August 21, 2017

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 250]

So, it turns out that Koga is pretty much like Shou who is after Ren’s position. Apparently, he hates any girls who like Ren beyond his looks. ^^; Unlike before, Kyouko’s typical response has backfired on her. But then, who would have thought that Koga is actually like that.

That is bad news for Kyouko especially since he is one of the judge and the lead actor. Koga will be biased against her like Kimiko’s uncle is. And, will make things difficult for her during the filming. In this audition, her partner-Chidori won’t be Kanae. I’m not sure Kanae can give a hint to Kyouko on what it was all about though.

For now, Kimiko has the upper hand in this part of the audition. She might have seen through Kyouko’s denial in some way. I’m likely to believe that ring is a lie to falter Kyouko. Based on how cocky Kimiko was at the end, it was like her plan/gamble worked. Kyouko wasn’t listening and too bad, Kyouko will have to act first.

By the way, is this last leg of the audition? Haha, I forgot. There are only two Momoji left but iirc, there are three Chidori. With whom is Kimiko/Kanae going to be paired off with? I’m thinking that if Kyouko failed in this one, it will be a tie so there will be one more audition. [Edit: It turns out that this is a Chidori audition as mentioned by Brittany. ^^;]


One thing is for certain, thanks to Kimiko, Kyouko will now know how to feel and act towards Chidori as Momiji. The jealousy and hatred that Kyouko is trying to keep bottled up as she acts cool towards Ren’s possible love life will come out/explode here. I might feel sorry for the Chidori actress. ^^;

Hehe, in a way, what Kyouko felt is probably the same with what Ren felt when he saw that picture of Shou kissing Kyouko. Of course, Ren might be able to hide it better than Kyouko since Yashiro noticed that something is off based on her expression.

If Kyouko had told Yashiro about it, Yashiro would have done some damage control since he knows whom Ren really likes. It seems that Yashiro is investigating something here. Was it Lory whom he is reporting, too? That might be another reason why he offered to be Kyouko’s manager at this time. 


Anyway, I’m glad that Kyouko won’t easily just be pair up with Kanae and win the audition. Kimiko’s purpose in this arc is coming out – the perceived (by Kyouko) crush of Ren. Now, Kyouko has a reason why she MIGHT team up with Erika to put Kimiko in her place.

Because of how Koga was acting, I did wish that Ren snatched the role back from him. ^^; I thought, don’t worry, ‘Tsuruga Ren’ really doesn’t exist and he won’t be in Japan anymore soon. He will be going on a bigger stage so eat your heart out. =P

As usual, the mangaka usually gives the characters what they deserve later on so I’ll just wait for it to happen. As for that misunderstanding regarding the kiss and ring, that might lead to a romantic progress between the two since they will have to clarify and possibly slip as to who they really love ^^


  1. Good discussion, Kat!

    Haha, so you think Koga is like that, huh? Truthfully, I feel like he likes to mess around a lot though I know he was serious about hating Ren. Anyways, for this audition it's for the Chidoris and Kuresaki is just using the Momijis. Thankfully, Kyoko won't be judged here so if she messes up she won't be kicked out. However, Kuresaki would be angry as it looks like he's already ticked off that she wasn't listening. At this time, Kyoko will have to snap out of it. Kimiko is smug now but she'll regret it later because she just gave what Kyoko needed. In every role that Kyoko received, those who doubted and worked against her only made her stronger. Lol, Kimiko will get what she deserves soon enough. Plus, I wonder if she knows how close Ren and Kyoko are? I'm sure she was lying about him slipping the ring on her finger and if she would panic thinking that Kyoko will tell Ren about it.

    Anyways, if Kyoko doesn't act this well in this one it would leave a bad impression. Though, this will probably give the story purpose because Kimiko would think that Kyoko's concentration was shattered entirely. It will then take a turn of Kyoko throwing her opponent off her feet once she gets back into character better than before. As for Yashiro, I think Kimiko did something in the past that makes him wary of her. His reactions to her is strange so maybe Kimiko was being clingy and suggesting false things about her and Ren in the past.

    1. Thanks, Brittany ^-^

      Indeed. Thinking about it, maybe that is one reason why he isn't number one in that poll. =P that so. So, it wasn't 'threatening' at all as it seems to be? If Kyouko messes up because she wasn't listening, then on her final audition, she'll have three judges antagonistic towards her. She really have to impress them big time in some way.

      Yup, I'll eager await that but until then...we'll keep on seeing Kimiko smug expression. Of course, Kimiko doesn't. In a way, I'm somehow wishing that Ren appears at the end of the audition for Kyouko after Kyouko got the role. Of course, that will be icing on the cake = see Kimiko's expression.

      Of course, that might lead to Kimiko and./or manager doing something really underhanded just like what she/they did to Erika.

      Yup. Hopefully, Kyouko can recover fast. That's possible. I always think that Yashiro wanting to be Kyouko's manager is connected to him looking at Kimiko's picture on the computer that Kyouko used to learn more about Kimiko.

      Kimiko seems to be the type who can easily insinuate something favorable towards her like her blog post about her and if it was a date but actually, it was a party.

  2. Thanks Kat for your thoughts. It helps put things in perspective because my heart was hurting for Kyoko! And I was worried about how things were going to play out next.


    1. Thanks for reading, Steph ^-^

      Yup, even if we know that Kyouko will have the last laugh.

    2. We have the same thought, Steph. It make me worry also...The author really know how to bait reader.

  3. Whenever the chapter ends on these 'unfavourable' notes, I can't help anticipating the next chapter. It will be wasted chance if she does not manage to show the judges that she is actually going through what Momiji is going through.This is the best time to reveal her feelings too since she is under the delusion that she has found Rens's love interest.

    I really want Kuresaki to believe in her from start to end. Just like you said, Ren suddenly coming on the set will be the best test for her. Well this can happen later too i'm not too impatient for that scene so long as it happens during the filming ;)

    On another note why did the mangaka decide to make Koga realise Kyouko's feelings for Ren so early on. It might be a bit unrealistic given his hatred for Ren, and what has been shown of his personality, but he might step out of the movie on his own and let Kyouko give her best performance alongside Ren. Just a little delusion on my own heh heh ...
    But i really want Koga to have a crucial role in developing the relationship between Kyouko x Ren.. like falling for Kyouko himself ^_^

    1. Indeed, Crimson sky. Hopefully, in this audition, that is what's required of her.

      Yup, If Ren does come to the set, I really want to know what his alibi is. =P The reason would be most likely to know more about that photograph ^^

      Plotwise, it is indeed for Kimiko to have an edge to unsettle Kyouko. I do think the mangaka is advancing the romantic aspect since Kyouko definitely has this role in the bag. Unrealistic...not sure. Kyouko's softened expression gave her away. Koga is still an actor so he should be keen on people's expressions.

      Hehe, step out of the movie seems unlikely since he is already 'gloating' in a way that he got what was meant for Ren.

      I see. I'm actually okay with this. As something different. That role seems to be Shou's = that photograph among other things. I think Ren would be more uneasy if it is Shou because he has a past with Kyouko compared to Koga who just appeared now, or Reino, or the co-actor in Dark Moon.

      But, I do get your point. ^^ From how things are going, I feel that something will develop in the romance of the series ^^

    2. Yes true, though we haven't seen Shou for a while so i'm guessing that he will randomly see Kyouko only for the scene to be witnessed by Ren. Or Kyouko's mother helping to complicate the plot. Shou is like a harmless little bug whose existence keeps being blown out of proportion by the plot. I don't get the feeling that Shou is in love with Kyouko, rather i feel sibling feel between them.

      I hope Lotus in the Mire is a long arc: Kimiko conspiracy/ Shou Jealousy/ Random events like white day are most likely going to affect her performance. I want to see everything, especially if by the end of the filming Kyouko realises she can no longer hide her feelings and confess. I want to see her anguish last till the end because then it will mean that she has to stop running away and embrace her feelings. From the way that story is flowing, i'll say Kyouko won't be able to hide it for long :P

      As for Ren I believe that he will need a few more pushes before his mask falls off.

      It sounds selfish but I don't know if i want her to confess -.- It will be like The End is here.

    3. True. I'm not sure if he is harmless though, he can buzz around and agitate his victims. Kyouko is getting immune to the bites based on how she reacted to the kiss. I'm not so sure yet with Ren though he can keep his composure more than before.

      Ya, but well, he was Kyouko's 'first' love'. Hehe, isn't that categorized as 'bickering couple = close'. =P And won't he appear again soon since his parents are suppose to come over and check on Kyouko?

      I think that is part of the arc. Iirc, the White day gift has been bothering Kyouko before and now during the audition. I agree. I think that's where the mangaka is leading this.

      Lol, yup, actually reveal who he really is, too ^^

      So, you think the series will end with the confession? Then, afterwards, just some scenes together? I'm still wondering if they'll go to US and we'll know more about what happened to Rick and that curly haired guy who was bullying Kuon = his past. Are they already a couple by then?

    4. Oh yeah i forgot we are dealing with Ren here, he can be stealthy at times. There can be a happy ending without a confession but with both protagonists happy. Maybe rather than a love confession Kyouko will get a Corn confession with Ren admitting his identity.

      I feel that she will be an international actress too.She even has a connection there ;)
      Shou-Kyouko look like a bickering couple to the eyes of others, I just remembered the scene where he gave her flowers on V day... and kissed her!

      I believe it was Yashiro who cautioned Ren before, that sooner or later Kyouko will become popular and be snatched by someone. Again i'm leaving all my expectations on the Lotus arc- he does not have to give her a confession but at least close the distance between them.

      You are right, it will take some time for Ren to vanquish his dark past. I think that he will be finally free when Kyouko accepts him and his past and finally 'heal' him. Perhaps only then will they be a couple.

    5. Yup, I'm hoping for something like that. Actually, I'm hoping for a really extra special surprising confession - romantic or his true identity or if lucky, both ^^ When it happens, we would probably be thinking, FINALLY!! YAY!!


      Hopefully so.

      Indeed. Ah...and when will that happen in our time? Few more years? ^^;;

    6. Rather than 'finally yay', the mangaka had me saying 'omg wow' a few times in the past, which is actually even better than her tying some loose ends in the plot :P

      One example was the Heel siblings and that was a shock lol. The plot moves in a special way that's why i can trade off patience over a few hundred more chapters- even if it takes years before it wraps up.

      I have no doubt that no matter how the story unfolds it will be smoothly done. I've wondered whether Kyouko's mother will have any connection with the story, since lotus in the mud is a love story after all, and the reason why kyouko has been unable to fall was because of Saena.

    7. True, true, that too ^^ Especially after all the wait ^^

      Hehe, I actually literally based the title to Ren = lotus. So, more on something between Kyouko and Ren.

  4. blackphoenixsuzakuAugust 22, 2017 at 2:32 AM

    Yep. Still want to punch Koga. Maybe some fight scenes where Kyoko can kick his butt, lol. Or better yet, Ren ready to murder him for going near Kyoko.

    Kimiko is such a jerk. I hope Kyoko realizes that Kimiko will never even get Ren's respect seeing as she doesn't have passion or pride in her work which Ren looks for. I can understand her confusion of Kimiko being mistaken as Ren's love interest but come on, would Ren really like someone who crippled a hard working actress for a role.

    Hopefully Kyoko can wing this since she's pretty good at it.

    1. Haha, blackphoenixsuzaku, ya but alas, her character is suppose to be in love with him.

      True, but unfortunately, Kyouko doesn't have the luxury of time to really think things through. Jealousy is already eating through her so heart > brain. Speaking of that, I do wonder if Ren knows of Kimiko's real personality. I get the impression that Yashiro knew.

      Yup. And when it happens, it is always quite satisfying ^^

    2. I think that Yashiro knows a lot of things and he just might realise Kyouko's feelings by the end of the shooting. He is just like Lory sometimes- you get the feel that they are masterminds behind the plot, helping to remove all obstacles in the paths of the lovers.

      Did Yashiro become Kyokou's manager only because he happened to be free and Kyouko did not have one? I wonder if it has anything to do with what happened to Erika too.

    3. Possible and yes, indeed.

      Actually, I think it has something to do with Kimiko since he was looking at her picture in that blog that Kyouko is researching. Now that you mentioned something about Erika, I recalled that her bodyguards were requesting Love Me about it, right?

      Was it possible that Sawara mentioned it to Lory and Lory told Yashiro to be Kyouko's manager? So, Yashiro will help her here, trial for him to be her manager and help out with Erika's case. Three birds in one stone?

    4. Super-Manager at his best :P

      I'm also thinking that he might know about Kimiko's personality and if she realises the closeness between Ren-Kyouko she might do something bad. Although this does not hold much since Yashiro simply being there is speaking volumes about Ren/Kyouko.

      Perhaps more than Kimiko, Yashiro is there because of the incident with Erika plus the fact that Kyouko needs help with her schedule.
      Kimiko being in the picture just happened to be coincidence, and a 3rd bird to kill.

    5. True. It makes me wonder if Kimiko did something before perhaps, to co-workers in her previous work with Ren before.

      I still feel that Kimiko is a reason for it. He was looking intently at her picture in the blog which Kyouko was researching on. I did find that scene odd so there should be a reason.

    6. Hmm that's food for thought. I suppose something might have happened to make him ponder so much; on the other hand it also means that if she's rotten then retribution is not too far off for her. Something like Ren himself giving her the fatal blow is good too ;)

    7. Indeed ^^ But then, in this series, antagonist turn out good later on and become Kyouko's 'friends' after the retribution. ^^

  5. I do hope Ren will appear soon. oh well...Im pretty sure Kyoko will think of something to get out from this bad situation. Kyoko feeling confused and jealous towards Kimiko will give birth to Momiji's character that will surpass our expectations.

    hm..I really want to slap Kimiko's face tho-- and Koga, he just messing around. maybe he end up fallen in love to Kyoko later. ahaha but Ren would snatched her away lol xDD

  6. Thanks Kat for another summary.
    Hope Kyoko will snatch the role of Mimoji and act alongside Kanae as Chidori.
    Koga and Kimiko like I want to slap both of them.
    I hope to see Ren coming to the scene and hug Kyoko in front of everyone. (But, the misunderstanding between them two ......auch...Will it happen?)

    1. Thanks for reading, Sara ^-^

      I agree.

      Not yet...because of the misunderstanding and current stalemate condition of their relationship.

  7. Waaah~ It's a good thing I also came here even if I already read the manga. I was kinda feeling negative about the whole chapter but yeah, everything's gonna be okay. I failed to see how important for Kyouko to feel this certain feeling as part of being in love - and use it to her advantage. It's like the shift from the last two chapters being so remarkable now it's become the opposite. But now I'm feeling positive about this. I can't wait for this audition to finally be oveeeeer! ugh~

    I re-read the entire manga before this chapter came out lol, got excited and all..
    ...and kept wishing someone would decide to continue the anime.. that would be lovely..

    1. Yup, it will be okay, moxdee ^^ Ya...will it end before the end of the year [in our time time]?

      I see ^^ Cliffhangers like this usually leaves one hanging.

      Perhaps, if there is a demand for it.

  8. Kat, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm not sure if someone stated this or not! With the summarized mangas, I usually read the summary then post my thoughts, then read Kat's and everyone else's comments. Of course, my strategy changes with Skip Beat, I read the manga, post my thoughts there on that site, then come here to read Kat's and other peoples comments. I truly enjoy the discussion and comments here! Great job Kat and everyone here!

    I think Ren actually gave Kimiko the ring, but I don't think he gave her to ring because he's especially close to her. Knowing Ren's character, he probably gave her a ring so that Kimiko can get through the scene because she was struggling. The ring was probably given to him without thought (people and companies often gift celebrities with gifts and gift bags), so he happened to have it with him that day, and Ren is quick on his feet and wanted her to stop "NGs-ing" so he gave her the ring as a confidence boast (like she said), and he forgot about it because it was not important. So, I don't think she is lying. Ren likely gave her the ring. But the ring has no special meaning. Also, of course, Ren has a White Day return gift for Kyoko, it's just that Kyoko is unique/a little difficult (basically she not "basic") so 1) he has to choose a gift Kyoko will like and accept for Ren (remember his Queen Rose technique) and 2) Ren will choose a gift that's meaningful. And it will have way more meaning than the other gifts he's given to other female actors--knowing Ren character, those gifts were only given out of courtesy. I don't think Ren actually picks out their (the other female's admirers) gifts, Yashiro probably did it. But, Ren will definitely personally pick out Kyoko's gift and he will give it to her when the moment is right!


    1. Also, So, who was Yashiro talking to on the phone and what were they talking about?! Especially because it made him react like that. We know it's not the president. Did he hear about the photos (from an outside source)? Or was it something else different?! Maybe, it's another issue that might come up! And who is the "perpetrator"? Is it Shou?! Someone we have not met yet? Or is it Ren? Did he do something shocking on the set again?! Or did another matter happen?! What happened?! And with who? ...¡dun dun duuuun! (I truly just exhausted myself...)!


    2. Kat, I just read your comments on this and we do share some similar thoughts. But, I personally don't think that Yashiro is talking to the president based on the way Yashiro addressed the person on the phone in chapter 249. Either way, no matter who it is, hopefully we will find out next chapter...or in 2 or 3 chapters...realism...!


    3. Thanks for reading, Tash ^-^ Thanks~

      That is possible but Koga said that it was not an ordinary ring. I'm not too sure if Ren will give something that special and personal since what he gave for his Dark Moon co-stars aren't like that.

      Being good with ladies, I would think Ren would be careful not to give anything personal and special which will make the other party misunderstand. I think it would be easy for Kimiko to misunderstand.

      He seems to charm them rather than implying something which can make them misunderstand especially since he had 'closed his heart' at that time until Kyouko came into his life again.

      I re-browse the previous chapters and I don't see her wearing that ring. In the previous encounter of an actress with a lot of NG, Ren would just talk and cheer that person on rather than giving gifts like a ring <- when Ren got sick.

      So, because of those, I scratched out the idea [high probability] that Ren could have given it to her and it is quite possible that it was her own ring or her manager's.

      - - -

      How come it isn't the president? Yashiro did mention the audition to Lory. I'm not sure though if Lory knew about the Love Me request by Erika's bodyguard. Ah, I didn't think they're talking about pictures/photos but rather the audition.

      The first thing in my mind was Erika and her accident due to the 'perpetrator' but the Chinese translation didn't mention that, it is just 'person'. The latter part in Chinese, Yashiro said okay, no problem, as soon as I find the person himself, will discuss it in a while. Okay, yes, after I fully understand [things], I'll contact you from this side." So, it seems to be some sort of investigation.

      Anyway, things are too vague but I didn't think it was the photos because Lory already dealt with it. It is definitely not Ren since he'll call him tonight or tomorrow. Maybe it was Sawara? Or it is some other thing, like you mentioned. ^^

      Yup ^^ Haha, 3 is already a surprise/miracle so maybe after 3 chapters =P Assuming this part of the audition ends in 2-3 chapters. Since a chapter might show other characters like Ren or Erika or flashback.

    4. Web





      Natasha Wright

      to me
      6 minutes ago


      Hey, Kat! Thanks for the reply. Just because it not an ordinary ring, does not mean that Ren knows that (we only know this because Koga pointed it out). Ren could have just thought it was a typical ring. I don’t think Ren is current on ring trends and brands, especially female rings (especially two years ago). Two years ago, Ren was only about work.


      Beside, Koga on the other hand seems like he would be aware of ring trends and brands. 1) He has a little sister and 2) he’s a flasher person than Ren.  


      Also, I don’t think Kimiko is that stupid of a person! Why would she lie about something that can easily be verified. Even if she does not know Kyoko and Ren’s relationship, Yashiro is still there, and he was around 2 years ago; managing Ren. He can easily verify if Ren gave her the ring or at the very least ask Ren himself if he gave her the ring.


      If Kimiko is slimly and clever (clever not being a compliment in this example) enough to injure Erica for a role (commit a violent crime), get away with it, and re-audition for the role, I don’t think she stupid enough to let a lie about receiving or not receiving a ring from Ren bring her down. She obliviously is an ambitious person, and she plans every detail of her personal life and career. She purposely wanted Kyoko to know she got the ring from Ren and she said it in the open. Even if Kyoko won’t mention it, Koga or someone else listening can mention it. And if a rumor starts, Ren and the president will squash it immediately. Remember, Ren is known for not having scandals, why would he allow Kimiko to start a scandal and ruin his reputation. Ren is also an ambitious person with a mission and he has a public image he want to maintain. And Kimiko would not ruin her reputation over such a simple matter that easily. So, I believe that Kimiko would only say she got the ring from Ren if she actually got the ring from Ren. For me, why Ren gave her the ring is muddy waters.


      The reason I don’t think it’s the president is because Yashiro answered the phone “Hello, this is Yashiro from LME management, thank you for your trouble the other day.” It sounds like he was talking to an outside source not related to LME. And if you are talking to someone from LME, typically you would not tell the person on the phone that you are from LME. Yashiro would still be professional with the president, but he would not introduce himself and the company he works for. I believe that he would have introduced himself, and acknowledge the president in a professional way like: “Hello, this is Yashiro. Hello Mr. President. How may I assist you?” or “Hello, this is Yashiro. Hello Mr. President. Thank you for your trouble the other day. How may I assist you?” (something like this).


      Also, Yashiro looked at the phone to see who is calling, if it was the president then he would have known. The only way I believe that it could be the president is if he purposely wanted to keep it from Kyoko that he is talking to the president, but still I would not get why he would have to hide that from Kyoko. So, I personally don’t think it’s the president. But, of course, like everyone else we would know the truth until it is revealed. 


      Also, I think Ren is only good with the ladies on a shallow level. Remember, he only learned how to woo women from his experience with Kyoko. He’s still unexperienced. He knows how to keep impersonal relationship with them, but wooing them and seduction is another matter. Besides, the women are too hypnotize to notice that his charm is just distant friendliness. Basically, Ren can just stand there and they would have hearts in his eyes and find him memorizing.


      Besides, I love disagreement (when done right). It leads to great discussions! Thanks for the debate, if only everyone could be as respectful and explanatory/detailed as us…sigh.


      Yeah, I don’t think it is photo related too! Anyway, we will find out in a month, 2, 3, 4, or 5 from now! Have a great day Kat!


    5. Indeed but because it isn't an ordinary ring, I presumed that it was expensive = unique design. Expensive = deeper meaning for girls. Since I get the impression that Ren is a meticulous person, I don't think he'll be careless enough to give something like that. If it was before the Rick incident, I can imagine Ren doing that =P

      Ya, though I'm not too sure if she is very intelligent = tried to copy Erika's entrance with stockings and Erika knew she's the culprit. Perhaps, it was that or it was really a gamble. Kyouko didn't ask, right? She is too bothered by it to ask but then, Kyouko is keeping her feelings for Ren a secret. <- Kimiko had overheard.

      I think it doesn't matter if it can be verified later on. What's important is it can bother and distract Kyouko to fail the audition. What's important is to get the role. I'm assuming that day is the last day of the audition for both roles. ^^;

      Ah, won't it be a bigger rumor if Ren did gave her a ring? Kimiko's reputation won't be ruined by a lie even if the ring thing is true. Also, there is no proof - he says she says. It also happened two years ago. I don't think it will cause a fuss in media. ^^ But that photo, that's juicy ^^

      If she was the one who caused Erika's incident, that will ruin her reputation. And, actually, she doesn't seem to care about reputation since it is already known that she usually gets her roles through connections.

      I see. True, based on that, it might be someone else. So, Erika related? About that one, I think that it is just an etiquette to excuse oneself from others when talking on the phone. Koga was also there.

      I'm under the assumption that Ren knows how to woo and seduce but in a superficial level like give flowers, things, kisses/sex. He just doesn't know 'real love'. He doesn't seem to be the naive type of charismatic guy. Hence, Kyouko feels that he is a player. I would say that his level of wooing and seduction heightened from his experience with Kyouko ^^

      Indeed ^^ No problem ^^ Discussions can also lead to knew ideas ^^

      Haha, indeed. Lol, or maybe next year. Have a great day, too, Tash ^-^

    6. Hey, Kat!

      Hmm, I see why we have different views. It's because not only do we disagree on the ring situation, we also have different views on the characters' personalities and how certain characteristics present themselves, and we interrupt situations different. This is the perfect example of how different life experiences can affect how each person views information/stuff! :)

      Also, quickly, I want to correct something. I never stated that Kimiko was intelligent or smart (meaning in the book smart way), when I described her, I said she was "slimly and clever" and "not that stupid of a person."

      My description of her is based on someone who has:

      1) street smarts-- in this case show-business smarts (*Note/P.S.: I value street smarts, I have them, but Kimiko uses them sinfully)

      and/or someone who is ...

      2) a con-artist.

      I meant that Kimiko knows how to manipulate the situation and how not to get caught.

      Anyway, this was a great talk! Even if we don't agree this was a productive conversation! Until the next chapter! And thanks for all the hard work you do this on this blog/website!


    7. Indeed, and we read basically the same thing. ^^

      That would be like sly/deceitful, right?

      I see ^^

      Yup ^^ And thanks for reading, Tash ^-^

    8. I was looking for chapter 251 summary but since it hasnt updated yet, I just read all this comment. I absolutely agree with Kat point of views, Ren was a lady man, yeah he only experience true love with kyoko, but I remember in one of old chapter (I forgot in what chapter) when Ren embrace Kyoko, he thought I embrace a lot of women, but I didnt know it would feel this good. Ren wasnt a naive country boys, he was raised in a showbiz industry, getting involved with a lot older people since he was a kid, hence he has that 'Emperor of the night' charisma. so it hard to believe Ren didnt know the meaning behind a 'Ring' eventhough he doesnt know about brands and such. I think in any part of the world given Ring to someone has a deeper meaning, even a lovers would think twice before giving a Ring as a gift. and that Ring has unique design, and why would he carry that around with him, even when someone at the set or fans gift it to him, I dont think with Ren manners, he would give something given to him to other people just out of helping junior with her acting troubles. and also it was a bit too coincedental that Kumiko always wear that ring even after 2 years and then overheard Kyoko and Kuga talking about Ren. I think Kumiko was more sneaky bitch type rather than smart and cunning type, and she is impulsive type who didnt think about the consequence just like when she push Erika, anyone passing by could notice it and there is also cctv on the road, not to mention Erika knows the culprit but she didnt want to make a big deal out of it cause she has done the same to Kanae in the past, so there is a chance she was lying about the Ring, in her mind there is no chance a no name actress like Kyoko would verify the truth by asking Ren himself or Yashiro on that matters that happened 2 years ago (why would she and what for), and even if Kuga spread the word around, the rumors would be benefit for her instead.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I'm lookijng forward to the next chapter to see how Kyouko will manage to pass the test. She always manages somehow. But i think you're right that her experiencing this jealousy will help her portray Momoji as not only jealous of chidori but heartbroken as well and give her performance real depth.

    I'm relieved that Koga doesn't like her. Don't need another person hitting on Kyouko! And I think it will be funny to see her stick up for Ren and have pretty fights with him during filming. (Cause in my mind she already has the patt.)

    1. Thanks for reading, Carol ^-^

      Indeed. Hopefully, this test is about that ^^

      Ya though Ren might not be happy about it since he'll assume that he is just the 'god of acting' for her and not a potential lover =P Actually, Ren might get jealous if he watches the finished product if Kyouko is visualizing Koga's character as Ren =P

  10. Yikes, what a chapter!

    No worries about her spacing out though. I'm sure Kyouko will manage somehow, and if not, will make up for it later.

    I guess it's good for Kyouko to grow as an actress, but I can't help thinking "noooo!!!" about this new love misunderstanding regarding Kimiko. Hopefully it is just a brief vehicle for the auditions and her feelings. Actually I'd love it if it somehow helps Yashiro figure out Kyouko's feelings for Ren, lol.

    I really want to know what the phone call was about that made Yashiro so taken aback! His first thoughts were not to fret yet and that he'd have to call Ren, so I don't think it's regarding Kyouko's photo (plus he wouldn't need to worry since Lory said they took care of that matter). Yashiro was also very curious about what was said between Kyouko and Kimiko about Ren. Maybe he wondered if they had heard a rumor about him?

    And Ren, we need you to give Kyouko her white day gift already!! Lol.

    1. Yup, squeaker ^^

      Indeed ^^

      It is indeed a 'vehicle' for all sorts of potential possibilities in the story. ^^

      My first thoughts on it is it is about the audition incident involving Erika. I'm not sure if the incident has reached Lory or Yashiro mentioned it when he told him about Kyouko's audition. I recall that they were asking for Love Me's help on the matter.

      I also don't think it is the photo since Lory took care of it. I would think that he is worried why Kyouko had that kind of expression. She won't if they only talk about that - respect Ren as actor and as a person.

      I'm not sure if Yashiro is implying that Kimiko inventing things between her and Ren. <- perhaps like what she wrote in her blog. Or, maybe he is probing Kyouko on how she feels about Ren given Kimiko's inclination to insinuate that there is something between her and Ren <- blog.

      Haha, yes, yes, but ah...until the audition ends...probably during Ren's free time. Two days was it? Actually, I'm not sure how he'll give it, if there was a gift, after seeing that photo. They'll probably talk first due to the misunderstandings.

  11. I wonder if the phone call was about a photo of Kyoko and Ren embrasing and they will use the one with Sho kissing her to make a spread about the new comer two time the two biggest names in showbiz.

    1. Probably not, Anonymous since Lory already dealt with it. Things will be too complicated if it happens and personally, I would want Kyouko to become famous on her own merit rather than thanks to Shou's stolen kiss.

  12. It is a pleasure to read your comments (as usual).
    Thank you very much, your comments always help me understand the chapter better😄.
    I really hope that this situation will lead to a romantic progres. we have waited too long, haven't we?

    1. Thanks for reading, Lovely Otaku Sama ^-^


      I believe it will lead to romantic progress. The hitch would be when we'll read it. I'm guessing maybe at the end of the year in our time. ^^;;

  13. I was kinda depressed on how things turned in the manga. I came here to see everyone's thoughts on this. Thanks Kat for an optimistic view on this.
    I believe that Kimiko did that scene not only to stir Kyoko, but also to imply that she's very close to Ren. She might really like Ren and gives everyone the impression that there's an issue between them even though there's really none. Still, Kimiko has helped Kyoko (though they don't realize it yet). Kyoko is now aware of what it's like to be jealous. This is especially important for the character of Momiji. Also, Koga, being aware of Kyoko's feelings for Ren, I think is necessary for that scene to happen. Momiji is now complete! But, the drawback here is that she's distracted. We won't know how the next stage of audition will be. I just trust in Kyoko and how she dealt with so many problems on set before. She rises above them. I don't really think she's not aware of what to do for the next stage. When she created her Momiji, she somehow knows the plot of the story and the roles of each character and how is Momoji supposed to be. Kyoko, as a method actress, must know and understand her character well.
    I'm afraid this manga will go on like for the next 5-10 years or so (damn) especially with the misunderstandings and issues now.I'm so eager of the ending already!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading, Karen ^-^

      True, but then, implying they are close = to bother Kyouko = she won't concentrate = plan worked. ^^

      Yup, but it will be a problem if the Chidori girl would just react from whatever the Momiji character will do <- Kyouko would have to act first hence what will she do if she doesn't know what's the 'set-up'. Momiji would most likely go to Chidori who is already made to stand/sit at some side. Hopefully, Momiji's actions can give Kyouko a hint as to what is the set-up.

      If not, well, she'll just have to endure some scolding from the producer. Apologize and admit that she wasn't listening.

      Hehe...well, it's possible. Though I think those misunderstandings are just a catalyst for some confession/truth to come out since the two are currently in a stalemate. If the mangaka will dwell on the misunderstandings like in other shoujos, it might be more than 10 years for this series to finish. ^^;;

  14. Speaking of misunderstandings (Kyoko and Shou kiss, Kyoko thinking Kimiko is the high-schooler Ren loves), a lot of people in some groups think that there will be Ren and Kyoko fall out. But I beg to disagree. These two have been through a lot already. They've been strong. Hopefully, this will pave the way for Ren X Kyoko romance we (I'm not the only one right?) all have been dying for. I can't bear any fall out alright. Kyoko has been bottling up here feelings already. It's obvious through the previous chapters that her face is slipping out (eveytime Ren is involved). And, it's not only Kyoko who's slipping already. I don't think Ren will approach Kyoko like the Emperor of the Night again. But one thing's for sure he will up his game.Kyoko's jealousy hmmmm how will she face Ren with that. With the added jealousy on both sides, it's like fuel to the fire (ommo fireworks.. no backfire please).

    Yashiro phone call.
    I also think it's not the President he's talking to nor the stolen image of Kyoko and Sho kiss. It appears to be about the "accident" of Erika. It has to be solved. (DONT READ:Huhuhu someone stop me but. I feel like it's not Kimiko who did it. I theorize that it was Koga who planned that but not directed to Erika. What if it was for Ren afterall... They just got the wrong person. And if Kimiko was ever to be involved here.. Could it be that she was an accomplice or she was there but did not help Erika. I just have this idea that Kimiko wanted to be in because she thought Ren would be there) oh's strongly believed it's Kimiko in the manga tho.

    Kyoko no White Day Gift
    It's sooo cute. Lol. I mean Kyoko. She doesn't realize it but she's starting to get Jealous (Momiji role prep). With the issues, I think Kyoko has wait longer for her gift (I'm hoping it's not a material gift this time). Kimiko would kill for Kyoko's Princess Rosa *evil laugh*.

    Kimiko ring issue
    I get this feeling that ring was really from Ren. But it was not out of affection? Just out of courtesy... White Day Gift obligations...
    She's just making a big deal out of it. Yashiro might know something here. And he's not telling Kyoko anything. Remember the awkward Yashiro when Kyoko looked through Kimiko's blog or site. Also that yashiro when Kyoko asked him in chap 250.

    Sometimes I wonder, what if Kyoko won't get this role. This will test her as an she'll handle this. This will be a preparatory for a greater role than this (c'mon!!! If she's Momiji, this arc will be another long one). Her display of skills in this audition will surely reach a lot of ears.

    Please I beg you give me spoilers.. Your thoughts. I'm dying to know.

    1. I also believe that is the case. I also do not want for them to regress and go back to square one after so many, many chapters for it to be at this stage.

      - - -

      I also think it is about Erika's 'accident' though I'm not too sure if there is someone outside LME whom Yashiro will be talking about it with.

      Ah, didn't Yashiro himself mentioned that he was the one who turned the role down because Ren is busy with his new 'secret' movie? Didn't Erika herself hint that Kimiko was the culprit in chapter 249? Ren is no longer in this drama yet Erika is still very aggressive in wanting this role.

      Given Koga's current reputation and status, doing that kind of thing might be 'suicide' for his career. If there is an accomplice, it might be the manager.

      - - -

      True...and well, the timing isn't really good for Kyouko. Hm, speaking of the possibility if it isn't material, is it possible to say that she already got it in Guam? The kiss? They might talk about it later on then he would say that he already gave it to her in Guam. =P That might be his intro as a clue to her on who he really is.

      - - -

      I'm not too convinced about it though. It doesn't seem Ren's style to give something 'special', 'personal' and presumably expensive to a co-actress who is having a difficult time especially if she got the role through her connections.

      True. He knows something. Maybe Kimiko had a tendency to 'do things' to other people/rivals? In this chapter, I just assumed that Yashiro is just probing Kyouko as to why she reacted that way if they are just talking about Ren.

      Possible though I'm not too sure that she won't get the role after all the many, many chapters 'invested' for us to see her training and auditioning for this role. =P If she didn't get the role and will have to get another role because of this, won't that a lot longer? ^^

      Alas, we are all in the same state wherein we can only theorize and wait things for the mangaka to unfold. As always, the mangaka tend to surprise us with better developments than we can imagine ^^ along with those dreaded cliffhangers.

  15. I've been re-reading the entire series from start. She has not only recognized her feelings and is insecure in her standing regarding Ren, but she also tends to have jealousy/possession issues. We saw this with Shotarou flashbacks, during the White Day chapter when she admitted her feelings, and also saw her physically exhibit jealousy towards Manaka went she was playing Setsu.

    As is her nature, she tends to get lost in fantasy land, and more than once she's let her feelings and confusion about someone messing with her romantically interfere with her work and ability to perform. A good example would be when Shotarou kissed her and when Ren kissed her afterward. Both times she had trouble getting back into her Mio character. In comparison to her situation now though director Ogata is much more forgiving. This guy's will to cut you for not listening. I think if she'd been honest and said no she wasn't he would have told her to leave right then. Lying about it has put her into the frying pan, but I'm pretty sure she would have been out the door already if she hadn't lied. Luckily she is pretty good at thinking on her feet even if she doesn't know what's going on. She had a ton of practice with that when she was acting as Setsu.

    The ending to this chapter is not very surprising, but it definitely leaves you hanging. My biggest question is whether or not she's going to allow her mistake to become a lesson learned on not fantasizing too much, or if she'll use it as an excuse to try and distance herself/negate her feelings for Ren. "I became a stupid, lovesick, jealous idiot...just like I knew I would, even worse than before and lost/almost lost this job." She's never truly been in a position of losing a job again since the promo video with Shotarou.

    Looking back at the other chapters...because she recognized her jealousy I think she'll be able to harness that emotion that she saw in the mirror. I'm guessing based on the setup of the last several chapters leading into this arc that will be a primary driver for her ability to complete this role. If she hadn't fallen in love with Ren, there is no way she would have been able to perform the role of Momiji at all. When she was jealous of seeing other girls with Shotarou she was never able to express it it before. I do wonder if the Momiji character will become so powerful that she'll outshine the Chidori character, despite Moko's awesome acting skills - she'll likely get the role, and the audience will sympathize vs hate the character.

    There has been a lot of talk recently about her becoming a first rate actress. Interviews, the arc with Saena, and talking to other actors. This role might be the tipping point in her career and the first official role where she is not perceived as a bully.

    1. Hm...that's possible, Jaskra, given the way the producer is portrayed and his own bias. Still, I would think Kimiko complaining earlier <- when Erika was watching from the window would also give a bad impression on the producer.

      I think the latter is more possible. I'm not too sure if it was too much fantasizing since she just connected the wrong dots together.

      True. But then, it was different compared to Shou and his manager. The others are tolerable since they are 'fangirls' but Kimiko made it appear that she is really close with Ren.

      It's possible. Hehe, she might even outshine the male lead. I'm not too sure if that is okay though. I mean side characters usually shouldn't outshine the main characters, right?

      Ah, cannot say for sure. So, it's definite that Momiji didn't bully Chidori because of her jealousy? She kept things professional being the 'servant'?

  16. Hello, I'm not sure if somebody already asked the question, but could somebody tell me what names on the list are, that Kyoko remembered? I'm just curious if we could predict some of the future characters in the manga. They are written in the English and in the German translation with Kanji...

    1. Sorry, Anonymous but the ones I saw are in kanji and I cannot read them properly in Japanese. Maybe check with any official English translation for the names?

    2. The list of names is a reference to the very beginning, Act 1, page 33 (or so). It's true that the translation in the on-line version leaves most of them in kanji:

      But if you look in the bound volumes published by VIZ Media, the names are all in romanji.

      #1 Ren Tsuruga
      #2 Hiromune Koga
      #3 Yuzuru Fukamizu
      #4 Reiji Taruyanagi
      #5 Masahiro Yoshizawa
      #6 Issei Asakura
      #7 Sho Fuwa
      Tadashi Nakajima
      Motonori Akao

      I don't think we've seen any of those names outside of the obvious three. (The male lead in "Tragic Marker" was Taira Murasame.)

      The current joke, of course, is that Kyoko doesn't want to think about that name down at #7, so she's blotting it out of her memory.

  17. Hey folks. I was just passing by, and was impressed by how much
    you all are willing to dig into the issues... I always like
    seeing other people's reactions.

    There's a few points I'd make about what's going on:

    Kyoko is going to be performing *opposite Kanae*, who can lead
    her through it even if Kyoko doesn't know what's going on. Kanae
    may even say "Don't think. Just follow my lead."

    There's a number of things about Kimiko that remain a little
    mysterious. Early on, Kanae refers to her as a horrible person
    who tried to force her way into the role of Chidori-- and only
    now that Kimiko is out of the running for that role is she trying
    to play Momiji. What did she do?

    The one thing that I actually like about Act 250 is Koga's display
    of character flaws-- in the world of Skip Beat (as is typical of
    manga) a rival is supposed to spur you to greater effort.
    Instead, Koga is the type who fantasizes about removing the
    opposition-- he's only a little better than someone like Kimiko.
    Both of them are stuck in the kind of thinking that Erika has
    been trying to get away from.

    Nothing about the ring given to Kimiko strikes me as all that
    significant, what *is* remarkable is that Kyoko falls for the
    maneuver. Hasn't she had enough experience with bitchy,
    manipulative women in her life? The right response is "that's
    interesting, but then, she may be making it all up just to mess
    with me".

    (In general, I tend to react this way: I keep expecting Kyoko to
    *get smarter*, and the mangaka keeps kicking Kyoko downstairs
    whenever it helps set up the next scenes. Like, Kyoko can be
    fooled by Ren playing Corn? Seriously?)

    Anyway, let me toss in a thought that I've had recently: is there
    a US connection in the works? Kimiko was out of the country,
    Ren's parents are in the US, Kyoko's father disappeared... and
    went where, exactly? One thought I had about the (interminable)
    White Day business: as an unusual "gift", Ren could offer to let
    her in on one of his secrets, and ask her if she'd like to meet
    his family (he gets her to agree to this, and then reveals it
    involves a trip overseas).

    1. True, doomvox but wasn't the Chidori partner with her not Kanae? In page 27.

      Maybe try to rattle up the others? Hehe, if it was like what she did to Kyouko in this chapter, it obviously won't work on Kanae. Perhaps, it wasn't as serious as what happened to Erika.

      True, and there's Shou, too.

      Hehe, true but I guess, her emotions got the best of her especially since her mind is already assuming that it was Kimiko = high school girl Ren fell in love with. As for Ren playing Corn, fairy tales > common sense =P

      I think there will be but it will be a long long time for it to be shown if it will be shown.

      Possible but I don't think it would be to the extent of going abroad. It might be an advance gift like that kiss in Guam or reveal that he is Corn. Something will definitely happen during Ren's free time = came back earlier than scheduled from Guam.

    2. "True, doomvox but wasn't the Chidori partner with her not Kanae? In page 27."

      Yes, you're right: the producer put his hand on the other Chidori and told her to wait over there. (Just to be a pain: could it be he was directing her off of the set rather than on to it?)

      So we might be going into a scene of Kyoko flailing badly, followed by a "second chance" opposite Kanae.

      (Which is a depressing thought, because that sounds like another six months of the story going sideways. But then, at least it's focused on Kyoko's acting career...)

    3. Seems unlikely. It would be a 'challenge' if it isn't Kanae, don't you think so? I mean, it would keep us guessing how will Kyouko pull this off.


      Hehe, possible. True.

  18. I thought of an alibi for Ren to visit the audition place: Now that he knows that Yashiro is with Kyouko, he can just say he's there to see his manager. I would love to see Kimiko and Koga's reactions... and Kyouko's of course.

    Maybe Koga could even talk/manipulate Ren into being part of one the Momiji auditions, just because he would probably expect both girls to freak out a bit and he might find it amusing to tease/torment them. Maybe a lovey scene, which Koga would be happy to skip out on, but mostly just because I'd like to see that, hahaha. Maybe Koga could even ask about the ring, thinking he'd be bothering Ren (if he really believed Kimiko's story, or perhaps he was just going along with her about it) and we can learn the truth.

    Well, maybe it's not likely, but it's fun food for the imagination while we wait for the next chapter! Lol.

    1. Possible, squeaker though why would he want to see his manager? It as to be something that cannot be talked about/done just on the phone. Perhaps, give him something? Nevertheless, like you, I also want for that to happen ^^

      Haha, if that happens, that will be really amusing to watch ^^ I'm not too sure about the latter part. Is he cordial enough with Ren to ask about the ring? I suddenly wondered if it is possible that Kimiko just twisted the context about the ring like how she wrote about Ren in her blog. So, she isn't exactly lying but then, she isn't saying the whole truth either.

      Indeed ^^ I wonder if we'll have a Erika comeback cliffhanger. Who'll have the pleasure of exposing Kimiko? ^^

    2. Well okay, let me see if I can write Ren on stage.

      (1) Yashiro gathers something about how Kimiko is getting to Kyoko and he phones Ren to request permission to at least hint to Kyoko that Kimiko isn't a match for her in that competition, either. Ren gives the go ahead-- and also decides to visit the set. Maybe he delivers a White Day gift.

      (2) As Lory intended, Ren finds himself thinking about Kyoko, and being somewhat familiar with the audition setting (perhaps he gets Yashiro to tell him where it is), Ren decides to discreetly observe the scene from either up in the balcony or through the window. He's somewhat surprised to encounter other people doing the same thing (Ren in conversation with Erika could be interesting).

      (3) Erika's cohort decides that Kyoko is definitely going to win the audition, and begins worrying about how Kimiko is likely to react to this. He contacts management at LME to suggest Kyoko may need a bodyguard, and he finds himself talking to Lory-- while Ren is still in the room. Lory isn't sure he should take this phone call seriously-- but Ren definitely does: he goes there immediately.

    3. doomvox,

      1) won't it show that Yashiro isn't capable of helping Kyouko as a manager and would need help from Ren? Won't it show that Kyouko cannot do much if Ren isn't there? So, probably not since it would show that they 'need' Ren to do something.

      2) Slightly possible.

      3) Unlikely again due to the same reason as 1. Erika's cohort might even volunteer since he has an ax to grind. I'm not sure Erika wants to make a big issue out of this.

      Though, isn't it possible that he'll learn where the audition is from Kanae's manager but will go there to talk with Kyouko about the photo. Of course, he'll give another reason for it. His reasons for seeing her tend to be 'out of the ordinary'.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. That's an interesting one: you feel like there's an implicit rule that Yashiro has to display independence? Or is it that Yashiro needs to help Kyoko display independence?

      I think the mangaka might have an implicit rule against having Ren on-stage too much... I used to figure Koga was going to be written out of Sacred Lotus and replaced by Ren, but I've heard it argued that would be too damey, and there's more possibilities with Koga on the scene.

      (Sorry about the deleted message: I was just playing around with delete-and-repost for minor edits. The mysterious "This comment was deleted by the author" isn't worth a grammar fix.)

    6. Not really. I'm just thinking that it would be nice if they don't have to depend on Ren like Ren appearing and everything is solved or Ren telling them about the ring and that's solved. Basically, let them handle it on their own. ^^

      I would think it depends if the series is going to end soon or not. If it is, Ren will somehow get the role. The title gives me the impression that it is about/for him. ^^;

      Hehe, I see.

  19. Hi Kat

    Thanks for the review. Personally i think that it's possible that the ring was really from ren. In fact i thought that maybe ren actually bought it for kyoko. But maybe kimiko saw it and said how much she liked it and ren felt a courtesy obligation to give it to her, something like that.

    Looking forward to the next chapter


    1. Hiyo, Kadane and thanks for reading ^-^

      Ah, the ring was supposed to given to Kimiko two years ago. Ren hasn't met Kyouko again yet. I think we are just in the one year and few months timeline since they met.

      Ya, 20 more days to go.

  20. do you know what... by the time Kyouka and Ren gets together with all these relationship barriers, i think i would have graduated University.

    this is taking far too long for a young person for me to wait. 2 months not reading the manga, only came out with 2 chapters. which only intensify the pain for the main characters and the anger we hold for the antagonist...

    think this is going to be my first manga im dropping for a long time.

    1. Hehe, possible ^^

      Well, that is the common complaint for this series even when there were 2 chapters per month before.

      Perhaps, read it again when there are more chapters already? That was the advice I read before, it is better to read it in volumes rather than by chapters.


    ah Kat, it seem you are wrong, Kyoko would be pair up with Kanae (she won the rock paper scissors with other Chidori candidate), from the look of things Kanae might win the Chidori audition, not sure about kyoko but from the Kumiko surprised expression, it looks like she nail it but Kuresaki seem to dissatisfied bout something (maybe he knows Kyoko wasnt paying attention at all).

    Someone mention about why Yashiro decide being Kyoko manager all of sudden, it seem there is something fishy about Kumiko afterall, well I couldnt understands spanish but when Yashiro wondering about what happened to Kyoko after that talk with Kumiko there is a flashback scene when Kumiko getting touchy feely with Ren causing other cast glaring at them with laser in their eyes, I guess thats why Yashiro keep asking Kyoko if thats all their talk about.

    PS, sorry for my rambling, I'm running out of patience so I need to get this out of my chest. If my post bother you and other readers you could just delete it.

    1. Yup, kaito. I thought Kuresaki was gesturing to that other girl. It turns out that he's gesturing to all of the other girls to move at that side.

      Yup, Kuresaki is quite pleased with Kanae's 'new' acting expression from the usual. ^^

      Yup. He knew Kyouko didn't know what she was suppose to do and only take the cue from Kanae. Kuresaki hates liars and those who aren't serious about acting. Lucky for Kyouko, he is giving her another chance thanks to her intelligence/brains ^^

      Yes. In Purple Down, Kumiko implied that she is going steady with Ren much to the others' irritation. There was no scandal then because no one treated it as real. It seems that Yashiro figured out that Kyouko has a thing for Ren because unlike before, Kyouko is that affected by what Kimiko could have said.

      Nope. It's okay.