August 1, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 67]

It is still summer as the cicadas are chirping. On August, Shou leads the Ryuhoku team on its first outing into the Nationals. There is a scene of Yuki and others cheering for the team.

Narration: “Even if the first game against Kagawa Prefecture was an intense game but the Nationals’ level is really high. With a score 92-78, Ryuhoku was halted at the first game but— it is definitely...*Himiko asks Yuki to take their picture but Usami-kun sneezed. He hits angry Kuon who hits Abe who pushed Shou. That made Yuki and Amamiya laugh* definitely an unforgettable summer--”

Chirp. Chirp. The cicadas continue to chirp. At Osaki gym, Natsumi screams that their arms are totally not stretched up when it isn’t even a minute yet. “Are you even men-!!?” The members are shocked that it isn’t a minute yet. Yuki informs Natsumi that it is already 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

Natsumi exclaims is that so, then, it’s time for a break. Yuki shouts that they have a 20 minute break. The guys scream that they are at ease with Yuki around, a priceless treasure!!
Narration: “So, after witnessing Ryuhoku getting into the Nationals, we’ll soon enter the latter half of the summer vacation. On the other side, starting this summer, Naruse is going to be a college entrance examinee.”

Looking at her cellphone, Yuki thinks that even if he is always sending her nonsense messages but after his July birthday, he is always showing off that he is 18 years old. Shou wrote her that while they are of the same age, can he drop the honorifics, and he is already 18 years old so he is an adult already. [Note: Yuki isn’t 19 years old yet].

While Yuki is putting aside some things, the other members are talking about Yuki’s boyfriend getting into the Nationals, the one from Ryuhoku. Suwa says that’s right. Another guy says that he saw Yuki’s boyfriend on the magazine before.

Just then, Usami-san arrives and asks if Yuki is there. Yuki exclaims that didn’t she tell her that she would rather die than go to school during summer vacation. While giving Yuki a plastic bag, Usami-san says that is right and these are some greeting gifts. Yuki thanks her.

Suwa apologizes to Usami-san since he saw her LIME message only now so what’s up. Usami-san says that it is nothing but then, it isn’t exactly nothing. Holding up her cellphone, she tells him about the fireworks festival this weekend and if he has time, can he go... Yuki thinks that Usami-san is taking the initiative to invite him.
Turning to leave with the bag of bottled water, Yuki thinks that she’s so proactive and it is better not to stare. While the other guys are thinking that they are free, Suwa says that not bad, he’ll go and are they anyone else coming with them?

To Yuki’s shock, Usami-san says that Yuki and her boyfriend are also going. Yuki goes what...!! Chirp. Chirp. With his mind wandering, Shizuka is chirping along with the cicadas. This made his teammates shout the cicada that is molting over there. Flyaway says that ever since the Interhigh preliminaries, Shizuka is always lost in thought. “Are you okay?”

Shizuka suddenly wipes his face with a towel and says, no, he is alright, he is just thinking over some things, that’s all. Narration: “That day, the decisive battle against Ryuhoku has been resolved. The road towards the Nationals that I have always been longing for had already disappeared. Right now, how can I say it?

...*image of Shizuka sitting on the boat with a blank expression* There is this enigmatic feeling that I have missed the bus towards the goal so right now, I don’t know where I should go next.” Kira arrives and asks if he is thinking, ‘should I still continue playing basketball or not’? “Our school’s coach really likes you.”

Shizuka calls out to his senpai. Kira’s companion says that Osaki and Nishiura [guesswork from 西浦] are also looking [/scouting] for him. “But--after high school graduation, there are also a lot of people who quit club activity and might instead join an interest group. 
This made Shizuka wonder if he is thinking about quitting basketball. Kira says forget about that, in case what’s troubling him isn’t over yet, would he want to have a change of mood? Shizuka asks eh? In Yuki’s apartment, while doing sit-ups, Shou asks, fireworks festival? Yuki darkly says yes.

Shou asks if that ‘Suwa’ guy is also coming. Yuki darkly says yes. Shou says that he won’t go, he absolutely won’t go. Then, he asks her to hold his feet. Thinking that he guessed it, Yuki holds Shou’s feet [while he do sit-ups] and says that actually, she wanted to refuse but Usami-san—

Flashback: Usami-san grabbed Yuki and shouted that unexpectedly, the two of them will go to the fireworks festival. “But, it would be hard to hold his gaze while talking and, what if he is attracted to some other girl. If he’ll say, ‘ah sorry, I have an emergency so I have to leave first’, on whose bosom would I cry!?” Yuki said who cares about you. End flashback.

Yuki thinks that Usami-san is proactively being negative and she always has all sorts of worries. “If I can help her, I also want to do something...” Upon seeing Yuki’s expression, Shou asks if she likes that Usami-san person. Yuki says that it isn’t about like or not, they are friends... Shou kisses her which causes her to blush. He tells her okay but he has a condition.
On the day of the festival, Suwa calls out to boyfriend-kun, and didn’t he come with Yuki. Sitting at the corner, Shou says that he should have come late. Suwa asks if he hates him that much. He laughs and asks, “Could it be that you’re scared of me?” Shou just glares at him.

Then, Yuki and Usami-san arrive. They are wearing yukata. Yuki apologizes for there are a lot of people and they are late by 3 minutes. Standing up, Suwa says that they are so cute while wearing yukata. Yuki wonders if it is a bit strange and it should be alright since they dressed up together.

There is a scene of Yuki helping Usami-san put on the obi. Usami-san kept on screaming that it is tight that she might puke what she ate in the afternoon. [<- too small, I cannot read what cold thing she ate] End flashback. Yuki recalls Shou going into dog mode when he requested that she wear a yukata. Yuki thinks that she didn’t wear the yukata since New Year.

“By the way, even if he said he wanted to see me wear it, but in the end, he didn’t give any evaluation...” Shou says that he got bitten by a mosquito. Usami-san asks if he is alright, and she has an insect repellant. Shou says don’t want.

It made Usami-san asks if he doesn’t use polite words [since she is older than him]. Suwa says that he’s hungry. Usami-san exclaims that they get takoyaki. While Yuki is wondering if she looks too gaudy, Shou grabs her hand and says that it’s too dangerous so they better hold hands. “You’re a bit too cute.”
This made Yuki blush. It reminds her that this year, they are lovers and they can hold hands out in the open. Shou asks if she is hot. She says that she’s okay. He says that her hand is really sweating. She asks really?

Soon, they play a balloon catching game and drinking some bottled beverage. Yuki thinks that is right, this year is totally not the same as the previous years. Just then, some people exclaim if that is Ryuhoku’s Shou so could it be that is his girlfriend over there?

Jealous fangirl exclaims that she’s so ordinary that she couldn’t compare to her. Another girl says that she’s cuter. Yuki nervously thinks that this summer, she already has nowhere to run. Suwa says that it is almost time to occupy a space. Usami-san asks if that side is okay.

Yuki says that they can’t be picky and why is she suddenly quite proactive. Shou just keeps quiet. While they are standing by the railing, Shou calls out to Yuki and holds her hand. She asks what it is. Writing on her palm using his finger, he ‘says’ that he wants for the two of them to be alone.
This made Yuki scream and say that she wants to go to the toilet for a while. This surprises the two as Shou says that he’ll go too. Yuki nervously tells him not to come. Blushing Yuki wonders what to do. Is it because she’s wearing a yukata, no, it is because of summer’s hot air that she felt that her heart is going to stop.

She decides to rest for a while. She sits down and sighs out loud with Shizuka who was actually sitting beside her. They look surprise at each other. Yuki suddenly stands up. While Shizuka blushes over her wearing a yukata, she thinks that it feels like it is a witness [protection?] program simply because of the frequency they see each other...

She recalls his confession and thinks that this is the first time they’ve properly talk since that time. Thinking of starting the topic here, Yuki asks if he is with his friends. Shizuka says no, his senpai-s brought him here to relax.

He admits that it is probably because that Yoshizawa reporter wrote such an exaggerated article that he is always being talked to by people which caused him to become a bit tired. The article is about the handsome basketball captains. It even mentioned about fate by telling their story since childhood.
There is a scene of Shizuka being harassed by people upon recognizing him. They mentioned about going to his school next year and they ask an autograph. End flashback. Yuki thinks that there is a victim here, too... [<- aside from her]
Shizuka says that he took a glance on that stupid interview and it wasn’t quite easy for her. Yuki just says ah...ya. Shizuka confides to her that after the preliminaries, he is always thinking that ever since before he always made the ‘Nationals’ as his goal.

“I always strive hard towards that goal but where should I go next...” He thinks that this is bad for even if he tell her that... Yuki says, then, in the end, he’ll still continue playing basketball in college, right. Shizuka is surprised that he says no, was she listening to what he said.

Yuki says eh, it is because if he wanted to give up, then he won’t be thinking about the future. “If you wanted to give up, then, you won’t be at a loss... *Shizuka looks surprised*, do you want to give up? *nervous* Are you going to give up?”
She wonders if there is such a thing as for Shizuka to give up basketball. This made Shizuka smile and says that she is really an extremely easy-going and optimistic person. Yuki’s are eyes hurt by that dazzling smile. Another person is also screaming where did that light come from, are the fireworks starting!?

Shizuka stands up and says that he won’t give up. “I cannot give up whether it is basketball or my feelings for you.” While Yuki look aghast and tense, Shizuka blushes and thinks if it is so embarrassing, don’t bluntly say it. Just then, Kira and others call out to Shizuka to say that they’re changing location.

They tell him that changing places is the basic technique for hooking up girls. Shizuka asks what’s ‘hooking up girls’ and didn’t they come to watch the fireworks. While Yuki still looks stunned, Shizuka goes to the others and recalls what Yuki told him.

Later on, Shou calls out to Yuki and asks which toilet did she gone to. She apologizes. While Yuki wonders if she should tell him about meeting Shizuka, Shou tells her that Usami-san is always shouting that the ‘fireworks are going to start soon’ so quickly come back.
Yuki looks at Shou’s hand that is holding her. She recalls his request that he had written on her hand. She holds his hand and stops walking. She asks if they are going back...? He leans down to her and asks, “You want to run away together, right?”

Yuki thinks that the reason why her heart is always jumping is because there are a lot of things that had already changed. And, there are a lot of things she wants to change. The fireworks had started.

Usami-san is freaking out over where the other two are though it isn’t really bad that the two of them are alone. While looking at the fireworks, Suwa says that those two are definitely watching the fireworks elsewhere. Usami-san tries to protest so Suwa asks why?

He looks at her and says, “Could it be that Usami-san doesn’t want to be alone with me...?” This made her blush. By the stairs, Yuki apologizes so Shou asks what it is. She says that he is already very tired because of the tournament yet she unexpectedly called him out. She comments that they cannot see the fireworks from here.
Shou says that there is no one here so obviously, the fireworks cannot be seen here. He tells her that it’s alright because last year, they didn’t watch the fireworks together so this time, it is just okay.

Yuki recalls that last year he said that he gave up on liking her while eating squid which caused her to become depressed and thinking of that, this year--- Shou says that since they can hold hands while walking and he got to see her wearing a yukata, this is quite good.

He murmurs something so Yuki apologizes and says that she cannot hear him. He leans to her and asks, “Can I spend the night at your house today?” This made her blush. She slightly pushes him away and says of course not, and what is he saying. He asks if she wants to spend the night at his house. Yuki angrily says that’s more impossible. He comments that is how she always evades him.

Yuki denies that she is evading him. Then, she nervously wonders if she is indeed evading him. She thinks that always until now, thanks to Shou’s hard work, their relationship and circumstance had a huge change so how can she be always be like this!! “Yes, I have to strive hard to become a qualified ‘girlfriend’.”
Blushing Yuki says that she knows already. Hugging her tightly, he asks what does that ‘know already’ refer to. Yuki says so she said, spend the night... He asks if they can spend the night. He starts to put his hand inside her yukata.

While she calls out his name, he asks if he is already qualified..? Trembling and blushing Yuki says, ‘qualified’ is... Then, she looks stunned. She quickly slaps his hand away and stands up. Pulling up her yukata and points at him, she shouts, “No, you are an examinee!!!”

Shou just looks at her and says forget it, he’ll spend the night at Abe’s. Yuki tells him to quickly go home and study. She also says that she even gave him an examinee gift package on his birthday! Shou says that really isn’t of more help and it startled him.

Meanwhile, Shizuka with senpai, and Suwa & Usami-san watch the fireworks that lit the sky. Narration: “What would we become on next year’s summer? What will happen tomorrow? No one knows about the things in the future.”
Comment: Well, as I expected, the story isn’t going to dwell too much on the Nationals. And, what’s summer vacation without a festival. Things are somewhat the same and yet not exactly the same this year. Shizuka a soulmate or something? In a way, they do help each other when the other is down and during those times, they always meet. ^^; I really hope that he would find the one for him rather than hanging on to Yuki. But I guess, first love doesn’t fade too soon. It seems that Kira and others are going to help him with that.

Anyway, it seems things are going smoothly with Suwa and Usami-san though I’m still suspicious about Suwa. Is he fooling around with her? Shou is very wary of him. Yuki does seem more like forced to do it as the girlfriend but given her personality, I guess that is what’s needed for things to progress. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. Thanks for the summary!
    I as well think that Shizuka is definitely Yuki's soulmate or split incarnation and a general parallel against both her and Shou's character.
    He, like Shou, is also a bit childish. Shou is the chaotic counterpart of childishness- petulant, stubborn and extremely wilful. And Shizuka is the more innocent, easily embarrassed, impulsive kid.

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    As for Suwa, I'm not sure what to think of him yet either. He's definitely the type who likes to play around so I can see him having fun messing with Shou since it's so easy, but I hope he's not some serious obstacle. I think a cute scenario would be Shou begrudgingly beginning to like him. While Shou likes Yuki, we know he doesn't really look up to or respect any of his senpais. It would be fun and surprising if Suwa turned out to be that person.

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    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, Anonymous ^-^

      I also hope that it is so. Rekindling terms of playing basketball together again?

      If that happens, it would be interesting, indeed.

      Haha, most likely. And after he passes, I think there won't be 'obstacles/alibis' strong enough for her to delay the inevitable. =P Well, maybe pass high school, too? ^^;

      It's possible especially since the manga is doing well in sales. As for Shizuka, it will depend on whether the mangaka would want the two to be teammates this time or still rivals. I'm leaning towards to Shizuka going there as well since that is how it was in Slam Dunk among other things. =P

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      *rechecking* Sorry, I forgot to mention it in the summary. ^^;; orz Anyway, I edited it.

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      For my own preference, hehe, I would want someone like Shizuka compared to Shou since it would be less stressful. For the story, I cannot really say. Storywise, it might be boring if it is Shizuka. And well, this is all about love so...

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