August 31, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 94]

Yuulin walks through the hallway. Looking tense and restless, the officials see her. They quickly ‘gong shou’ [bow and hands together] to her. Narration: “I’m Tei Yuulin. The princess consort of the ‘Cold-hearted Wolf King’ who rules Hakyou...

...Nowadays, just because of having the status of being the ‘youkai princess’, I’m been feared by the people--... *a couple of trembling officials quickly ‘gong shou’ as they say, that is... there are more scared officials looking and even more officials doing the ‘gong shou’ to her* --eh, *looking angry and dark* How come it became like this--!!!”
Sparkling Kikyou exclaims, “No wonder it is the lady princess consort! The lady princess consort can freely manipulate the thunder [and lightning] from the skies!

...No one would dare recklessly insult you!! *Yuulin glares at him* This kind of attention!! No wonder! It’s really no wonder!! Ya. Ya. Wu hu hu hu. What kind of magic will you do next time? *flowers and sparkle* Ah ah, I really anticipate it. Super anticipate it!”

Yuulin thinks that it is because of this brat, Kei Kikou...!! It is because I had a confrontation with this brat regarding that youkai charm, it has become like this. My status as ‘youkai princess’ has once again being upgraded...!!!”
At the harem, while having tea, Ranyou tells aghast Yuulin that indeed, at that time when the Enha princess returned to her country, Yuulin told her ‘I feel that I have found the princess consort image that I longed for’.

“I didn’t think that it turns out to be a princess consort who can use charms to control the weather and drop god’s thunder to wipe out the enemy. *laughs* That has already totally surpassed my framed, I should say that it went to a direction that I cannot even think of... It already progressed successfully...”

Trembling Yuulin apologizes to Ranyou. “I have asked you to give me guidance but it unexpectedly became like this...!! I...I’ll definitely think of a way. I beg you a thousand times, ten thousand times just to get results but!”

Smiling Ranyou says that in the end, her guidance isn’t really essential for her, right...? Worried and teary-eyed Yuulin exclaims for her to please don’t abandon her-!!! Ranyou laughs without restraint.
Narration: “That’s right. My goal obviously should be to have a noble temperament like Madame Ranyou, firm determination and courage just like Princess Shuon and Princess Ruka. impressive princess consort who can stay at His Majesty’s side. *cries* The goal is departing farther and farther away from me...!”

With Jun behind him, Reishou calls out to his beloved consort. Yuulin calls out to him and approaches him. Reishou says that Ryukou’s military practice has just ended so come and see him for a while. “After he finishes changing his clothes, he ought to quickly come over here...”

Yuulin says that a few days ago, she also saw Kokuu at the palace. There is a scene of Koukuu as nanny watching over Ryukou’s training. Upon seeing Ryukou rushing towards them, Yuulin says that he’s here.
To Yuulin and the court ladies’ shock, Ryukou falls flat on his face. Aghast Yuulin quickly rushes to him and asks if he is alright. After looking surprised, Ranyou watches Yuulin happily talk with her son. Ranyou muses out loud that Ryukou is very happy everyday as he grows up healthy each day.

“...this is totally thanks to His Majesty’s merciful care. *Reishou quietly listens to her* I never thought that there will be a day when I can be at peace like this while staying in this place...

...In the past, the harem of His Majesty’s King Father has a lot of women who were not able to stay in the king’s sight. So, they can only just continuously wither away. There are so many women who became youkai-s because they beg for love.

...I also, in the endless years of having a hollow heart, I have thought that the meaning of life [to survive] is to use my own child and establish him [by putting him on the throne].”
Reishou says for herself, she better be careful about saying out those words. Shaking her head, Ranyou says that thoughts to deceive His Majesty in order to temporarily live [an ignoble existence] in this residual body, the current her no longer has any ambition [wild schemes] for a long time already.

“But, in this harem where not a soul is in sight, there exists a pure white faultless person. She had entrusted herself to me in order to learn. She’ll listen sincerely and attentively to what I say. It was considered essential to be calmly looked at straight with one’s eyes. the corner of the harem in those years, I drink my tears in silence because I no longer know the reason why I was born. I felt the me at that time had also somewhat obtained redemption. Towards His Majesty and Lady princess consort...I send my heart-felt gratitude.”
As Reishou looks at Ranyou doing a ‘gong shou’ to him, he muses that the bitter resentment in her heart seems to have faded away.

“...even if it is hard to be certain where it is true or not, though from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like she is lying to protect herself. *looks at Yuulin talking with Ryukou and slightly smiles*’re really amazing, Yuulin.”
Later on, while walking with Reishou, Yuulin looks really gloomy and depressed. Reishou asks her what’s up since she looks downcast. Yuulin says that it is about the youkai princess thing.

“...just now, An Ryukou came to comfort me... something like ‘royal sis-in-law isn’t a bit frightening so it’s alright’. I’m already totally identified as a youkai.”

Reishou nervously chuckles. He notices that Yuulin is really looking depressed so he grabs her wrist. He tells her okay, bride, let’s look around the courtyard and rest for a while, okay? Yuulin blushes.
He whisked her to him as they sit by the stairs. While he is hugging her from behind, Yuulin calls out to him and asks doesn’t he hate it. “The princess consort is regarded as a youkai. It’s very unpleasant to hear...”

Reishou says ya, and is it okay to speak truthfully. This made Yuulin uneasy. Sparkling wide-eye Reishou says, “Even if Yuulin is a youkai, you are also very cute like that.” Aghast Yuulin says that kind of assessment is too sweet. “This person...”

Reishou says, “It’s also very good that you can summon the thunder and lightning. *holding hands* How about calling one over? I want to see it.” Yuulin sweatdrops and says that she cannot call it out.
While holding her hand, Reishou says, “You also run quite fast. You are also amazing as you run about doing things. You used that mysterious magic to entice the king, etc. Those are quite interesting.” Blushing Yuulin asks what’s interesting about that.

He tells her that is really better as long as she doesn’t go back to the moon. Yuulin looks at him and asks if he is talking about that thing during the moon viewing banquet, the legend of the tennyo. Yuulin is surprised when Reishou pushes her down on the floor.

He says, “It’s because I’m very distress. What should I do in order not to lose you, for you not to be snatched away, *smiles* to be able to ask you to stay, I don’t know.”
Surprised Yuulin thinks that it is the wolf. “The wolf which possessing such a terrifying eye expression and has a habit of biting people. *reaches out her hand to his mouth* –My”

Nom nom nom. Puzzled Reishou asks what’s up that she would unexpectedly not stop him. “This is really rare that you’ll even extend your hand out.” There is a chibi Yuulin who tell him that it’s not allowed to bite, no allowed to do it outside, not allowed, not allowed.

Blushing Yuulin says, “...right now, it’s just the two of us so it is alright. *Reishou looks surprised* Fine!! *suddenly pushing Reishou while sitting up* If you want to bite then go ahead and bite!! I won’t run away nor will I avoid it!!”
Reishou laughs and says what, she’s really straightforward when obviously, she was always rejecting. While still holding up her hand to him, Yuulin says that it is because she obviously has a deep awareness that she married him. “It seems that for His Majesty, I’ll just suddenly leave everything and disappear without a trace?”

With a wry smile, Reishou denies it. “No, of course not. *hugs her* Thank you for always striving so hard for me.” Narration: “This place only has you and me, our harem. No matter how others see [her] or what they say, in the end, I want to become a ‘princess consort’ who exists only for you. *closes her eyes as Reishou leans to kiss her* The me who exists for you.”

Soon, at the hallway, the officials start to become restless as they respectfully gong shou to Yuulin. Looking serious, smug Yuulin walks pass them with a pouting expression.
At the harem, vicious looking Yuulin proudly declares, “In short, despite of being dubbed with the name ‘youkai princess’, I think that in some kind of meaning, it can be considered as being someone of importance in the palace!” 

Jun scowls. He admits that for her to say it like that, indeed it is like that. He recalls the cowering officials as they naturally huddle together to adulate her. “Thunder is so scary!!”

Yuulin laughs, “Ha ha ha ha, isn’t it so!? Of course, the goal in the future is also to wash clean that stigma but I will calmly and steadily take my time do it! Because life is very long!! There is always a way!!”

With hearts all over, Reishou glomps Yuulin from behind and says, “Yuulin~ You’re so cool!” Speechless Jun thinks that she suddenly become quite optimistic. Narration: “Compared to anyone else, the princess consort of Hakuyou’s Wolf King will live to be strong and tenacious for her beloved.”
Comment: Nice end to the arc. At one side, Yuulin’s status improved though not exactly the way she wanted. It makes me think that she kind of give up and just join the others in thinking that she’s a youkai. I wonder if she’ll be successful next time. =P

In some way, she is now at Reishou’s level who can make other scared of her. That will decrease people who’ll try to demean and get rid of her. Hehe, even if it is just their impression and it is pretty much just from Kikyou’s exaggerating story of what happened in that confrontation.

On the other side, their relationship had somewhat level up. Yuulin isn’t going to avoid his biting so time for the next level? Reishou would most likely try to push for that. She also assured him that she knew what she is getting into when she married him and she won’t just run away from him.

Reishou really has a way for words. Flattery is his way of cheering her up. ^^ Apparently, Reishou knows all about those youkai rumors that are being talked about. Actually, he probably investigated Kikyou’s youkai accusations up to that moon viewing banquet before.

As for Ranyou, it does seem that she has mellowed down. She had become ‘evil’ because of her experience at the harem. It must be very bad that she wondered why she is even alive. Yuulin gave her a purpose or rather to be viewed as someone important enough to be paid attention to just for being her, rather than the mother of Ryukou.

It is perhaps natural for her to think at that time that her purpose is to give birth to Ryukou and put him on the throne. I do wonder if the reason why she viewed Reishou as someone bad is because of Reishou’s older brother. If the older brother tried to kill Reishou before, is it possible that he also tried to do the same thing to Ryukou?

So, I assumed that since Ranyou doesn’t really know Reishou that much, she lump him together with the older brother as someone who’ll get rid of the possible successor so she has to get rid of him first. Still, it is good for Reishou not to immediately trust her but give her the benefit of the doubt. Scans by 水月梅漢化 

Quote of the day:
Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are. ~ John Wooden


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