August 23, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 68]

In the computer room, Sho is reading about Osaki University on the internet. It was mentioned that Osaki trains world and Japanese talents. It trains college sports athletes. It promotes the local club’s cooperation [/coordination] to develop the athletes.

Shou recalls their previous game. Then, he stretches backwards on his chair that someone tells him that is dangerous. It is already the second term and there is still this torrid heat in September. At a restaurant, Yuki says that she won’t.

Shou says that he wants to. She says that she won’t. She explains that he is already a high schooler in autumn so how can there be an idiot who has the energy to hold a birthday celebration.
Shou says that it is because it is her birthday next week on September 12th and besides, she also ignored their first anniversary since they started going steady on August 30th. Yuki scowls and wonders why this guy is like a girl.

“Yes, time flies and we are already going steady for a year but this year, he cannot be so easy-going.” She asks him, by the way...the Winter cup preliminaries are coming soon and he would also be busy with training.

She tells him that he cannot relax since there are only five months left before he’ll take the college entrance exams. “So you should more or less, sincerely think about the school that you want to go to...” While sipping on his drink, Shou says ya.
He holds up a tabulation of grades wherein it is all the grade of A except one B. Yuki squints and takes a look at the paper. Shou says that it is the score card of summer’s mock exam which was released yesterday. Yuki says is that so.

She thinks that there is a huge difference compared to her grades at that time. Then, she is surprised to see that his first choice is Osaki University. She says, let her say, the first choice... Twirling his pen, Shou casually says that it is Osaki. “Didn’t I tell you?” Yuki nervously thinks that isn’t good!!!

While eating with Yuki at Osaki cafeteria, Usami-san asks why it isn’t good. She exclaims that it is like a young idol drama wherein the kouhai boyfriend is in the same school as oneself. Yuki says no, about isn’t that simple.
She recalls her protests with Shou earlier. Flashback: Yuki shouted why Osaki. Shou says that it is because he wants to go there. She asked if he really seriously think about this thoroughly. He said that he did, he did. She then told him to stop twirling his pen for a moment. End flashback.  

Yuki thinks that there are a lot of colleges that are more suitable with his strength but indeed, the level of Osaki’s sports in terms of the basketball division is quite high but it is really hard to imagine that it is because Shou likes that kind of environment, and he want to properly play basketball so he’ll choose this place...

“So, he specially chose Osaki is because--- *imagines Shou saying, I want to be in the same school as Yuki-senpai.* It is definitely that kind of foolishly sweet way of thinking...!!!” They were interrupted by Suwa who greets them and asks if their summer vacation is also already over.
While Usami-san stiffens, Yuki greets Suwa and says that it seems that the coach won’t be coming over for today’s practice. Suwa says that’s unexpected. After Suwa and his friend say that they’ll meet with Yuki at the gym later on, Yuki turns to Usami-san and asks if she won’t be greeting Suwa.

She is surprised to see Usami-san covering her face. Yuki nervously asks what’s up with her and what does that pose mean!? Flustered Usami-san asks her if she’ll listen to what she’ll say. Yuki says ya. Usami-san tells her that during that time in the fireworks festival, before she bumped into Yuki on the way home...

Flashback: Suwa asked Usami-san if she wants to be alone with him. This freaked Usami-san out that she says’re welcome [/want to]! Suwa laughed and said then, he felt at ease. End flashback.
Usami-san tells Yuki that anyone would feel very startled upon hearing that kind of words and who wouldn’t have a trace of expectation but since that day, he didn’t invite me out. “Everyday, I eagerly wait for him to explain...”

Yuki nervously asks if she doesn’t want to admit that she likes him. Usami-san says that she asked Suwa before regarding the time when Yuki saw Suwa being slapped. Yuki recalls the incident.

Usami-san says that it seems that he had fooled around with a girl. “But in the end, it was discovered by the girl’s boyfriend. Because he hated disputes, he intended to go away which resulted to being slapped.” Freaking out, Yuki exclaims that it turns out to be such a serious thing.
Usami-san says yes, he’s a perfect scum but this kind of scum also earnestly confessed to her. “At a certain extent, I have to remind myself ‘it is still better for him to give up on me--’. In the end, maintaining the current situation is the correct choice.” Yuki can only empathize with Usami-san. 

At the Ryuhoku high gym, Abe covers his ears and shouts that he doesn’t want to hear it!!! Hatori shouts for him to listen, Osaki is actually quite difficult for him. Someone points to his exam score and shouts for Abe to look at these ruthless D grade! Abe shakes his head and shouts that he doesn’t want to listen!!! 

Miyoshi says that it seems that Osaki’s sports side is quite strong. Hatori exclaims that’s right, if it is the basketball division, it is a cruel world wherein it isn’t definite that Shou can become a regular player so why does he want to go there! “Have a bit of responsibility for your life!!”
Abe shouts that he’s noisy to death and no matter what they say he will go to Osaki together with Shou. He exclaims that Shou would just have to work hard in teaching him and then, he’ll absolutely pass! “Right! Shou-chan! Right!” Tying his shoe, Shou says ah-ya. Abe screams that Shou totally won’t look at him.

While Abe mopes, Himiko says that it seems that Osaki is where Amamiya and Yuki... Usami-kun exclaims that it is really amazing since it is like a young idol drama wherein the senpai girlfriend is in the same school as oneself. Noda says that Yuki is also happy right. Shou says no, it seems that she isn’t a bit happy about it.

The scene changes to Osaki University. While carrying a laundry basket, shocked Yuki exclaims why Shou is in her school and what about the club!? As some guys tell Yuki that they are going ahead and assumed that Shou is her boyfriend, Shou says that today is Saturday so it will start at 3pm.
He tells her that the career guidance teacher told him to go get information about Osaki [/brochures to know more about the school]. Wondering if it is true, Yuki asks if he really plans to take an exam for Osaki. Shou is puzzled.

He asks what it is. “You are always acting strange lately. Will something bad happen if I come and study here?” Yuki nervously says that not at all... He asks, “Yuki-senpai, could it be that you’re not happy to be together with me?” This made her flustered.

She thinks that not at isn’t like that at all...but...this thing... She drops the laundry basket and gestures that this thing is this thing and that thing is that thing!! Taking the laundry basket, she nervously says in is better for him to seriously think about it...!
With that, she quickly leaves. Recalling Shou asking if she doesn’t want to be with him, Yuki angrily thinks, stupid, she didn’t say that and that isn’t the problem at all. “I cannot let Naruse’s future development be affected because of me. Definitely--”

Then, she notices the store room’s door is open. She wonders who is using it but if there’s no one inside, she’ll lock it. She hears a noise inside. She peeks in and sees Suwa making out with a girl by the window. After staring for a while, Yuki quickly turns around and leave. 

She thinks that just now, that was Suwa, right and that is his, he doesn’t have a girlfriend...ah, is the scent of a scum...” At the outdoor basketball court, some girls look at Shou who is staring at the basketball court.
Some girls wonder if they have that kind of handsome guy in their school but he must be a college entrance examinee since he is carrying some brochures. Suwa calls out to boyfriend-kun and tosses a basketball at Shou who catches it. Suwa removes his coat and asks why he is in this kind of place.

“Are you waiting for Machida-san again? Or are you touring the school? I want to break a bit of sweat so can I play here?” Shou says neck. Suwa is puzzled. Shou says isn’t it better to cover up those things for a while. There are hickeys on Suwa’s neck. Suwa laughs and says that his eyesight is really good.

He says that Yuki won’t talk about it for the time being but if it is Usami-san saw it, she’ll keep on asking about it nonstop. Shou says that he doesn’t quite understand it. “If you don’t have that kind of thoughts [/inclination], isn’t it good for you to tell it to her clearly?”
Suwa steals the ball that Shou is about to shoot. He asks Shou if he wants to go in Osaki and want to enter the basketball division. “Try to score a point, okay?” This irks Shou. Shou quickly tries to grab the ball but Suwa backs away to evade him.

Suwa rushes to shoot the ball. Shou jumps to block it but to his surprise, Suwa holds the ball back and then shoots the ball in the basket. Shou grabs the ball but Suwa steals it again.

Suwa says, “This kind of ‘I don’t want at all to seriously go steady with you’ words, even if one is to say it clearly, who’ll benefit from it? If you care so much for the ‘truth’ then let me tell you clearly about a certain thing...
...Perhaps, you are Ryuhoku’s hero but college is a place where the Nationals’ elite are gathered. That set [/behavior] of yours is already useless. It would be better for you not to come here if you still want to be the ‘cool boyfriend’ in her heart.” Shou glares at him.

Just then, Yuki passes by and is shocked to see Shou is still there. He didn’t go home yet and he is with Suwa...? Shou says that he knows that thing clearly since he always lose to an old rival.

“Even if we entered the Nationals, we were quickly defeated in the first game. Even if it is like that, I’m satisfied and headed back. I don’t remember about I’m becoming a hero.” Yuuki is puzzled by what Shou said.
Shou advances and steals the ball from Suwa. Then, he shoots the ball as Suwa fails to stop him. After the ball went in the basket, Shou says that if he goes on like this, nothing will change.

“If I don’t find a place that is filled with challenges, then I basically cannot become my ideal self.” This surprises Yuki. She recalls Shou telling her that he wanted to go to Osaki and she kept on asking for him to seriously think it over. Eh?

A couple of girls call out to Suwa and says that the ball had rolled over here. Suwa apologizes and says that he’ll go over and get it. Picking up his jacket, Suwa says that’s it for now boyfriend-kun. He tells Shou that they play again next time.
Shou says that he doesn’t want to. Suwa laughs and says okay, then good look with the entrance exam. After Suwa left, Shou looks at the side and says, Yuki-senpai? Yuki is hiding behind a small sign post of not leaving one’s bicycle there.

Yuki immediately stands up and says, what. Shou says that he wants to ask, since when she came here. Yuki says the way...about that...he wanted to go to Osaki (is not because of her at all) is because the basketball division’s level here is very high?

Shou says yes, that’s right. Shocked Yuki thinks no, it turns out to be that!!? She had unconsciously and selfishly had misunderstood... “How embarrassing. Compared to one’s chest being groped or being licked, this is 100 times more embarrassing!!

...This is the most, most, most embarrassing thing in the first year we are going steady!! is really *hides behind the sign again* I want to die.” Shou asks what she is doing that she is hiding again. She gloomily apologizes for she was mistaken. “I was mistaken...I’m...a big idiot. I’m really sorry...”
After a pause, Shou asks could it be... He hits the sign board and asks if she thought that he made that kind of decision because of her? Yuki shouts for him to shut up because if he continues to talk, it would be better to just kill her. Shou looks surprised then his expression softens.

He says that it is really humiliating. She tells him to quickly shut up. As he holds her hand gripping the signboard, Shou says that it is unexpected since she simply has that kind of thinking. Yuki tells him to shut up again.

He says, “By-the way, for you to unexpectedly have that kind of cute misunderstand, senpai, *leans head on the signboard* you’re the one who want to kill me right?” Yuki blushes.
Narration: “Thinking of it meticulously, this year, each and every day, *floating hearts are piling up* it seems that I continuously receive his ‘gift’--”

Shou says, “I really thought over a lot regarding senpai’s birthday gift. Even if I give senpai’s gift right now, you also won’t be a bit happy, right. *holds her fingers* Birthday gift. *interwines his fingers into hers* Anniversary gift. Is it okay to wait until my exams end, then we’ll celebrate it together?”

Yuki says anytime is okay, ya. Narration: “These ‘gifts’ continuously increase, accumulate and swell in my heart. Unconsciously, it has already become big to the point wherein I find it hard to believe--” Shou leans to the side to look at her and says, ah, also—

Startle Yuki nervously asks wh..what... He whispers to blushing Yuki, “Actually, this ‘I want to go in the same school with senapi’ kind of thing, I have somewhat thought of it too.” Narration: “If I don’t think of a way to say out everything (in my mind), I’ll quickly fall apart [/explode].”
Comment: Well, Shou will be going to Osaki. The good thing there will be indeed, the two will be together and it is a school that specializes in basketball. The bad thing is Suwa whom Shou is annoyed with is there. There is also a possibility that Shizuka will also go to that school.

I’m been thinking of this but I guess this chapter somewhat confirms it that Shizuka is the better player than Shou. That is because Osaki’s coach specially invited Shizuka to check out their school. Even Kira’s coach wants him. That means they are wooing Shizuka to go to their respective schools.

Nevertheless, I think it will be interesting how Shou will play with two guys whom he doesn’t quite like especially since they’re in the same team. Because we know more about Suwa here, it makes me think that the series might go beyond Shou’s high school graduation unless that Suwa/Suwa-Usami-san issue would be resolved by April.

We might have a time skip from here. The celebration would be most likely held five months from then so around January. Hehe, before Shou graduates in March, they would most likely celebrating it with making love given Yuki’s state of reaching the peak of being in love. Hehe, that is unless Shou convinced her to ‘celebrate’ it on her birthday. Scans by 红莲汉

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    I've never thought about who the better player between Shou and Shizuka was. It's difficult to determine because we don't often see Shou giving his all. You have a point about the scouts though, but that might also be explained by Shizuka going to a school with a better reputation in basketball, Ryu-- has only just begun to rise. I'm happy to see that Shou and Shizuka are going to continue to grow, but I wish Yuki would get some better plot lines outside of the relationship too. She feels a bit stagnant sometimes.

    And with the matching responses to Shou and Yuki possibly going to the same college we can confirm the Usami siblings?

    Overall I still find this series sweet (the end scene ��) even when it gets a bit repetitive.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

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      Iirc, Osaki's coach went to see the previous games with both teams playing. Of course, I'm saying that it is at this point of time. Shou can catch up or surpass Shizuka due to talent. Shizuka's edge was he was training hard all these time compared to Shou being serious in 2-3 years.

      I agree. I guess it is because as basketball manager, Yuki is already at her peak. She can even beat the current older manager in that college. She is already quite professional and thorough with her work = a bit too perfectly...even at the convenient store.

      I think so. There are too many instances already. Hehe, I didn't mention it anymore since I'm starting to sound like a broken record. ^^;


    2. Hmm, now that you mention it, you're right that we don't see a lot of personal development from Yuki other than understanding her feelings and relationships. Has it been said what her goal is or what she's majoring in college? (Can't remember) It would be nice to learn more about that. :)

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    4. squeaker, I don't recall what she's majoring. All I remember is she wanted to try something new aside from basketball but well, we know what happened with that.

    5. @Kat I didnt recall the Osaki coach seeing both of them play. Then I guess you're right. Should add another layer of they all end up playing together on the same team.

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