane is already excluded from being the abbot’s successor.

“Does it mean that it is already certain that it is Amane? No matter if I go to the trip or not, it doesn’t matter at all to the temple. What is that?” She looks determined. She thinks that she cannot let things be because if it really happens, she has no face to meet with Takane.

She puts aside the cleaning materials and fix herself up. She has realized that there is no way for her to learn flower arrangement there and she cannot just slowly wait. She tells Narita that she’ll be going out and she might be late in coming home. Narita says that it isn’t necessary for her to get his permission.

Narration: “No matter what kind of monster, since there is a person exists who can make that mean granny teach me, then, I can only go and see her.” She arrives at a huge mansion. She thinks that she was directed here by the navigation app.
She looks at the door plate and it wrote ‘Koumura’, She thinks that it is the right door plate, It’s Japanese style building so how can she announce her visit. She is startled when a young guy calls out to her, hello, and she ought to be his grandmother’s disciple.

He smiles and says to please come in if she is going to join the class. “Granny is probably inside teaching the students so even if you rang the doorbell, she probably won’t hear it. Grandma!” Wondering about this candid youngster, Junko says no, she came to see Komura Chie.

The guy tells her so, he is saying that is his grandmother. “Grandma, there’s a disciple who came!” Junko is shock that Chie is a grandmother. Inside a room, Chie is about to arrange some flowers. She calls out to Ondai [guesswork from 音大] that lady isn’t her disciple.

Ondai says is that so, sorry. Junko nods at him and looks at Chie. She thinks that this is Koumura Chie and it would be good if Takane directly mentioned that it is an old lady so she wouldn’t have worried in vain.
Junko bows and introduces herself. Ondai is surprised that she is a ‘Sakuraba’. [<- He is the same guy, Kunitachi, a surname?, who is interested in Nene whom she met at the train station] Junko apologizes for suddenly visiting and Takane told her to pay her a visit.

Chie smiles and says that she is that young abbot’s precious person. She claps and laughs. She says that Junko is then probably the one who cried since she was BULLIED BY IZUMI. Junko mutters if it is being bullied, about seems that she is really hated [by Izumi]. Ondai wonders if Sakuraba [Junko] shouldn’t, how can it be.

To Junko’s delight, Chie says okay, quickly come in. “Since you’ll take on Takane’s name, it’s naturally okay for me to listen to what you have to say. But, whether or not I’ll lend you a hand is another matter. Because between you and me, there is no ‘give and take’ relationship so if you really want me to help you, then you, young lady, what can you do [for me]?”

Junko looks tense. At Ela, Renji tells Yuki that Junko doesn’t have a class today so will he still come even if he knows that he can’t see her. Yuki says that it is alright, and he always felt that there is this seemingly ‘not so good’ premonition.
Comment: Well, what Takane wrote is a love letter and well, a suggestion of a way to help her with the flower arrangement. Hehe, it was Junko’s turn to be jealous over some woman when Chie turns out to be a granny. I think the successor problem will be solved if she finds out the reason for the brothers’ rift.

I think Amane just wants his brother to pay attention to him and to soothe the pain of being abandoned before. As for Izumi, it would be more difficult to win her though I guess it is because of iirc Junko’s defiant and seemingly disrespectful impression when Junko was leaving the temple before. Hehe, probably thinks that she is a bad influence on Takane.

In the end, it would be better for Junko to find a way to get along with Izumi since they’ll be living under one roof in the future. Apparently, Junko wants to go to that business trip. Hm...doesn’t she need Takane’s permission, too? I’m actually not too sure how impressing everyone with her ability in the temple is related to Takane succeeding the temple. ^^;

Regarding the give and take thing, I think Ondai will ask his grandmother to make Junko match him or at least a date with Nene. This is somewhat confirmed when Yuki is back in the story. That is probably Yuki’s bad premonition and he’ll probably be forced to get Nene before she is taken away. Given Nene’s personality, it would be very easy to make her go out with Ondai. Scans by 月球坑组

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  1. Hi this is kinda random but I realised that none of the chapters that was supposed to be released on 20th of every month is not out yet i.e. skip beat, namaikizakari, akatsuki no yona. I can't find the latest chapters and it has been a few days. Do you happen to know the reason for the delay?

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    1. Anonymous, the Chinese is out. Just today, as well as AnY. Maybe the English scanlation group are busy.

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  2. Gosh after binge reading it i will say....i still don't trust Junko. I feel like she will end up doing something with makoto and make takane(poor guy) sad again...

    Also good thing renji and masako aren't being shown much....i hate masako as a character.

    Then there is the best couple Momoe and Arthur....i hope they just start a stable relationship and stop worrying so much about not hurting each other.

    1. At most, I think she'll indeed do something with Makoto as in go to the US with him if things went her way.

      I agree.

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  3. Thanks to this site I can finally know what's going on ^__^ hoping to see other chapters summary in here soon <3 especially Author x Momoe one's

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  4. Hi Kat, just want to leave a note to say that I really appreciate your work. Thank you so much for your hard work describing what going on in every chapters in a very detail. I've read all the chapters. I actaully read them a few times as I was waiting for the new chapter to come and I need to refesh what happened in previous chapters. Hope that you will have time to continue writing/transcibing chapter 73 and onward. Really want to know if Junko can go to NY with Makoto as well as what the stories will be with the grandma of Takane. And what the ending will be for this series. BTW, if you haven't got your hands on chapters 73 and onward, you can check out Raffmanga's website. She has put scans upto chapter 79.

    1. Thanks for reading them, Manga Lover ^-^

      There are no new summaries because the Chinese scanlators stopped working on it. There is no news if they have dropped it or will still continue.

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