August 26, 2017

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 25 - Endlessly Reincarnating Children Part 1 of 3]

The school bell rings. Someone calls out, “Haruhi, let’s go home--” [<- I previously named her wrong as Haruka, the lead in chapter 15] Narration: “It happened six years ago. A tourist bus carrying elementary students is heading for an excursion...

...Later on, after it got caught in a landslide, everyone tried their best in the search and rescue operation but they weren’t able to find a single body [/corpse].” Glasses girl says isn’t that quite baffling so where did those people go?

Haruhi says so she said that is just a made-up story, right? Glasses girl and other friend, call her a meanine and she’s too boring. Haruhi apologizes and says that she doesn’t have a delusional gene.
Glasses tell her to properly listen. Haruhi says ya, ya. Narration: “Isn’t it so? Ever since I was young, I have heard of so many stories that are like some urban legends.”

She arrives at Midorikawa [guesswork from 緑川] residence and calls out that she’s home. Her brother calls out that she’s home. Narration: “It is all thanks to my older brother.” There are a lot of photographs on the table. Haruhi asks what he is doing.

Chiharu says that he is tidying up the old photographs. Haruhi says, that is... There is a picture of young Chiharu, together with Haruhi, holding a dreamcatcher. There are also a couple of pictures of Chiharu standing behind creepy places.
Chiharu says that it really makes him feel nostalgic since it was the age when he was passionate about amulets for exorcism and playing Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai [game of 100 ghost stories].

Narration: “Brother Chiharu is quite good in his studies, and sports. He is quite outstanding in anything he does. It is just that he has a weird interest. Since I was young, I don’t read story books but rather, he’ll forcefully tell me about scary stories...”

There is a scene of Chiharu reading a book about the Kuchisake-onna [slit-mouthed woman] to trembling young Haruhi. End flashback. Haruhi cannot dare recall it. Haruhi says okay, he can go and properly sort them out by himself. Just then, she steps on one of the photographs. She apologizes and picks it up.
It is a picture of young kids posing in front of the camera. Haruhi asks if they are going on an excursion. “Chiharu, did you also go to the lake and that place is really beautiful.” Haruhi says no, that is a group picture of the neighboring class so he isn’t there.

Chiharu starts to look for the dream catcher [/exorcism amulet] in a box that is filled with all sorts of charms and items. He wonders where he put it since he remembered that he personally made it. Haruhi continues to look at the picture.

Haruhi is surprised when the two girls in the picture suddenly look glum with blank eyes. Chiharu turns around and says that if he knew that he won’t find it, then he’ll make another one next time. He looks surprised since no one is in the room. He asks, “Haruhi?”
Haruhi is surprised to find herself in school. She hears the others greeting good morning and that they really anticipate the excursion today for such a long time. “Come- Let’s take a picture” A boy sees her and he looks surprised.

He tells her, “...hey, how come you... *grabs her* Go back. Go back right now.” Haruhi says eh, what!? “Who are you!?” She looks at the side and sees some girls talking. She recognizes them as the ones in the photograph. She wonders what’s going on. She notices someone passing by at the side.

It is young Chiharu holding a dream catcher. She thinks that even if he’s young, she can recognize him... She calls out to him but her hand passes through him. This freaks her out. She wonders why that happened. She looks at the boy then starts to run off.
As she is running out of the school’s gate, Haruhi thinks that she’ll properly think about this later on since this isn’t a joke. Then, she falls down as if she hit an invisible wall. After saying that hurts, she cannot believe that such a baffling thing happened right before her.

She says, “This cannot be... *holds the invisible wall* I cannot get out. I’m trapped-!?” She is surprised when her cellphone starts ringing. It is her brother. She quickly answers it. Chiharu asks if it’s Haruhi. Haruhi says that it’s her and can he hear her voice.

Chiahru says yes and where did she go. Haruki says that she also doesn’t know because she was obviously in their house just now but in a flash, she is in school... “I cannot get out...”
Puzzled Chiharu asks what she meant. Haruhi tells him that the people in the picture appear right in front of her eyes... When Chiharu is asking what she is saying, he looks at the picture that he is holding. He sees Haruhi in the picture behind the posing kids.

He is surprised by this. Chiharu tells her that this is too freakish because if she is saying the truth then right now, she is in a world that was six years ago. “Calm down and listen to me. From my recollection, that class will ride a bus for an excursion in a while later. And then, it will encounter a landside accident.”
Haruhi nervously says, landslide...accident? She thinks, “Don’t tell me to keep calm... Suddenly telling about that kind of thing is also useless... how come I came here...”

Chiharu tells her to calm down a bit. “There is definitely a reason why you entered that world. If you find that reason, perhaps, you’ll be able to get out. Listen up, you definitely shouldn’t ride the bus and also preserve your battery life. I’ll definitely find the problem and then, I’ll contact you. Wait for me, Haruhi.”

Haruhi wipes her tears and says, yes... “I’ll also look for clues at this side!” Chiharu says okay, be careful. After hanging up, Haruhi looks at her cellphone. She has 62% of battery life. She thinks that as much as possible, she shouldn’t use her cellphone.
She is surprised when pony-tailed girl holds her shoulder and asks what’s up with her. This surprises Haruhi. Twin-ponytailed girl gestures for Haruhi to quickly come over here. Then, she quickly pulls Haruhi to the side. The boy earlier just looks at her.

Holding the back of a blushing girl, twin-ponytailed girl flashes a v-sign and says that Sakura-chan [guesswork from ] plans to confess to Suzuki [guesswork from 高木] during the excursion. “Let’s cheer her on-” Haruhi is speechless about this.

Twin-ponytailed girl says that Haruhi’s facial complexion doesn’t look good. She apologizes and asks what her name is. After a pause, Haruhi says that she’s Midorikawa Haruhi.
Twin-ponytailed girl exclaims that she remembers, it’s Haruhi and sorry about that. The other girls ask how a person can always forget a friend’s name and Momo-chan [guesswork from ] is quite sloppy~~ Momo says that her memory isn’t good. Haruhi cannot believe that she became their friends.

While Haruhi looks tense, the pony-tailed girl asks her if she is alright for her expression looks weird just now. While thinking that she had talked with her, Haruhi says ah ya, nothing’s up, it is fine.

Pony-tailed girl tells her about that...even if she won’t say anything but she thinks that Haruhi ought to have encountered something troublesome. “If it is something that we can help you with, then, don’t hesitate to say it. This is what you had also told us before.”
Momo says that it is her habit to be fixated over small things. Aghast Haruhi thinks what, it seems that she was really part of the class before... “This place, the situation is anything but reassuring. *tightly holds her cellphone* Chiharu-ani...”

Ponytailed girl says that actually, she is also feeling very fretful lately. Momo asks if it is because of her. Ponytailed girl says no. “I also don’t know how I should say it but it always feel that I seem to have forgotten about something.” This puzzles Haruhi.

Momo looks thoughtful and says that she is like Aoi-chan [guesswork from ]. “But, it is good for me not to let my imagination go wild. Anyway, it is also not something that’s good.” Aoi says that is right and right now, it is enough that they are together as they have fun together. 
Haruhi wonders about what they have forgotten. “Chiharu-ani said that this is the world from 6 years ago but I feel that...” Someone calls out that it is time to get on the bus-- Haruhi becomes nervous as everyone gets excited since they’ll be riding the bus.

Recalling her brother’s warning, Haruhi tells them to wait, they cannot ride it!! The others ask her what she is saying and what’s up with her. Wondering what to do since she’ll say it out, Haruhi says that bus, if they were to ride it, it won’t be long in the future when everyone will encounter a landslide accident...

Everyone including the boy earlier look surprised. Haruhi becomes tense as they all look at her. Then, they all start laughing. They ask if Haruhi is watching too many movies and she can even make a joke like that. Everyone heads out as Haruhi tells them to wait, she is saying the truth... 
The boy earlier tells her that it is useless. Haruhi thinks that this boy isn’t the same as the others. She asks him if he knows something. “What is this place!? How can I leave this place!?”

After a pause, the boy says that he also really wants to know how to go back. “Everyone have not notice the fact that they are already dead. That all of us are trapped in the past.” Haruhi nervously asks trapped in the past. “Do you mean that there is no way of going back?”

After a pause, the boy says that they ought to be going now. Everything went blank. When Haruhi opens her eyes again, she is sitting in the bus. She wonders how can this be when she was in the classroom just now. She tries to release the seatbelt but it won’t budge.
She hears a rumbling on the bus roof. She thinks, Chiharu-ani, save me... She looks up and sees a huge boulder falling down from the bus’ roof. Everything went black again. Haruhi wakes up. She immediately sits up in a start. She looks at her hands and is surprised that she’s alive.

She looks at the side to see Momo and Aoi taking pictures. She is puzzled. The boy goes to her and said that it is as he told her, they are trapped in the past. “Over and over, keep on repeating what happened that day.”

Haruhi looks scared. The boy says that no one can get out from this place. Chiharu is still busy researching. Haruhi has 51% of battery life on her cellphone.
Comment: A detective-type of paranormal story ^^ I was indeed hoping that there will be more stories of these siblings. I guess Haruhi is the ‘bait’/experience the strange things and then, Chiharu is the one who’ll solve it.

I wonder why Haruhi got in the photo. This story is the same as the previous chapter about repeating the graduation ceremony day. But this time, it is a bit traumatic since one has to repeat one’s death on that day.

What could have the others forgotten since they didn’t have a ‘eureka’ reaction when Haruhi mentioned the accident. Still, it is strange that Haruhi cannot touch the younger version of her brother. So, she is stuck on interacting with the deceased kids. Scans by 红莲汉

Word of the day:
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